Gangstalking Phone Apps

I. Whitney Webb: China mandated the use of emergency response phone apps so that “people would be safer.” Israeli Defense Forces (IDF Unit 8200) startup, Carbyne911, uses this same marketing pitch.

But in both cases these have become tools of mass surveillance and of targeting people of “certain political leanings or ethnic groups or what have you.”

Based on the people involved in this, including Jeffrey Epstein and former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, this warrants further investigation.

Microsoft has also created ElectionGuard which has a lot of shady aspects to it. And they are connected to Israel’s Unit 8200. This is being co-funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the Pentagon.

In Carbyne911, ElectionGuard and other Israeli startup companies, we see a confluence of top people from the Pentagon, top people of the US government, US government contractors who also connected to Israel and Israeli military intelligence, to form all these companies that have a lot of Orwellian uses. This should really concern people. This is like a construction of a merged, bi-national security state.

This isn’t even talked about in Congress.”

II. Quora: Is there a phone app specifically used for gangstalking?

1) Keith Daniel Lankford, lived in Houston, TX

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Community groups like Citizen Corps and Neighborhood Watch are involved in this as well as Police, Fusion Centers, FBI, etc.

Apps like See Say Now, Pubwatch, Shopwatch, Townwatch,Neigbourhood watch, Community watch etc. Their could be special apps linked to “mutualink” which is a program Fusion Centers seem to be using to organize this terrorism.

2) Rebecca Brewer, studied Geology at Kansas State University
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After experiencing a number of electronic harassment events and other scary shit through my iPhone, I fled to Wyoming and hid out in my parents basement. After a while I decided to go visit my aunt four hours away. On the way, near Riverton, Wyoming (which I now suspect has/is a Fusion Center) I was experiencing unusually intense tailgating, brighting, street theatre episodes and first responder activities but I needed gas. And a beer. (Don’t judge me.)

When I pulled up to the completely empty line of gas pumps, vehicles pulled in on either side of me and the drivers simply sat in their cars playing with their phones. Nobody pumped gas; Nobody went inside. They just sat there.

I drove half a block to a liquor store and texted my Aunt, letting her know that if something happened to me it was definitely NOT an accident.

As I hit the send button, a completely foreign (to me) and hidden application / interface that had been running in the background of my device was suddenly revealed to me. It was some sort of messaging application. It was visible for just long enough to see somebody ask somebody else “where u at?” And then “OICU, lol” before the phone glitched back into normal mode, never to be glimpsed again.

So YES, “they” have a secret app they use and that app was secretly connected to my device as well as theirs.


On two different occasions, while I was working – locating utilities on side streets in Topeka, KS. – similar interactions with gangstalking cowards took place. Each time, a vehicle with two stalkers pulled into an abandoned parking lot very close by, close enough that they were literally in my way. I was able to quickly sneak up on the occupants while they were intensely engrossed in their mobile devices. I startled them (they all jumped) when I asked curtly if I could help them – as if I owned the abandoned lot. They quickly obscured their devices and looking guilty as fuck, the drivers explained that they were just playing “Pokémon Go”.

In an abandoned lot? Yeah right.