Gang Stalking, Psychological Warfare, Barbara Spectre’s Boast that “We Jews” Will Destroy White Christian Europe, and Israel’s ‘psycho-terrorism’ of Palestinians

I. Epigraph Quotes: True Confessions

“Jews are behind the whole (gang stalking) thing.” A. Landis, Implanted and Targeted Individual of Jewish parentage

“I do not consider the Jewish question either as a social or as a religious problem. It is a national question. We are the only people.” From “Theodore Hertzl, Modern Jewish Prophet”

“The great ideal of Judaism, that the whole world shall be involved with Jewish teachings, and that is universal brotherhood of nations, a greater Judaism, in fact, and the separate races and religions shall disappear.” Jewish World, Feb. 9, 1883

“If you admit that in spite of the nationality you have adopted you remain and form always and everywhere part of the one and only nation, then come here or appeal and send us your adherence. The day is not far hence when all the riches and treasures of the world shall become the property of the children of Israel.” letters of Istzac Aaron Cremieux, Foundation of the Universal Jewish Alliance

“The Jewish people considered as a whole will itself be its own messiah. Its sovereignty over the world will be reached by means of the unification of the other human races, the elimination of frontiers and monarchies which are the ramparts of particularism, and by means of the institution of a world republic which will everywhere grant civil rights to Jews. In this new organization of humanity, the sons of Israel will become everywhere, without meeting an obstacle, the directing element, especially if they are successful in bringing the proletarian masses under the direction of some of their own number. The governments of the peoples included in this world republic with the aid of the victorious proletariat all will fall without difficulty into Jewish hands. Private property will then be strangled by the Jewish directors who will administer the state’s patrimony everywhere. Thus, the promise of the Talmud will be fulfilled. That is, the promise of the Jews that the arrival of the messiah will possess the key to the wealth of the all the people’s of the earth.” Baruch Levy, in letter to Karl Marx

“The two internationals of finance and revolution work with ardor. They are the two fronts of the Jew’s International. There is a Jewish conspiracy against all nations. It occupies almost everywhere the avenues of power, a double assault of Jewish revolution and Jewish finance.”
Rene Greuse, La Nuveau Mercure, Paris, 1927

“We are interested in the diminution, the killing out of the goyim. Our power is in the chronic shortness of food and physical weakness of the working classes because by all that this implies he is made the slave of our will and he will not find in his own authorities either strength or energy to set against our will. Hunger creates the right of capital to rule the worker more surely than it was given to the aristocracy by the legal authority of kings. By want and the envy and hatred which it engenders we shall move the mobs and with our hands we shall wipe out all of those who hinder us on our way.” Rabbi Reichorn

“When the hour strikes for our sovereign Lord of all the world (ETK- the Antichrist) to be crowned it is these same hands which will sweep away everything that might be a hindrance thereto.” Rabbi Reichorn

“With gold we can buy the most rebellious consciences. We can subsidize all state loans and thereafter hold the states at our mercy. Already the principle banks, the exchanges of the entire world, the credits of all the governments are in our hands.” Rabbi Reichorn

II. American Jew, Barbara Lerner Spectre’s declaration of (Jewish) war on White Christian Europe:

Barbara Lerner Spectre: “I think there’s a resurgence of anti-semitism at this point in time because Europe has not yet learned to be multi-cultural. And I think we (Jews) are going to be part of the throws of that transformation which must take place. Europe is not going to be the uh, uh, monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make; they are now going into a multi-cultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

(Jewish) Communitarianism= One World (Jew) Religion, One World (Jew) Justice, One World (Jew) Bank, One World (Jew) Police, One World (Jew) Gulag (Jewlag?)

III. Gang Stalking, a highly illegal and potent weapon of the One World (Jew) Police and One World (Jew) Gulag, is relentless psychological warfare directed against designated “targeted individuals.” Can we find examples of relentless psychological warfare now being directed at a “targeted population?” Yes, in Palestine.

“One of the things we were told in Gaza by a very respected Palestinian psychologist who had just completed a study of 1000 Palestinian children was that they had discovered that many of these Palestinian children no longer had a will to live, that they were so de-humanized and so affected by seeing their fathers, particularly, beaten by Israeli Defense Forces that the psychological condition is one of the dimensions of the conflict that is not widely understood.”

IV. Conclusion: Both gang stalking (aka “GOG’S NeW GESSTTAPO) and the destruction of Palestinians consist of the use of “psycho-terrorism,” violence, and torture to destroy the perceived enemies of Israel-Judea. The goal is to usher in the “Jewish Utopia”-Jewish Universal Empire-“Tikkun Olam” (Hebrew for “repair or re-invention of the world”) and “to wipe out all those who hinder us on our way” (Rabbi Reichorn quote above).

V. Comments related to above youtube videos:

Jack Hamilton
3 years ago

The World needs to put a stop to Israel’s acts of genocide and apartheid. The US enables these savages by providing billions in aid annually that NEVER needs to be re-paid! Israel and the world’s Zionists are the cause of 98% of the World’s problems!

