From “Operation Garden Plot” To The Phoenix Program and CHAOS To “REX 84” To 9/11 To DHS To U.S. NORTHCOM: The Multiple-Decade DoD-CIA-DHS Plan For Perpetual War Against Dissidents (aka ”Counter-Terrorism” and “Gangstalking”), Totalitarian Military Dictatorship, and Martial Law

From “Operation Garden Plot” To Phoenix Program and CHAOS To “REX 84” To 9/11 To DHS To U.S. NORTHCOM: The Multiple-Decade DoD-CIA-DHS Plan For Perpetual War Against Dissidents (aka ”Counter-Terrorism” and “Gangstalking”), Totalitarian Military Dictatorship, and Martial Law

Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, May, 2017

ETK Introduction: This article provides the historical perspective that demonstrates that virtually all the aspects of and rationale for the modern global organized stalking program had been developed by the 1960’s! Because the historical timeline provided herein explains so many of the critical issues we face, from counter-terrorism” to “organized stalking,” this may be the single most important post I have yet made on my and websites.

Key words: state terror, political war against non-combatants (citizens), social engineering, peacekeeping operations, counter-revolution, counter-terrorism

Important References:

Burghardt, T. (Ed.), 2002, Police State America: US Military ‘Civil Disturbance’ Planning, 202 pp.
Glick, B., 1991, War At Home; Covert action against U.S. activists and what we can do about it, South End Press, 90 pp.

Garden Plot: From Wikipedia:

Operation Garden Plot: (Civil Disturbance Plan, 55-2; 1968, updated in 1984, 1991, 2001) is a general U.S. Army and National Guard plan to respond to major domestic civil disturbances within the United States. The plan was developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and is now under the control of the U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM). It provides Federal military and law enforcement assistance to local governments during times of major civil disturbances.

Garden Plot was last activated (as Noble Eagle) to provide military assistance to civil authorities following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. The Pentagon also activated it to restore order during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. (It was also probably used in the 1999 anti-World Trade Center protest, the “Battle in Seattle.”) Under Department of Homeland Security restructuring in 2002, it has been suggested that similar models be followed.

“Oversight of these homeland security missions should be provided by the National Guard Bureau based on the long-standing Garden Plot model in which National Guard units are trained and equipped to support civil authorities in crowd control and civil disturbance missions.”

Testimony of Major General Richard C. Alexander, ANGUS (Ret.), Executive Director, National Guard Association of the United States, Senate Appropriations Committee Hearing on Homeland Defense, April 11, 2002[1]

Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, is a plan by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of civil unrest or national emergency.

According to scholar Diana Reynolds:

The Rex-84 Alpha Explan (Readiness Exercise 1984, Exercise Plan; otherwise known as a continuity of government plan), indicates that FEMA in association with 34 other federal civil departments and agencies, along with other NATO nations, conducted a civil readiness exercise during April 5-13, 1984. It was conducted in coordination and simultaneously with a Joint Chiefs exercise, Night Train 84, a worldwide military command post exercise (including Continental U.S. Forces or CONUS) based on multi-emergency scenarios operating both abroad and at home. In the combined exercise, Rex-84 Bravo, FEMA and DOD led the other federal agencies and departments, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Secret Service, the Treasury, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Veterans Administration through a gaming exercise to test military assistance in civil defense.

The exercise anticipated civil disturbances, major demonstrations and strikes that would affect continuity of government and/or resource mobilization. To fight subversive activities, there was authorization for the military to implement government ordered movements of civilian populations at state and regional levels, the arrest of certain unidentified segments of the population, and the imposition of martial law. [1]

Epigraph Quotes (From Burghardt (2002)):

“Ultimately, the aim of the Pentagon Incorporated is to meet the challenges of a new kind of war- a generalized, political war against “non-combatants” involved in the class war against corporate exploitation, degradation, and death. No longer content to withstand the annoying pressures of democracy, the corporate game plan calls for a more direct action approach, more repression and less concession. This is the context for so-called non-lethal weapons. Only through a determined effort on the part of a new anti-war movement will we succeed in removing the noose from our collective neck.

The Pentagon and Justice Department, along with their private and academic appendages are spearheading new ways to control, hurt, torture and kill people, here and abroad. In their quest for global rule, they are implementing war by other means against civilians, a “non-lethal” class war…. They are also studying the “effects” these weapons have on people. Their “human effects advisory panels” quantify human suffering, psychological states, utilizing “virtual humans” and “rheostatic” (“tunable”) capability built in to NLWs (non-lethal weapons). First hand “effects” data is also collected at protests billed as “riots” which are viewed by the military as “training exercises.”

According to United States Army Field Manual 19-15, Civil Disturbances” (FM 19-15, 1985), the Army can gather intelligence on civilians if their “activities can be linked directly to a distinct threat of a civil disturbance that may involve federal forces.” The goal is to “isolate the people creating the disturbance from those who have not yet become actively involved” and create “the psychological impression of the control force being everywhere at once.”

In sum, the convergence of the military and the police, in the interests of corporate-sponsored social control, both here and abroad, follows quite logically from popular American obeisance to their (corporate) needs…. Militarist “total force” ideology is naked counter-revolution mandated by corporate America. It aims, in its insane drive for power and profits, to suffocate all life.

… A government that comes to power by means of fraud and conspiracy will inevitably rule by the same methods- if we let them.”

(ETK note: The statements above explain the fundamental aspects and logic of and justification for the global organized stalking program.)

Introductory Remarks of Burghardt (2002) in “Police State America: U.S. Military “Civil Disturbance” Planning:”

“U.S. military training in civil disturbance “suppression,” which targets the American public, is in full operation today. The formulation of legitimizing doctrine, the training the “tactics and techniques” of “civil disturbance suppression,” and the use of “non-lethal” weaponry, are ongoing, financed by tax dollars. The overall operation is called Garden Plot. There is a direct relationship between economic globalization (aka colonialism) and the militarization of police. As the U.S. Empire is consolidated both inside and outside America’s borders, it takes on the same essential characteristics. Military weaponry, surveillance equipment, and training modalities are adopted by domestic police forces and regular military forces are used for policing roles. For example, the CIA, which has now captured and controls the FBI, now more or less admits it works at home as well as abroad (indeed, as it always has), while the FBI now works extensively abroad as well as at home.

