“The Great Reset” And Demonic “Alien Agenda” UFO PsyOp (And Counterintelligence Stalking!!!!) Exposed (Jay Dyer; 6/23/21), Also: “Mirage Men” movie (2013) & “The Cosmic Hoax: An Expose” (7/4/21)

I. Great Reset And Demonic “Alien Agenda”-UFO PsyOp Exposed As The Same by Jay Dyer (June 23, 2021)

(This post is included as Appendix 91 in my extended series of articles entitled: Is Crestone/Baca, Colorado the “Vatican City of the New World Religion?” An Expose of the New World Religion”)

Great Reset And Demonic “Alien Agenda”-UFO PsyOp Exposed As The Same by Jay Dyer (June 23, 2021)



Webmaster Comment: In this 35 minute presentation, Jay Dyer connects the “Great Reset” (i.e., UN Agenda 21/2030), CIA-DOD Mind War/MKULTRA, and Crowlean Occultism with the so-called “Alien Agenda” military-intelligence PsyOp and psychological warfare-social engineering tool. This has obvious relevance to the history and purpose of the UN-CIA-MI6 Crestone/Baca spiritual mind control operation (about 1980 to present).

Jay Dyer paraphrased:

At 6:15: “The interplay between intelligence agencies, cults, psychological operations, and alien phenomena is always there. And in fact some of the biggest cults in the 20th century have what’s called “exo-theology.” All that means is a theology or mythology of space, including the strange aerial phenomena, the inter-dimensional beings, which are really the aliens, etc.

And there is this notion of “function-stacking,” which means these myths serve multiple purposes and multiple agendas. The UFO phenomena bears all the same patterns of function-stacking, or multiple use cases.

The science fiction and Hollywood machine has been used set the stage for the inculcation of a new paradigm, a new world view, just as that Brookings Institute document said. We’ll institute a new paradigm, a new world view, based around an alien mythology. The idea is that Aliens seeded us here. We are the product of alien engineers. This is all based on the ideas of H.G. Wells, Isaac Newton, Watson and Crick, Orwell, Huxley (all British). If they can get the majority of the population to believe this, then it can be used to funnel people into the world government. The global government will need a global religion. British author, H.G. Wells, even said that.”

The Heaven’s Gate cult, Jim Jones’ cult (The People’s Temple), L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology cult, the Order of Solar Temple, are some of many examples of these alien-gnostic-mind control cults. The pattern is always the same. We see the intelligence operatives and “space brothers” in the background.”

At 15:30: See “Mirage Men” on youtube (See below): It talks about how the alien phenomenon has been used as a psychological warfare and disinformation tool….

In the documentary, counterintelligence operative, Richard Doty, states that the CIA would pick some narcisstic, self-important individual and bring him to talk to some General So-and-so, who tells him: “Son, we’ve chosen you to be the information outlet for dissemination of the covenant we’ve made with the space beings and by the way, here’s this fuzzy video tape “…. All it was a video created by a guy who made Start Trek Next Generation special effects.

It’s important to see through this obvious deception. It’s not just old 60’s and 50’s CIA or science fiction narratives that promoted this, there wer also black ops groups, (such as) “The Aviary,” and black operations to use alien and crypt-zoological narratives by the CIA to dupe people during the Cold War. There are famous cases in Latin America where they actually used Marion apparitions, who say: “You need to fight in this guerilla warfare operation… Don’t listen to the opposition, they are of the devil.” You can see how this would also be the explanation for other apparitions.

We have many specific, documented cases of CIA using cults during the Cold War for black operations. Victor Marchetti in his book, talks about using the mythology of a local vampire cult to stage events that would cause fear and terror against local populations.

Aleister Crowley, British spy (MI5) and occultist, is one of the founders of the modern alien mythos. He claimed that the entities that he was channeling were beings that he drew pictures of, one of which he called “Lam,” which just happens to look like the gray aliens. Today, people who follow his satanic invocations will say, “we’re doing nothing else than interacting with inter-dimensional entities, which others call aliens.” People in Hollywood will say, “we’re talking with aliens that we invoke in our trance states, doing our ceremonies, doing high does of LSD or DMT, or whatever.” And these entities always have the same message: Form a One World Government. That’s the demonic component to this.

