Fight Back: How to Build Evidence of Organized Gang Stalking for a Civil Lawsuit.

Research and data about organized stalking, gang stalking, multi stalking, community mobbing, and community policing.

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What is organized gang stalking?

Most educated accounts indict the NSA’s massive wiretapping scheme, and Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit’s (LEIU’s), and organizations like Stratfor, or any number of other DHS private contractors and co-conspirators who pass illegally obtained information to local police, who pass that information to cowards and subverters of Constitutional due process. It’s called “community policing” and it is an endless make-work project that drains tax dollars. Each community is different-so your personal stalking might include: Mormons and LDS Church; Catholic and Jewish cults and other sects; academics; Feminists and their associated cultists, SJW’s, crybullies, and multi-culturalist’s who get federal dollars from hoaxes, lies and the manipulation of DV stats; Christians and others who want to enforce conformity or cause superstitious fears; and especially political parties fueled by the neo-con cult mentality.

Begin tracing your stalkers HERE! Arm yourself with a camera, and blog it live. Start YOUR legal research here, because these are primarily, civil conspiracies against your rights-so document EVERYTHING, and especially take names. Avoid all talk of DEW’s, face orbs, flat earth and UFO’s, the devil, and the other disinformation about electronics – and stick to talk about wiretaps, Fusion Centers, and hidden database abuses with the FBI’s Infragard as the political spying nexus that has stolen our data, and enabled most targeted, personalized, and local illegal ‘electronic’ surveillance.


Fight Back: How to build evidence of organized gang stalking for a civil lawsuit.

This tutorial will save you YEARS of time, and help you build a lawsuit. Gang stalking is real, and it is an unchecked undemocratic method of social control through coercion, waged by unscrupulous operators ranging from police and masonic elements to security and private intelligence contractors. They operate as organized crime,in the fashion of fascist brownshirts, using many illegal, un-warranted, unethical tactics, and their pay-off is state/federal funding/cultural capital/job opportunities/real estate, etc. Sometimes they work alongside actual gangs and gang members, illegal aliens, and drug addicts, etc. Here is an excellent description of that works here.

In 2008, the ACLU said that “If the federal government announced it was creating a new domestic intelligence agency made up of over 800,000 operatives dispersed throughout every American city and town, filing reports on even the most common everyday behaviors, Americans would revolt.” But this is EXACTLY what the government and “community policing” elements such as Infragard, and various NGO’s are doing, using the DHS, and FBI and back door NSA searches, using 77 Fusion Centers to wage a hidden domestic war on the Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of privacy, free speech, association, and assembly.

Quick Fixes to your suspicions of a gang stalking problem, and some free advice (this is not to be interpreted as “legal advice” from a “legal professional” and I claim no authority to give legal advice):

Here is how you file a civil lawsuit, with pictures, from WikiHow. Hard link here: Here is the ACLU’s Fusion Center Report from 2008, which was a banner year for gang stalking complaints.

Keep in mind that law enforcement, city officials, and their relatives, former military colleagues, and those who work in the DVIC or CVE programs (social workers, counselors, psychologists, etc.) are the most likely sources of your problems, so do your research on them, hunt them down like animals in databases like Spokeo, and use FOIA’s to official federal agencies.


1) If you are doing something wrong, or illegal-knock it off RIGHT NOW. Then tell your most trusted friend or relative what you are feeling. If you do not trust someone, (or if you have been isolated by these actors) DO NOT CALL THE POLICE OR ANY HOTLINE THAT CLAIMS TO SUPPORT TI’s, or a psychologist-yet, as nearly all of these work together to deny you validation- they all literally conspire against you and to frame you, your ideas, and your actions as “bad” while literally conspiring AGAINST CONSTITUTIONAL DUE PROCESS, in proving that it is “real,” and frequently they will try to hurt you, using actual “mind control” via “influence operations” tactics and techniques that are straight out of counter-intelligence psychological operations manuals.

Who should read this section: Anyone who is targeted at any level by hidden abuses, state level stalking, and pseudo-investigation, or “webterrogation” online and off. I don’t care of you are an atheist or a suspected radical, a Catholic, a drug addict, a thief, a Jew, a Muslim, a Jack Mormon; a scoundrel, a whistle blower, a journalist, a pedophile, a husband beater, a dead beat mother or father, or a religious fanatic, or if you are being chased by a Mormon, Jewish, Christian or intelligence agency cult.

