Barrie Trower, British Physicist, Microwave Weapons Expert On Effects of Pulsed Microwave Radiation (4 youtubes / Q&A)

I. TM Broadcasting Presents ICATOR Barrie Trower + Amie Holem (Nov. 12, 2022)

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Great information here.

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uhm too when asked why would anyone go to this trouble and people not know about it you will have to answer that too. but people do know that’s why street theater is being done. 75% of the people around the world know of this but they don’t care of hide it. With mine telling me to take off my shoes meaning to take off my armor the spiritual armor I have for Jesus Christ they want transhumanism to evolve etc… forced evolution is the answer and artificial immortality instead of God and worship of Satan the mark of the beast etc… that’s exactly what all this is. The Borg a hive mind or they will be of one mind so that kings of the east etc Revelations!!! seriously this is what is going on nothing less! HAARP is transmitting these signals and other things, and it’s all for them to kill and control the other ones they don’t kill!

II. Barrie Trower: Dangers and Lethality of Microwave Technology (2010)

S y n o p s i s

From the words of Barrie Trower: “During the 1950s and 1960s during the Cold War, it was realized both by accident that microwaves could be used as stealth weapons against the Russians. The Russians beamed the American embassy during the Cold War and it gave everybody working in the embassy cancer, breast cancers, AND leukemia, and it was realized then that low level microwaves were the perfect stealth weapon to be used on dissident groups around the world, because you could make dissident groups sick, give them cancer, change their mental outlook on life without them even knowing they were being radiated, and one of my particular tasks…I spent eleven years questioning captured spies…one of my particular tasks was to learn the particular frequencies of microwaves that they used on which particular victims, if I may use that word, and what the outcome was, and I built up a dossier…

I’m probably the only person in the world with the complete list…I built up a dossier of what pulse frequencies of microwaves will cause what psychological or physiological damage to a person. Both governments and technology companies must be held accountable for collaborating with the mass poisoning of humanity and all other forms of life.”

We are bathed in microwaves even in our sleep. Cellphones, cordless phones, WiFii, and more. Young girls are the most susceptible to this technology. Can we protect ourselves and our children from the lethal danger of microwaves? It is also the perfect stealth weapon with absolute plausible deniability. Are you being targeted?

B i o

In the 1960’s, Barrie Trower trained at the Government Microwave Warfare Establishment. He worked with the Underwater Bomb disposal unit which used microwaves within its unit. In the 1970s one of his tasks over an eleven year period was to de-brief spies involved in microwave warfare. The location and process that he used he cannot go into as it is still considered secret. He has two Degrees and a Diploma and in his retirement he now teaches Advanced Level Physics, some Mathematics and some Human Physiology at South Dartmoor College.

III. Barrie Trower a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert

39,267 views Jan 16, 2016

During the Cold War, the Russian Embassy microwaved the United States Embassy in Moscow with low-level microwaves for many years from across the road; why and how is outside the scope of this Declaration. After changes of staff for serious neurological impairments, miscarriages, multiple cancers / leukemia and other illnesses to both male and female employees and their children, the late John R. Goldsmith, M.D., was invited to investigate this matter. His investigative report
on this incident showed that continuous, long-term low-level microwaves were responsible for those illnesses. Goldsmith, J. R., Radio frequency Epidemiology Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol 105, at 1585, Supp 6, Table 8, Dec (1997). Dr. Goldsmith held 11 Professorships and was the World Health Organization (WHO) representative for Europe. Interestingly, the power of the microwaves used by the Russians in some cases was less that the power used by modern-day transmitters…

