How Haarp and Surveillance Technology Really Works (and youtube: How To Stop Electronic Torture))

How Haarp and surveillance technology really works

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Webmaster’s Comment: The following explanation of HAARP (High Active Frequency Auroral Research Project) and electronic surveillance and torture makes a lot of sense to me!!!! Thank you to the author of this article and the demonstration video youtube (How To Stop Electronic Torture) at the conclusion of this article.

A lot has been written about Haarp, interestingly enough it`s impossible to find a correct explanation on the internet that explains how this technology really works.

Two devices (in our example device #1 and device #2) send out beams of scalar waves, in the area where these beams overlap an “energy zone” is created, where energy is available for functions and tasks. Just by moving the direction of the two beams, the energy zone can be moved to any desired geographical position. (Practically this is done by pointing the antennas of the devices in another direction or by interpolation of the antennas)

The most important thing to know about scalar wave technology is the fact, that the beams of the devices have an bi-directional energy flow, so on one hand from the devices to the energy zone, on the other hand from the energy zone back to the devices, which makes it possible to analyze and control the functions in the energy zone with a computer.

An interesting fact: Each single beam of scalar waves transmitted from device #1 or device #2 is completely harmless, similar to overhead power cables, which are often used by birds to take a rest without getting harmed by the high electricity that runs through the cable. Only where the single beams from device #1 or device #2 overlap, an energy zone can be created, which makes this technology very “secure” against incorrect operation.

Each single beam of scalar waves, which is transmitted from device #1 or device #2, gets exactly the strength it needs to pass through all obstacles in its way (like walls, buildings or any other existing object) plus the energy that is required to execute the desired function within the energy zone.

The energy zone itself can be used for various functions:

A.You can observe acoustically or generate tones like with a loudspeaker
B. You can observe visually (normally in very limited resolution)
C. You can use the energy zone as a very exact measuring instrument or gauge
D. You can radiate energy from the energy zone in any direction (and also shoot energy impulses like in a gun)
E. You can create an energy field of any possible shape and size, also known as plasma. This plasma can morph from any shape to another.

So let´s take a quick look at a Haarp generated plasma, that constantly changes its shape:

Every modern Haarp or surveillance equipment can control several different energy zones at the same time, saying they are capable of multitasking operations, which are only limited from the capacity of the used equipment. Big Haarp arrays like Haarp Alaska can generate and control hundreds of energy zones at the same time. Now let us take a quick look at an example of multiple plasmas, generated and controlled by only one Haarp array.

Example A: The realistic explanation of a Haarp generated earthquake

Two beams of scalar waves meet at 10 kilometers depth and build an energy zone. The energy zone starts pulsing with a frequency of 4-5 hertz until the surrounding rocks start to resonate. An additional effect can be reached by heating up the existing water in this depth, which will expand and cause cracks in the rocks.

Example B: The wrong opinion about Haarp generated artificial clouds: Microwave rays create clouds after being bounced various times from the ionosphere.

If this would be true, the people that live in this city shown on the picture would suffer from enormous headaches, because the radiation would also reach their bodies and cause ugly damages. It can´t work that way….

A2: The realistic explanation looks like this:

Two beams of scalar waves meet at the desired altitude and build an energy zone. Inside the energy zone computer controlled programs are executed to build the desired clouds. By moving the energy zone through the sky more and more clouds are painted into the sky.

Because all the energy of the scalar beams is consumed by the energy zone, there is no danger that the people in the city of the photo get harmed by the radiation.

Sometimes you can see this in the sky:

This is a photo from 2013 showing how an energy zone moves through the sky, building clouds. I seems the operator was in a hurry he used too much power for this process, which caused that the energy zone built a visible plasma in the sky 🙂

3.) Surveillance technology explained in details :

When it comes to the surveillance of persons, portable devices are used instead of using big antenna arrays. These portable devices are normally installed in the apartments of the targeted individuals or their direct neighbours next door. The devices nowadays can have nearly any possible form and often camouflage perfectly in any kind of commonly used object. A power supply of the devices through a power cable is not necessarily required, because their batteries can be recharged with an energy zone, never forget that this technology was invented by Tesla to provide a wireless energy supply to every place on earth.

Like their big brother Haarp, these pieces of equipment work in general with two beams of scalar waves, that are radiated by the devices and uplinked to a computer system to control them. These two beams of scalar waves build an energy zone, which follows the targeted individual day and night within a distance of 2-10 feet and the best possible angle to guarantee the best surveillance possible.

To makes this clear: The energy zone is the place, where the optical (and often acoustical) surveillance is happening, the scalar wave devices only deliver the electricity to build the energy zone. This technology offers the big advantage, that your surveillance takes place where you really are, and NOT where the devices are installed.

When the targeted Individual moves to a location, which is out of reach of the scalar wave devices, a surveillance satellite takes care of the power supply of the energy zones.

To makes this clear one more time: You are not being monitored by a camera of a satellite when you are outside your home, you are being monitored by an energy zone that receives its power supply through scalar waves from a surveillance satellite.

Satellites also provide this function, when the targeted individual is on his way in his car or is using a public transport service. See on the next picture, how the energy zone is always in short distance close to the driving car, to guarantee a perfect surveillance of what the driver is doing. In case of need, the energy zone can always be moved into the car, to surveillance a phone call or a conversation of the driver for example, just by moving the scalar wave beams a little.

In case a targeted individual stays at the same place for a longer time, for example at a nightclub, mobile scalar devices will be moved by the authorities close to that place to remove load from the satellite.

Same thing happens, when its known, that a targeted individual will be at a certain location at a certain time. The team with the surveillance equipment will already wait for the targeted individual there.

