International Tribunal issues Cease and Desist Order against Neural Monitoring Genocidal Conspiracy by WHO, WEF, Gates, Trudeau et al and Mandates Constitutional Law Enforcement of Tribunal Order (June 8, 2022)

International Tribunal issues Cease and Desist Order against Neural Monitoring Genocidal Conspiracy by WHO, WEF, Gates, Trudeau et al and Mandates Constitutional Law Enforcement of Tribunal Order (June 8, 2022)

International Tribunal issues Cease and Desist Order against Neural Monitoring Genocidal Conspiracy by WHO, WEF, Gates, Trudeau et al and Mandates Constitutional Law Enforcement of Tribunal Order

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! International Tribunal issues Cease and Desist Order against Neural Monitoring Genocidal Conspiracy by WHO, WEF, Gates, Trudeau et al and Mandates Constitutional Law Enforcement of Tribunal Order

Epigraph Quote:

“Without this weapon they cannot take control of the world, which they have in their agenda…. This means total mind control. The Swedish military (FOI) writes on their own webpage: “We are allowed to control Swedish politicians.” This means total (AI) mind control. In Sweden, this was up and running in 1999.”

Swedish military (FOI) as recounted by Swedish TI, Magnus Olsson

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! International Tribunal issues Cease and Desist Order against Neural Monitoring Genocidal Conspiracy by WHO, WEF, Gates, Trudeau et al and Mandates Constitutional Law Enforcement of Tribunal Order


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! International Tribunal issues Cease and Desist Order against Neural Monitoring Genocidal Conspiracy by WHO, WEF, Gates, Trudeau et al and Mandates Constitutional Law Enforcement of Tribunal Order



11 Tribunal Judges Include:

1) Alfred Lamont Weber
2) Magnus Olsson (Swedish Targeted Individual,
3) Howard Bertram
4) Marianne
5) Carlita Shaw (Britain)
6) Rita Conta (Canada)
7) Ananda Bosman

Magnus Olsson: We started the European Union Against Covert Harassment (EUCACH). (Olsson is the Director of the organization). If you use the word Remote Neural Monitoring, this has been around for a long time. Our top lawyer in the coalition and I met with Nils Meltzer, the Special Rappateur on Torture for the UN. He was part of the Human Rights Council of the UN. He is very aware of the infiltration and corruption of the UN.

The UN name for remote neural monitoring has become “cyber torture.” It is a weapon of war constructed and involved in the Sentient World Simulation (SWS). This is the program that is going to rule the world more less in terms of warfare tactics. It will control all creatures through DNA. DNA samples were taken at our birth were sent from many countries with deals made in the 1960s to the US. This began in 1958. Why? If you have the DNA you can connect to the human mind. That is remote neural monitoring, what they call “cyber torture.” When they use this as a weapon this it is called “cyber torture.” This SWS program started 35 years ago and it is up and running today. The SWS can attach to everything that is living. Each creature, plants, animals, humans, have a “torsion field” and they can connect to this torsion field very easily if they have your DNA.

This becomes a highway to your brain with all functions from your total brain functions in your own mind. This means they can use your eyes to see what you see. They can hear what you hear. They can speak to you or make such noises that you can’t even function as a human. This is called stignetis. This slows you down as a functional human. This can be hidden or very open. We are taking about Transcranial Stimulation, which transforms your whole being. If you use it as a weapon it incapacitates a human. This is called a non-lethal weapon. But it is lethal as well. This is what Remote Neural Monitoring is about.

This subject is what is going to make…. “Without this weapon they cannot take control of the world, which they have in their agenda.” The Swedish military (FOI) writes on their own webpage: “We are allowed to control Swedish politicians.” This means total mind control. This is already implemented in Sweden and was already up and running in 1999. How far they have now come is like science fiction times many times more than we can dream of.

You have digital twin in the Sentient World Simulation (SWS). This will be the future of health care. Because in the digital twin they can try medications on you ad your DNA is replicated you are in the twin as functional a being as I am here in a natural manner…. The digital twin system is already applied and will be a part of the agenda to sell this to humanity. Because this is a health program that could, with the same techniques, cure almost every disease and every kind of accident. You can do incredible things with it.