Then there’s the Deep State-dark, black ops component to this. There’s no better example of this than Col. Michael Aquino, a devotee of Aleister Crowley, who was intrumental in formulating the modern army’s psychological warfare doctrine. He wrote a famous paper: From PsyOp To Mind War: The Psychology of Victory (1980). At the end of the document, he says we’re going to have to geoengineer and change the atmosphere. He says human cells operate like antennae. And thereby we can mutate man and blast him with different frequencies.

Who is Michael Aquino? He was not just a famous satanist. He studied under Anton LaVey for awhile and then also started his own satanic cult, the Temple Set. He was also one of the key researchers at Space.com for many years. And then he went on to do deep intense research in MKULTRA, MKNaomi, and MKSearch. So Michael Aquino, who studied the UFO phenomenon at Spacecom, who studied MKULTRA-MKNAOMI, and then writes army’s psychological warfare doctrine….

Is it any surprise that we see so many parallels between the UFO phenomenon, the Satanic Ritual Abuse phenomenon, and and the mind control-MKULTRA phenomenon? They’re all connected because it’s the same people that run these scams.

… Why are the aliens always Malthusian? It just happens that the aliens are always doing what the global elite are doing. And it just happens to be the case that they are demons and they say the same things that demons say. Go kill everybody for us and we’ll give you a utopia. Wink. Wink. It’s so obviously baloney, propaganda, and demonic.

So this is how this narrative fits into the mythos of the Great Reset. It is exactly the same narrative that the global elites push: Mankind is the problem. Man has to be put to death because he’s sucking up all the resources and he’s harming the planet through his exhalation of carbon dioxide. None of which is true, by the way. It’s all fake and gray.”

II. Mirage Men (2013)

Mirage Men: https://ww2.0123movies.live/movie/mirage-men/watching.html?keye=21502807

Webmaster’s Comment: This film, and the military-intelligence counterintelligence information war against the UFO community depicted herein, appear to have direct bearing on global gangstalking black operations. Here, this black operation, called Project Beta, is shown to have included NSA surveillance, massive disinformation campaigns by US Air Force officers as well as home break ins and psychological warfare against civilian UFO researchers! Witness the deliberate destruction of electrical physicist and successful businessman, Paul F. Bennewitz, by Former Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Richard C. Doty, in collaboration with the NSA and the military-intelligence complex which deliberately drove Bennewitz insane and destroyed his life in “Project Beta.”

See: Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth

We may regard that black op as a prototype of global gangstalking black operations in that the same basic agencies and techniques are involved. In these black ops, US military-intelligence agencies deploy all the resources of the US government to covertly and systematically surveille, disinform, and destroy Americans whom government has covertly designated as enemy “targets.” Today, these same agencies are systematically surveilling, disinforming, targeting, and destroying most all Americans. The Rubicon has been crossed and the (Zionazi-occupied) US government is waging war against its citizens.

Jesus Christ named the Pharisees the children of Satan, who was a murderer from the beginning and a liar and the father of lies. What better short description could one find for the US military-intelligence agencies which have long regarded the American people as enemies. That makes them OUR enemies. And we taxpayers pay these psychopaths to protect us! The U.S. government has completely betrayed the trust of its rightful owners, the American people.

In my opinion, we need no longer speculate about extra-terrestial aliens and UFOs. Rather, real devils and demons infest our fellow humans who have sold their souls for power and wealth and abuse their power at the expense of the rest of us. They always seem to hide behind the screen/lie of “National Security.”

Comments to Dyer’s presentation:

9 hours ago
Best two books to understand the UFO phenomenon: Operation Trojan Horse by John Keel and Messengers of Deception by Jacques Vallee
16 hours ago
I would not put it past feds and media to pull off and push a fake alien visit from a race of aliens that will ironically push jewish anti white and one world government and environmentalist narrative.

a day ago
only the king james bible is pure other so called bibles are corrupted

a day ago
fake and gray :’) nice

a day ago
I believe the false one-world religion will be Marxism. According to scripture, Satan will unite the world in a false one-world religion and I believe it will be Marxism. Once he has done this, the antichrist will direct the worship to himself and any who do not worship him, will be hunted and killed. We Christians will become enemies of the state for refusing the accept the Mark of the beast. It’s important to repent and believe on Jesus Christ.

a day ago

John 18:37
New King James Version
37 Pilate therefore said to Him, “Are You a king then?”
Jesus answered, “You say rightly that I am a king. For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.”