Police are delegated to act as an occupying army in communities of color, and as an internal border guard for more privileged communities.

In the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, the FBI’s COINTELPRO and the CIA’s MHCHAOS (ostensibly launched to investigate “communist-KGB-influence” over groups that fought for black rights and against the Vietnam War) were pretexts used to infiltrate and disrupt the radical social movements of the 1960’s and 1970’s. (Today, of course, opponents of public policy are linked with “terrorism” rather than “communism.”) COINTELPRO was a domestic counterinsurgency dirty war against Black revolutionaries such as the Black Panther Party. For this effort, the FBI provided command and control functions to local police departments around the country.

“The concept of “dishonest dissent is crucial to Cable Splicer and Garden Plot. This is a revolution and anything goes. A civil disturbance anywhere in this state is an attack on the state itself.” Anyone who attacks the state, even verbally, becomes a revolutionary and an enemy, by definition.

(Anti-Vietnam War protestors) were considered “guerillas” and “enemies of society,” “vandals,” Visigoths, and huns of the twentieth century,” modern day barbarians,” Brown Shirts,” “kooks” and “VC.” They are the enemy and they will be destroyed.

And under the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), federal agencies began to provide military weaponry, training and centralized strategic planning to police departments .

There are two warring elite conceptions of how to manage policing: The first advocates door-to-door, house-to-house, close-quarters-combat between police and the “bad guys.” The second utilizes military-style psychological operations to win over and obtain cooperation of populations under control. In fact they are both used perpetually in a kind of a good cop/bad cop strategy.

State terror (both “explicit” and “implicit,” ETK) is used to cow the population into obedience.”

Timeline to Military Dictatorship in America and Covert Targeting and Neutralization of “Political Enemies” (Via Organized Stalking)

ETK note: The following timeline of events, derived largely from Burghart (2002), provides the background needed to understand the origin of the modern organized stalking phenomenon occurring in America and throughout the world.

Late 1950s: FBI’s COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) was created and designed to neutralize “radical” political movements inside the U.S. The FBI employed agent provocateurs, conducted burglaries, engaged in black propaganda (disinformation), fraud, and in the case of about 28 black leaders, including Martin Luther King, outright assassinations. The program was ended in 1972, shortly after patriots broke into an FBI office, stole files of civilians being targeted by COINTELPRO, and sent this information to numerous newspapers.

1959: Samuel P. Huntington, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member, wrote “The Soldier and the State: The Theory and Politics of Civil-Military Relations.”

1961: President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address

Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, Jan. 17, 1961

1961: President John F. Kennedy’s Address to American Newspaper Publishers Association

President John F. Kennedy, “The President And The Press” Address, April 17, 1961

1963: President Kennedy assassinated, November 22, 1963 by CIA, U.S. military, FBI, Mossad

1964: The first large-scale urban outbursts of the 1960s occurred in July, 1964. They were precipitated by white police violence against blacks in black ghettos. Uprisings and riots in the black communities lasted several days until 1500 National Guardsmen arrive.

(ETK note: In retrospect, we can surmise that these riots were intentionally provoked by white-on-black police brutality as pretext, or excuse, to implement pre-planned military-police crackdowns in black communities. This is the tried and true formula of despotic leaders: “problem-reaction-solution.” Just as in the response to 9/11 state-sponsored terror event, while racial minorities were the initial targets of “counter-terrorism,” the same repressive measures were soon applied to the political enemies of the state.)

1964: A staged and contrived “non-incident” occurred in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam, that provided President Johnson with the pretext to launch full-scale military invasion of Vietnam that lasted 11 years. The Gulf of Tonkin “trigger event” followed about 12 to 15 years of covert CIA destabilization of Vietnam. The Vietnam War resulted in the deaths of 2-3 million Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians as well as 55,000 American soldiers. War was never declared by the U.S. Congress, as is required by the US Constitution.

1964: The CIA created its first official counter-terror program in Vietnam. CIA Station Chief Peer DeSilva explained in his autobiography, “Sub Rosa,” that the program was “to bring danger and death” to the civilian Viet Cong Infrastructure (VCI) who were managing the reign of terror.

1964: The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was formed.

1965: Riots in four major Black ghettos left 36 dead and thousands injured. The largest was in Watts, a community in Los Angeles.

1965: U.S. Marines launched a land invasion of Vietnam.

1966: 21 major riots and civil disorders were fueled by racial issues, economic grievances, and the Vietnam War. The National Guard was called in to restore order seven times.

1967: More than 160 disorders occurred in some 128 American cities in the first nine months of 1967. 25 of these required National Guard intervention. Forty-three died, several hundred were wounded, and over 5,000 were left homeless in the Detroit riot alone.

This was the zenith of social/class conflict. In response to the Detroit riot, President Johnson issued Executive Order 11365 and appointed a National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (the “Kerner Commission”). Harold K. Johnson, the US Army Chief of Staff, set up another commission which assisted the Kerner Commission.

The Kerner Commission’s “study” of “civil disorder” lead directly to (civilian) recommendations that extolled the role of the military in domestic affairs. The report dutifully “commends the Army for the advanced status of its training.” Further, it states that “the Department of the Army should participate fully in efforts to develop nonlethal weapons and personal protective equipment appropriate for use in civil disorders….. “The Army should investigate the possibility of utilizing psychological techniques to ventilate hostility and lessen tension in riot control, and incorporate feasible techniques in training the Army and National Guard units.”

The U.S. Army Task Force Directorate’s office was in the basement of the Pentagon known as the “domestic war room.” It had a full time staff of 180, with around the clock “watch teams,” teletype, telephone, and radios to keep in constant communication with all National Guard headquarters and all military installments in the continental US. Seven Army infantry brigades (21,000 people) were available for riot duty. A huge, sophisticated computer center kept track of all political outbursts of political dissent and all political dissidents.

