Global Satanic Stalking System: Insights of A.E., a TI

Global Satanic Stalking System: Insights of A.E., a TI (Targeted Individual)

April 8, 2018

A work in progress of observations, analyses, and quotes from my experiences:

– Intel uses technology that neurologically hijacks a person and takes down every domain of life in the process, then uses the same technology on friends and family in order to distort and discredit the truth of the victim’s experience. Insult to injury under an umbrella of sadistic, ritual, psychological abuse.

– If the handlers can’t get you caught up in their mind games or fear and tortured-based control tactics, they lose a lot of their power.

– This program is built around a Hegelian Dialectic in the same way the world is. The Neural Manipulation and Mind Control Tech establishes a synthetic duality and plays both sides of the same coin. Whether it’s internal manipulation and entrainment into a particular idea or narrative, or it’s externalized with the people around a target who are also often being influenced, the result is contrived and unnatural.

– The rewards and punishment-Operant Conditioning model has roots in behavioral modification, the Monarch program, and Mengele-style Trauma-based mind control.

– The remote handlers are repetitive scriptwriters. This is purposeful because from their experience, repetition is a key component to successful programming. The repetitive internal and external torture and trauma also operates from this standpoint.

– Spaced repetition of thought, action, behavior, interaction, conversation, experience is a staple of this modern day MK-Ultra Monarch Program.

– These people come from a place based on bloodlust for power, greed, money, and all things material, with the overall goal of control of everything. They project their own depravity and perversion, and they attempt to program people in this broken and distorted image.

– Today’s MK-Ultra operatives work hard to establish an action/reaction environment for the individual that looks to move a person out of any semblance of natural existence and into a world enslaved by the actions of people who have no business controlling anyone or anything.

– Both positive and negative reinforcement are used in this program to suggest action and thought in a person. Once this is done many times, this will anchor the person in an association between the thought or action and the external trigger, most often a sight or sound..

– A trademark of this program involves playing into the polarity of experience. There is a back-and-forth dynamic that moves between the bookends of degradation and exaltation.

– The tactics that are used on a micro-scale with a Targeted Individual are the same tactics used on a macro-scale on the masses. The same New World Order flavor. The goal for both is full-spectrum control.

– This program establishes a parasitic environment for a human being. They actively trespass on a person’s brain, property, and life and maintain their presence in insidious ways.

– The program always operates using a degrees-of-consequence behavioral conditioning model. The consequence can be physical, neurological, psychological, emotional, situational, environmental, social, financial, among many others. Once this is established for a person and they are aware of this, then the perpetrators attempt to control the person’s behavior by bringing back degrees of consequence and associating those degrees with what a person is doing or not doing. If synthetic telepathy is overt as well, it will be used in sadistic ways to reinforce what has been done or what will happen. Over time, this action-reaction model saturates a person’s existence to the point that the paradigm of experience shifts from natural to synthetic. This practice defines modern day MK-Ultra/Monarch Programming and will be the primary technique of future social control. It’s modern day enslavement. It defines evil.

– If a person is placed into this lifelong MK-Ultra/Monarch Program, their families most likely are as well. The only difference is that the TI knows it and their family members don’t. This gives the sadistic handlers the chance to psychologically destabilize a person to an even greater degree. Lack of support or belief in the horrific targeting experience is a key component to successful isolation and programming.

– This technology makes TI’s internal and external environment a surreal and reactive Truman Show. The idea is to destabilize and discredit a person by connecting sights and sounds around a person in ways that seem incomprehensible to the average human being. The tech drivers play into the Matrix model at all times.

– Every facet of this program puts itself through a filter of “plausible deniability.” Every crime committed comes armed with a cover story. They apply a concept of “blending” into everything they do. Push the boundaries just enough to make it clear to the TI that what they are experiencing is abnormal but not so much as to disturb for others the illusion of a “natural” event.

– The CointelPro and MK-Ultra program specializes in establishing a profile for a human being and then using technology and psychological terror tactics to provoke them into particular types of behavior that play into the slanderous preconceived profile. Profiling through provocation. Tech- and terror- induced.

– In order to degrade a person’s psychology over time and to weaponize with persistence a person’s day-to-day experience, the sadistic handlers of these programs will attempt to anchor a human in as many negative ways as possible to as many experiences throughout any given day. These can be internal, external, interpersonal, environmental, thoughts, emotions, actions, pretty much anything. The idea always is to take a human being’s typically neutral internalizations of their internal and external environment and look for ways to weaponize those moments. Psychological subversion, master-slave methodology, Satanic Ritual Abuse, trauma-based mind control and programming.

– This program is the most disruptive and invasive program ever created. It disrupts one’s life on every level imaginable and invades one’s brain in every way conceivable.

– The CointelPro aspect of this program bleeds into relationships of any type. If the technology is working on you, then it will be working on the people around you and it can be used to weaponize and sabotage any interaction and relationship.

– Setting up opportunity and then undermining that opportunity is a technique from their playbook that is used often. It is a form of psychological sabotage and gaslighting. Giving one false hope and then serving up failure is a sadistic attempt to undercut any sense of hope, change, or positive momentum. This is a form of “Zersetsung” or erosion over time of one’s spirit. Also, (it is) a Monarch MK-Ultra technique meant to break a person down so that they feel left with no choice but to “give in” and “obey.”

– These people are misery creators. It’s their specialty.

– The new slavery is slavery of the mind. The shackles are invisible, the slaveowner unseeable.

– The more you understand what these people do and why, the more pathetic they become. Knowledge disempowers them.

– When this program and the Satanic movement behind it are fully exposed, make no mistake, they will go down as the darkest stain in the history of humankind.

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