Gang Stalking and the 5G Invisible Prison: Dr. Eric Karlstrom Interview on Kev Baker Show (Youtube, 2/14/2019)


Ruth Cormack
21 hours ago
It would make sense that the 5G network won’t be operated in weapons mode until its well established and has a ‘safe track record’ – say at earliest 2024. I would expect TIs/TCs to be targetted and tested from 2019 to 2024 to confirm weapon readiness and fit for purpose-ness, those lucky people will already have been ‘compromised’ so plausible deniability is workable and nothing can be proven after ‘attacks’. I can also forsee ‘guerilla’ attacks against urban 5G system installations by activists and ‘conspiracy geeks’ which will require even more surveillance on the streets to stop it happening.?

Dr. Elizabeth Martin
21 hours ago
THANK-YOU both, for the respect to Dr. Raune Kilde – an amazing, brilliant humanitarian, a brave woman who shines so beautifully and steadily even now. Of course they took her. She gave all she had, and that is massive. Yes, I am waiting for 5G – TO BE OBLITERATED by those of us with more brain/HEART-power than the so-called “power-elite”. I am sorry that GLASGOW has been targetted – FIRST!? – well. I am Scottish, Grandfather, GreatGrandFather Hetherington – we are very tough. BUT, we are human, and must protect our beautiful environment, and our beloved plants, animals, insects etc etc etc…….or all of humanity & life on Earth is gone. THANK-YOU for mentioning Dr. Barry Trower and Ms. Deborah Tevares – have been studying w/them for years. Much love and appreciation to you and ll who brought this – every bit helps………Gd help us all GOOD beings!!! IF you have 5G near you, GET AWAY. It would be nice if the device could be disabled before it KILLS YOU and your loved ones. Gd bless.

Lena !
23 hours ago
I like the concept ‘Targeted Citizen’ TC (rather than TI). I also believe the concept facilitate the comparison of the manifestations between countries.
//PhD and Swedish TC 2012.

heh heh
23 hours ago
Thanks I prefer mental Titans like Eric karlstrom over mental midgets like Cohen Benjamin

Lena !
21 hours ago
@ 58.05 Interesting what is said about the introduction of 5G in cities supposably being most difficult.. It is surely the stategy in Sweden, choosing the city of Umea (Umeå) for 5G-introduction. Umea-citizens is known for protesting for civil rights, welfare, etc and against capitalism, McDonalds, misuse if the environment, etc.. Umeas protests’ is said to put down the first McD restaurant ever and did delayed a railway for several years. And TPTB choose to introduce 5G here..?!

Dr. Elizabeth Martin
20 hours ago
WE are NOT controlled by Israel – I always of think Israel as the 51st State (out of control, unfortunately)…………….I do not believe that the current “State of Israel” is the one we’re waiting for………….. Just stay connected to Gd – period. Humans complicate all things, eh? MUCH LOVE to all good beings……….we will never be robots – period. “THE RABBIS” – no, SOME
(Rabbi” means “teacher”, as does “doctor”) is meaningless – there is NO ONE GROUP of rabbis/teachers/PhDs/MDs/whatever that represents TRUTH. I wish people can develop discernment!! You help, dear Kev! cheers

Sally van der Graaff
11 hours ago
My question is: What if we DO know which group of people collaborated to have us designated as an enemy of the state? I’m 99 percent certain I know, and the sad part is that the U.S. military appears to be coercing some of the more elite soldiers to turn in their own family members, perhaps as a means of gaining entry to specific programs, promotions, etc. Also, some of the more evil people I’ve worked with and for in 3 State of Illinois library jobs have signed false statements about me. IMO, all are also Freemasons/Eastern Star witches. I must admit that I continue to deeply resent EVERYONE who has done, is doing, and intends to do this to me and my 3 other “targeted” family members. To be perfectly honest, I find it shocking that family members whom I’ve always supported and defended would stoop so low. By this I mean the family members who ARE IN ELITE MILITARY PROGRAMS and therefore certainly know what they’ve been doing, in addition to disloyal family members who favor money over love and loyalty. I was initially shocked at the ridiculously unprofessional and illegally unethical behaviors of some people I wish I’d never met at the U. of ILLINOIS, EIU, and the Illinois State Library (across from the Illinois Statehouse, the place that “allowed” — I think purposely installed — a Satanic statue next to the 2018-19 Christmas display). I’ve witnessed so much corruption in these places that nothing would really surprise me any more! It’s still sad and disheartening, though, especially considering the way they’ve also roped community members in on this evil bullying pile-on. I repeat: It’s the Freemasons doing this. That’s what all these people have in common. The Freemasons and Illuminati, indeed ALL so-called secret societies, need to be investigated, exposed, prosecuted, and BURNED TO THE GROUND.

