Gangstalking Exposure Works! Bring USG Perpetrators To Justice! Examples From (Jan. 6, 2023)

Exposure Works. Targeted Justice proves it.


Exposure works.

Epigraph Quote from Home Page of this website:

“The clandestine, highly illegal war against the individual (aka “warfare by assassination,” “counterinsurgency doctrine,” “Global War on Terror,” “CounterTerrorism,” and the “Targeted Individual Program”), a central feature of US domestic and foreign policy, renders government, military, and intelligence personnel perpetrators and their law enforcement, civilian, corporate, and mafia accomplices amongst the most despicable cowards and bullies in history. There is no statue of limitations on these capital crimes (treason, murder, attempted murder, torture), war crimes, and crimes against humanity.”

Professor Eric T. Karlstrom, Ph.D.

Targeted Justice has worked tirelessly to research and expose the criminal activities within the government.

Federal Agents Who Violate Individual Rights Can Be Sued For Damages, the Supreme Court has Ruled. Tanzin v. Tanvir reaffirmed the principle that individuals can sue federal agents for violating their rights.

Under 18 US Code 242, a government agent can be prosecuted for violating the Civil Rights of a citizen. Under 18 US Code 241, Conspiracy to violate the Civil Rights of a citizen.

(CounterTerrorism is the code word for gangstalking.)

1) David Cutler, former Director of the Houston Fusion Center, retired after the exposure from Targeted Justice.

Retirement announced in December 2020, within 11 months of receiving our Cease & Desist Letter.

2) Michael McGarrity, former FBI Asst Director of CounterTerrorism in Washington DC, quit within months of our exposure, and now works in private industry.

Quit in December 2019. Cease & Desist Letter sent to the FBI in Feb 2019.

3) Deron Ogletree, former FBI Supervisory Agent, and Executive Manager of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), left after exposure by Targeted Justice.

Left in August 2022. Now in private industry.

Exposure works.

Statute of Limitations:

Under the Statute of Limitations, 18 USC 3282 (5 years), these government agents can still be prosecuted & sued for these felony crimes.

Gangstalking is a form of torture & terrorism. Terrorism is not subject to any statute of limitations where the offense caused death or serious bodily injury or harm (18 USC 3286).

Violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), 18 USC 1962, 10 years.

Wire fraud (using wire, radio, or television in a scheme or artifice to defraud). 18 USC 1343, 10 years.

The statute of limitations can be extended if the evidence is located in a foreign country.