Additional interesting facts:

A. To guarantee a high quality surveillance, there are always at least two other scalar wave devices waiting in “standby-mode”, in case one of the two used devices gets blocked by an obstacle, an approaching person for example or a passing car. Surveillance satellites always preview the environment a TI (targeted individual) is in and are always prepared to switch to a different satellite in case the TI make a fast turn.

B. I´ve already mentioned that the energy zone is a extremely exact measuring instrument. On the first day of a person´s surveillance the biometrical data of this person will be analyzed by the connected computer system and stored into a database. Once measured a targeted individual will always be recognized by the system, no matter how much makeup or wigs he uses to camouflage.

C. The surveillance equipment that gets installed in the houses of your neighbours has a build-in video monitor and audio monitor, so your neighbours can watch and hear you 24/7 in case they want to, specially when you are in the bathroom or having sex this seems to be a high point of interest 🙂

The reason why this is done by the authorities is simply to suck the neighbours into the illegal act of your surveillance, so they can´t make a statement against the authorities in front of a court at a later point. So….in case you are a targeted individual and your female neighbours smile at you like they never did before, exactly this might be the reason.

4.) Surveillance technology and torture

Unfortunately scalar wave surveillance technology is not exclusively used for surveillance, but also for the electronic torture of targeted individuals.

I don´t want to repeat details in this article that you can read on other websites, so let´s concentrate on things that might be “new” to your ears, even in case you are a targeted individual yourself and are familiar to the subject.

The person on the photo below is me by the way 🙁

Interesting facts about electronic torture that you might haven´t heard before:

A.The “torture technology”, also called electronic harassment, is very advanced. The energy zone of two scalar wave devices can be used to shoot energy at you (which hurts), or to pulse energy at you (to torture you with the perfect frequency that resonate your bones).

In 90% of all the cases, the energy zone, so the zone where the two scalar wave beams unite, will meet inside your body, for example inside your stomach, to provoke pain and cancer there. By shooting into your stomach like this, no blessures will be visible on your skin after the shooting, because the two single beams of scalar waves that enter your skin, are each completely harmless (as mentioned before in this article) and only can do harm where they unite to create an energy zone.

B. Haarp and surveillance/torture technolgy can “work on condition”, which means that certain tasks can be generated automatic after a certain condition is completed. It is for example possible to measure with the energy zone, if you eyelid is open or closed and shoot you automatic each time into your eye, after your blink with your eyelid. This works for hours without a single failure. In another example the energy zone can shoot you from below each time into your feet after you made a new step 🙂

C. To shoot into the nose of a person, the energy zone doesn´t have to be necessarily in front of the victim. The two beams of scalar waves can also shoot through your head and unite after that on your nose, where they form a tiny energy zone directly on your skin, which will hurt.

D. To shoot geographically from below, the beams of scalar waves can also meet in the earth or in concrete or in a rock …and, after building an energy zone there, shoot upwards into your feet.

E. Surveillance technology is not limited to one energy zone, depending on the capacity of the equipment up to ten or even more energy zones can be produced by the same two scalar wave devices and also be controlled by the same computer. It´s quite common (for example when the torturer is a brainless jerk-off), that targeted individuals get tortured at five to ten different parts of their body at the same time.

F. Every surveillance team can save and load their personal torture setup from/to the used computer. This way any possible torture procedure can be saved and reloaded on demand.

G. Generally speaking we can say that electronic harassment on a small scale and Haarp on the large scale, are used for “education purposes”, so it doesn´t appear strange, that the official website of Haarp Alaska uses the domain ””, edu like education -_-

H. To see what you are looking at, your “perps” install a small energy zone on your forehead. This is called “remote viewing”. Whenever you move your head to look a something, the energy zone moves with it and transmits what you are looking at to your surveillance team.

I. As I mentioned before, the energy zone can be inside of matter, which means that the two beams of scalar waves can meet inside of objects, for example your head. As the energy zone can playback sounds, it might appear that you are hearing “voices inside of your head”

J. The fact that the energy zone can be inside your head or other parts of your body is often misinterpreted. TI´s often tell they have INPLANTS incorporated in their bodies, which is completely nonsense. They just don´t understand that the energy zone can be generated inside of matter, saying, their bodies.

K. Your surveillance team works with multi funcion joysticks, such as on the picture below.

L. 90% of all TI´s on facebook work for the government and are just there to scare the crap out of you with stories about “mind control, implants and other scary stuff”. There are no implants and nobody can control your mind remotely !!!

You will need lot´s of self discipline though to stay calm and accept your surveillance and the torture as “it is”.

Sending particles with Haarp technology:

You can use this technology also to transport small particles from one location to another. Usually these particles are poison or particles that cause a bad smell. In order to be able to do this, the particles have to be very small. A special machine is needed to chop up the matter into these small particles. Normally this machine is installed in the apartment above yours and makes a lot of noise (it sounds like a compressor). When the materia is chopped up into small particles, it is ready to use.

To make one thing clear, your “perps” can´t send you particles through matter (like walls), the laws of physics also work for them….but they can transport the particles through an open window, an open door or they can hide the particles somewhere in your appartment.

Sending particles with scalar wave technology works like this. The energy zone generates a virtual tube, where particles are pushed forward by electrons as shown on the picture below.

This means: With Haarp technology you can poison anybody without being there physically, as long as this person has a window or door in his housing open 🙁

Detecting your own surveillance:

You can detect your surveillance with daily used objects. The easiest way is to use your mobile phone and install an EMF app. In case your owner of an iPhone, install Testla Meter 11th from the Apple Store. Set the preferences to Milligaus. The readings for a surveillance victim are typicly about 450 mg and above.

In case you have a Windows Phone, install Metal Detector ! It displays Microtesla only, so the typical reading that proves your surveillance is 45 Microtesla and above.