Gangstalking and Coronavirus: Short Email Thread & Informal Poll – TI Progress Report (March 21-23, 2020)

Email thread on Gangstalking and Coronavirus (March 21-23, 2020):

From Eric Karlstrom March 21, 2020 to several Targeted Individuals

1) Hi,

There is a pretty easy test that we TIs can do to determine if the Coronavirus is real or whether it is just another contrived, false-flag, state-sponsored terrorism event (like 9/11, global warming fraud, etc.) designed to instill domestic fear and gain more totalitarian control over the population. If our stalking stops now, CV-19 is real. If our stalking continues, CV-19 is just another false-flag state-sponsored terror event.

Now that California and New York are shut down……. There is no way the stalking could continue unless CV-19 is part of the overall plan of UN Agenda 21-one world government, etc. In that case, we can expect stalking operations to expand as the herd is more violently culled of potential enemies of the New World Order.

Best wishes,

Eric Karlstrom

PS. My stalking has not stopped. So for now, my conclusion is that Coronavirus is another false-flag terror event contrived by our intelligence agencies at the behest of the global criminal elite. They can only cry wolf so many times until people begin to catch on. It is a vicious cycle in which they have to up the ante each crime. They have to cover up their last crime against humanity with their next crime against humanity.

2) March 21. From B.C.

Hi Eric, excellent. Simple answer yet so profound. I had one night of no stalking. Today however, was a different story. Trying to get to a t.i. meeting was a challenge, I had so many stalkers. My personal feelings are the virus is a lie, it is about getting everyone to take the vaccine.

Keep in touch,


3) March 21: M.M.

I agree !

4) March 22, P.L.

Yes I do agree with you this is a situation that is created to force people into total submission. I don’t know if the term “false flag” is the good one here. I think the virus is real. It is used to frighten the herd and can also be used to “silently” kill targeted people. I would say my stalking is becoming more visible. They are now trying to behave like if it was “normal” to mind read people, comment on their deeds, rule everything etc. Here on the field they are using mostly people from magrheb / Muslims who openly show that they continue living even provocating by spitting openly etc. But I am still convinced this plot is ruled by the American with the Jewish (Sephardim) first as masterminds of this. Sorry Mr Karlstrom, but I think you will agree with this.

5) March 22. M.M.

Subject: Re: Stalking & Home Invasion

I’ve said this to many people in the last few weeks. This is a means to quarantine and usurp the constitution and supposedly the rights to obtain a search warrant and right to travel here or abroad. It is a form to corral the goyim.


Corral the goyim …

Yes, they will corral the goyim. State by state, region by region, county by county, city by city. They control all communications and you will never know they will be slaughtering people in mass just a few miles away. People will be watching all the usual BS on their big screen TV unaware of the atrocities being perpetrated in a nearby region. Then their turn will come and another group of dumb goyim will be herded up and sent to their deaths. Did we not learn anything from the Russian experience ? Or did we ever care ?


6) About 10 years ago I wrote about gang bangers being team players with the shadow government. Some of the patriot publications in the southern states printed this article.

#1. They deal drugs for the shadow government. … #2. They will be used to attack citizens in a communist take down of America.

Whenever a false flag event occurs, the shadow government wants to go after the law abiding citizens and confiscate their firearms, but they never bother gangs in the areas that the false flags take place. WHY ? … They are Team Players !

Lately I heard Dr. Lorraine Day say that California is planning to utilize gangs to disarm the public. Gangs on the front line, police for back up, and military reinforcements to assist if necessary.

I didn’t think this would happen so soon.

8) March 22, M.M. Quote from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – Gulag Archipelago

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family ? Or if, during periods of mass arrest, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to loose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand ?…The organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt. If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation ….We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward”

9) March 23: Robert W.

Thanks Eric, my stalking has not stopped yet.

I have a bad feeling about what I call the “Coronavirus-Hysteria-False-Flag-Op”.

I feel I’m witnessing “Mass-Insanity”.

Right-now, I’m very suspicious about the whole thing.

And wouldn’t this be a great “cover” for the criminal-financial-matrix-collapse?! The “debt-based-system” and its collapse?! There’s a huge deficit that all the experts have been claiming has to crash. Well wouldn’t it be convenient to blame the financial-collapse on a virus instead of THEM!


10) March 23: From A.S.

Hi Eric,

My issue has actually worsened during this CV-19, adding further, very horrible abnormal symptoms/sounds which are right in the area of this implant that is causing much grief and I feel its deliberate. In regards to CV, I believe it’s smartly engineered starting beginning of Dec. which was kept quiet while spreading it out everywhere, too coincidental and with such a huge population of China to suddenly recover so quickly compared with the world to become a crisis.

CV definitely has and is instilling fear all over and I do agree it’s also a strategy for large corporations in the medical sector and those with money (media) also trying to overtake whatever remaining “good-democracy” govt’ control by manipulating the people. The control within China is a perfect example slowly overtaking here, and through specific corporations. So many people are just stupid and can’t be bothered as they’re addicted to convenience. It such scary times.

