How the Giant, Multi-Generational Jewish Mafia and Rackets Work (Amazing Polly Video)

Webmaster Comment: “The devil is in the details” and Amazing Polly has the brains and courage to untangle this most tangled of webs. This video was deleted from youtube, of course. The comments are very interesting.

Actually, information provided here about the Jewish mafia in New York and New Jersey completely corroborates the testimony of TI and whistleblower, Kay Griggs.

1) Ex-Military Wife, Kay Griggs Interviews (1998, 2005, 2006): US Military Is a Mind Control, Gang Stalking (Cult) Operation Run by Sexual Deviants (Homo and Bi-sexuals/pedophiles)

2) Who and What is “The Brotherhood”/”Firm”/”Syndicate”? How Does It and Their Organized Stalking System Work? Highlights From Kay Griggs Interviews of 1998/2005

Growing Up Deep State – The Next Generation of Corruption (Amazing Polly, November 19, 2020)

Amazing Polly: “During his whole life as a criminal, Murray Wilson used Italian and Russian (Jewish) mob members. And he was involved in the organization that brought more and more people (Russian Jews) into that one area of New York (Brighton Beach) that he could use to help him carry out his crimes.

Wilson was never indicted and he died as a bon vivant, celebrated by the locals in the papers.

So corrupt… The whole system… Do you realize how many other lawyers, how many judges, how many prosecutors, how many FBI agents, CIA agents, district attorneys, tax people. Do you realize how many people have to be corrupt for a guy like Wilson to get away with that his whole life? It’s unbelievable.”


Nice to see new content from you again. Keep up the Great Work!! Still trying to get use to BitChute, but most of the channrls I followed on YouTube are already here or in the process of moving here. Especially with new censorship coming to youtube Dec 10th, people had best get over here and get use to it and get subscrbed to their favorite channels now.

Daniel_B USA-krb02 • 8 months ago

Check out the multi-trillion dollar deep state heist that’s hidden in PLANE sight!

MIND BLOWING! The JUMBO sized heist the elites perpetrate on a daily basis, and for decades!…

NavyLadyCat • 9 months ago • edited

The Jewish Mafia has been in existence for over a century…there are currently warring factions of Jewish Mafia in Zionist evil Israel, Russia and New York, America…..the Jewish Mafia was created during the time of the Russian Revolution for God sakes….

As for the twin brothers, BOTH being on the American National Security Council??? You can thank your Manchurian Drone Killer President ( Obama), for a SECURITY BREACH like that……..

The Ambassador’s parents names are Michel and Nadia, no Donald……

Polly, in the late 90’s, MOST of the Mafias i.e. Italian, Jewish, Ukranian, moved from ” heists ” to legitimate business model industries….and, when I say legitimate, I sure as hXll don’t mean above board……The Owner of Victoria Secret/Wexler, is Jewish Mafia. How would he be more acceptable? Legitimate businesses…to run drugs and money laundering through…along came Jeffy the Monster…Jeffy the Monster Epstein did not kill himself….

WeBinJooed NavyLadyCat • 9 months ago

Think about all the chaos going on. Are they really the “chosen ones”? Can you build a MAP? Can you add to this very short list? Is truth really hate speech? Be careful, the rabbit hole is DEEP.