Believe in and on Jesus Christ. He is God. Jesus Christ is God the Son. God is Triune in Nature. There is no other Name under Heaven by which we might be saved. Jesus. Believe on His Life, ministry, death, burial, resurrection and that He forgives sins and trust that your sins are forgiven. God entered into His own Creation, born of a virgin. Read your Bible, I like the KJV, NASB, CSB, NIV, NKJV, ESV. I even like the NLT alongside a formal version like the KJV or the NASB. Test all things against scripture. Even this. I pray your eyes are opened and that you become saved. Amen.
Believe in the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

a day ago
A Warning:
Galatians 1:8-9
King James Version
8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
9 As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. <~ Avoid cults Revelation 20:6 “Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.”We will be with God for eternity. Mark 1:15, KJV: "And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel." Gospel means good news. You don't have to come under the wrath of God. Jesus Christ is God. Our Creator. God is Triune. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God is One. Three Persons in the Divine and Holy Trinity. God is Holy and True, He is the One against whom you've sinned! Repent and believe the Gospel. ILoveJesusAlways a day ago Imputed righteousness is the righteousness of Jesus Christ credited to the Christian, enabling the Christian to be justified; imparted righteousness is what God does in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit after justification, working in the Christian to enable and empower the process of sanctification. Hebrews 4:12, KJV: "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." We have peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. All my sins were paid for on Calvary. John 14:6 ESV Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most factual thing in all of history! ILoveJesusAlways a day ago You are made in the Image of the Living God. Do not harm yourself. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If you've lied, lusted, stolen, killed, were blasphemous etc., you have sinned and the wages of sin - is death, eternal punishment, separated from the Lord God who created you. Jesus Christ is God the Son and entered into His own Creation and became Flesh. He was born of a virgin and He died on a cross. Nailed my sins there too. Jesus Christ was crucified and died. He was placed in a grave and rose again on the third day. And now He is at the right Hand of God the Father; making intersession for me, until the day He takes me home. When Jesus Christ rose from the dead, there were many eyewitnesses. Jesus Christ's resurrection is the most SURE and true thing in all of history! We are all sinners. We deserve the wrath of God. You are made in the Image of the Living God, so do not harm yourself. Do you know where you will go when you die? Jesus Christ, the Righteous One, died for our sins and rose again, to the right Hand of the Father, so that there is no condemnation for those who believe. Jesus Christ is God the Son and entered into His own creation. Jesus was born of a virgin, died for the sins of all who believe on Him. Jesus Christ defeated all His enemies. He was dead for three days, He defeated death and has the keys to Life and Death. Jesus Christ took care of business. On the cross, our Lord and Savior said "it is finished". So it was finished. Amen. Jesus Christ has the keys to Hell. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only BEGOTTEN SON, that whosoever believes on Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus Christ rose from the dead three days after His crucifixion, and because He raised Himself from the dead, and the Father raised Him from the dead and the Holy Spirit raised Him from the dead, we who are in Him, shall also be raised on that day of the coming of our Lord and Savior. nightmisterio a day ago Very Good! Ermac a day ago WILL YOU IDIOTS JUST NOT NUKE my MOTHER EARTH and I won't EITHER NOW, nor have I ever outside of video game simulations, where we call them planet busters. I promise you, self-extermination is unnecessary. TheChristianPill 2 days ago God created spirit beings ( unembodied minds) before He made us. These beings are part of a hierarchy and they differ in power, role, and in their relationship with God. The role most people are familiar with is angel, which means messenger. Fay (i.e. fairies), Big Foot, Mothman, aliens, ghosts, UFOs, etc., are all manifestations or creations by evil spirit beings who are at war with God. Their goals are to draw people away from the truth of the gospel, spread misinformation, propagate evil, and usher in a one-world government that they will hand over to the anti-Christ. Do not be deceived. Turn to God, read and study the Bible, spread the gospel, pray, and accept who Jesus is, His teachings, His blood, His sacrifice, and His bodily resurrection. Everything else is a distraction. BilbosBigBags 2 days ago God became incarnate through Jesus, he lived and died as a human and partook in the human experience. He created the Earth he then came from the Earth through natural methods his entire continued message for us is one of Reality bound to the Earth, from the Earth on the Earth until we die. It only makes sense the AntiChrist will be bring a message which is opposite God's creations especially the Earth and Humanity. But before the End the Earth has to be destroyed just as Humanity has to be. Polynikes 2 days ago Hilarious that the People that own 99.9% of the wealth, say that the common Man is the recourse Vampire, LMFAO. That's like the Caldron calling the Ladle Black. Yickesgeist 2 days ago What if there is another creator similar to Satan, that is self created...something that claims to be everything and anything? What if that similar force is far more efficient at combining two species to co-exist in one body? And; slavery would be non-existent, because it would be a useless tactic. What if that force is here now, ready to recycle and remake? ____________________________________________________________ III. The Cosmic Hoax: An Expose (July 4, 2021)