22 hours ago

lee blythe
13 hours ago
1.10.00 holographic visual type thing, I have experienced this and on analysis im certain of it. I can only speculate on how it works and what it is. Kev mentions via 5 G, nothing would surprise me, and i dont expect to be notified when 5G is LIVE.

Mavis Bridgewater
8 hours ago (edited)
There is no protection from 5G waves. To say so, is uninformed and misleading. Therefore, we MUST stop it before it rolls out. See InPowerMovementdotcom on how to do so using the Notice of Liability process. It works.

Shonnie Cage
1 day ago
intro looks awesome !

Exposing Truth
21 hours ago (edited)
Tikun Olam simply means “repair or restoration of the world” Tikun=repair, Olam=world. This Jewish concept was referenced by the Apostle Peter saying “Whom the heaven must receive until the times of RESTITUTION of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.” Act 3:21 The millennium! Yes a Jew will do it – Jesus, Yahshua!

lynda griffiths
18 hours ago
I have always enjoyed listening to Dr Karlstrom but recently have begun to wonder exactly what his agenda really is. I reckon I must have listened to about 30 or 40 interviews he has given and I cannot remember one where he hasn’t put the blame for everything on the Jews. I abhor the way that Israel treats the Palestinians and I profoundly disagree with the concept of Zionism. I’m sure there are Jewish people who would agree with me. To say that all Jews are bad is ridiculous. There are good and bad people in every society. As it seems that the military and intelligence services are behind the targeting programme, is Dr Karlstrom saying that the CIA, FBI, MI5 and MI6 , and military organisations are all staffed by Jews? This is also ridiculous. His stance is unhelpful and divisive and probably hurtful to the ordinary Jewish men and women who cannot be held responsible for the actions of their government.

eustace mullins
39 minutes ago
Jeshua had more perfect DNA and that’s why he could perform the miracles. Satan’s work around for damaged DNA is hooking up to machines.

1 hour ago
That microwave oven will take you out faster than the 5G network.

21 hours ago

1 day ago (edited)
All backgrounds, all income levels, all demographics – represents Society.
Differences are called “Targeting Variations”, so the computer (and Operators)
– autonomous weapons system can cover all bases, all angles conceivable.
And of course exploitation of project is happening by those in the know as well.

Naked Departure – The Trilogy Series
22 hours ago
Nothing wrong with being ‘replaced’. Let’s hope it is an improvement.

7 hours ago
I’ve heard the perps are paid with gift cards to avoid paper trail. Is that true?

Diamond Nil
6 hours ago
Kevin thank you for reporting on this it’s real how can we stop this??

Entity Shadow
12 hours ago
Doe’s our country have authority to shut down Artificial Intelligence? Does the most powerful person, in your country stop 5 G from rolling out? Rich or poor 5 G is being rolled out at the same speed in every country! The elite do have plans, based on a ideology. Is Artificial intelligence controlled by Israel? Who has the kill switch? Punch in Brendon O connell in the search engine! Take care.

Reality Mega Bites
17 hours ago (edited)
You can be just a dog or cat or any other friendly animal, and you still will be considered an enemy of the state.

Mark T.
1 hour ago
You may be on to something there, Kev, beginning at 1:28:22 on. Revelation 13:15 speaks of the “image of the beast,” that it (not he) “should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” Sounds like an “it,” and not a person, to me. So, it is only fitting that the adversary would set up an image in his own likeness, which is a LIE, as he is opposed to everything that is true and good. The lie is that his “image” is a synth life form, not really alive, but fully intelligent and capable of issuing orders and controlling humanity. According to the Book of Enoch, Gadriel (not Gabriel- d not b), is the one who tempted Eve in the garden, and he ever strives to oppose YWHW through imitation, copying, deceits of all kinds, culminating in these days with his own false messiah- and causing millions to break the 2nd Commandment in the process.

7 hours ago (edited)
I’ve been gangstalked. It’s a feeling that your whole community has gone insane and acting strangely. You start to feel like you are the guy in “They Live”. But eventually you realise they are just being used like puppets and paid to act and then you feel sorry for them. A part of their soul is lost. They are turning against human on behalf of demons. On judgement day these people will be punished. Nothing is hidden from God Almighty. He is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent. If you trust in God you can pray against the people doing this and send a warrior angel to intervene. This is not just a physical battle but one involving the fallen angels and satan (this is who the freemasons secretly worship) vs God and his angels. (christians worship this and intercessor prayer warriors help defend against plots by satan and his agents)

Carl Turechek
1 hour ago
I call um durpa lol

23 hours ago
National Emergency is SUPPOSE to mean Trump can use money from other resources and the Military to build the wall. Now that Martial Law part might be added if anything else happens like financial market collapse or that dollar reset. Sorry writing as I listen.