Based on the 1968 Army Task Force report’s recommendations:

1) Military intelligence, the FBI, local country and state police, undertook massive domestic intelligence-gathering operation.

2) Army task force took on the name: “Directorate of Civil Service Planning and Operations.” This became the national coordinating center for these operations.

3) Every city in the nation that had the potential for student, minority, or labor unrest had “contingency plans,” known as “contingency packets,” drawn up.

4) Security forces, ranging from the Army to local police, began training to implement these “contingency plans.”

5) The Military Police Academy in Fort Gordon, Georgia, instituted SEADOC (Senior Officer Civil Disturbance Course) to train senior military, National Guard and police officers.

(ETK note: This was the origin of the military-civilian-police (“interagency”) approach to controlling the domestic population. All the major ingredients of organized stalking as a means of suppressing domestic dissent were now in place; surveillance and tracking of dissidents, interagency cooperation, and the use of psychological operations and non-lethal weaponry.)

1967: The Israeli Army invaded and occupied vast tracks of Palestinian territory in the Six-Day War. This Israeli land grab occurred simultaneously with the birth of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam and Operation CHAOS in America.

1967: Israeli jet fighters attempted to sink the U.S.S. Liberty in June, 1967. The plan, supported by President Lyndon Johnson, was to blame the attack on Egypt and thereby justify American intervention into the 1967 war. (This was an example of state-sponsored, false-flag terrorism.) The crew of the U.S.S. Liberty, however, thwarted this plan by surviving.

1967: Counter-Intelligence, Special Operations Group (CI/SOG), code-named CHAOS (or MHCHAOS), was another CIA program created concurrent with the CIA’s Phoenix Program in Vietnam, and for similar purposes. The initial mission, ostensibly on behalf of the FBI, was to collect intelligence on radical domestic political groups to discover if they were being manipulated by foreign intelligence agencies. CHAOS was a super-secret operation that was distinguished by its secure communications system, its super inaccessiblity and “compartmentalization,” its inter-connected domestic and international mandate, and its essentially political nature.

1967: The CIA created ICEX, the Intelligence Coordination and Exploitation Program in Vietnam. This was soon renamed the Phoenix Program. 44 CIA contract officers, one for each province in Vietnam, were assigned as field officers and began coordinating counter-terror and Interrogation Center Programs. The goal was to achieve “internal security.” In this program, the CIA refined psychological warfare (psywar) into the political artform it is today. Estimated number of civilians killed ranges from 20,000 to 80,000. The number of civilians tortured and maimed would have to be many times these numbers.

1968: Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King assassinated by FBI Cointelpro

1968: By June, 1968, the U.S. Army Directorate of Civil Service Planning and Operations changed its again to “Directorate of Military Support.” The Directorate was formed during the massive rioting that broke out in black ghettos in 19 cities after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

(ETK note: Court cases have concluded that King was killed by a government conspiracy involving the FBI. Again, this is another example of governmebt provocateurs creating a “problem-reaction-solution” situation.)

1968: Operation Garden Plot, DOD Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2, provided the “master operational plan” to quell “civil disturbances.” It has been updated over the last several decades, most recently in (2002, with the formation of US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) which has adopted Garden Plot tactics and techniques).

At first, the Garden Plot exercises focused primarily on racial conflict. But by 1970, teams of cops, soldiers and spies began practicing for battles with large groups of protesters.

Garden Plot evolved into a series of annual training exercises (war games) to undercut riots and demonstrations. Plans were ultimately developed for every major city in America. Joint teams (of soldiers, cops, spies, and civilians) would respond to a variety of scenarios based on information gathered through political espionage and informants. The (official) object was to quell urban unrest.

1968: In the winter, 1967-1968, Military Intelligence sent domestic operatives countrywide to organize political Intelligence units throughout the United States, compiling data eventually stored in the Pentagon domestic war room computer. Was that information the basis for the “hypothetical” war games?

1968: Warren Christopher approved the use of US Army Intelligence against anti-war protesters at the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

1968: Warren Christopher approved the use of DOD troops against the Detroit black rebellion after assassination of MLK.

1968: As a subplan of Garden Plot, the first Cable Splicer (I) conference was conducted at the California National Guard’s training academy in San Luis Obispo in California a month after the Army Task Group became the Directorate. 307 law enforcement and military officials from all over the state attended this workshop seminar on “civil disturbance control.” Cable Splicer scenarios provided for “an orderly progression from state to federal control.”

1969: The Cable Splicer II conference began on Feb. 10, 1969. The 500 attendees included generals from the Pentagon, the Sixth Army and the National Guard, and dozens of lesser officers, police chiefs and sheriffs from around the nation, California state legislators, a dozen Military Intelligence officers, and executives from telephone, utility and defense contract companies. One speaker, Gov. Ronald Reagan, stated:

“There are people in the state who, if they could see this gathering and my presence here, would decide that their worst fears and convictions had been realized- I was planning a military takeover.”

Cable Splicer II war games were organized around 23 existing political jurisdictions. Games involved cooperation between the Army, National Guard and police. The games were conducted in secrecy and since then there has been a cover-up. However, the Guard prepared two special intelligence documents entitled “Special Intelligence Summary” and “Organizations and Personalities.” Apparently, these provided intelligence data on California citizens and political organizations. A make-believe war was concocted using 1200 pre-planned intelligence reports on supposedly imaginary events, people, and organizations, all carefully pasted to IBM cards.

In the war games, an “emergency” occurs. Then Phase I, II, III, – riots ensue. The Army is called in to bail out the National Guard…. At their disposal are heavy artillery, armor, chemical and psychological warfare teams and tactical air support.

(ETK: These games appear to be rehearsals for the imposition of Martial Law).

1970: In May, the CIA’s CHAOS chief, Richard Ober, created a data base of American dissidents, codenamed HYDRA, totally some 300,000. A folder, or hard file, was created for each suspected dissident. A mail intercept program codenamed HTLINGUAL was also part of the CHAOS operation.