The latest documentary by Dr. Steven Greer



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31 minutes ago
As long as there are such concepts as “evil” & “good”, there will be beings who follow either. No civilization is all “good” or all “evil” but a mixture of both. Depending on whom you deal with will determine how you see another society. To claim that any entity is all “good” or all “evil” is unrealistic.

Greer’s unending rant that all ETs are good & none are a threat is his fantasy that he has put forth for decades & is very dangerous. To think that ALL of them are a threat is also a very dangerous outlook. Yes, our own military is behind some of the abductions & men in military uniforms have been seen in the background by some abductees who are being abused. Also, there are the contracts that have been signed between the military & some ETs to allow them access to the human population for experimentation, off world slave trafficking, even as food to other ET races.

The only reason we are being prepped to be afraid & see them ALL as a threat is because some ARE. We are also being protected by others. Without this protection we would have been wiped out a long time ago. We are useful to some, treasured by others who are taken to task to protect us. Others see us as usurpers, taking over a planet that they truly believe is THEIRS. The “war” has been going on since the beginning of time (& this dimension that contains it). We are coming into our own & will soon know the whole truth & it isn’t all copacetic.

Greer has been a good front man for this government. He has helped hide all the Deep State cabal business that has been going on with these off world entities. He would never tell you about slave camps on Mars. He would never disclose reptilian OWNERSHIP of the moon. He would never fully disclose how much of our history has been shaped by ETs, nor would he disclose how much of our DNA & chromosomal makeup comes from ET tinkering. He makes a great “beard” for the military-industrial complex to hide behind. Seek out Kerry Cassidy’s work for the truth.

an hour ago
Is there anyone watching and imagining a fire hydrant of puke hitting Greer in the face? I mean, this is such bullshit I don’t know where to start. Aliens not a threat? Really? If you are not mentioning the perdition of humans clearly documented by people like William Thompkins, Alex Collier, Peggy Kane, and many others, there is a huge clue you have a disinformation agent, or someone with his head very far up his ass. Kerry Cassidy knew the story of all ETs being friendly was beyond ignorance. Then Greer goes on to intimate all abductions are human caused. The absolute BEST abduction studies by Dr. David Jacobs are CLEAR that most abductions are conducted by non-humans, usually insectoids/grays and sometimes reptilians, and ARE a fucking threat, because by Satan they are the true power that controls the world. (I know people who have seen Satan’s avatar Lucifer, he has white curly hair) This video is TOTAL misdirection. He doesn’t mention reptilians? He indicates the SSP is a total fabrication? You’re not getting the truth from Greer. Why do you think he has presidential access? Because he’s the truth?

3 hours ago
Hi fellow Info Warriors
I can understand the negative points of view and suspicion expressed here in the comments, but I wanted to insert some logic here.

There has to be uncountable other intelligent civilizations throughout this universe, the law of probability alone demands we accept that truth.

