Busted! How “the Gang Stalking system” of “the Mafia State” works, Operation Catalyst Youtubes

“It is about the complete slavery of the human senses.” OP Catalyst (3D GPS cueing: secret surveillance mirage)

I. Wireless Holography For State Subjugation and Consumer Surveillance (2018-01-19)

II. 3D GPS cueing: secret surveillance mirage

III. End Game

IV. Alek Minassian (profile of a remote-influenced state terror patsy) [2018-05-13]

V. CSIS stalking, provocation and gaslighting [2016-02-11]

VI. RCMP/TPS black operative and crisis actor Rocco Signelli [2017-11-27]

VII. RCMP ‘Scraggly-haired man’ cues me into another CSIS drug run [2018-02-20]

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