Gang Stalking Is a Government Program! aka Community Policing (COPS), Citizens Corps, United Nations, Agenda 21, New World Order, Joint Targeting (6 youtubes, 2017-18)

I. Gang Stalking Is A Government Program

II. Fusion Centers and Government Gang Stalking

III. GangStalking Aka Community Policing – The United Nations & The New World Order Agenda .

“(Now) I know my enemy. I see my enemy. They use gangs, former sex offenders and gang members. And they antagonize and harass people.”

“We know that the United Nations has a desire to control populations.”

“DHS is a Zionist organization. Which is tied to the FBI, DOJ, CIA and many other organizations. They’re god is Zionism. And ADL is sharing our information on a local level through DHS.”

“This movement is about using local police and using people in the community to bash you. It’s not community policing it’s trying to orchestrate a problem.”

IV. Peeling Back the Layers of Gang Stalking AKA Community Mobbing!

V. Agenda 21: Covert Gang Stalking Operations in America Exposed

VI. Gang Stalking: DoD, DHS, DOJ, City and State Movement- Joint Targeting

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