How could any civilization achieve such heights of technological accomplishment as the ETs have without having also achieved a profound spiritual evolutionary state of higher consciousness?

I say that, because we see in our own world that technology can be used for good or evil, and what do we know for certain? Humanity hasn’t reached the high spiritual consciousness necessary for the technology we have created, we have more than enough evidence to see that advanced technology is mostly used for truly evil purposes – are we not facing total destruction as a species as a result of some profoundly insane humans (insane is very low consciousness with additional phenomenon, too much to get into here)??

So to my thinking, no race of beings can make it into great heights of technological achievement without also achieving higher states of benevolent consciousness, because inadequate spiritual states of consciousness would necessarily cause self-destruction through lack of wisdom and self-control.

What I’m getting at is: Extra Terrestrial beings must have successfully conquered their lower states of consciousness and evolved in step with their technological achievements, or they couldn’t have survived the technological stage we’re going through, nor the many advances they achieved after that.

4 hours ago
So, yes. Nothing is real except us . It’s hard to grasp at first because we have all been taught seeing is believing and seance.

You are able to conjure up anything and change the matrix. They are in there based on the depth with is linear to them. The more evil they do, the further they get from themselves. They are total schizophrenics because their thoughts have been turned into personality traits. These traits are images and clones of what ever their mind has said them to be. They thought these were the souls and spirits of the people they kill. The killing was their being; being traded for a perception based on the teachings of a belief.

Now, they can’t turn back even if they wanted. They have been proven wrong the moment they sold themselves out. Now, everything they do is to destroy what they hold so sacred. The destroy it by continuing to work towards it. The irony is they never needed to do anything to live forever. Not, the only way to live forever is to destroy their egos.

Everything anyone thinks is wrong. Everything. Thinking is what creates the ego. But, their perception is all kept secret from us. Reason being, the beliefs they have can’t ever be told outright like I’m am doing here. If, they do, the matrix changes. Their brains start thinking and it will contradict what’s built their egos. They loose credibility and the little dream people that are their channels of thought they specifically want stops working in their head.

The dream people are bots always drawing a thought process off us. That’s what all the brain fog is. They are basically psychic vampires.

You defeat then by, going about your day doing your own thing. Since you read this, your helping them destroy themselves. I’m not one of them but, I’m in the know by experience and as part of the script designed to help realize everything they did was a script. Now they have free will.

4 hours ago

There is less than zero evidence. Meaning ALL of the supposed evidence is a debunked lie. Often the evidence is so bad that it debunks itself. Everything from Roswell to the Phoenix Lights to these crappy Navy videos have been debunked.

All that exists is Alien Hopium, and that is a real potential threat, because not only can hate and fear be exploited for destructive purposes, but so can false hope, and false gods.

There is no need for the DS to stage a fake alien invasion. That would not only be very difficult to do and sustain on a wide scale, but thanks to alien hopium, it is unnecessary. The government-media complex only has to create the perception of an alien arrival or a distant alien contact. If the sheeple believe that the government is speaking on behalf of their alien gods, that would elevate the government to the heavens, and make the so-called little people even smaller.

If you watched Colony or Captive State, the vast majority of people rarely if ever saw any aliens, but they nevertheless complied with tyrannical measures. I don’t know if the tv series or the movie were predictive programming, conditioning or a warning, but the scenario depicted is plausible, and all it took is just the perception of an alien presence.

Everything about ufology is a faith based religion, with the aliens as today’s modern world mythological gods.
Even if the aliens are real, which I highly doubt, they would not be superior to us, or us inferior to them, but too many people equate technological superiority with superiority in general.

If I’m wrong, and the ETs are here, then they have to stop playing hide and seek, and introduce themselves to the whole world. Nobody can speak on behalf of the aliens with any credibility. Only the aliens can speak for themselves. If real aliens ever show up, and talk to us. All of us. I will listen, but not bow down.

The doctor spoke a lot of truth, way more than you’ll get from these DS agents, but….