This is used as a weapons system at the moment. It is used to change people’s decision making. This is a very easy process today. This is a system is the base of the evil. This will not be used for the betterment of humankind. Just the opposite.

Alfred Webre: Does anyone have any questions for Magnus?

Question: You mentioned the evil twin. Right now Microsoft, Google, and Amazon make more money for their cloud than their products. I would see that as part of what you are talking about. Is this laying the groundwork for a transhumanist agenda.

Magnusson: This is the highest form of transhumanism. The chat box can speak to people’s mind. They believe that God is speaking to them with Voice of God weapons. This is the main weapon that will allow them to succeed, if they do succeed. This weapons system is how they will take control. That’s why this subject must highlighted.

Question: Is 5G instrumental to their agenda?

Magnus: Yes, of course. 5G is a very, very important tool in this. Cognitive radio uses satellite 5G, all the ground base systems at the same time, they can even use 5G and 6G systems at the same time if you lose the contact to the human you want to work on at the moment.

Question: I haven’t slept in 4 years. What are they doing with that 5G? Is that to create this simulation or to take us down.

Magnus: It is complex because you can use the laser-based 5G, where they goin your and use the lasers to control your brain with 5G. This is also supported by the ground-based military systems. They cover the whole electromagnetic spectrum. They call themselves the “kings of the spectrum.” They claim they can do whatever they want to a human with this technology. I know personally from experience that that is a fact.

This cognitive radio is what is adopted by the USA. The HAARP system is in cooperation with this system. They can create an earthquake and control the weather. So everything is included in this technology.

Carlita: Is this also used to torture MKULTRA victims.

Magnus: MKULTRA was the start of this. The experimentation upon civilian human beings started with MKULTRA, which was the Nazi Paperclip boys. The knowledge that they gathered. The Swedish race biology studies were at their hightest level in the world in the 1930s. Herman Goerring, the pilot, invited Hitler because he was together with a Swedish woman in Stockholm. He took Hitler and Goerring to Sweden and this is where he got his philosophy of Aryan supremacy.

Carlita: My husband was an MKULTRA victim and I’m pretty sure he was suffering from this cyber torture.

Question: Is this program under the US military or is a global coalition of militaries?

Magnus: Very good question. This is very sensitive. The United States is on the top of the program and was from the beginning in selling the program to country after country. When they reached 176 countries. Look at what Bill Gates says: He says his second home is in Stockholm, Sweden. The Americans started this up. And MKULTRA was the beginning of it. They didn’t close it down in the 1970s after it was exposed. They actually doubled the program.

In The Human Brain Project, Macron is working closely with CERN. The HBP is the most funded project in European history. This is what the world is doing. China joined it about 17 years ago. It appeared there were about 700,000 victims there in a period of 6 to 7 years.

Question: The Canadian government under Trudeau has been tendered a bid re: a behavior science program with the World Health Treaty. Canada put forward the program in Canada that they have been doing since before Covid. Its a behavior-psyche program. Its funded by Health Canada. The monitor the amount of use people have of 5G to measure their responses to the EM frequencies. This was a program called the Brain Science Program which is tied to the WHO.

Magnus: When the CERN program started in 1958, Sweden and other European countries, this was the base of it and it was well planned from the beginning. Then in 1964, WHO started the World Human Brain Research Institute. They had started this brain research upon humans already at that time. It was clear they wanted to control every living thing on earth. And that is what is happening right now. And we will see more and more and more of it.

Question: Ottawa has its own institute of behavioral science. They are trying to do AI on the brains of people. A doctor in Stanford University is saying the next generation technology is get AI technology into the brains of people so they can literally duplicate the way we think.

Magnus: That is the digital twin system. The control is going to manage everything…. They use the term total, ful automation. I’m a good friend of William Binney, who was high in the NSA. He became a whistle-blower. Binney told me that instead of calling it AI, they use another term, we call it “fully automated systems.” This system is now 80% run by AI. 5G nd 6G are involved in the cognitive system that is totally controlled by AI.

Question: The ports in Europe have already put AI in every aspect of their operation. They are 90% there in transport. They’ve AI for people checking into airports. Also, their maritime industry, the health industry, are all 80 to 90% run by AI. This all originates from America.

Magnus: With Europe hand in hand.

Howard: I have to bring it down to light and darkness. Is there any counterforce (light) that is resisting this darkness.

