Kanye West Exposes His Jew Handler, Harley Pasternak: How Modern Slavemasters Target & Control Slaves (AmazingPolly Video, 11/8/22)

Webmaster Introduction: In her latest video, AmazingPolly exposes the system of government, military, and MKULTRA mind control of pop stars and indeed, of popular culture, that traces back to the 1960’s at least. David McGowan’s “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream” (2014) documents that the Laurel Canyon rock scene of the 1960s was also created and controlled by military-intelligence as a means of individual mind control and cultural manipulation.

In this video, AmazingPolly reveals Harley Pasternak’s (Kanye’s Jewish/MKULTRA handler) connections with the military (Canada’s Defense Research Board which has historical ties to MKULTRA), experimental drugs testing, the health and mental health communities, military special forces, and supersoldiers! The connections revealed herein indicate the military, the mental health profession and institutions, police, and Zionazi elite were all complicit in Kanye’s psychiatric confinement in 2016.

It is past time to spotlight, indict, and punish the real criminals and free the slaves.

Kanye Drops a Bomb – Who is Harley Pasternak and Why Should You Care?

AmazingPolly, November 8, 2022



Kanye Drops a Bomb — Who is Harley Pasternak and Why Should You Care? (Video)

Your jaw will drop when you learn about this guy’s background and who he works with! To support my channel please go here: AmazingPolly.net THANK YOU!


1) Slave Princess (movie)

(ETK comment: In my opinion, this film helps establish the racketeering connections between human, child, and sex trafficking, Hollywood, Disneyland, destructive cults (Jews and Mormons), organized crime, house breakins and uber-surveillance by Israeli spies from Black Box Securities, asset stripping, deprivation of “targets'” civil liberties, and gangstalking operations. Note the cast of characters involved in the theft of Britney Spear’s fortune includes members of her own family. These dynamics appear similar to the stalking tactics. A group of powerful and well-organized predator-racketeers target and take down their prey. It is heart-warming that Brittney’s fans organized the “Free Britney” movement to protect her.)

Movie narrator: “Anyone who believes in equal justice should now demand full and expansive criminal investigations into all who architected, perpetrated, and knowlingly benefited from these hideous acts of fraud of abuse… The web of Brittney’s conservatorship corruption is tied to many problem members of the political establishment from low level players all the way to the White House.”

(Institutional corruption involved in racketeering crimes against Britney Spears named here involve Vice President Hillary Clinton, Vice President Kamala Harris, the Democratic National Committee, the US Congress, Florida Attorney General/Governor Charlie Crist, US District Judge Honorable Philip S. Gutierrez, Jeffrey Epstein, and British Royal Family). America is a nation that has gone to hell.)

(Michael Sands (1945-2012; spokesman for Britney Spears’ lawyer, Jon Jay Eardley): “The theft was on a grand scale involving racketeering, wire fraud, and money laundering.” In 2008, Eardley’s office was broken into and files deleted from his computer. In 2020, Jon Eardley was officially sanctioned, then disbarred (lost his law license) and placed under a restraining order from having any contact with Britney Spears.)

2) Out of Shadows (movie)

3) Pasternak military background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harley_Pasternak

4) Randy Quaid on ‘Star Whackers’: VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9Bxq3JMwwc

5) Kanye’s twitter: currently suspended

6) 2019 Interview with Pasternak re Gaga, endurance, kings, Heads of State: https://www.elitedaily.com/p/lady-gagas-trainer-harley-pasternak-explains-how-she-turns-her-health-into-art-exclusive-17935080

7) Bonus Video: HARLEY PASTERNAK: This is the ‘FITNESS GURU’ and 100% confirmed MK-Ultra handler who institutionalized Kanye West. (Video)

HARLEY PASTERNAK: This is the ‘FITNESS GURU’ and 100% confirmed MK-Ultra handler who institutionalized Kanye West. (Video)

Webmaster’s Concluding Comments: AmazingPolly makes the cogent observation that Kanye’s “handler,” Harley Pasternak, also probably has a handler. She does not speculate as to who that person or those persons might be.

I would add some observations and speculations here. First, I think AmazingPolly has exposed a very fundamental and hidden dynamic of our society which has persisted throughout much of history. Many of the “best and brightest” of the “targeted individuals” I feature on this website have noted the prominent role of Jews in their stalking. One TI of Jewish parentage told me: “Jews are behind the whole (gangstalking) thing.” Stephen O’Keefe, a brilliant, Canadian TI, concluded that

“With so many jews involved with methods of deep psychological torment directed at me for so many years, it is impossible that these methods are not culturally jewish, known by all jews above a certain age…. This culturally jewish method of profiling and stalking someone to ruin would have existed before technology made it easy, perhaps explaining why jews have been exiled from so many lands.”