IV. Barrie Trower On 5G Microwaves ; There is No safe Place_ No Where To Go

V. Answers from Dr Barrie Trower about Microwave Attacks.

(From: Answers from Dr Barrie Trower about Microwave Attacks. (from

Effects of Pulsed Microwave Radiation

Pulses or Modulations per second
Possible Result
1 Heartbeat Rhythm
1-3 Sleep Pattern
3-5 Paranoia/Hallucinations/Amnesia/ Illusions/Drowsiness ‘Absent’ Feeling
6-7 Depression/Suicidal Feelings/Visual Distortion/Confusion
8-11 Cannot Relax/Feeling Unwell/Unhappy
11-13 Anger/Manic Behaviour/Problems with Movement/Flashes/Loss of Appetite
14-18 Small Seizures/Disturbed Orientation/ Auditory/Visual Hallucinations
18+ Inability to make decisions/Sensory problems (sight/touch/sound)
24+** Confusion/Flickering/flashing lights/ Dizziness
35+ Mania/Hyperactivity
40+ Anxiety/Sleep disturbance/Reaction time slowed/Unable to make decisions
Questions of victims from Germany:

1. How can we protect ourselves from the microwave radiation?
2. Can the bluetoothblocker or the mobile phoneblocker protect us
from the electronic torture / radiation etc.?
3. Have you already tried out one yourselves? Maybe there are
still other microwaveblocker which could help us?
4. How do you think, with which devices would it be possible to be
measured the radiation?
5. How exactly does this technology function?
6. Though we all have certain images and imagination, how we are
tormented, nobody knows exactly. Can you describe how the criminals
attack us?
7. How do you think, we may present the measurements in the flats
and houses of the victims to the police?
8. Is it possible to make laser or microwave attacks audible or obviously?
9. Can you send us pictures of the microwave weapons or equipment/devices?
10. How can it prove medically, that the affected person is irradiated?
11. Which blood and urine parameter shows clearly that the
affected person is irradiated?
12. Are there already devices which can measure radiation of the body?
13. Why the politicians are so cowardly that they do not disclose
this subject and they wait for a bigger pressure of the side of the
organizations who deal with it?
14. Mr. Trower, you speak with scientists and students, why then
not with doctors and lawyers?
15. From whom can we expect the help: from the press, from the
justice or only from citizens?
2.12.2010 3 Flowers Meadow,

Liverton, Devon
TQ12 6 UP
(0044-162 6821 014)
UK (162 6821 014)

Dear Swetlana Schunin, thank you for your letter!

I will try to answer your 15 questions; however, you may not like some of the answers. The whole letter may be published if you wish.