Magnus: Yes. This counter-force is partly tied to… In Interpol (UK) there are people who have been working with the UN’s Nils Melzer on cyber-torture. They told him about all these systems. Interpol itself is also divided. The good side is attacked, and they shot down 8 of the good guys. After that we lost contact with this group. Because the bad gus have digital total supremacy.


1) Remote Neural Monitoring
2) Cyber-Torture (UN Term for Gangstalking/Electronic Torture)
3) Sentient World Simulation (SWS)
4) Tranhumanism
5) Digital Twins
6) 5G, HAARP, and Ground-Based Military Radar Systems (Military Call Themselves “The Kings of the (Electromagnetic) Spectrum”)
7) CIA’s Project MKULTRA was the beginning of this program.
8) Operation Paperclip preceded MKULTRA
9) Swedish Race Biology Studies in the 1930s as World Leaders in Racial Supremacy Eugenics
10) The US Military has led the world in this program
11) The (EUs) Human Brain Project Is the Most Funded Project in Europe’s history
12) China has jumped into this program
13) CERN project started in 1958, with participation from Sweden, other European countries
14) In 1964, the World Health Organization (WHO) Started The World Human Brain Research Institute and started brain research upon humans at that time.
15) Goal then was to control every living thing on earth
16) Canada’s Brain Science Program is directly related to WHO.
17) In Canada, they are trying to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) on human brains. So they can duplicate the way we think (The Digital Twin System). NSA use term, “fully automated systems, and today the program is 80% run by AI
18) AI is controlled by he 5G and 6G system
19) All trains in Europe are now run by AI (AI runs 90% of Transportation in Canada, likewise Health Care System is 80% run by AI)
20) Weber and Associates have put together a 207 indictment to demand the Neural Monitoring cease and desist. This appeal will be directed toward the “white hats.” These both the pandemic and neural monitoring measures are genocidal technologies.

Webre: Summary from 207-page indictment of Tribunal of Conscience to Enforce Natural, Common, Treaty Law and all national statutes

Named Co-conspirators in These Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, Covid Plandemic, and Neural Monitoring Who Must Immediately Cease and Desist Their Criminal Co-Consipiracy (2009-2022) And Be Arrested under Natural Law, Common Law, Treaty law, 18 US Code 1091, Articles 6 and 7 of the International Criminal Court State, the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Conventions, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the Final Judgement of the Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Common Law Justice (2020 108-page indictment indicts the deep state)


1) His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and the coming monarch of the British Empire. The Royal Family and Commonwealth owns the largest mass of territory on the planet and are using this to facilitate all this neural monitoring.
2) Bill Gates, who has his super-home in Medina, Washington
3) World Economic Forum: Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman, Borga BrendE, President, the Managing Board, the Board of Trustees, Geneva Switzerland.

Scwab’s (WEF) puppets:

4) French President, Emamnuel Macron
5) New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern
6) Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin
7) Jens Spahn, German Health Minister during Covid lockdown
8) German Chancellor candidate, Annalina Baerbock
9) Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

10) May 5, 2009 co-conspirators at a secret meeting at Rockefeller University which pledged to reduce the global population from 7 billion to 1 billion. Principles include David Rockefeller Jr., Bill Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, and Oprah Winfree
11) Peter Schwarts, Chairman of the Global Business Network and Rockefeller Foundation, who wrote the Rockefeller Report in 2010 that pre-scripted the 2020 Covid plandemic and set up the London Olympics in 2012 which pantomined the 2020 pandemic
12) World Health Organization’s Tedros, Michael Ryan, etc.
13) Dr. Anthony Fauci
14) All Deep State co-conspirators identified in the tribunal’s 2020 indictment

Webre: All constitutional law enforcement agencies will be served and ordered to go out and enforce this cease and desist order. In the US, Canada, UK, this will be served to the Attorney General and Secretary of Defense, all constitutional sheriff’s, all US state governors, and state attorney’s general, legislatures and parliaments. We are ordering them to enforce this. They break themselves against the law one way or the other.

We link these operations to the Jan. 6, state-sponsored false flag event like 9/11.

Let’s discuss this document before we vote on it.