1970: Nixon Administration formed IDIU’s secret Intelligence Evaluation Committee under Robert Mardian, Assistant Attorney General in charge of Internal Security.

1970: Senator Sam Ervin’s Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights began investigating the massive domestic operations of Military Intelligence.

1971: Ervin’s Senate committee discovered that:

Military Intelligence had set up an intricate surveillance system covering hundreds of thousands of American citizens. The committee discovered that the DoD had assembled computerized files on 18,000 people, including Senator George McGovern and former Massachusetts Governor Francis Sargent.

Chief Counsel of the Subcommittee, Doug Lee, stated:

“Unbelievable. These guys are crazy! We’re the enemy! This is civil war they’re talking about here. Half the country has been designated as the enemy.”

Brit Snider, who worked for Senator Ervin on Military Intelligence, stated: “if there was ever a model for a takeover, this is it.”

Cable Splicer covered four states.

(ETK note: It appears that Cable Splicer-type scenarios were actually played out in the Jade Helm-15 and UWEX-16 military exercises that involved eight southwestern states in 2015 and 2016.)

1970: At the Cable Splicer III conference, California Chief Deputy Attorney General Charles O’Brien declared:

“We are in a revolution. This is a revolution and anything goes. A civil disturbance anywhere in this state is an attack on the state itself.”

John A. McAllister of the L.A. police declared: “We (all) recognized that the nation is involved in a revolution.”

Glenn C. Ames, Commanding General of the California National Guard, stated:

“The avowed mission of these anarchists and revolutionaries is to bring America to its knees, to destroy our present system of government, to defeat “the establishment” at every turn, and to replace this with absolutely nothing but irresponsibility, a drug culture, and permissiveness.”

(ETK: It is now abundantly clear that the 60’s “revolution” was also contrived, staged, and managed to a large extent by our leaders. Through mind control, cults, massive importation of drugs, and creating the rock-music scene in Laurel Canyon, California and elsewhere, military-intelligence manufactured the “hippie movement” out of whole cloth as a way to: 1) discredit legitimate protest of the Vietnam War, 2) set the generations at war with each other, and thereby 3) divide and conquer the American people. Read David McGowan’s “Weird Scenes from the Canyon” (2014). Also, see my article: “Mind Control: History and Applications” (2002) on this website.)

Cable Splicer III met just three weeks after National Guard troops shot and killed students at Kent State and Jackson State. These events essentially ended the era of radical campus protests against the Vietnam War.

(ETK note: We may infer that the lethal confrontations at Kent State and Jackson State were pre-planned by the Pentagon through Cable Splicer and Garden Plot.)

1971: California Specialized Training Institute is created in San Luis Obispo in May. Its “Civil Emergency Management Course Manual” is a virtual handbook for counterrevolution against legitimate protest. It is clear in the manual that the planners recognized that the protestors had legitimate grounds for protesting. However, this only made the “threat” more dangerous to the planners. Methods recommended include press manipulation, computerized racial spotting, logistical support from other agencies, martial rule…

Alumni of this school are the law officers who systematically slaughtered the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) cohorts of Patty Hearst. This televised massacre occurred only six months after the November 1973 graduation of the first 40 students of the special weapons and tactics (SWAT) program. SWAT teams are the Green Berets of the ghettos.

(ETK note: Hence, the SLA, and the mind-control torture of Patty Hearst, daughter of millionaire William Randolf Hearst, was also a creation of US intelligence and its various state-sponsored mind control programs. Again, the pattern is that leaders manipulate the masses via these “problem-reaction-solution” dramas.)

1971: CHAOS units were working for President Nixon’s secret team of political dirty tricksters, the infamous Plumbers.

1972: December, Cable Splicer III conferences end.

1972: CIA Director William Colby assigns CHAOS Director, Richard Ober, a second job as Chief of the CIA’s newly created “International Terrorism Group” (ITG). Ober told the Rockefeller Commission that the ITG concerned itself with international terrorism and hijackings, and penetration of terrorist training camps in Algeria, Cuba and other enemy states as well as homeland-based black militants and white racists with international terror connections. ITG and CHAOS reports were both sent to Henry Kissinger at the National Security Council.

1972: President Nixon establishes Cabinet-level “Committee to Combat Terrorism.

Early 1970’s: According to Michael McClintock’s “Instruments of Statecraft,” CIA instructors “trained students in making criminal terrorist devices and in assassination methods.”

(ETK note: By now, characterization of legitimate political dissidents as “terrorists” was already occurring.)

1975: Every National Guard headquarters had an Emergency Operations Center with a full time staff and multiple lines of communication to the Pentagon’s domestic war room.

1975: CFR member, Samuel P. Huntington, wrote the final report of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission entitled “The Crisis in Democracy,” which is a blueprint for counter-revolution. It supplies the ultimate logic for the existence of Garden Plot and it recommends obliterating democracy in America.

1975-76: The Church Committee (formally the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities) was a U.S. Senate select committee in 1975 that investigated abuses by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Chaired by Idaho Senator Frank Church (D-ID), the committee was part of a series of investigations into intelligence abuses in 1975, dubbed the “Year of Intelligence.” According ex-CIA officer, John Stockwell, the Committee uncovered over 10,000 major foreign AND domestic operations, all of which were illegal, and countless thousands of minor operations, all illegal.

1976-1977: CIA terror activities flourish under DCIA George H.W. Bush. Much of the terror took place in Latin America, through a network of proxy foreign intelligence services united under Operation Condor (the CIA’s version of the Phoenix Program in South America).

1977: Howard Bane is assigned as chief of the CIA’s new Office of Terrorism.

1979: FEMA, originally the Federal Emergency Military Authority, is formed. The name is soon changed to Federal Emergency Management Agency. One major activity of FEMA: domestic counterinsurgency planning.

1979: Marine Corps Order 3000.8B, “Employment of Marine Corps Resources in Civil Disturbance (CD)” states:

“U.S. Marine “Garden Plot Forces” are composed of “two batallions from the 2nd Marine Division for employment in CD (civil disturbance) missions.”

