From Texas

Dear Eric,

I just listened to your interview with Jeff Rense about gang-stalking. I thought I would send you some information you might find helpful to your work on this subject.

I’ve been gang-stalked since late Feb, 2015. It began with the roll out of JADE HELM 15. Maybe a coincidence.

I’ve received a lot of attention from these folks. I live in a rural area in Southeast Texas, Northern San Jacinto County in the little town of Point Blank. I live on 14 acres. I was a National Honor Society student in 1975 in a high school with 1,000 graduates in my class. I’ve twice tested with an IQ of a little more than 140. Every test I ever took I ranked in the top 2%.

I have a Youtube account you might like to view. There’s several videos on it documenting the activities regularly employed in my gang-stalking.

Here’s some highlights:

1. What I call a clacking gun. My guess is its microwave, but more likely sonic or acoustic. Its an interesting weapon. I’d have to conclude it attacks the colon. It causes rectal bleeding. Aluminum helps to defeat it, if its thick enough, as do mirrors, if the glass is thick enough.

2. How about teleportation? How’s that for a possibility? I have evidence that very strongly suggests it. I’m living in a 5th-wheel trailer while I build a log cabin. How does someone enter and leave my 5th-wheel without opening either of the two doors, the only means of entry and exit? Well, it seems someone did so.

3. Cloaking technology. My experience and the evidence very strongly suggest these folks are using the technology described in Robert Guffey’s book, “Chameleo”.

4. I have to believe they combine the cloaking technology with the use of audio projection, like a hologram, but only the audio portion. I call this audio projection its force multiplier. Its use is to convince the TI that there are more people involved than really are, and that things are happening that are not actually happening.

5. I personally believe they have been using me for two reasons. One, I’m the lab rat in their experiments with their technology, like millions of other Americans. And two, I’ve frustrated them well enough that they use me for training their trainees and to observe my reaction to their methods.

According to Dr Preston James, Veteran’s Today’s intel indicates more than 20 million Americans are the targets of gang stalking. This is not that unusual, what I’m experiencing, but most Americans simply know nothing about…yet.

6. They regularly use aircraft. I think the primary reason is for the simple reason they don’t want one of their people on the ground to step into a bear trap, or otherwise. And I mean a real bear trap. From a friend I know they use magnetometers, radar and other technologies to 3-D image homes, cars, property, etc. And I believe that is why they are using the aircraft, to be sure I haven’t set a trap that might cause one of their folks to lose a leg, or be inflicted with some other type of maiming technology. One of the aircraft they used had the “DHS” symbol on its port side aft.

Very recently they have backed off of their normal activities. I think they are using more remote technologies on me now. They make their presence known when I am on my property, but only when I am unarmed.

Let me give you an example of the clacking gun. They like to show it off to me periodically. It can be dialed up and down in power, frequency. One morning they decided to let me hear it really well (and they clearly know when I wake up, because they almost always make this type of demonstration as soon as I wake up.). This is a link to that event. The video is 1:04 minutes. The event starts at about 39-41 seconds. What you will hear is 1) the sound of the clacking gun shot, 2) its transit through the air, and 3) it hitting what I believe is a tree:

Let me give you another example, though not in a video. I have it on audio. I have three Yorkies, two females and a male. My habit at the time was to leave in the morning to get coffee. That morning I left about 5:30 am, took my two females Yorkies, and left. You can hear my diesel pickup in the background when I leave and when I return.

I left my male Yorkie in the trailer. He was about 1 year old at the time, just a puppy. During the tape you can hear him barking dozens and dozens of times, combined with shrieks of pain. In the course of the tape it recorded two important events. One, a male voice saying, “Go in the bathroom, I’m working.”, and two, the pressurization of an SCBA, a self-contained breathing apparatus. I had secreted the recorder at the time I exited the trailer.

The SCBA explained alot. My thinking was their cloaking technology probably required a suit. Largely because these folks have been here 24/7 most of the time in the past 2 1/2 years. To do so would probably require a climate-controlled suit. It gets over 100 degrees here in the Summer. The humidity can be higher than 90 percent. There’s ticks, chiggers, snakes, all sorts of comfort destroying creatures in the woods surrounding my trailer, from personal experience I know this to be true. A suit that isn’t climate-controlled could lead to heat stroke I’m sure.

A suit would require climate control. It would almost certainly require audio communication. And to think it would be pressurized, well, that’s not a stretch. The SCBA pretty well confirmed my thinking about that.

Also, I had a 100 lb doberman at the time. He was pretty aggressive. So naturally, these folks have to have some way of dealing with aggressive pets and animals. The tape picked up this technology. I thought it had to be acoustic. The tape probably proves that it is. It caused my male Yorkie to shriek, scream multiple times during the tape. You can hear it dozens of time on the tape.

Okay, so that’s what the tape showed. What did the tape not show? Anyone entering or leaving my trailer while I was gone. The recorder was right next to the main entrance door. The doors make a lot of noise, the handles, when opened and especially when they are closed. At the end of the tape you can hear my diesel pickup, me talking, then the SCBA pressurization, and within 30 seconds me entering the door.

So, where did the guy go? How did he enter and exit the trailer? Hence, the possibility of teleportation.

However, I’m open to the possibility it was all an acoustic event; however, why would my male Yorkie keep barking and barking and barking, dozens and dozens of times? There aren’t any sounds on the tape that would cause him to bark so much.

There’s more to this than the foregoing. I’d be happy to speak with you about it if you are interested. My number is 713.530.6800. If I don’t answer, leave me a message. Areas codes from California are sort of unwelcome around here right now as I’ve been inundated with robocalls from there and Florida recently.

For your information.

Very Best Wishes,


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  1. Hi Texas, I am a TI from Millvale Nova Scotia, Canada, I’m 67, and 10 months, I am a Mic Mac Indian. Native. The perps get in and out of my house whenever they can, as long as I’m not looking. They either got someone to make an opening something like a recessed doors, or they used a laser or a rf frequency to cut it out, I don’t hear it being opened or closed, I have never seen foot prints outside or inside of my house other than when two of the perps helpers left the heart of a deer on my back porch back in the fall of 1997, I knew who they were. I am saying they have moved a couch I was sleeping on up off the floor that was 20003 2004 around I do have it written down the date. I believe they are using a standing wave to get the coward in and out of my house. I lived in Port Lorne NS, I moved in 2018 to Millvale. NS They have burned my right cheek bone 2 times I did not feel it burning only after my doctor Dr. Brooks saw them. They can cut you inside of 1 second, I came that close to seeing my finger being cut. They caused a stroke 3 seizers , I can name a 100 things they did to my body. They told me they were going to starve my dog Rocko who was a Yorkshire mix. I had to put him to sleep 1-27-2021 they were sneaky though they starved him by messing with his kidney.

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