My situation involves an implant, for the wrong reason and feel to be punished for it, hence the stalking and shunning issue. I do not know anyone else to discuss this type of matter to. I read of David Larson who had or has very similar experience as mine. Do you know of him? or familiar with this type of issue? Thank you. -K.

11) March 23, B.R.:


12) Hi Hether,

To elaborate: I expect that targeting individuals is part of a much bigger military-intelligence operation and the COVID thing is also part of that larger operation. In a nutshell, taking over the nation. So we have to stick to our course…..AND also pay attention to what they throw at us…… As Jon Rappoport says in the first youtube below, this is a contest between freedom and control. It is also a major frontal assault on freedom by the forces that want control. Torture and murder are very serious crimes. And that is what the government is doing to us TIs. In a sense, they can use the CV-19 to cover up this crime against humanity (Renee Pittmann rightly calls it the crime of the century) as well as a host of other crimes.

Meanwhile, if we listen to some sensible and very knowledgeable medical people (doctors), we learn the the COVID – 19 thing is just BS- It’s the common cold. It’s actually a psychological operation. And we Tis have some experience with psyops.

Here’s Jon Rappaport on CoronaVirus as a psychological operation:

Here’s Dr. Lorraine Day on the same topic: CV as PsyOp.

And here’s Dr. Ron Paul on the same topic: The Coronavirus Hoax

The Coronavirus Hoax

All three of these people are highly trained medical people- and I believe they are telling the truth.

I think it’s best to know,

Then we can couch our response to reality instead of more fake news (another word for psyop).

Best wishes,

Eric Karlstrom

13) R.W. March 26:

. . . on average from the seasonal flu according to the CDC (23,000 in total). Big deal. So what? Who cares?

As of 10 AM this morning EST the CDC says that total deaths in the past six months from Covid-19 is 840.

We already have flu vaccines (they don’t work, obviously, but we have them), but none for Covid-19. Therefore, we must destroy the economy, adopt fascism, create hyperinflation, destroy all civil liberties, and essentially make a Giant Leap Forward towards totalitarianism until we do, and then make it mandatory. It’s just common sense.

4 Replies to “Gangstalking and Coronavirus: Short Email Thread & Informal Poll – TI Progress Report (March 21-23, 2020)”

  1. People have to be very careful with the soon-to-be-mandated Covind-19 vaccines (as in point blank refusing!).
    Vaccinees will not die immediately — that would be too obvious — the vaccine will be more like the first stage of a three-staged attack.
    Two 1972 WHO memos describe this process
    1. deactivate the immune system
    2. load the body with pathogens
    3. turn the immune system on again full blast…
    The pertussis toxin in the usual vaccines does indeed deactivate the immune system.
    Tetanus toxoid invites viral replication.
    Both these toxins are not only used as the pathogenic compound in vaccines, but also as the substance binding other pathogens.

    What the variations will be on this 1-2-3-scheme regarding the present CONvid-19 scam, I don’t know.
    I suspect 5G will play a role…

    Memoranda 1& 2, Bulletin World Health Organ, 1972;47(2):257-274
    Virus-associated immunopathology: animal models and implications for human disease: 1. Effects of viruses on the immune system, immune-complex diseases, and antibody-mediated immunologic injury, Bull World Health Organ, 1972;47(2):257–264.
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  2. The gangstalking never stopped and in-fact increased, substantially, much to my sad demise. This is a barbaric, predatory government hellbent on authoritarian lock-downs, die in place, maddeningly thrown hard upon us without a damn care in the world, but for themselves… they’re gruesomely greedy, ruthless beyond pale, far, far from civilized. They’re not advanced genetically, rather opposite. Anyone who could put these type of violent, vicious, inhumane and insufferable weapons into society, especially when one has no way to defend one’s self, deserves nothing less then the same.

    And their psycho-civilized society, literally making fun of humanity, especially Americans, with a no denying, obvious element of twisted, occult-like elements, total lack of regard for human suffering, utilizing the most horrifically unseen, wireless weapons and obvious microwaves, electromagnetic’s, biologicals, and to use one’s own body and electric as weapons is brutal. Its downright sadistic and unnatural.

    Human rights be damn. This is pitiful this horrendous targeting.

  3. the targetting did not stop, but diminished severely in the first peak period of covid-19 in march and april.
    personally i think the focus of us t.i.’s should not be the question whether or not the covid is a hoax, but on inventing ways how we can exploit the situation for our own benefit. tactics just like the perps are always seeking to exploit your personal weaknesses.
    for example, when a perp is coming towards you in their perpish manner, just cought and sneeze without covering your mouth. you will see them aborting their mission and walk another direction 🙂

  4. Yes. Targeting continues. The day that Ontario was shut down, I began to think about how the population would be affected by severe poverty and therefore lack of healthy food. It seemed obvious that conditions were being set up to beset vast numbers of people.

    I think that it can be dangerous for anyone to loudly declare that there is no virus, as the medical mafia can visit you covertly at night, in your home and inject you with any contagion that they choose. However, there are many courageous TI, who will take this risk.

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