Functions of Targeted Individual Program For Totalitarian Governments

Epigraph Quotes:

The most profound crime a government can do to an individual is peer into their minds without consent. Let´s dive into more detail of how they do it.

Creative, intelligent, and educated people represent potential game changers to what would otherwise would be a predictable future for our masters.

In addition to targeting ¨talented minds¨ and the control group, they found it more productive to find the minds that have the most influence on social networks. The rest of the people just follow. So control the minds of about 10,000 people and you control the direction of that culture. Humans are not really that different from fireflies who synchronize their flashing rate.

They improve their techniques of manipulating the justice system and hacking politics during the process as well as the technical capabilities.

The intelligence agencies have become a virus, a cancer, on all of humanity. I will explain their perceptions of what they think they do and their sense of purpose.

Dr. Robert Duncan, ex-CIA neuro scientist

I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.

President John F. Kennedy, weeks before his assassination on Nov. 22, 1963

Maintaining an unspecified number of “Targeted Individuals” apparently fulfills a number of functions for governments’ military, intelligence, and medical establishments. The structure and “function stacking” of various elements of the “program” begin to make sense when one realizes that government itself is a criminal cabal that serves a higher criminal cabal (the international financial system).

1) First, “the program” is an expanding for-profit business from which innumerable segments of society profit. By designating average civilians as “terrorists” or “potential terrorist threats,” large segments of government, most notably the National Security Racketeering Network (including DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, NASA, NATO, police and judiciaries, most government agencies, the corporate, private, and civilian-sector partners, and their “partners” in other nations) can garner taxpayer dollars to protect “the public” from unseen and unspecified “threats” while they simultaneously eliminate civilians who are not on board with the scam and/or who question the status quo.
2) Governments apparently require large numbers of human test subjects on which they can secretly test new weapons and from which they can collect medical information about how different categories of humans respond to various stimuli.
3) An over-riding mission of governments during the past 20+ years has been to make a digital copy of the brain. To accomplish this goal, they want to map out all the possible “responses” of human test subjects to various kinds of stimuli.
4) A good test subject should, like an isolated organism in a petri dish,

A. Targeted Individual As “Enemy of the State”
B. Targeted Individual As “Weapons Testing Guinea Pig”
C. Targeted Individual As “Mind Control Exerimentee” and Nonconsensual Human Test Subject.