1. Purchase a small microwave detector (audible), never carry a mobile phone (even switched off), never have a walk about phone –even off, never have any wireless device.
Screen your bed and chair with a thin metal (not foil) screen, if you are being “targeted” by microwaves- never carry any electrical device and mingle in a crowded place to confuse the computer tracking you.
2. No. The only red solution is to “jam” the signal – but that can cause other complications from reflection and constructive interference.
3. As above –personal or domestic (house) shielding is the only solution.
4. You could use a spectrometer, but they can cost thousands of pounds and are very difficult to use. Simple detectors can be used (even hired) from specialists like “Powerwatch”. They either flash little lights or “beep”. They cost about a 100 pounds.
5. They measure the frequency (number of waves) and amplitude (energy) of the waves. Not pulses or modulations- a spectrometer is needed for that.
6. Yes. Microwave irradiation- with correct pulse frequencies can cause visual and audible hallucinations. Added to this, entrainment of the brain and you can induce severe mental illnesses that can fool psychiatrists. Effects can last weeks between irradiation attacks. It is very easy to do. You can be targeted all day and night to achieve the desired effect. If you go to the, you should see a mathematical interpretation showing how this occurs plus a flow chart. (h.e.s.e. is a German organization of think). They published some of my work. Please note at this point that I do not use or own a computer just a fountain pen and bottle of ink.
7. A legal measurement can only be made by an expert with a calibrated spectrometer over many days, weeks or months. Apart from being expensive- those people will soon be aware of your efforts and turn off their equipment. Hence you will prove nothing. Hand held devices are not accepted in Court.
8. Yes, purchase a hand held audible microwave detector.
9. Take a look out of your window! Any microwave mobile phone transmitter- any micro cell (picocell) in shops can be programmed by computer for this- as can any mobile phone you are carrying or use. Or any family members phone-even if it is totally off.
10. Yes. The best person for this may be Prof. Magda Havas( of the Toronto University. She has conducted blood tests in her lab, which show microwave irradiation. I believe they are on her website. I spoke there earlier this years, my speech should be on her website. Look for the text of my address to King Kgolo Kgfela of S. Africa.
11. As mentioned above on Magda Havas’ website basically the viscosity changes.
12. Yes, EEG-ECG- machines – lie detectors- it really depends on which part of the electromagnetic spectrum you wish to detect. All waves from the body can be detected even the smallest L-B- Delta-Zeta brain waves.
13. There are people “above” politicians, (who really deal with simple domestic matters) those above politicians make the real decisions. These people are not subjected to an election on a four or five year term.
14. -15. I have spoken to three legal firms, in the last year. I even produced an 88 page document for one of them. The problem is with the Governments. Generally, in all those cases, where Governments and governmental scientists are complicit in illegal experiments or experimentation of populations- they will stall and delay. Most cases take on average about fifteen years to come to Court.
Hence, most cases fail due to death of the victim. It is easy for governmental lawyers to put the onus of medical proof on to the victim. Most doctors/ Consultants work for the department of health, which of course is a governmental department!
If not, if they work privately they still have to be registered with the Government. Hence, you will receive very little medical help. I have personally known three hospital Consultants be threatened within four hours of taking up such cases. They all gave up and decided to keep their jobs.
Finally, you asked if I would give a press interview. It is a lot easier for the press to meet me here because I have all my documents to hand. The biggest problem is proof. Even if you can prove you are being irradiated (which is doubtful) how do you prove who is responsible? Theoretically it could be from as many as 150 different companies from as many Countries- not necessary the Country you are in! This is why, microwaves are such perfect weapons!
I probably could come to Germany, but it would be very expensive. You would do better to pay for an investigative reporter to write an article which exposes this- provided you could publish it of course. I have been banned from contracting eight Universities accompanied by three death threats. That gives you an idea of governmental power.

You may wish to read my address to King Kgfela on Magda’s website, a lot of good work to do is referenced on it.
I wish yo well!

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Michael Davis
5 years ago
Respect for this man, after what he has done.

Ri H
2 years ago
What a credit to humanity! Highest Praise! Bless Barrie and all his kind!

6 years ago
I showed your video to a a friend and she just shrugged her shoulders and didn’t care. Thank you so much Dr Barrie Trower for helping to expose how people are non consensually targeted. This video should be widespread.

Neo Anderson
3 years ago
What an upstanding man ! We need more of this calibre of man today.

3 years ago
God bless this man for his service to humanity, getting this information out to help us!
God bless you sir! 👏👏👏❤

5 years ago
I always admire Barrie’s courage to speak the truth. When and where was this lecture held?

Time to rise.
3 years ago
This needs to be told in every school in the country.

Gabriela Kessler
4 years ago (edited)
Thank you very much for this upload.
QUESTION: Can you please indicate from which year ist this presentation and where was it held? And if this is the download from an upload, please indicate the original – as it is minimal standard in science!

Caroline Lato
4 years ago
Wow — clearly some edits of crucial info. No matter — this video is still clarifying and enlightening. However countless numbers of our citizens (including myself) have found that we are highly addicted to these modes of communication. We need to seek ways to continue being able to communicate via these airwaves –which can be life-savers –through shared information and links, etc. At the same time, with information such as this, we need to protect ourselves, our children, our elders, our friends and family without exception from these previously unknown dangers of microwave radiation. Please help us by sharing known, viable and affordable ways to resist this hitherto unknown phenomena, so that we can share this vital information . . . Many thanks from all of us to all of you sharing info you have discovered exploring the airwaves . . . ….