4 hours ago
Have you noticed how all informative programs on a particular subject all have the same format? It’s like this was directed and produced by ancient aliens. I saw a video on YouTube about the ok race war and it was the same format. have a narrator, b-roll, a bunch of actors with a script, play some music to follow the narrative, etc.

We have been conditioned to follow the pattern these idiots have set up for us. This is a intake program for how they have set up our minds to to think. It’s a set up for the new info to wipe out any thoughts you had and replace it or confirm what you already know.

They are just Using information to be a wailing wall between you and your true selves. These people have all bought into the information itself. All info is thought. It’s a bunch of thoughts that trap you in a belief and are meant to confuse you. Your belief is a false persona that forms an ego or soul around you. All info is fake because it’s just a bunch of attempts to explain reality. They try and make perception a reality by making everyone believe in science as fact and proof.

They want you to forget you from your very start because we all came from death which is the womb of creation. This is the god idea that can’t actually be solved or believed. We are and that’s before we think or learn anything. Trying to explain what makes us be is an answer trying to write it’s own question. Or an answer confused if it’s really a question. It’s a trans answer a trancer..heh.

Point is, their matrix, string theories and semantic web is the a.i. hive mind. It’s their brains unable to think. It’s just a prison of code. Our bodies are being used to mimic the info being broadcast into our eyes. It stimulates the brain to hold visual image perceptions as dreams. This is their matrix world called the sentiant world simulation . In this place the astral world is the intergalactic dimensional fake world. This is where the aliens are.

5 hours ago
partially true.

5 hours ago
Oh we ready for the antichrist.

6 hours ago
CE5 protocols work, remote viewing oh yeah it works, secret space programs come forward, join the good guys, winning!

7 hours ago
The guy who made this video is a clown and perfectly demonstrates what’s wrong with the ufo scene. All these ufo groups talk sht about each other nonstop..constant feuding. …The ‘aliens ‘ are absolutely demonic and it’s easily provable in a few different ways. The alien blood libel racism thing is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while. There’s a reason why they presented themselves as Nordic aryans to the nazis stupid. And how did I know this doofus is probably doing ‘cs5’ workshops..what an asshat

8 hours ago
There are no extraterrestrials. I sniff a liar. What’s coming is a CME that will reduce humanity to the preindustrial age. And then a pole tilt. Followed by mass catastrophe. All this other shit seems woefully irrelevant.

9 hours ago
They “need a new Pearl Harbor?” Well, they tried that BS around 1-6, so it should all be crying wolf from here on out every time they use that battle cry.

10 hours ago
The same hooked nosed lying bastards that cause all the world’s problems sit here and accuse white males of causing all the racism. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit right here. Screw Alex Jones for letting these people shill this trash on this platform.

11 hours ago
This guy kinda of resembles Agent Skinner from X files.

11 hours ago
Why would IW publish a doc from gaia… which produced an entire series propagandizing Lucifer as “not a bad guy” and our friend?

12 hours ago
Donald Rumsfeld missed out on getting a ticket

12 hours ago
I no longer listen to Steven Greer. He has discredited himself with his ego and his humble-brag. I feel like I have heard that line about advising presidents 100 times.

12 hours ago
Dr Bullshit!!!! You are a Liar and part of the whole Deceit…….. These Craft are Demonic beings from The Fallen Angels who brought these craft with them from Heaven when they were Cast out….. Does that mean God has them? Yes , He created them….It’s Good Vs Evil….

12 hours ago
Extraterrestrials have no soul or love for humanity. Extraterrestrials desire to watch humans suffer while they steal Earths resources.

12 hours ago
For years Mr Greer has been discrediting the work of Dr. David Jacobs, Bud Hopkins, John Mack etc. and attributing the abduction phenomenon solely to the likes of the CIA. This is outlandish, and so are his claims that all ET’s are filled with love that we can summon in the desert with his stupid lasers. Mr Greer, you look like a damn reptile. What about Linda Howe’s work on the animal mutilations? Guess that was CIA too.

The abduction researchers conclude that there is a vast hybridization program in full gear and this is one of the most (if not THE most) pressing issues at hand, and most ridiculed. Until you meet an abductee ( who generally want to stay anonymous) or have an experience yourself, then you dont have an opinion worth voicing. Ultimately, and most disturbingly, it is the human soul which is of the greatest interest to these creatures.