1979: U.S. Army Field Manual 90-10 outlines the theory and tactics of urban warfare under the subject of “Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT).

1981: Congress passes Military Cooperation with Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies Act.

1981: President Reagan’s CIA Director, former Wall Street banker, William Casey, establishes the domestic Counter-Terror Network, which is a direct descendant of the counter-intelligence special operations unit, CHAOS, formed by James Angleton in August, 1967. This network was used to spy on the New Left and other radical political groups in the anti-war and civil rights movements. Casey laid groundwork for this Counter-Terrorism Network when he appointed David Whipple as the CIA’s National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for counter-terrorism. Whipple maintained the Office of Domestic Terrorism.

At his first staff meeting in 1981, Casey stated:

“We will know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American people believe is false.”

1981: The Reagan Administration policy was the destruction of the Soviet Union through the application of “low-intensity warfare” and “proxy-warfare” in Afghanistan, counter-terrorism in the Middle East, and pro-active terror (“counter-terror”/“low intensity conflict”) in Latin America.

Using veterans of Operation Phoenix as operatives, the CIA extended the Phoenix Program to Latin American nations, most notably El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua (Operations Condor, “The Pink Plan,” “The Salvador Option”). They carried a field manual developed by the U.S. Army entitled, “Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare” which states:

“Guerilla warfare is essentially a political war” and “the human being should be considered the primary target.”

Once the mind had been reached, the manual said, the “political animal” was defeated, without necessarily receiving bullets…

This conception of guerilla warfare as political warfare turns Psychological Operations into the decisive factor. The target, then, is the minds of the population, all the population: our troops, the enemy troops, and the civilian population.”

(ETK note: They also carried the CIA’s KUBARK torture/”Interrogation” manual and distributed this to military and law enforcement agencies within those nations. KUBARK distills the most effective means of torture gleaned from decades of mind control research carried out by the CIA under its MKULTRA and related programs.)

The essential element in these psychological operations was “implicit terror,” as applied through Armed Propaganda Teams, as developed in Vietnam. When “implicit terror” failed to convince people to join the cause, the “explicit terror” of torture and summary execution were applied.

1981: One early step in this secret war of terror was the October, 1981 assassination of Egyptian President Sadat by the bodyguards that CIA officer, William Buckley, had trained. This nullified the Camp David Accords that President Carter had signed with Sadat and left Israel free to target PLO based in Lebanon.

1982: Israeli General Arial Sharon invaded Lebanon and massacred hundreds of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps.

1982: CIA’s William Buckley revamps and coordinates President Reagan’s Domestic Terrorism Group.

1983: Vietnam veteran, Marine lieutenant colonel, Oliver North, developed a secret Crisis Management Center as well as REX 84, “a plan to suspend the Constitution in the event of a national crisis such as nuclear war, violent and widespread internal dissent, or national opposition to a U.S. military invasion abroad.” North’s plan called for “the round-up and internment of large numbers of both domestic dissidents (some twenty-six thousand) and aliens (perhaps as many as three to four thousand), in camps such as the one in Oakdale, Louisiana.”

REX 84 includes an update of the 1968 Garden Plot strategy for imposing Martial Law on America.

1983: Oliver North and George H.W. Bush inspected El Salvador’s death squad commanders approvingly.

1984: Oliver North created the Terrorist Incident Working Group (TIWG).

1984: In association with REX 84, U.S. Air Force Civil Disturbance Plan 55.2 (Garden Plot) becomes the “implementing” and “supporting plan for the Department of the Army (DA) Civil Disturbance Plan- GARDEN PLOT dated 1 March, 1984 and provides for the employment of USAF forces in civil disturbances.

The plan specifies that its targets are those “disruptive elements, extremists or dissidents perpetuating civil disorder.”

1985: United States Army Field Manual 19-15, “Civil Disturbances” states:

“The DA Civil Disturbance Plan, known as Garden Plot, provides guidance to all DoD components in planning civil disturbance missions.”

The goal is to “isolate the people creating the disturbance from those who have not yet become actively involved.” Army “saturation patrols” integrated with civil police patrols,” blanket the area, creating “the psychological impression of the control force being everywhere at once.” “Authorities must be prepared to detain large numbers of people,” forcing them into existing, though expanded “detention facilities.”

1985: Firearms Training Systems, Inc. (FATS) has specialized in customized firearms training and psychological conditioning of police forces in the US and foreign military organizations (Singapore, Italy, US Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, BATF, FBI, and LAPD). President of FATS is Peter A. Marino, formerly Director of the Office of Technical Services in the CIA.

(ETK note: There are countless examples of ex-CIA, ex-FBI, ex-NSA leaders launching lucrative careers in private sector companies doing intelligence-related work and this has radically expanded in global “gangstalking/electronic warfare” operations. The term “National Security Racketeering Network,” in fact, describes the entities who today are executing the largest black and black market operation in human history.)

1986: DoD Directive 5525 “Cooperation with Civilian Law Enforcement Officials” Jan. 15, 1986 states:

“It is DoD policy to cooperate with civilian law enforcement officials to the extent practical consistent with the needs of national security and military preparedness. The Military Departments and Defense Agencies may provide training to Federal, State, and local civilian law enforcement officials.”

1986: National Security Decision Directive 207 makes Oliver North chief coordinator of the Administration’s counter-terror program and gave him a staff called the Office to Combat Terrorism. Working through the Inter-agency Operations Sub-Group (SG), North coordinated the secret Counter-Terror Network as well as retired General Richard Secord’s Enterprise in a series of mind-boggling illegal operations, including illegal arms sales to Iran through Israel’s counter-terrorism expert Amiram Nir; illegal Contra drug smuggling through CIA asset Manuel Noriega in Panama, by a group of anti-Castro Cubans, all of whom were directly connected to Bush I through his chief of operations, Donald Greg, via Rudy Enders and Felix Rodriguez (all Phoenix Program veterans); illegal arms supply operations to the Contras through right-wing domestic terror groups; and the repression of domestic dissent on a massive scale.