Mary Stachowiak
4 years ago
I believe my son was put into Study in the local Public School. The School put in a new Computer System when he was in 3rd Grade. The system was in the Library directly above his room. He was kept in that same room for the next 3 years… (He had 3 Classmates with the same birthdate of December 1st?)

Julia Igaz
3 years ago
Bless you Sir, much love and Highest respects always and Forever

Steve Kroschel
3 years ago
Dr. Trower is a person who plods along with his speech that would normally put a person like me to sleep. In fact, this youtube entry came on automatically at 2:00 a.m. in my Alaska cabin WHILE I was sleeping. Instead, I awakened and listened to every word he uttered. Trower is pronouncing with eloquence and kindness the death sentence of mankind.
While we are distracted by irrelevant arguments about politics and global warming , Hollywood movies, Superbowls and Trump, the invisible tsunami is on its way. Even nuclear weapons don’t carry this danger because they are still sitting on the launch pads and under lock and key and a code. Not this.

DevRa Lyn Rossi
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I so love Barrie Trower. ❤

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Mary Stachowiak
4 years ago
This Speech should be Mandatory for every City to show every Citizen, evry Year. God Bless. Could the police’s eye cancer be caused by the infrared/WiFi, eyesights found on weapons?
Also affects of Sonic
Booms in the 60s. As a child I remember being shaken as I ran to the Zoo across a park field from my home. The animals hated those Booms, too! Thankyou.

Angus Morrison
4 years ago
My interest in this is that I was microwaved in 1994 by the UK Government in the western isles of Scotland . I live in Spain now . I feel safe here .

Radcliff North
4 years ago
We need more legends like berrie tower, if we want to defeat the gang who run the world.
# each one of us should be a whistlerblower whereever we are or our children will their slaves.

6 years ago
You know it’s truth because the video is edited and skips on very delicate and important parts!

Joe Chapman
4 years ago
Wow! This video has been edited between 6:48 & 6:49! As he’s reading the top secret document on the hazards of microwaves, the latter part is edited out in this 1 second between 6:48 & 6:49

Prem Hansraj
4 years ago
Does anyone have a link to the unedited version ? Including the ONE piece of proof of microwave damage he was about to READ ??!!

Leo Gerritsen
2 years ago
Imo, EMF pulses activate dormant trauma. And little does it matter what frequency or what amount of power. It is the pulsing that does the ‘agitation’, the rest is done by the owners belief system and capitalized by ‘medical supremacy’ (lol).

There is an old ( around 2005) documentary that describes this in length. I know this looks like spam, but seriously, look into this.

There is a whole new world opening on the psyche related to ‘sickness’. In the future part of sickness will be seen as the onset of healing (it is the cleaning up of residual ‘stuff’ that brings about flu-like symptoms). But current belief fights these new insights (profit-driven vs real empathy).

Just my 2 cents.

If and when technology is used combined with psychological imprints then it does make people believe the end is near (part of the herd-mentality).

Carl Jung would have a field day on this subject.

2 years ago
He picks very unusual times to snicker after certain words, mind you it’s likely invoulentary

4 years ago
I downloaded this and it STILL clips out the most important parts in the video.

6 years ago
British folk… Well they are a bit weird, but mostly harmless. Sometimes a bit nerdy and cut off. Just don’t let them near the dog or cat. Definitely not anywhere near frogs. I failed science completely because I wouldn’t dissect a frog.

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him clearing his throat a million times is giving me brain damage but thanks for the info – very scary

Sissel Jahnsen
4 years ago

Jeanne Baker
3 years ago
Was he censored at 6:48? It stops at 6:48 and then picks up at 6:50.This man is a good and decent man.

Sissel Jahnsen
4 years ago

D3Finitely DiFf3r3nt
2 years ago
I never gave my consent to be experimented on. This is a lifelong trial of experimentation and torture….now why would someone agree to that.