22 hours ago (edited)

Mark T.
2 hours ago (edited)
Very informative as always, Kev & Dr. Karlstrom- thank you! And I encourage everyone to start using Targeted Citizens instead of “Targeted Individuals” as well. It’s never just one person they’re after. When one family member falls to this evil, the ripple effect goes first to immediate family, then extended family, then to the whole community. It’s all of us. It’s beyond heinous. The Perps (chaos makers) are victims as much as those they’re persecuting. What do you guys (speaking to the Perps now) think will happen to you if you try to pull out? You know what will happen. You are forever tangled in the same web you’ve spun around your victims. But hey, you’re just following orders, right? Just “doing your job?” Doing what they paid you to do? Yeah, right. Just saying, look before you leap into such a dangerous game, anyone out there with a conscience thinking of taking up perping for a living.

16 hours ago
A question to Christians – When Jesus will come back, is he going to come back as a Jew again???

The Critical Media Channel
20 hours ago
Recommended short reads, & always think critically, see through the deception in MSM & other so-called strictly controlled/managed source material;

Intelligence industry’s (CIA) term “USEFUL IDIOT”:

(Excerpt) “In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.[1][2] The term was originally used during the Cold War to describe non-communists regarded as susceptible to communist propaganda and manipulation.[1] The term has often been attributed to Vladimir Lenin, but this attribution is unsubstantiated.[3][4]” Source:

Online PsyOps and Perception Management in the Targeted Community:

(Excerpt) “Before you believe anything you might ever read, hear, or see in the media (including TV, radio, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, and the internet), or from anyone else (family, friends, acquaintances, employers, strangers, etc.), you need to read this very important information. You, and the public as a whole, are constant targets of extremely well-planned and executed psychological operations (PsyOps), and there are any number of these media-facilitated programs taking place at any given time. They are so numerous and varied that you and those around you are bound to fall prey them sooner or later. They can target an entire population, an identified group within a larger population, or even a single individual. Being aware of what PsyOps programs are, how they’re executed, and how to detect and avoid them is crucial to maintaining an accurate perception of reality in today’s world, so as not to become misled about your situation as a targeted individual and drawn deeper into the clutches of those who seek to take advantage of you.” Source:

A Primer on V2K vs. Mind-Reading Technologies:

(Excerpt) “Concluding Comments:
The intent of this document is to help targeted individuals who suspect or believe that their thoughts are being read in order to better assess their own situation, and hopefully see how ‘mind-reading’ might only be at a superficial level or even faked by the perpetrators, and where V2K might be being used in an attempt to prompt certain predictable responses in order to create a ‘dictionary’ of word-patterns correlating to their thoughts.

If nothing else, two things can be ascertained:
1 Electronic implants are almost certainly required for mind-reading capabilities, due to the weakness of brainwave signals.
2 Projecting voices into a person’s head is far easier than reading their thoughts.

Since I’ve never experienced V2K myself, and I certainly don’t have access to the technology involved, I can only offer insights based on what I know from researching the functioning of the human brain, wave mechanics, computer engineering, and science and technology in general, so there may be things I’ve said that those who do suffer from V2K might disagree with. If so, I’d really like to hear your comments or opinions on what I’ve said here, in order to better understand the actual situation, and to correct any errors I’ve made in my understanding.” Source:

22 hours ago

22 hours ago (edited)

22 hours ago
Meh. Way to pluck out fringe Jews and lable it Jews.
If you are “targeted” you need to get to know and obey God’s instructions. There is a level of protection that you cannot get by any other means. Notice how its Godless people being hit? Because no weapon formed against me will prosper.

You either believe God’s Word or you don’t.

1 day ago (edited)
We can sit in our homes or be homeless living on the streets – Biometric Surveillance, Tracking and Targeting application with signal warfare – creates and maintains the black site undeclared prisons of innocent people including entire families with children. Who? Armed Forces coordinated with the domestic Security. In USA it’s DHS Teams across the Nation. And DHS includes 22 agencies, Special Military Units, plus FEMA which has their own coordinated agencies. Same being applied globally with the Biometric Surveillance software by Security Forces around the world. Called Asymmetrical warfare.

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  1. I saw you on the Kev Baker show.You are a great source of information.When the gangstalking started on me I thought I was ‘losing’ it but,I then realized ‘they’ were attempting to induce mental illness on me to discredit me.I was awoken as a result of this induced insanity attempt by psychotronic weapons.I split up with a long time girl friend and ended up at a homeless shelter where all of this started for me.Your research is amazing!

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