Mark Zaid – Jew spawn of a Rabbi
Alexander Vindman – Jew
Victoria Nuland – Jew
Schumer – Jew
Feinstein – Jew
Adam Schiff – Jew
Jerrold Nadler – Jew
Rosenstein – Jew
Epstein – Jew
Wexner – Jew
Weinstein – Jew
Dershowitz – Jew
ABC’s James Goldston – Jew
CBS Les Moonves – Jew
Chris Wallace – Jew
Al Franken – Jew
Zucker – Jew
Zuckerberg – Jew
Susan Wojcicki – Jew
Anne Wojcicki – Jew stealing and utilizing your DNA through 23andme
Sergey Brin – Jew
Amanda Rosenberg – Jew (((Google))) Exec. that Sergey was fukking while married to Susan Wojcicki
Larry Page – Jew
George Soros – Jew
Bloomberg – Jew
Sheldon Adelson – Jew
Rahm Emanuel – Jew
Barbara Spectre – Jew
Paul Atkins – Jew
Wilbur Ross – Jew
Peter Thiel – Jew
Wolf Blitzer – Jew
Larry King – Jew
AG Sulzberger – Jew (York Times)
Maggie Habberman – Jew
Paul Krugman – Jew
Ben Shapiro – Jew
Mark Levin – Jew
Jake Tapper – Jew
Gabriel Weinberg – Jew – duckduckgo
David Steinberg – Jew – Disqus – Zeta Global
Elliot Abrams – Jew
Michael Chertoff – Jew
Joe Lieberman – Jew
Paul Wolfowitz – Jew
Dov Zakheim – Jew
David Friedman – Jew
Steven Mnuchin – Jew
Jacob Lew – Jew
Jason Greenblett – Jew
Stephen Miller – Jew
Lloyd Blankfein – Jew
Gary Cohn – Jew
Reed Cordish – Jew
Peter Chernin – Jew
Gerald Levin – Jew
Michael Lynton – Jew
Brian Roberts – Jew
Sumner Redstone – Jew
Michael Eisner – Jew
Larry Summers – Jew
David Axelrod – Jew
Bernie Madoff – Jew
Matt Lauer – Jew
Alan Greenspan – Jew
Ben Bernanke – Jew
Janet Yellen – Jew
Rothschild – Jew
Warburg – Jew
Goldman – Jew
Bonner family – Jews
Bronfman family – Jews
Pritzker family – Jews
Terry Robbins – Jew -Weatherman Underground terrorist
Howard Machtinger – Jew – WU
Ted Gold – Jew – WU
John Jacobs – Jew – WU
Elanor Raskin – Jew – WU
Mark Rudd – Jew – WU
David Gilbert – Jew – WU
Kathy Boudin – Jew – WU
Naomi Jaffe – Jew – WU

bluewater WeBinJooed • 9 months ago

They are The Chosen by SATAN..they do not call it THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN for nothing.
Notice the Tel Aviv SPINELESS crowd that downvotes Poly ,you and me….

Sojourner4ray bluewater • 9 months ago

Fake Jews – Rev 3:9.

What are their bloodlines? Where do they all come from?

Babylonia…for you…but goes way back before the Fake history you were told in Rockefeller Indoctrinated Universities.
In Ancient Egypt Ra-Ta taught the initiates of the secret mystery schools the Secret Knowledge called Egyptian Mysticism and if i tell you you will not believe it.
Egyptian Mysticism became jewish Mysticism..Cabala, Kabbalah…Cabalistic freemasonry..Satanism

Moses was a Hyksos as many in the Bible…The word jew was not used at that time.
the money changers …
research this…

THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR who kissed each other’s anus in Judeo-Babylonian satanic ‘Black Masses’ and the infiltration of the Vatican by Marrano Jewish-converts, leading to the establishment of THE ILLUMINATI. The Templars financed invasions of Palestine and Lebanon, rampaging and pillaging, searching for the Arabian-Jewish BLACK MAGIC TEXTS which would enable the Templars to bring about the REIGN OF SATAN and the ANTICHRIST upon planet earth…
THE VATICAN was already a corrupt institution when the Knights Templar began building the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe in the 11th and 12th centuries – these are TEMPLES OF THE BAPHOMET masquerading as Catholic churches… The Knights Templar imported Judeo-Babylonian & Arabic books of Black Magic called GRIMOIRES to Europe…

THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BAPHOMET is a global network of billionaires, Hollywood stars and Black Magicians.
..this is those associated with Jeffrey Epstein including Prince Andrew

Sojourner4ray bluewater • 9 months ago

Know about Babylon. Know education has been altered – have old books. Rockefeller had hand in changing curriculum?

bluewater Sojourner4ray • 9 months ago

David Rockefeller owns THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS which tells you the truth but they are hidden in The Vatican vault and you were only shown a crumb.

You can read the book of Enoch or other bibles that the Vatican has hidden for the truth

Fool bluewater • 8 months ago

The dead sea scrolls were a scam so israel could lay ‘historic’ claim to the region the scrolls were found in.

Rodolfo Lasparri Fool • 8 months ago

What about ancient coins, pottery etc, carbon dated to pre Christian times, found in the West Bank….written in Hebrew
Satan fixed the carbon dating?

Fool Rodolfo Lasparri • 8 months ago

No, researchers did.

Shit I’d do it for the right number of zeroes on my salary.

You trust people too much. The only thing that matters in this world is money and power.

And I don’t fault Israel for using fraud to gain territory. Historically nothing worth gaining was ever gained except through fraud, violence, or marriage.

This is the way of the world.