3 years ago
smart metes transfer all the radiation to every wire and outlets and every thing you plug in to an area of a couple of feet. My electric blanket and mattress pad were reading 300 times safe levels. Every outlet and wire were reading 300 times safe levels. Don’t sit or sleep within 3 feet of any outlet , light, appliance they are killing us with this radiation. Held up to my head, the reader was beeping, warning of unsafe levels. I put all my electronics in one corner of the room and avoid that area. The rest of the room seemed fine after doing this. Use ethernet cables, please

D3Finitely DiFf3r3nt
2 years ago
I have seizures and migraines because of this.

Sissel Jahnsen
4 years ago
THEY GAVE ME RITALIN FROM I WAS 9 YEARS, TILL I WAS 12. I WAS AS A LAMB, OR AS A SOLDIER, OR A ZOMBIE. A SAINT 😀 😀 😀 THEN, LUCKILY, MY MUM STOPPED. THE DOCTORS WANTED HER TO CONTINUE GIVIN ME THE AMPHETAMINE, SINCE THAT MADE ME SLEEP, AT NIGHT, AND MADE ME OBEDIANT… BUT WHEN I STOPPED THE TREATMENT, I BECAME GOOD, OLD ME, FULL OF LIFE AND REBELLION 😀 😀 😀 I’VE TRIED RITALIN, AFTER I WAS 25 YEARS, AND I JUST FELL ASLEEP!!!!! AND, THE HAWAIIAN, SLOW MUSIC, IS THE BEST SLEEPINGMEDICINE, NOT RITALIN / AMFETAMINE!!!!! TRY IT <3 HAWAIIAN, MELODIOUS, SLOW MUSIC. THAT MADE ME FALL ASLEEP, AFTER I STOPPED THAT HORRIBLE AMFETAMINE. <3 (I KNOW THEY DID IT TO HELP ME, BUT I DON'T THINK IT WAS NESSESARY.) liknlife 5 years ago No matter what I do the video skips over the most important part!! 10 EN CODE2222 O K A Y 3 years ago 6:33 skipped most critical part of speech. Mark Anthony Stringfellow 5 years ago Pertinent Information! Jack Stowe 3 years ago If you leave your wi-fi phone in a foil box and THEN put it in the microwave, no calls will connect. arthur 6 years ago Does anyone know of a link where we can view the rest of the document Barrie quotes from at 6.40mins, "If the the advanced nations of the West........"? roxz67 2 years ago (edited) At time stamp 6:48 and 6:49 the video was chopped! “ microwaves will cause unfavorable ———————“ ???????? It was a pretty big chunk missing and the time stamp didn’t change so it was either the author or you tube that did the chopping. Can the author of this video or anyone who knows what was said fill in that blank? Or does anyone know where the document written by the US government that Mr Trower is referring to can be read? Thanx. dolores206 3 years ago After 38 min you will hear how micro wave weaponry can be used on police. randolph torres 4 years ago THANKSGIVINGS BARRIE YOU ARE AWSOME snafu snafu 4 years ago Where is the full version???????????? arthur 6 years ago Why does the speaker's voice cut at certain moments (very tantalizing moments in my opinion)? Sissel Jahnsen 4 years ago I'VE CAUGHT A COLD, IN SPAIN. SINCE I SAY WHAT I MAY, ON INTERNET, MAYBE I'M GETTING BEAMED. I DON'T CARE. I LOVE LIFE, AND I'M SURE, THERE ARE MANY OTHER DIMENTIONS... <3 Mark Callan 2 years ago NOTE the words missing at 6.48 mins into video-there could be' UNFAVOURABLE AFFECT ON INDUSTRY AND MILITARY' if safety standards are applied ...WHY IS THIS EDITED OUT? ' Johnny Aingel 3 years ago (edited) At 6:47 it was edited out but i know what they said in the United States because of another video on another youtube channel Jotazet1 4 years ago (edited) 2:25:20 Mining rights, immigration rights, land for military bases Angus Morrison 4 years ago does anyone know if I can find what was spoken about at 37 mins, there is a jump, something about 90 days to live . innerviews897 4 years ago this effect is what brought people out of the towers on 11 sep 01 1MrErling 4 years ago (edited) WHY ? Why did u cut - sensored 15 seconds from 6:47 ? Just when he was going to read the warning in the Note. Hunter Crow 6 years ago ある程度までは防衛できます。