Gang Stalker Jobs (youtubes)

ETK Introduction: At 16:50 minutes in the upper youtube, the video narrator goes online (September, 2018) and finds 13,593 FBI gang stalking jobs advertised in Philadephia, Pennsylvania alone!!!!!!! Later, he shows on Sept. 26, 2018, according the website jobdiagnosis, a gang stalking job recruitment service, that 634,000 people per month were signing up with!

While those figures sound perhaps too high, if anything, reecall that in 2003, the Boston Globe reported that the Department of Homeland Security had plans to recruit 100 million citizen spies to protect the homeland from “terrorists!”

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  1. i just came accrossed this web site and seen my 2 videos posted about gangstalking. i;m glad to see i was recognized for exposing this corperation. good luck with everything.

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