You’d understand it if you were Jewish like me.

Henry Clarke Fool • 6 months ago

you are a dumb cracker boy

JONANFONBSHERT bluewater • 9 months ago

You need to tell us what those other Bibles are. I have the Cepher which contains Enoch and the Apocrypha. Are there others?

bluewater JONANFONBSHERT • 9 months ago

Try to find the real Emerald Tablets.

The King James bible was pushed by the Piso family in Roma which were the ELITES of the time and are a lineage of the Bush Family.

The original bible was in Aramaic which was what Christ spoke.

The Piso family made sure to change wordings into the King James version and deleted some of the Gnostic Bibles which confirms what is in The Book of Enoch.

There was more than 1 flood. They want to hide the real history of planet earth .

The pyramids are 12,500 years old and not the ridiculous lie of 4,500 years old built by the jews.

All the bibles were in the Library of Alexandria but it was destroyed and everything was taken and hidden in the Vatican vault.

What you have to understand is that the Egyptians of that time are not the Egyptians there now.

Those Egyptians migrated north and became what you know as Celts, Northsmens and Vikings..reason there is so many undergound pyramids in Ireland

UhtredofBebbanburg Sojourner4ray • 9 months ago

Rockefeller was a Jew (((Rockenfelds))).

bluewater Sojourner4ray • 9 months ago • edited

Ok you know about Babylon but go further ..Ra-Ta was in Babylon but he came from Atlantis which was destroyed because they were having sex with beasts.

In Atlantis Ra-ta was called RA.

Atlantis was from Brazil all the way to Greece. Were do you think the name Atlantic ocean came from?

All that you have been told is a LIE!!!!

Greenland was given that name because it was green with vegetation
Antarctica was not covered with ICE

Had-enough@beentheredonethat bluewater • 9 months ago

National Council of La Raza. Is this associated with Ra-Ta?

bluewater Had-enough@beentheredonethat • 9 months ago • edited

No…that is funded by the Rockefeller/Rothschild/Soros crowd

JoosDid911 Had-enough@beentheredonethat • 3 months ago • edited

How do you embed videos into Bitchute comments? I’ve been trying all night but just can’t seem to figure out what buttons to push and what exactly goes where.

For example, I want to embed a Bitchute video where Corey Feldman exposes Steven Spielberg for raping and killing Heather O’Rourke. So I click Bitchute “share” icon water-molecule-looking-thingy in the lower-right, copy the embed link to the Clipboard, then in the comment box of where I want to put it and whatever I click/paste comes out like this:

It doesn’t show an embed window and when clicked it redirects from this page to the Feldman page. I have tried to track the answer down online but cannot find the answer anywhere.

What am I missing to make this a successful embed like yours that simply allows viewers to see the embed in the comments?

5iF3R JoosDid911 • 2 months ago
You can’t.. Just post link

bluewater Sojourner4ray • 9 months ago • edited

rakomancha Sojourner4ray • 8 months ago

Yes, it seems he had a major hand in it:

You’ll also want to look into the powerful expositions by Charlotte Iserbyt and James Taylor Gatto

Brooke Richards bluewater • 9 months ago

Globalists are Lucifarian kabbalahist

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bluewater Brooke Richards • 8 months ago

Yes and the agenda is Transhumanism..One World Government….One world religion..Luciferian

AnnieA bluewater • 8 months ago

Joan Aggas bluewater • 6 months ago

I believe you!

@BrendaBear51 bluewater • 8 months ago

I can see this happening in past history.

MarkWhitNat Sojourner4ray • 8 months ago

What makes jews evil is their ancient ancestor, satan. Satan seduced Eve and Cain was born. Cain was the first “Jew”. Cain killed Abel for the same reason the jews killed Christ, and the same reason that jews persecute Christians. Christians are Israel of the bible. Anglo-Saxon Christians, specifically. Read Romans 9, the Law, the promises, the Covenants, the Glory, the Spirit… belong to the RACE named after Isaac (Isaac’s sons = Saxons). Romans 9 says RACE. It doesn’t say a church or a religion.

The jew is the racial seedline of their father satan. Jesus said exactly that in John 8.
The jew is pretending to be the Race of Israel, God’s Chosen, as Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 correctly state. They are an impostor Race.
If you are a White Christian Straight Male, you are the most hated because you have the Holy Spirit of God in you. Jesus said that the world will hate you because it hated him first.

