Former Rabbi Warns Christians Of Their Impending Beheading Under Noahide Laws And Connections To Coronavirus (= “Crown/”Keter” of Kaballistic Sefirot Tree) (video, 12/13/20)

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These are the Jews’ rules for gentiles and they have nothing to do with Noah in the Bible. Bottom line, their law states that Christianity is idolatry and idolatry is punishable by beheading!

From Interview with Former Rabbi Perez by former Jew, Steve Ben Nun

Yana Ben-Nun: People need to understand that under the Noahide Laws, they are going into servitude and a complete dehumanizing position. People really need to understand what Jews believe and what they teach. People will be made to give up their faith in Christ.

Former rabbi, Lewis Perez: “The rabbis are the ones running the system. They are working with the Luciferian satanic agenda. I really mean that, this has always been real. These people are dealing with the Ein Sof in Kaballah, which for me, is satan.

Yana Ben-Nun: Christians think that Christians and Jews worship the same God. They don’t realize the Jews serve a totally different God (Lucifer).

They (jews) are saying that gentiles are not human.

Perez: Here is the essence of the Jewish strategy to overthrow God and take over the world (for satan):

Step 1: Take authority from God in their teachings, Talmud, Zohar, and Kaballah.
Step 2: Establish man-made authority in their teachings, Talmud, Zohar, and Kaballah
Step 3: Once they have established their authority, dehumanize all non-Jews; make them animalistic. Get rid of the best of the gentiles and make servants of the rest.
Step 4: Rabbinic pedophilia: Once all the good people are gone or enslaved, the children have nobody to protect them from rabbinic pedophilia.

At 41:00 in the interview:

Step 3: Global Dominion By the Rabbi’s King Messiah who will enforce their world system of law and capital punishment for breaking that law, aka the “Noahide Laws”

Here Are Some of The Citations from the Talmud Used to Justify This:

“Non-Jews Beheaded”: (Mishnah Torah, “The Laws of Kings and Wars” (written 1176-78 AD) Chapter 3 by Maimonides (aka Rambam; 1138-1204 AD)

“Whoever is found rebelling against the king (i.e., the Jewish Messiah, Christian antichrist) has forfeited his life, and the king has the power to sentence him to death at once. Even if the king should command an individual to proceed to a certain place, and he did not do so, or he was prohibited from leaving his house, and acted against it, he is guilty of death; and if the king wishes he can sign the death warrant at once; for it is said: Whoever he be that rebelleth against thee, shall be put to death (Josh, 1:18).

Likewise, whoever despiseth or affronts him, he is empowered to doom to death at once, as the instance of Simei the son of Gera (I Kings: 2:8). But he cannot sentence to any other death but to beheading by the sword.”

Re: “or he was prohibited from leaving his house”-

Perez: “Sound familiar, Covid 19? They are getting us ready.” The one moving the hand of Maimonides to write this here is obviously Satan, because we are dealing with a spiritual battle here.”

Steven Ben-Nun: “The United States has just enacted the federal death penalty by lethal injection yesterday. This opened the door. I happen to know that during Obama’s administration, they ordered one million blades for guillotines. They outsourced orders for all the parts for guillotines through Mexico, because they couldn’t do it any other way legally. They are now making ready for the decapitation.

Yana: And there are Jewish lawyers in New York who are lobbying that lethal injections be changed to decapitation.”

You mentioned before that Rabbis took the place of God. Antichrist means replacement or instead of Christ. They are the epitome of the antichrist religion.

Perez: “They are constantly changing the Old Testament. This is called isegating…. taking verses from the Old Testament and twisting them into something they want to say.

Christians think that the Judaism being practiced is the Judaism of the Bible. This is a development after the destruction of the Temple. By 70 AD forward, they had to create a new religion because the religion they previously had ceased to exist. This is the development of that man-made religion from 70 AD forward. And these are the results.”

Yana: “Going back to your earlier point that with all these Covid mandates, such the stay at home orders, etc., they are preparing us to accept the Noahide laws.

People need to understand what’s really behind all this. They are preparing us for Noahide Lqws, even by locking us in our houses and making us obey mandates that make no scientific sense. And it all comes back to… This virus is the Corona virus which is “Keter” (or “Crown;” “Super-conscious”), which is on top of the Sefirot tree (of the Jewish Kaballah system of black magic). This is put in motion in the end times as predicted by the Rabbis in the Talmud, Zohar, and Kabbalah. The Rabbis are playing out their own prophecies in their own books.”