完全ではありませんが。 The Whale 4 years ago Isn't he using a wireless headset? Obviously not that worried then! 509 Smøkęr 3 years ago Wow! What is the point of chopping parts out (6:48 for example) but leaving the rest of the video... Like you can't find evidence else where. Mary Stachowiak 4 years ago Electro Magnetic Triangulation, has been used in on me Racine Wisconsin. I'm not in the Army or any in any other Government Employment. I was also Relocated to an Electro Magnetic Vortex in Burlington Wisconsin. After my Assault by 5 Blacks at HAlo Shelter. This was to stop my Questions to the local Police Department. Mafia based, FBI Agent Dan Craft was the first of many I needed to save me at 17, in 1975... I'd attempted toMato Attorney Art Nathan who suggested I consider Prostitution as a way to pay his Bill for my Fiance Tim Jacob! The Detective Bureau wired me up... Please Respond. David Botha 4 years ago what was edited out at 6:48 ? Vee Hope 4 years ago Why doesn't he promote LiFi as an alternative? Sissel Jahnsen 4 years ago FUNNY, I'M SUPPOSED TO HAVE WRITTEN ALL, IN ONE SECOND, :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Pablo Santa-Maria 4 years ago wow Lucy M 4 years ago Every one put your tinfoil hats on ! Enigmatic Loremaster 3 years ago (edited) It can be very frustrating trying to explain to people how dangerous this technology truly is. Most think you are crazy or some kind of a conspiracy nut. I have known this technology is detrimental from the start. This was because of my hobby in amature radio and electronics. But the people seem to be asleep on this issue. fijolli 2 years ago it cuts out the most relevant part WTF..????? Elite Swiss Watches 4 years ago Barrie, thats just incredible 200 children with cancer clusters in just one school 12 dead!! this is insane, as you are the only uk whistleblower, i urge you to give a lecture on exactly how and present all the evidence for the civil servants police, ambulance, fire services to take this to court, either individually or class suite..i will share and educate to my followers once i blow the whistle on the horse racing industry, share my knowledge to have people take back their profit tax free, not too much too fast or il be a target, as what i know with very few people could bring it to its knees.. M.P. Juggler 4 years ago 6:.34-6.54 is cut out, who the f is responsible for. that move? Diji 2 years ago 6:48 "unfavorably ___/CUT" what the fuck? Filip Gronowski 4 years ago (edited) It is edited in a way you cant understand what he said. At very important parts. Well I am not suprised. snafu snafu 4 years ago Who doctored this ???????????????? skeewee1987 4 years ago This explains Trump's relationship with Putin and Russia! huck stirred 3 years ago your ex can install program to do that but every thing on your smart phone and give it to your ex computer Prem Hansraj 4 years ago Why the FUCK it skips on the ONE piece of proof of microwave damage he was about to READ ??!! Should I waste my time watching the rest of it !!!?? Critical Thinker 4 years ago Why is this edited? Determinationism 4 years ago How about going back to land-lines? Johnny Aingel 3 years ago 5 corrupt countries hmmm Ahmed Andalous 4 years ago (edited) 😶😗...🌀...🌀...🌀...👀...Trust...No...Man...🙂😉😎👍🏿."...🧢...👋🏿 Christopher-tipstrum Leslie-Stanley 3 years ago Let me tell you, this is drag assing around. I get to spend my time, and then you cut out the good parts? No thanks, moving on. Louise Barker 3 years ago No thanks red. I hate red and make 2. And cancer. En. Would that be nc2003?. The ruination of my life