Sayit1 MarkWhitNat • 8 months ago

Oh jeez jews are not evil, they are gods chosen…

Lalalalalalala MarkWhitNat • 8 months ago

Jews do not come from cain.they didn’t exist till jacob’s name was changed to israel and jacob had 12 Son named Judah.the people you call jews descendants of cain are those who say they are jews and are trying to emulate a counterfeit version of the Israelites to hide behind a mantle of importance for having communed with God.

MarkWhitNat Lalalalalalala • 8 months ago

Jews DO come from Cain, otherwise Jesus is a liar. He told them they are of their father, Satan, and that they were murderers from the beginning (John 8). Israel is the White Race. It always has been. Romans 9 lays it all out very clearly, that the RACE named after Isaac, to them belong the Law, the Promises, the Covenants and the Glory. Isaac’s descendants became Israel through his son Jacob. The RACE named after Isaac is the Saxon Race, as in Anglo-Saxon, as in Caucasian, as in White.

If you haven’t noticed, the jews, the seedline of Satan, are hating on Whites a lot in the past 10 years, just as Christ said they would. White Nationalism has been declared terrorism by the U.S. government, while every other race can celebrate their own form of nationalism, especially jews. They killed Christ, and now want to genocide the entire White Race through abortion, race-mixing, no border enforcement in White countries, etc. We are not allowed to have any pride whatsoever in our accomplishments, which are many, of our race… that is “hate”. To love your fellow White is hate.

Jesus also demonstrated in John 8 that the jews are impostors. All of John 8 can be summed up like this: Jews – our father is Abraham Jesus – if your father was Abraham, you would do good works, yet you seek to kill me. You do the works of your father, and I do the works of my father, God. Jesus was calling them impostors and liars.

It was when John Hircanus, the last Judahite king before Christ came, who allowed the Canaanite jews to infiltrate the territory of Judah. They overtook rule and installed their own king, Herod. Herod killed John the Baptist, and tried to kill Jesus after finding out he was born.

In the New Testament originally written in Greek, the evil “jews” were called ‘Idumean’, which meant from Judea, which was a Roman territory. Jesus Christ was called ‘Ioudaios’, which meant from the Israelite tribe of Judah. If you look in Strong’s biblical concordance, Ioudaios is word 2453. Idumean is 2401. Both of those words were incorrectly translated to the English word “Jew”, as there is zero distinction between a person from Judea, and a person from the tribe of Judah in the English version of the bible. It clears up the seeming confusion in John 7:13, 19:38 and 20:19, where the followers of Jesus and even Jesus were silent or ran away for “fear of the Jews”. Why would Jesus have feared the Jews, or his followers be afraid to speak for fear of the Jews, if Jesus and his followers were Jews themselves? It makes no sense in English, but pulling out your concordance, it makes perfect sense.

You, my friend, are the ignoramus. Before you run your mouth telling me I am “trying to emulate a counterfeit version of the Israelites”, why don’t YOU do a little studying? You counterfeit biblical scholars are a joke! I will tear any argument to pieces when you come at me with the jews are Israel, or Jesus was a Jew. If the jews are Israel, what happened to the other 11 tribes of Israel? Europe has names that emanate from the 10 northern tribes, like Denmark (Dan, Danes), Naples (Naphtoli), and ‘British’ literally means “men of the Covenant”. Europeans alone carried the Christian biblical traditions with them for over 2000 years. Europeans alone preached and taught the salvation of Christianity. Jews have not. None of them teach that Jesus is the Savior. They hate Jesus Christ and they hate the Holy White Race.

misele_mondele MarkWhitNat • 4 months ago

In His statement Christ was condemning the racial, “bloodline” mindset of the Jews, thinking that they are chosen merely because of their DNA. Christ’s point is that the spirit is what matters, not the flesh. He was of Jewish stock just as were all the apostles, the Blessed Virgin, John the Baptist etc. The point is that the New Covenant Christ was establishing is open to everyone, not just a certain bloodline. Even when a woman in the crowd tried to praise His mother and “the paps that gave thee suck” Christ said “Yea, but even more blessed are those that hear My words and keep them.” He wasn’t dismissing his mother (the most important human who ever lived,) but rather Christ is emphasizing the conditions of the New Covenant. Its open to all including the racially Jewish disciples who were charged with the mission to convert ALL nations and baptizing them. St Paul, a former Jew, spent the rest of his life founding Christian churches amongst the gentiles. The definition of the word changed from racial to spiritual, so in the Gospel of John, the word means those who refuse Christ as those from the same racial background who accept Him are now called Christian.