Of course, all this brings us into the very controversial realm of the “Jewish Questions” (JQ), a taboo subject and a “tar baby” if there ever was one.

The historical development of modern mind control technologies has proceeded under numerous government and non-governmental agencies and institutions. I would suggest here that the British, American, German, and Soviet governments have played the major roles in the development of these odious programs, but that these governments have been controlled by Jewish financial institutions, foundations, individuals, networks, think tanks, and Jew-controlled intelligence agencies. This “secret, parallel government” system was described by Major-General Count Cherep-Spriridovich in “Secret World Government or “The Hidden Hand”: The Unrevealed in History” (1926) and by Commander William Guy Carr in “Pawns in the Game” (1958).

I now refer to the global gangstalking/targeting program as GEEEETTTTMO, for Gangstalking Electronic Experimentation, Enslavement, Execution, Targeting, Terrorism, Transhumanism & Torture-Murder Operations because it is, in effect, an Open-Air Guantanamo electronic concentration camp control system. Another acronym I have used for “the program” is G6, for Global Government Gangstalking Genocide GESTAPO-Gulag. Both acrynoyms are appropriate descriptions of this “Unacknowledged Special Access Program” (Black program) and global, control-grid and population culling system.

Dr. Henry Kissinger (Jewish German-American politician, Illuminati agentur) stated: “There is a war between the Jews and the non-Jews.” This half-truth conceals the fact that this perpetual war is continually and quasi-secretly being waged by Jews against non-Jews because the “historic mission” of Jews is to enslave and kill non-Jews, conquer the world for themselves, and win souls for their Lord, Satan. Their “holy” Talmud proclaims: “When our Messiah (the Christian antichrist) returns, every Jew will have 2800 gentile slaves.”

I would further speculate that the “backbone” of the gangstalking system is and has long been comprised of the Jewish “Kahal of the Cahilla” (The Kahal Of the Cahilla: How the USA was completely taken over by Zionist Israel) or some such hidden and secret Jewish chain of command structure which constitutes the “hidden hand” within societies. At the top of this chain of command is Satan. The “Synagogue of Satan” seems to function as a collective that is somehow connected via Satan’s hive mind. Within that collective, individual Jews behave as chameleons and assume innumerable different roles (friend, adversary, etc.) within pre-scripted dramas. This dynamic of targeting via psychological warfare and staged, street theater set-ups becomes transparent to intelligent targeted individuals who survive more than several years.

This explains why the “targeting” program is so satanic and why Jews play such a consistent and prominent role in targeting/stalking activities.

Historically, Jews are the premier destructive (satanic) cult and Freemasonry, as controlled by Jews, comprises a close second and forms parallel, secret networks within societies. As a group, Jews are in bondage to Satan because they worship mammon (money), Lucifer, and themselves as god, rejected and crucified Jesus Christ, and killed the prophets and apostles. Their collective goal is the overthrow of God, Jesus Christ, the Christian Church, society, and indeed God’s creation by “re-imagining”/”re-inventing” (Hebrew word is “Tikkun Olam”) a completely satanic, Antichrist world. This Antichrist world, of course, is the one now being forced upon the world by the the United Nations, World Economic Forum, etc., under the guise of the “Great Reset”/UN Agenda 2030/the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Jesus Christ called the Pharisees (the Jewish leadership) the children of Satan (John 8:44) and declared that all the righteous blood shed on the earth is on their heads (Matthew 23:35):

John 8:44: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Matthew 23:35: And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar.

Understood in this light, the global gangstalking-targeting program is an expanding, for-profit business (indeed, a “public-private-partnership”) by which Satan’s minions enslave/destroy/harvest souls of Satan’s enemies and expand the Antichrist kingdom on earth. Gosh, would it be “anti-semitic” to reveal this most fundamental reality? Clearly, to be “anti-semitic,” as the term is now understood, is to be “anti-Satan” and in fact, to be “pro-God”/”Jesus Christ”/Creation/human/life, i.e., Christian.

It is time for each of us to choose sides in this spiritual war because this is a zero-sum game. It appears that Satan and his minions will never relinquish their destructive mission until they achieve total victory or total defeat.