Comment by another judge: Regarding the remote neural monitoring mind control program, we are in the midst of a military operation that involves top, top secret new technologies that have their origins off-planet. Kump (?) is a state national, head of U.S. Space Force is the president of the Republic. Trump and Putin should be taken out of this because they are part of the operation. The military tribunals are active now and they do recognize what we do. Right now, Trump and Putin are in charge of space force on earth.

Webre: Trump and Putin are not mentioned in this document. They were brought over from the Nov. 2020 indictment. Both Trump and Putin actively pushed the vaccinations who were in office at that time. Trump’s signature authorized Operation Warp Speed, the launching of the bioweapon in 2020. Putin’s signature was responsible for the Russian vaccination (Sputnik). He sent 400 million doses to South America. Trump is still promoting the vaccination. Any logical analysis must conclude the “vaccination” (bioweapon) constitutes Article 6 genocide and Article 7 Crimes Against Humanity under the International Criminal Court statute.

Commenter: Trump and Putin are playing parts. This goes way, way back as a military operation. They do not act alone.

Magnus Olson: Alfred Webre is right I believe. The military is just used, soldiers, even the high commanders, are under controlled by higher forces. This is a three-party game. It’s very hard to follow. We have to think about humanity here.

Judge Ananda: Congratulations Alfred for the publishing your book on the “Chronogarchy,” which is a key factor in this. The whole extra-terrestrial hypothesis is artificial; it’s useful, it preserves the code, but it is all deep code. We have decoded it. We are an entangled reality and this is the understanding of the secret societies. which is being modulated into a global game board. This tribunal is an expression of the power love rather than the love of power, which the game board imposes…

This is World Economic Forum is a manifestation of the Bilderberg Group which is a personification of various archane secret societies that at the top know there is light derivative of this. When our Tribunal delivers this cease and desist order there will be a response from the highest level. These are expressions of something that has already happened. This is a designer world, where everything is a kalaidescope that has been slowed down with a technology related to CERN and the chronogarchy and a much greater holographic computer, which Alfred has termed, the Chronogarchy (rule by time). Time manipulation.

(Webmaster comment: I disagree. The world is not a computer game. To say this is a computer simulation is New Age nonsense. It certainly contradicts Christian doctrine.)

Jan. 6 was a government-sponsored false event like 9/11. Operation 9/11 was a detailed Rockefeller operation that was thought out by the Rockefellers in the late 50s and 60s. And the twin towers are the Pillars of Hercules of the old Atlantis which would have the One World Tower replacing it for the New Atlantis that they would like to project onto this world. They are projectors. We are co-creators. These parallel realities have little to do with this shadowgram that is being imposed on us.

Fauci represents the Jesuits. Babylonian and Roman Empire code that derives from the Hindu caste system that governs us today. The military is an apparatus of that system. Steve Piecenik, Michael Flynn, these (military) people love the idea of sovereignty. But certain crimes have been committed. They are operating now. They have to be listed.

Military rep. judge: I’m not giving you an opinion, I’m relaying a message. Trump is just playing a part only, and it doesn’t include just humans.
You do not all of the facts.

This is a complex military situation that includes space wars, star link. Its beyond our scope. Let the military decide, that’s their purview. So take Trump and Putin out of it.

Judge Ananda: We’re not having (going to tolerate) invisible rulers ruling us.

Judge Howard: My sense is that this issue should not be tied to Jan. 6. We cannot alter the decision made in Nov. 2020 (re: the earlier indictment by the Tribunal). We cannot change the record that was.

Judge Webre: The proposal for a cease and desist order on the Jan. 6 false flag is a separate issue. I’d like to call for a vote by the 11 judges here on proceeding with approval or disapproval of this new 270-page indictment document having to do with neural monitoring and the continuing planetary co-conspiracy by the World Economic Forum, the Deep State, etc.

Conclusion: 10 approve, 1 abstain.

Webre: The FBI that has been active and carrying out a good deal of the Jan. 6 false-flag operation in cooperation with the media. Is it the sense of the Tribunal that we should rule on whether this was a deep state false flag or an insurrection orchestrated by President Donald Trump?

The Jan. 6 panel is trying to prove that Trump is the only president who tried to take over the government. Should we as a Tribunal involve ourselves in this?

Judge Ananda: The sovereignty movement in Canada, as evidenced by the trucker’s strike,

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