Head of ADL (Abe Foxman) Bullies Ukraine into Downplaying Holomodor (THEIR Holocaust by Starvation) (video)

Head of ADL (Abe Foxman) Bullies Ukraine into Downplaying Holomodor (THEIR Holocaust by Starvation)


Andrew Torba ✝️

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9 days ago

We should always remind the blood drinkers that there’s no forensic evidence of the Holocaust. About 250,000 Jews died during WW2 in work camps (not death camps) mostly of starvation and typhus. There’s no footage or photographic evidence of people being taken into or dragged out of gas chambers.

There weren’t anywhere near 6 million Jews in Nazi controlled territory at the time. And even if there were, it would take 68 years to cremate 6 millions bodies. The 6 million number has been used as propaganda by Zionists since at least 1915. The Leuchter Report (by Fred Arthur Leuchter, Jr., a Jew) is a scientifically sound document and for many the final word on the feasibility of mass homicidal gassing at Nazi camps. Leuchter concluded that there were no gas chambers intended for mass executions and not a single Jew was gassed. It’s ludicrous to think that those facilities were technically equipped for gassing or cremation on an industrial scale, especially considering the fossil fuel shortage Germany was experiencing towards the end of the war.

Zyklon B was used for delousing, not for extermination. It’s a fact admitted by Auschwitz authorities that their gas chamber was built by the Soviets after the war for propaganda purposes. A simple investigation or a visit to Auschwitz can prove it. David Cole did that in the 1990s (he’s also a Jew). David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zündel, Victor Thorn, etc. also published definitive studies on the Holocaust.

There’s no documented evidence of a Hitler executive order targeting Jews for extermination (The Final Solution). Hitler simply wanted a Germany free of Jews after their treachery of WW1 and the subsequent Treaty of Versailles. Hitler lifted the German economy in 6 years just by stopping the Jewish banking scheme of printing counterfeit money and charging interest on it. It was the Jews who first declared war on Germany in 1933.


(1) The Red Cross was present in all camps and reported on their conditions regularly: no evidence of genocide.

(2) According to the Jewish World Almanac the world population of Jews increased between 1933 and 1948 from 15,315,000 to 15,753,000.

(3) Winston Churchill never mentioned the “Holocaust” in his book, The Second World War, of 1948.

(4) Auschwitz authorities quietly changed the plaque from 4 million to one million and a half in the 1990s. What happened to 2.5 million Jews?

The fact that Jews made it illegal to question, investigate and deny the Holocaust in some 20+ countries is more proof of deception. Truth doesn’t fear investigation.

In November of 2015, after being found guilty of questioning the official story, 87-year old Ursula Haverbeck was sentenced to ten months in prison in Germany. They want to pass the same laws in America, what are Jews afraid of?

General Patton felt we fought for the wrong side in a letter to his wife of September 14, 1945. Patton was murdered by Douglas DeWitt Bazata, a Jewish undercover Office of Strategic Services (OSS) agent.

Chief Rabbi Arye Friedman (a Jew) in the Vienna Suddeutsche Zeitung, on Dec. 12, 2006, wrote on page 7: “The Holocaust is successful historical FICTION”.
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9 days ago

Very telling video!
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12 days ago

LOL we don’t want to talk about the genocide we caused and all the footage that we stole to pretend the Holocaust happen which we know did it but we’re going to still play on it as if it did. Elite pieces of shit zionists scumbag make us Jews look evils as fuck..that man is a Goy..
a month ago

I don’t understand… What’s wrong with accepting a Genocide as a Genocide? People died… Like I don’t get this… Whatever the case, it was murder of people on both sides…
4 months ago

Jewish ideology👉🏻Jews are victims👈🏻 Remember Bolsheviks, Weimar, USA,, they never change , but they get worse
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4 months ago

Physical Israel is not spiritual Israel. Much of Israeli citizens are secular. Jews not knowing Christ as The Messiah; no better or worse than any other un-regenerated soul. Pray that their eyes are opened, that they not unwittingly participate in that which they sought escape from in the past.
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4 months ago

what a piece of shit bastards and the problem is that these jews from america not share the same opinions with official israel or just main jewish comunity !! as i understand these are the same type of bastards who in 1917 made a revolution in Russia and i don’t think this is related with nationality ! They are just people with power and crazy ideas !!!
4 months ago

The ADL has no shame, but it should. It is despicable.
Lou Manotti
4 months ago

🎶🎵🎼”There’s no business like shoah business, like no business I know!”🎼🎵🎶
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Melvin Frohike
4 months ago

As someone who knows more than the typical American about the subject, I have to say that the Ukrainian nationalists have the same victim mentality as the jews. They just don’t have the same resources to spread their fake victimhood propaganda as the jews.

Of course a jew will crush any attempt at equating (or exceeding) any event to the Holohoax. That’s the reason that the Ukrainian nationalist narrative concerning the famine doesn’t get mainstream traction. That’s the key to understanding this: it’s not that it’s not beneficial to the globalist cabal agenda, but that nothing should attempt to overshadow the “Holocaust” jewish eternal victimhood narrative.

In that time, there was a famine, rumors of war which disrupted planned grain supplies from the neighboring countries, and resistance to colletivization (among many other factors). It created a perfect storm which led to starvation, and many more people died outside of the Ukraine from it.

The word “Holodomor” has entered the English language as an intentional manipulation of the word “Golodomor”, with a G. “Golodomor”, etymologically, has the root “golod”, meaning “hunger / starvation”.The obvious reason for the switcheroo with the transliteration in English is to ride on the coattails of the jewish holohoax. As in, “the jews suffered in the ‘HOLOcaust’, and we’re also special victims because we suffered in the ‘HOLOdomor’.” But, as I said, completely unrelated words etymologically. Just the Ukrainians being sleazy and co-opting a historic tragedy of the entire Soviet Union to be exclusively about themselves as victims, demanding sympathy and special treatment. Sound like another ethnic group we know?
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4 months ago

Nations of the world, do not let these Jewish gangsters in! They run a protection racket. Not to protect you, to protect Israel.
4 months ago

“Stay-Tuned” — Thanks Andrew..!!