(ETK note: This is generally referred to as the “Iran-Contra arms for hostages scandal” or just “Iran-Contra.”)

1990: U.S. Army’s “Military Operations in Low-Intensity Conflicts” (Field Manual/FM 100-20) is published. These operations were designed and used to destabilize nations such as Nicaragua and El Salvador during the Reagan years (1980s).

1992: Garden Plot is activated for Los Angeles riots, which were sparked when the four white policemen who senselessly beat black man, Rodney King, were found innocent by an all-white jury. Organized chaos spread 32 miles and lasted 5 days, leaving 54 dead and thousands injured. Thirteen thousand people were arrested, nearly half of whom were Latino.

Private citizen, Warren Christopher, formerly Secretary of State under President Clinton and author of the Christopher Commission report of the Watts riot in 1965, just happened to be on hand to coordinate the “civil-military collaboration.”

1993: A 1993 newsletter of the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) stated:

“The fact that most things went right, despite the speed at which the situation developed, validated the DoD Civil Disturbance Plan (Operation GARDEN PLOT)…. Civil Disturbance Operations is one facet of the U.S. Army’s vital mission to conduct Operations Other Than War. The Los Angeles civil disturbance operation presented a unique opportunity for the U.S. Army.”

1993: Anti-Defamation League (ADL aka B’nai B’rith) intelligence scandal. A former police officer employed by B’nai B’rith was found to have collected numerous files on left- and right-wing targets on behalf of that agency and for foreign governments, including South Africa (and obviously, Israel). These included San Francisco police files.

1996: The Anti-Terrorism Act authorized $468 million for the FBI’s counterterrorism and counterintelligence efforts.

1997: DoD, in order to implement Public Law 104-106, Section 29, “Nonlethal Weapons Study,” officially designated the Marine Corps as the lead agency of a joint program to develop and field nonlethal weapons.

The “Joint Directorate for Non-Lethal Weapons,” based at Quantico, Virginia was set up as the “action office” for the day-to-day activities of the joint (meaning all services) NLW program.

1996: Colonel John B. Hunt, U.S. Army retired, wrote in “Military Review” that:

“future wars will almost certainly be some amalgamation of wars of attrition and annihilation with OOTWs (Operations Other Than War) political-information methods” and that “prospects for success are higher through using the safer and cheaper OOTW methods of politics, propaganda, and terrorism.*”

(* ETK note: including organized gang stalking of civilian dissidents?)

1996: DoD published Directive 3000.3, “Policy for Non-Lethal Weapons.”

1998: Marine Corps Warfighting Publication (WCWP) 3-35.3, “Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) states: “one of the most likely missions that the U.S. Marines will undertake abroad will be military operations other than war (OOTW). These missions will typically take place in the Third World.”

1998: RAND Corporation publishes “Marching Under Darkening Skies: The American Military and the Impending Urban Operations Threat.” It recommends that “the four services should adopt Marine Corps Warfighting Publication 3-35.3 as the initial foundation.”

1999: The “Technology Transfer From Defense” program under Clinton mandated that the DoD and associated private industries form a partnership with DoJ (Dept. of Justice) and called for transfer of military technology to domestic police organizations.

1999: President Clinton appoints “domestic military czar.”

1994-9: “Operation Urban Warrior” involves urban war games executed by the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army Special Operations Command, in some 20 cities across the United States.

1998: Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen announced “the stationing plan for 10 recently announced rapid assessment elements using National Guard personnel” as “part of DoD’s overall effort to support local, state, and federal civil authorities in the event of an incident involving the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) on U.S. soil.” The teams, placed in regions designated by FEMA, are stationed in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. These “will act as the tip of the national military spear.”

Cohen called for the “total force integration” of the National Guard and “other reserve components” (civilian?) into a “national WMD preparedness strategy.”

1998:Non-Lethal Weaponry: A Framework for Future Integration,” authored by Air Force Major Mark R. Thomas, provides commentary and an extensive bibliography on NLWs. Some strictly “anti-personnel” items listed include: “Infrasound/VLF” or very low-frequency sound which “disorients and frightens” and “interferes with organ functions, causing nausea and bowel spasms,” “neural inhibitors” which “incapacitate personnel, paralyzing synaptic pathways,” “hallucinogens” or “narcotics that disorient, confuse and incapacitate,” “calmatives” or sedatives delivered through the lungs or skin, “neuro-blockers” or “tranquilizer darts and anesthetic bullets,” “electronic rifles” or “stun guns” which “debilitate the central nervous system,” “Pulsed High-Power Microwave (HPM)” which “induces confusion, stupor, and coma in personnel and animals,” “Non-Penetrating projectiles” or “crushing, deforming, spalling systems, including stinger grenades; wax, wood and plastic bullets” whose “effects vary with shapes, materials, and speed,” low energy lasers” including “laser rifles” and optical munitions” or “flash-bang grenades.”

(Webmaster Comment: This section describes the electronic torture component of gangstalking-electronic torture operations.)

1998: Non-Lethal Defense III conference at the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, featured a presentation entitled: “The Virtual Human: A Diagnostic Tool for Human Studies and Health Effects in the Twenty First Century.”

Another paper presented was: “Biological Effects of Non-Lethal Weapons: Issues and Solutions,” by Michael R. Murphy of the Directed Energy Bioeffects Division, Human Effectiveness Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory. Murphy stated:

“Bioeffects include any effect an internal or external stimulus has on part or all of a biological organism. A random sample includes: DNA damage, depolarization of an excitable membrane, muscular contraction, loss of equilibrium, sensory stimulation, sensory blocking, emotional response, nausea, fear, increase in heart rate, avoidance, cellular damage, altered metabolism, confusion, loss of consciousness, convulsions, death.”

Bioeffects (of NLW) research determines “areas of human vulnerability.” The goals of “incapacitation,” or “physical inabililty (real or perceived)” and/or “mental disinclination” is then further refined, for “in addition to achieving a non-lethal goal, i.e., incapacitation, operational commanders are also interested in the parameters of the incapacitation,” the “dose for main desired effect,” and “can the effect be tuned.”