Going on a racial hate campaign in the present day only follows in the same error that they, as a people, continue to make. Christ cleared it up for us.

ByeByeJewTube3 MarkWhitNat • 8 months ago
Put down those LBM’s

bluewater Sojourner4ray • 9 months ago • edited

it is on the dollar bill

The goy are at the bottom..slaves
the Elites are on the top ,but the Rothschilds are the top before the ALL SEEING EYE.
They were gfven stewardship of Earth because their laws are as close to the Freemason laws.
So who do the Rothscilds answer to?
who are the Rothschilds Overlords?


In the bible it states that the Nephilim had sex with the daughters of man to create the human race.

The Nephilim were giants, Anunnaki or as some call Fallen Angels.

Hacuna bluewater • 8 months ago

“In the bible it states that the Nephilim had sex with the daughters of man to create the human race.”
It does NOT say that.

Arease2019 bluewater • 9 months ago

failing? Exact. Angel wicked ones took human beings as mates, fathered Nephilum, bullies, fathered hybrid . Regular humans existed. Hybrids were destroyed by the flood.

WeBinJooed bluewater • 9 months ago

They can down vote truth and facts all they like .. won’t help or matter.

bluewater WeBinJooed • 9 months ago

HoraceMorris WeBinJooed • 8 months ago

Not so much a rabbit hole as a Rabbi hole, it would appear!

SitaRainbow WeBinJooed • 9 months ago

Thank you for that. I’m old, now, but have long been bothered by the whole Jewish thing – the hatred some have for whatever side in this. I’ve never seen a list like this. It’s helpful – something to ponder.

I don’t know where I stand in this. I’m open, just seeking the truth. It’s amazing how people’s truths differ, oh my.
SitaRainbow SitaRainbow • 9 months ago

One thing I’ll say: there is no group, no “side,” no nation or race, no gender or what have you that is either all good or all bad. Yin/Yang-like, we’re all a combo of both.

Emptiness is the best point for observation, IMO.

Surfdream SitaRainbow • 8 months ago

I share your view and am also old but, it has been right in front of me and I thought it might be an error until now. One of the rabbit holes I have followed is weather manipulation by man and the chem-trails are a necessary part of that weather control. One thing that always stood out watching satellite weather imagery for about a year now is that the only one Nation in the World is always totally free from any chem-trails being sprayed is Israel. I thought it is possible that this was being done deliberately to point the blame on Israel by the deep state. Now I think it is very likely they are involved which also means they have used it to kill millions of people.

SitaRainbow SitaRainbow • 8 months ago

Coming back later, I see that the comment to which I was reply is not longer here. I wonder who took it down & why – it was a very long list of prominent Jewish people. I hope BitChute isn’t censoring.

QuantumIntel WeBinJooed • 8 months ago • edited

Larry Silverstein

Narly_One WeBinJooed • 8 months ago

FlatulentCow WeBinJooed • 8 months ago • edited

And who did Q say they were saving for last?

snowman27 FlatulentCow • 8 months ago • edited

Trump has many Jews in his family so I find it hard to believe. His daughter became a Jew, basically the same thing as denying Christ. Both his sons are married to Jews. Trump’s father died in a Jewish hospital. Trump makes many freemason hand signals, I hope we aren’t being played. And then there’s Kushner. I don’t recall anyone voting for him yet his dad is a criminal, they are pals with Nutandyahoo and Trump seems to love Nutty too. Why is Kushner allowed to make peace deals with the Palestinians, why does he have that creepy 666 building, etc. A whole lot of weird stuff going on and I definitely don’t trust Kushner at all.

rakomancha snowman27 • 8 months ago

“Keep your friends close, enemies closer”

Fool snowman27 • 7 months ago

As a Cynic and a Jew I don’t mean to rub it when I say: this is why you gentiles keep getting your asses handed to you.

“I hope we’re not being played.”

The nature of control and power is such that you most benefit from people who serve you, people who serve you *best*, when it doesn’t matter whos loyalty or allegiance they are tied to. You must learn to benefit from your opponent’s actions as readily as your ally’s actions.

I tell you this because I’m bored of watching my people win all the time. Step up your game gentiles, or step off the chessboard.

Forget about ‘hoping’ someone is on your side. Look at what they do, and who it benefits, and then decide how you can profit from it.