3 years ago

The Zionists are deliberately destroying all Western countries as they have secretly declared WAR upon us!
They conspired to take control of our nation’s infrastructure through carefully orchestrated acts of TREASON! They became our Bankers, Politicians & media owners.

Their goal is to genocide the White race & to enslave the entire planet!

Dario Ghidoni
3 years ago

Barbara Lener Spectre needs to take her class of Higher Jewish Learning to Israel and teach the Israelis how to be multicultural. She needs to tell the Israelis they need to marry Palestinians and become multicultural!!!

Wolfseig ,
1 year ago

it was this hatred of accomplished civilisation & promotion of destructive { Tolerance } that was the real reason for the collapse of “Ancient Babylon, Egypt, Carthage, Ancient Greece, Persia, Rome, Byzantium in the old world, and people from the same tribe that was ultimately responsible for the Loxist hate driven French revolution, the coup disguised as a revolution in Russia in 1917, the surrender & subsequent collapse of Germany in WWI, The antagonism, brainwashing, media black propaganda, lies & hatred responsible for WWII, the extermination of over 60,000,000 mainly European Christians from 1917–1990 in the Judeo/Bolshevik hellholes of USSR and Eastern European communist countries. and what is pushing ahead at 100 mph in the destruction of the west, U.K. and U.S. included. with every sort of immorality & sickness forced on people. just this week americans have been told that a 240lb swollen ass hairy backed man can throw on a dress d use the ladies restroom and communal showers.

my advice to all american Christians, Veterans, Nationalists, Anti -Communists, conservatives, patriots, right wing militias etc, is do NOT ever surrender your weapons.
because i have absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that the Largest genocidal extermination in human history that occurred in the soviet union, would be replicated on american soil..

The Nobel prize winning russian author ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN wrote that…. “The so called Russian revolution was not Russian, the main culprits hated Russians, and in a frenzy of Ethnic Hatred exterminated 60-70 million Russians. the only reason the western world is uncaring or unaware about this genocide, is simply because the global main stream media is in the hands of the Perpetrators”!…

Valentin Koscheyev
3 years ago

Sad fact: The jews have the $. They own the gold & diamond trade, subsequently monopolizing real estate, ALL branches of media (newspaper, film, radio, & industries that equal where we live, how we live. Now, for whites in America & Europe, IF WE LIVE. A decades old program of corrupting our religious values, right to be heterosexual, & family values, even common sense has been muddied by Liberal Agenda contamination. They have, through (bribery) allowed government systems to be inundated with lobbyists to promote a system of deterioration within Western Civilization. Us? The white tax payer is converted into a host to be leeched upon by parasite 3rd World inhabitants & thus we provide the Dole / Welfare system to create better living conditions than we have, as they are paid more per month for each child they have. We have 1-2 kids = our population is either -1 or at even (stagnant) growth while they have 4-6 kids, who will each have 5-6(+) kids. We are the working poor. Our gene pool irrevocably being polluted by black & Arabic people, erasing our ancestry. WE ARE THE MINORITY. Extinction is imminent for us with the next century & a half to 2 centuries. Ironic as it may seem, only a cleansing population eliminating pandemic of some super Virus (eg. Spanish Flu of 1918-1819) or cataclysmic natural disaster can save us by erasing 90% of the planet population. Then the values of individual, family & community can foster among the surviving mankind. Otherwise, kiss us goodbye. A people “dumbed down” from inferior education, amoral views & petty trends of popularized neurosis are easier to control, to do the assembly line or service industry work they are assigned to. Practice, “Would y’all likes fries widdat?” 

1 year ago

There is a very good reason why Jews were banned from over 109 countries throughout history! The parasitic existence of the Jew is dependent on host countries. Today forced multiculturalism is the only way such a minority can exert control over the masses and that’s the plan. At the head of every minority cause, feminism, LGBT, abortion rights etc lies the Jew, hidden in the background pulling the strings. By supporting minority causes they protect their vested interests and remain below radar. Of course multiculturalism is only for the goyim. Israel is strictly for Jew supremacists only!

2 years ago

If you don’t understand her motivation and the part she is playing then go read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the destruction of family, culture, religion, borders and any vestige of common sense. Learn about cultural Marxism and the force behind political correctness, the feminist moment all manufactured for a greater goal by people just like Barbara.

M.N salim
3 years ago (edited)

US-UK are responsible for the Zionist army’s brutality-savagery in Palestine, since 1948, US-UK are funding-arming racist Israel with lethal weapons for bombing Palestinian houses-Hospitals-Schools-Churches-Mosques and for killing unarmed Palestinian civilians, the Zionist racists committed horrible crimes against the Palestinians, especially in Gaza strip, the Zionist racists have no right to steal other people’s land, racist Israel has no legitimate, racist Israel existed on a stolen Palestinian land, the Palestinians didn’t harm the Jews, why they should be responsible for the Holocaust myth, I think US-UK are responsible for racist Israel’s crimes in Palestine, in fact Palestine belongs to the Palestinians for thousands of years, they’re native of Palestine, why US-UK have made racist Israel above the law ? for Peace in Palestine, boycott racist Israel, support Justice for all in Palestine, Palestine deserves your support, thank you.