… “Obviously, the best test subject is the human.”

Citing AFI 40-402, “Using Human Subjects in RDT&E” as “implemented in the Armstrong Laboratory Handbook for Investigators Involved in Human Experimentation, 40-1, May 95, ultimately Murphy assumes that “experience from the actual use of NLWs will provide information that will help improve the weapons themselves, as well as validate the models for future development.”

(Could this be the kind of data the DoD was collecting in Seattle hospitals during the CS (tear gas) as assault on anti-WTO protesters?)

(ETK note: Clearly, this kind testing of NLW on non-consenting human subjects is a major aspect the global organized stalking-electronic harassment-torture program.)

1999: The Washington DC-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, founded in 1962, released a study entitled “Defending the U.S. Homeland,” which calls for the Pentagon to “develop, deploy, and operate a wide range of defensive measures for the protection of the U.S. homeland.”

1999: Joint Publication 3-01, “Joint Doctrine For Military Operations Other Than War” is published by the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff.

1999: CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) set up an Independent, 16-member Task Force on Nonlethal Weapons. The report states:

“Non-lethal weapons should not be required to have a zero possibility of producing fatalities or permanent injuries… They are intended to increase the lethality of force used against combatants, while reducing death and injury among noncombatant civilians…. NLW “permit military engagement at lower level of violence… In political terms, less violence equals greater acceptance.”

2000: U.S. Army Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) states:

“Over the last nine years, peace operations in Haiti, Somalia, and Bosnia placed demanding challenges on our soldiers and leaders. The presence of non-combatants and civilians in those operations required our troops to use imaginative techniques when executing missions to avoid endangering innocent bystanders. Having the right tools to execute missions in volatile and dangerous situations enhances the capability to succeed. Non-lethal weapons provide that capability… Recent history shows that the most likely threats are from civil disturbances… Examples include: 1) Peace operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina where a local political party paid civilians to demonstrate against the newly-elected government… 2) According to news reports, groups organized and instigated civil disturbances in Seattle, WA, to protest U.S. support of the World Trade Organization.”

CALL’s “Civil Disturbances: Incorporating Non-Lethal Technology, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures,” notes that:

“Tactical commanders should be aware of the types of non-lethal technologies that are being developed… Federal projects involved in developing NLW include: anti-traction technology (“environmentally neutral lubricants”), sticky foam (“adhesive foam that immobilizes individuals”), anesthetics (“tranquilizers, dispensed with gas or darts, that could put people to sleep”), infrasound (“low-frequency sound generators that incapacitate individuals by causing nausea, disorientation and bowel spasms”), microwave transmitters (“heat skin to an unbearable degree”), lasers (“personnel flashers”), electrical shockers (“electrical shock projectiles”), pyrotechnics (“smoke grenades”), and vortex weapons (“shock wave.”)”

2001: September, 11 “synthetic, state-sponsored, false-flag terror attacks are staged in New York City and Washington, D.C. (See my website: Like the Kennedy assassination and other staged “terrorist” events, 9/11 functioned as “trauma-based mind control of the masses” was used as pretext for radically expanding the phony “Global War on Terrorism.” Wars against Afghanistan and Iraq and other nations in the Middle East were already pre-planned by military planners in think tanks such as the Project For a New American Century. Another fundamental purpose of 9/11, of course, was to radically expand and extend the American military-police state through the Department of Homeland Security, passage of the (already written) U.S.A. Patriot Act, etc. Again, our leaders employed the age-old tactic of “problem-reaction-solution.”

One of the 46 military drills that were staged, and were “flipped” live, on 9/11 was the first ever COG (continuity of government drill) which involved the assumption of government authority by the military (NORAD) at the Cheyenne Mountain complex in Colorado AND the use of Garden Plot directives.

2001: In an Oct. 1 article in National Review Online, (neo-con Jew) Michael Ledeen, former counterterrorism expert in the Reagan Administrations State Department and National Security Council, advocates better coordination between law-enforcement and the intelligence agencies:

“This is time for the old motto, “kill them all, let God sort ‘em out.” “New times require new people with new standards.”

“Ledeen is seriously proposing that the Bush Administration conduct a counter-terror campaign against its political opposition in America, through its nascent domestic political police force, the Department of Homeland Security.”

2001: USA Patriot Act, written before 9/11, is passed in Congress without debate almost immediately after 9/11. It radically rolls back civil liberties protections guaranteed in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

“The Patriot Act drove a stake through the heart of the Bill of Rights violating at least six of the Constitution’s ten original amendments, namely, the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Amendments- and possibly the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments as well. The Patriot Act also redefined terrorism so broadly that anyone desiring to engage in non-terrorist activities such as protest marches, demonstrations, and civil disobedience- all historically protected First Amendment expressive activities which are now considered potential terrorist acts- is thereby rendered a “suspect” of the police state.”

(Whitehead, 2013; “A Government of Wolves; The Emerging American Police State”).

2002: Department of Homeland Security was formed, headed by Michael Chertoff. In “The CIA As Organized Crime; How CIA Operations Corrupt America and the World,” Douglas Valentine notes that DHS is simply the modern extension of the CIA’s Vietnam-era Phoenix Program. Its goal is to utilize all sectors of government power, including the military, state and federal agencies, law enforcement, the civilian and business sectors, etc. to target and neutralize domestic enemies.

2002: Garden Plot was integrated into the documents and mission statement of the U.S. Army’s Northern Command (NORTHCOM). This plan was activated in the Los Angeles “riots” of 1992, (during?) and after the 9/11 attacks, and probably during the recent anti-WTO “Battle in Seattle” of 1999.

Putting It All Together…. (from Burghart, 2001):

“There is a direct relationship between economic globalization and police militarization.

State terror is used to cow the population into submission.

The Section of “Counterintelligence Targets and Requirements” targets “disruptive elements, extremists or dissidents perpetuating disorder.”

National Security doctrine at home is obsessed with domestic “insurgency” and the need to pre-emptively neutralize it.”

