Nov 12, 2018

A way that can really reduce gangstalking that isn’t talked about very much or forgotten is exposing gangstalking the traditional way by distributing flyers. Flyer distribution is the fastest and most effective way at educating the public. The people running gangstalking want to keep it contained and censored on the internet. Https:// has excellent flyers. Download the flyer files from the “Tactics for Fighting Back” section onto a pc or sd card&usb adapter/flash drive and have it printed at home using a laser printer to make numerous copies in a short period of time or at your local Fedex/Staples/print shop using the self serve printers. Modify the https://fightgangstalking.files.wordp… flyer

(BEST ONE) to make it match your states or countries penal codes and phone number. The flyers look more impressive by eliminating irrelevant information like page numbers and dates that normally appear at the top and bottom. Leave them anonymously on car windows. Also check the link “anti gangstalking flyers” at the bottom of the about section of my profile for flyers translated from Japanese to English.

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Jared Hanoi
3 years ago
What a great interpretation. Ppl stay focused on the images of this so much they miss the psychological and inverted morality used like a whip that you take to beat yourself with.

Jill Allcock
1 year ago
New subscriber.
Loving your videos and the way u support us. Great attitude.
Thank u for your time and energy to reach out to all of us who need it…esp the change in attitude…lol. They r just so f’n PATHETIC. It took me awhile to get where I am…improving daily because of all the support.

Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment
3 years ago
I used perp coughing and directed conversation back at the perps in my videos. Look at their worried, annoyed, anxious facial expressions, and feel joy Targeted Individuals everywhere.

Dorothy Ponder
3 years ago (edited)
Hi, I want to thank you for this message it had helped me out a great deal. Thank God for you putting this message out to those who need it.

I’m trying to step repeating life events over and over again like daje vu. I know this is remote neural monitoring manipulation control system. When I get flash mobbing is to disturb me from doing what I set out to do.

When I see them it let me know I’m about to get turned around keep me doing the same thing. So, I know that I have to say no I’m going to do what I set out to do.

So, I’m learning their tactics so I know what to do to defeat them. You right we need to live and enjoy life. God bless you keep you and protect you. Thank you for sharing this.


Gang Stalking In Tennessee
3 years ago
Spot on my man….

Joyce Humble
3 years ago
Man I’m Gangstack and before I heard u I was getting mad rideing fast but now I’m going to leave my life I can’t wait until tomorrow

Jean Saben
3 years ago
I do believe Creator is seeing all of it/does not mean my higher power/creator is okay with it…

Jean Saben
3 years ago
it is pure evil/but I do pray for them…

Southern Kountry Roots
6 months ago
Thank you

Ryohiko Akiyoshi
3 years ago
Here for all the TI’s

Born ToFlyBanks
3 years ago
How when they controlling your phone