Alex, you need to have guests on like Daniel Liszt (the Dark Journalist), Linda Howe, David Jacobs or even Richard Dolan so you can put more pieces of the puzzle together. Somehow the ET presence must be related to the NWO, vaccine roll out and demons like Klaus Schwab. Godspeed.

12 hours ago
Eisenhowers death camp

12 hours ago
9/11 was an Israeli operation. 9/11 war games, Urban Moving systems, Dancing Israelis, Airport security owned by Jeb Bush. Bin Laden was CIA asset and helped train “terrorists” with funding and help of the CIA and MOSSAD

12 hours ago
Excellent movie 🎥 the last 2 minutes is what it’s all about. God Bless you for speaking the truth. We are getting hit from all sides! But victory is ours! My people will perish for lack of knowledge but those who carry the burden of spreading knowledge are modern day saints!🌞 📣🔱🆚☣️🆔🧬💉

12 hours ago
That was the realest thing ever said the last 3 minutes make you really want to join C5 and that’s exactly what I’m going to do

13 hours ago
Our galaxy. ”The Milky Way”. Consists of some 300 billion stars. Around 1/2 are orbited by planets, & it is said that on average, conditions on 2 of the stars planets are suitable for life. No great leap of imagination is needed to believe the universe must be home to a myriad of life forms. But, what sorts of intelligence would develop on these worlds? That is truly beyond imagination. What’s more, we can’t say that our universe is the only universe. At the quantum level, until a wavefunction collapses upon observation. Schrodinger’s cat is alive & dead as a superposition of states. The moment observation occurs, these 2 possibilities branch into separate worlds, with the universe continuing to split infinitely. If the universe splits without end, it’s possible it could eventually recreate scenes from the past. & if those moments played out differently, it wouldn’t negate what happened in our reality – a paradox would simply mean another future. It is also estimated that their is around 100 billion galaxies in the known universe, & if you add the Multiverse. *Just think of what’s out their. *

13 hours ago
The reality is they’ve had the tech for years that could turn the planet into the garden of eden. If you can extract energy from the quantum vacuum, that means unlimited food, clothing , shelter, ect… for every living person on the planet. No need to fight over recourses, but that’s not what these evil bastards who have kept this tech secret for decades wants. They will never release it till they cull the herd. Till they cement their power. We’ve been using fossil fuel tech for over 100 years!
40 Trillion dollars worth of black projects. Do you really think that’s the best tech we have… They’ve polluted academia and science with intentionally corrupt and misleading physics.
There is war going on in shadows for future of humanity. HOPE THE GOOD GUYS WIN!

Nooz Zoo
13 hours ago
It’s neither.

14 hours ago
Info wars is a hoax

14 hours ago
The Alien invasion will be from within. Great deception befalls us as it does now.

15 hours ago
If the claims of science is basically true that the universe is truly as large as they claim, then it’s hard to imagine there isn’t another life form out there. They claim there are billions of stars with planets in just our galaxy, and that there are billions of galaxies in the universe. With numbers like that, it’s hard to imagine humans are alone, but big numbers aren’t proof.

For perspective, it is claimed the universe is about 14 BILLION “light years” wide. Think about that number! That is the distance you can travel in one year moving at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second), about 6 TRILLION miles. That means the universe is 6 TRILLION miles x 14 BILLION across. Do THAT math! If that is true, how could humans be the only ones in the universe? Plausible, but seems incredibly unlikely, statistically speaking.

Consider this…those same scientists claim they have proven that the universe is expanding at an increasing rate. That means everything is moving away from each other so that the distance between space stuff is growing, so they say. Eventually, unless something changes, we will no longer be able to see any stars in the sky as they will eventually be too far away from Earth to see them. Is that expansion for ever? Will the expansion slow or stop at some point? They don’t know, and no real way to say one way or another at this point.

And they can’t explain how it is that the expansion is not slowing down like it should, according to known physics, with the “Big Bang” explosion, but increasing, which seems to defy the laws of physics.