DoD Directive 3025.12 Military Assistance For Civil Disturbances (MACDIS) (1994) states:

“The elite military/corporate sponsors of Garden Plot have their reasons for civil disturbance contingency planning. Let’s call it the paranoia of the thief. Their rational is simple: self-preservation.”

This is part of long history of American “internal security” measures dating back to the first American Revolution. Generally, these measures have sought to thwart the aims of social justice movements, embodying the concept that within the civilian body politic lurks an enemy that one day the military might have to fight or at least be ordered to fight.”

During the 90’s INSCOM (US Army Intelligence and Security Command) was drawn into contingency operations other than war all over the planet.

US Army Field Manual 19-15, “Civil Disturbances” states:

the goal is “to isolate the people creating the disturbance from those who have not yet become actively involved.”

(Webmaster Comment: This is a good description of “gangstalking-electronic torture” as well.)

My Conclusions:

It seems fairly obvious now that:

1) Staged “civil disturbances” and synthetic, state-sponsored, false-flag “terror events” have generally provided the “cover story” and ”pretext” for developing of the vast military-intelligence-police state in America, and now, the world. The reality is that these CDs (“civil disturbances”) and terror events themselves are generally orchestrated by military-intelligence/special operations units in order to justify the increased military-police repression of the domestic population and dissidents, in particular.

2) The global program that we refer to as “organized gang stalking” is a secret and black component of Garden Plot/REX 84, U.S. NORTHCOM. In effect, the goal is to “pre-emptively” isolate and neutralize domestic opponents and even “potential domestic opponents” of the political leadership. This program also functions as a training ground for developing and testing non-lethal weapons, including PsyOp, which are the weapons of choice against domestic non-combatants.

3) The above timeline reveals that parallel civil disturbances, wars, and revolutions, each contrived in such a manner as to increase political repression of civilian populations, were prosecuted in the post-World War II United States, Vietnam, and elsewhere in the world. Military-Intelligence Operations to counter these “contrived” disturbances include using military-intelligence Garden Plot, COINTELPRO, the Phoenix Program, CHAOS, etc.

4) The U.S. government and military have long since abandoned their commitment to serving the American people and preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution. Rather, they now serve the wealthiest and most powerful… the corporate sector. Their enemy now is “the people.”

5) The “hidden hand”/“shadow government” that has secretly manipulated these trends includes the CIA and the Pentagon military and intelligence leadership as informally directed the Council on Foreign Relations, which itself is a subsidiary think tank of the British Royal Institute for International Affairs/Round Table Groups. In turn, the RIIA/Round Table Groups follow the dictates of Wall Street/City of London/Tel Aviv bankers and the associated “corporatocracy.”

My extensive research (see indicates the international bankers themselves march to the tune of the “Illuminati” Judeo-Masonic-Satanists and Illuminati/Black Nobility families who secretly control the nations of the world.

In short, the “Synagogue of Satan, those who say they are Jews and are not Jews” control the world revolution. Their goal is to establish a Jewish Universal Empire, or “Jewish Utopia.” The realization of this historic goal would mean genocide and/or slavery for non-Jews; a “neo-feudal cyborg slave state.”

Recall (German Jewish banker) James Warburg’s statement before the U.S. Congress in 1950: “Whether we like it or not, we shall have world government, either by consent or conquest.” (Warburg is one of the German Jewish Illuminati families that created the Federal Reserve system via secret conspiracy in 1913.)

6) Persistent plans for the military takeover and imposition of Martial Law/Continuity of Government in America (a la Garden Plot) since 1968 suggest that some version of this plan will be implemented at some point in time.

7) Solutions include:

1) Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which granted the right to create money to a cartel of foreign (mostly Jewish) bankers.
2) Repeal the National Security Act of 1947, which created the CIA and gave these Jewish bankers a private, secret standing army to execute illegal operations throughout the world.
3) As a first step, try and convict the many thousands of guilty parties who planned, executed and covered up Operation 9/11.
4) Implement Marshall Thomas’ “five reforms” (from “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program,” 2011):

1- Disarm all electromagnetic weapons systems.
2- Open all records and secret archives to the public and the U.S. Congress.
3- Establish “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” hearings in many locations.
4- Convene an international conference to ban all electromagnetic weapons with public and private verification because we cannot accept government’s word alone that the secret dirty war is over.
5- An international bill of rights that is enforceable such that the state cannot crush internal enemies with impunity.

One more:

To restore the U.S. Republic (is it possible?) would require Grand Jury indictments of the innumerable corporate-military-intelligence-political-media-acadmic (etc.) traitors to the US Constitution.

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  1. All of this is to say…it is a long war on the Declaration of Independence.
    “…But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same Object…it is their right, it is their duty to throw off (destroy) such government
    and to provide new Guards…”

  2. The U. S. government, not sure which particular component/branch/service, has the capability to hypnotize any citizen, while inside one’s own home or elsewhere, and confiscate (steal, rob, thieve items of personal property) via post-hypnotic suggestion deployed against any chosen citizen, so that said citizen loses all consciousness of having been attacked. It happened to me in my home several days ago, wherein the post hypnotic suggestion was botched and I retained a smattering of recall of the post hypnotic suggestion. I was supposed to have my mind wiped totally blank so that I could remember nothing of the theft, but I did recall the moment as though in a dream. When I came out from under the hypnosis, my highly prized, priceless and absolutely unique object of art was gone, along with the very distinctive brown jacket I was wearing. The jacket remains missing, along with my prized, absolutely unique object of art.

    1. They are thieves….and they will steal anything including info concerning a wanted man with a reward.
      They did it to me.
      They also steal any business idea, marketing idea, etc.
      I had several unique ideas stolen from my brain (using remote neural monitoring) that was later used by fast food franchises. Imagine that?
      If you hide some cash…..they will direct one of their operatives to find your secret hidden location.
      By hacking the target’s brain…his thoughts are fair game. Privacy of private unarticulated thoughts…are now up for review with no warrant or notice at any time.

  3. We’re the NSA, NIA, NRO, DHS, DIA, DOJ, FIB, (cia), Etc., Etc., Etc.,
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