Perez: Here in Chapter 6 of Maimomides’ “The Laws of Kings and Wars,” we get a little bit more information:

“War is not conducted against anyone in the world until they are first offered peace (and refuse it), whether it is a Discretionary War or a War of Mitzvoh, as it says: “When you come close to the city to fight with it, you shall call it to make peace (Deuteronomy 24:10). If they make peace and accept the Seven Commandments Incumbent Upon the Sons of Noah (gentiles), but they must pay us tribute, as it says “And they shall be unto you tributary and they shall serve you” (Deut. 24:11). If they propose to accept upon themselves the payment of tribute but not the servitude to us or they accept servitude but not the tribute, we ignore their proposal until they accept both. The servitude referred to here is one of disgrace and is demeaning. They are not to raise their heads up to Israel for any reason. They must be subjugated to us and may never be assigned a position above us. The tribute they must be pay shall be for service to the king with their body and money, such as the building of the walls and the strengthening of the fortresses, and the building of the Royal Palace and similar, for as it says: “And this is the account of the levy which King Solomon raised to build the Temple of G-d and his palace, and Milo, and the wall of Jerusalem… and the Emorites who remained.. and all the store-cities which King Solomon had, and Solomon imposed a head tax, to this very day. And of the Children of Israel, Solomon made none a bondman, but they were the soldiers and his servants and his officers and his captains and those in charge of his chariots and his horsemen (1 Kings, 9:15-22).

Perez: Here is the earliest reference to these Noahide Laws that I know of (“The Laws of Kings and Their Wars,” by Maimonides, written 1176-78 AD). This is by Maimonides, the greatest rabbi. It’s all or nothing, you submit or not. So people who serve the antichrist will be even worse off. Even if you take these Noahide Laws, it is disgraceful and demeaning.

Talmud- (Eruvin 43b) states:

“Once the Messiah comes, all the nations will be subservient to the Jewish people.”

Yana: They do control media and Hollywood.

Steve: Every one of you will be a slave to Israel (i.e., the Jewish people). That’s what it means.

Perez reads the Talmudic scripture that says “The best of the gentiles- kill.”

Yana: This is the foundation of their faith. This is serious. When Christians and Jews make this official bridge to friendship, it’s never two ways. It’s always one way. It’s either their way or the highway. It’s always one way submission. It’s not really friendship. They are always in positions as teachers and leaders.

Perez: We need to get ready to know what’s coming. We need to read the Book of Revelation. The people who infiltrate these seminaries are rabbis.

I see that although Christ wins at the end, we need to know what to prepare for.

Yana: Christians often accept the rabbinic interpretations of prophecy.

Perez: Step 4 is Rabbinic Pedophaelia (from Sanhedrin 54b)

The Gemara asks: “What does it mean that the Torah does not deem a younger boy to be like an older boy? Rav says: It means that the Torah does not deem the intercourse of one who is less than nine years old is not the same as the intercourse of one who is at least nine years of age, as for a male’s intercourse to have the same legal status as full-fledged intercourse the minimum age is nine years. And Schumeul says: The Torah does not deem the intercourse of a child who is less than three years to be like that of one who is three years old.”

Perez: Can you imagine having sex with little babies? This what you see coming out now with this Luciferian stuff.

“Rava said this is what the Mishna is saying: An adult man who engaged in intercourse with a minor girl less than three years old has done nothing, as intercourse with a young girl less than three years old is tantamount to poking a finger into the eye. In the case of the eye, after a tear falls from it another tear comes to replace it. Similarly, the ruptured hymen of the young girl less than three is restored. And a young boy who engaged with intercourse with an adult woman renders her as one whose hymen was ruptured by wood.”

Perez: In other words, Jewish law is that if you are a gentile, all game is fair, that’s why they put it in there. A liar knows a liar, I was taught by the best liars in the world, the rabbis. All rabbis say this will apply in the time when the Messiah comes.

Steve: The Messiah can only be satan, because only satan would stoop so low as to defile a little baby.

Webmaster’s Conclusion: The Illuminati is the most powerful of Jewish secret societies, founded in Bavaria, Germany in 1776. These are among the real sons and daughters of satan. They program their own children through pedophilia and incest, among other things. This is a fundamental part of their world-control program.