With such great distances that we can’t even comprehend, interstellar travel between galaxies is simply not possible in the “traditional” sense of a space ship using engines to fly the distance. There must be a short cut to reduce the amount of time it would take to travel just between stars in our region of the galaxy.

I think their math is wrong!

15 hours ago
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” How Expensive Would It Be To Feed The World ? Not As Expensive As Bombing It ” unknown

15 hours ago
Alex – you better tell your buddy Tucker Carlson he is BEING PLAYED like a fiddle by DEEP STATE liars like Elizondro in regard to UFO’s and aliens.
Dr. Greer has exposed him as a fraud many times.
Are you going to call Tucker out Alex?
Or keep shoving your head up his CORN HOLE like you’ve been doing for the last 6 months?
Between Tucker and Bernie Sanders supporter Joe Rogan, Alex is having a 3-way sodomite circle jerk against AMERICA.
I’m getting ready to bail on InfoWars if this crap continues.

16 hours ago
After browsing the comments here, I gotta say Im really happy almost nobody is buying this bullshit.

16 hours ago
As if Greer would be allowed to talk openly for so long without being killed. He’s probably in on the NWO.

16 hours ago
If you’re a true believer in Christ you will be able to see through this deception very easily. “Aliens” are fallen angels (demonic spirits) masquerading as our “galactic brothers” but in reality they are benevolent and evil.

Have you ever wondered who’s behind all the things happening in the world? Who’s telling Gates, the Rockefeller’s and other elites to depopulate the world? It is them. They are deceiving the worlds top elite by communicating with them, pretending to be from another galaxy when in reality they are inter-dimensional spirits who have been here since biblical times and want to destroy and defile God’s original creation and usher the world back into the days of Noah, hence all the talks of transhumanism, human-animal chimeras, promotion of 100s of genders etc.

The alien deception will result in ALL religions being placed on the back burner whilst these beings will be credited as our creators and will be the forefront of a new global religion based on panspermia. This is the (false) great awakening people are speaking of. But do not believe any of it! It is all a lie. The Bible says there will be a “strong delusion” which will cause a great falling away from the church, I believe this will be it.

The upcoming bombardment of UFO news and sightings we will be seeing soon will be a mixture of top secret, highly-advanced man-made aircraft and holographic projection technology (project bluebeam), NOT spaceships from another planet so don’t believe any of it, it will be literal smoke and mirrors. That will be the first stage of this deception, when you see those things just know that is the first step.

The ultimate end game is the arrival of a “messiah” who will be witnessed by all the world. Again do not be deceived as this will be the infamous antichrist we’ve all heard so much about, but I believe that is a couple of decades away, late 2040s if I had to guess. The 2020s will be a decade of destruction and deception. Stay strong in Christ!

16 hours ago
Liberal Alien Lover Video

16 hours ago
How right Greer is when it comes to the money that’s made off wars

17 hours ago
it’s all staged! Who knows what is going on at area51 for example? We have been lied to for decades about everything, and they dont want us to know!

Webmaster’s Assessment: My assessment of the so-called UFO and alien phenomena is that most all of this is hoaxed by cults, satanic secret societies, governments, militaries, and intelligence agencies.

The underlying camouflaged reality is that demons and fallen angels exist and human beings make bargains with these malevolent disembodied spirits. Duh! The age-old practice of black magicians is to “summon angels” via rituals in a process called “theurgy.” This process is formalized and embedded in black magic systems, most notably the Jewish Kabbalah system that seems to so factor heavily in these end times. Mind control operations carried out by militaries, intelligence agencies, other satanic cults, and various other groups also seems to deploy on these black magic techniques.

Thus, in my opinion, the so-called “aliens” or “extra-terrestrial” or “interdimensional” beings are actually demons, human devils (demonically-possessed humans), and fallen angels.

Jesus Christ and his apostles expelled demons; and Jesus stated that the Pharasees (the Jewish leadership) are the “Synagogue of Satan” and are “of their faither, the devil.” What has changed in the past 2100 years is that advanced technology facilitates these elaborate hoaxes. The underlying players and spiritual dynamics remain the same. So repent, put on the armour of God and pray! Come on…. it’s not so complicated.