DHS Pays First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS) To Gang Stalk You (youtube and notes)

Transcription of youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbPtX7t9Q-Q)
by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Gegraophy, March, 2016

ETK Introduction:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has 225,000 employees and an annual budget of $39 billion. DHS is a cabinet-level department that was founded “in response to the 9/11 attacks.” Its first head was former Assistant Attorney General, Michael Chertoff. What in the world does DHS do with all this money and all these resources, especially given that Operation 9/11 was a self-inflicted wound and that its prime objectives were to provide the pretext for: 1) prosecuting a series of wars of aggression in the Middle East that benefit Israel, and 2) establishing a world-wide Gestapo police state?

In classic Hegelian manner, the elite has created “the problem” (the “false-flag, state-sponsored, synthetic terror event” of Operation 9/11) and has provided “the solution,” the implementation of a global police state to “combat terrorism.”

The “cryptocracy” (“rule by secrecy”) apparently has so much confidence in their media/propaganda/”synthetic terror” system, that they are not concerned that a majority of “we, the people” will see through the charade. And for those that do see through the charade…. the elite has a special plan: “neutralization,” i.e., harassment unto death, via gang stalking.

This is certainly one main function of the Department of Homeland Security. In true Orwellian fashion, then, the “cryptocracy,” (Mossad, NSA, CIA, etc.), the real authors of 9/11 and many other acts of terrorism against the domestic population, use DHS and other agencies to conduct “counter-terrorism” (“counterintelligence operations”) against innocent American civilians (whistle-blowers, dissidents and Christians, etc.) who are the designated as “terrorists.”

This short youtube presentation succinctly explains how DHS and various other federal bureaucracies fund and control gang stalking activities in your hometown.

Moderator of youtube:

“Hello. If you are a “targeted individual” you might have noticed that your local heroes; that being law-enforcement, fire departments, and ambulance services, are not so heroic all the time. It’s pretty annoying because you want to rely on them if you have a situation. But you know you can’t rely on them because you are getting messed with all day. Well, it’s good to draw attention to the situation you are dealing with, which so many do with youtube videos, etc. But it’s not always good to report your situation to the local authorities.

Let’s look at WHY that is happening.

You see, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) likes to pass out grants in conjunction with other federal bureaucracy’s agendas; CIA, DEA, FBI, etc. But primarily it is the DHS that comes to your city or county and offers these grants and money and they say: “We just want to keep an eye on the neighborhood. Because we have the “war on terror” going we want to keep everyone nice and safe.”

It sounds great on paper. But what ends up happening is they say: “We want you, Mr. Firefighter, to work with the police to keep an eye on these ‘persons of interest’ because they might have an investigation going, but by due process the police are restricted, and they are not allowed to do this because that would be paperwork. But you can do it….”

And so what you end up with is cops looking at you weird and your fire fighters are following you around on and off duty. And then there are goon squads of local civilians that are recruited by some off-records auxiliary patrol group, Citizens-On-Patrol, or Neighborhood Watch, that are working with the cops. And they are justifying this by saying: “We’re sure that this guy is a criminal, we just don’t know what he’s done yet….. Maybe he’s messing around with his pets, or maybe he sneaks around at night and steals people’s lawn chairs, who knows.”

So this is why you have fire fighters messing with you with code three violations and stalking you, showing up at weird times, and all sorts of passive-aggressive stuff like that. It’s not that all of them know who you are, it’s the ones that they cherry pick who have sociopathic tendencies. Those are the ones they are going to recruit. Because no one who actually cares about the community is going to do this. It’s more likely the young hotshot, the new guy, who has got one too many jet skis sitting in his driveway. Because, by the way, they are also on some auxiliary payroll, which is also a nice perk, isn’t it?

And the fire chiefs and police chiefs that go along with these things get a nice extra pension too. So like anything, the City Council is always rationalizing things: “This is money we get for free. We don’t have to pay for it.” Although, obviously it comes from some sort of tax revenue. And anytime you have a grant, it is ear-marked for specific directives, which means it comes with strings attached. So, in this case, in “looking out for the homeland, protecting the neighborhood from home-grown terrorists, etc.,” Homeland Security is giving these directives to your City Hall and baiting the hook with nice little juicy grants.

It looks so nice on paper. But it ends up turning your local fire department into stalkers and vigilante squads. Because, obviously, they have a lot of down time. But I guess they don’t want to use that for fire prevention. The same thing goes for EMS (Emergency Medical Services), because they have a lot of down time too. And it turns your police into military with these armored-personnel carriers. They’ll say: “Let’s spray paint “Rescue” on the side of it. Well, you can spray-paint “Ambulance” on the side of a tank, but it doesn’t make it any less of a tank, does it?”

We had a word for this in the past, pre-9/11. It was called “Special Weapons and Tactics.” Now they are trying to make all regular police wear black uniforms and body armor and walk around with MP-5’s and have armored vehicles. All day, every day.

United Nations/NATO Global Government Is Reaching Into Your Community To Impose Martial Law

So this is really what’s becoming of all these federal grants. But if we are just having this cookie-cutter, copy-and-paste template for all cities and counties, then what’s the point of even having a local government? All this really comes from international government. It all funnels up to the United Nations or NATO, etc. So really, it’s the CAPTURED federal government that is distributing all these programs, which is nothing more than Martial Law, brown-shirt, frickin’ fascist takeover dipped in emotional appeal. I mean they always say: “Are you against it? Then you are against children.”

But fortunately, it’s not that difficult for you to go to your City Hall and pay attention to the things that are going on that are related to this stuff. Look at what the fire department is doing. Look at what ordinances they have in place. Because I guarantee you, whatever municipality you are in, they have already been conquered, to some extent, by Homeland Security.

You can say to them: “I think this program that makes the fire department snoop on ‘persons of interest’ and work with the police department might just be setting you up for a lawsuit, City Council. They might be following people around. Here are some articles. All you had to do is google the words, “fire department” and “vigilante,” and you already have a few stories.” Just go after their money and reputations. They’ll respond to that pretty positively.

Because it’s not that the City Council is in on it, per se. It’s more like they are ‘useful idiots’ that got sold on this program, and got taken over. Because that’s the “cause celeb,” and that is what they are supposed to do to “go along to get along.” So they signed these ordinances, and they took this juicy grant money and got to put it into their treasury… without knowing that all this is just a baited hook for Martial Law.

Because I think, ultimately, your fire department and police department don’t really want to harass the people that are paying for their equipment. But they are told by the feds that they are helping ‘Jack Bower’ capture the bad guys. And they are getting paid extra to play 007 all day. They are just “useful idiots,” like I say.

All I’m saying is we need to look at this bigger picture. The gang stalking is to get you to go crazy and start shooting up some fire fighters. And guess what? That’s going to be called an “act of domestic terrorism.’ And that’s going to justify, in their minds, all these federal grants that are being dished out, and all these snoop squads, and all these snitches, and these programs that are essentially called “gang stalking.”

But if you retaliate with violence, it’s actually going to help the evil rather than hurt it. If you want to do something that is truly effective, and will help “targets,” and is going to help get our society back in order, you are going to have to go to your local City Council. That is going to have the most positive and efficient effect.

That’s all I have to say. Live long and prosper.”