I care that you learn to protect yourself, and learn to obtain evidence of Organized Gang Stalking that you can use to fight back in court. I am a person, just like you, and the more evidence we collect, the more collective action we can take. Because what they are doing to you is against the law, and violates the Constitution of your country or state.

As we see repeatedly, official channels are part of the problem, if not THE main problem itself- that gang stalking IS state level crime, waged against individuals from the cover of state offices, law offices, police departments, and auxillary “community clubs,” like the Rotary, or the Boys and Girls Clubs and more. There are EXTENSIVE links between these and OGS.

And because a large part of OGS is stigmatizing some so that others can derive financial rewards, it is likely they are trying to attempt to turn you into a “cause” or a boogieman/woman, or a terrorist, as we see with mass shooters. Equally likely is that their goal is to cause you death/cause suicide/cause harm, as they state in their online activity; and all of this is outside the view of your civil rights, and far, far away from the oversight of any judge or jury anywhere.

So, because OGS is mostly a psychological operation designed to hurt you, cause you to waste time, or interrogate you, and as many have said, it is a “program” designed to drive you to suicide/institutionalization/incarceration” I suggest you stay away from most of the online blogs and video’s about it which only increase by the hour; and no one seems to be able to “document it.” This is because it is “them” doing it.

If you are currently being stalked-GET A CAMERA and document it. These stalkings are increasingly ending poorly for the victims, and many cases of police counter-intelligence stalking actually create mass shooters, or murder victims of OGS and cover it up with official narratives. The Klan did it in the 1960’s to the “uppity,” and the FBI did it to activists, dissidents and others as well. OGS is the CIA/MI5/NSA/DEA/FBI designed MH/CHAOS, which is a program that targets domestic dissenters and activists as if they are terrorists, combined with MKULTRA. It is the lipstick on an old pig in high heels, come home to roost.

And, because most victims are male’s (women get gang staked too but most often the term “group stalking” applies, because the law handles women differently than men. Also, most domestic OGS is directly related to the “women and their children” lobbyists who get billion’s per year from groups ranging from the NGO’s to the UN to wage domestic chaos) and all laws gendered and designed to entrap or otherwise criminalize men, there literally is no support anywhere but the courts, and civil lawsuits.

In nearly every mass shooting that we see on the news these days, it is a male who was stalked by state level actors ranging from social workers to child support collectors to other DVIC/PIC/MIC affiliates, or LEO affiliated “community” policing. Indeed-in case after case, from the gang stalking of Trayvon Martin in Florida to Mathew Riehl in Colorado, who was “flagged” and stalked because he criticized police, Michel Foucault, white females and Nazi’s on Facebook, we see that selective enforcement laced with biases, and then, long term bullying, harassment, stalking/following and intensive surveillance, and other “community policing” took place for egregious amounts of time before these incidents.

And that there are political overtones on many cases, where the “community policing” state deliberately creates manufactured terrorism by endless bullying of targets. There simply is nowhere to complain, because the police are in on it at every level from beginning to end, due to a flawed/Israelified/militarized perspective that many have compared to Nazi Brownshirts, or Israeli IDF, the East German Stasi, or communists in the heyday of the Russian NKDV. And guess what? These types of sliding scale enforcement schemes precede every authoritarian/totalitarian state in nearly ALL periods of modern history.

Most ironically, all resources are devoted to policing anti-war activists, whistle blowers, and dissidents here in America and the Five Eyes nations, but also all these schemes were birthed by propaganda and crisis PR that directed focus to nearly non-existent boogiemen, manufactured terrorists, and other extremely rare domestic threats trayed as every day threats rather than systemic and corrupt community control and policing methods. And none of us any the wiser, until Edward Snowden came forward to tell the rest of us what some of us already knew since 2004.

And while some in the crisis PR industrial complex, who are snout-deep in DVIC dollars would have you believe that police are great danger, the facts are that policing isn’t even in the Forbes’ top ten list of ‘most dangerous’ professions in America(fishermen-and fishers of men are in the greatest danger on most lists). In fact, policing is the 15th most dangerous profession; they are in little or no danger at all according to all reliable sources, and even the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial fund. But foreseeably, batsh!t crazy policies like having the Alphabet agencies wage a new MHCHAOS on an unsuspecting public counts as a new danger for sure, and so, even police should be concerned.

The crisis PR industry would have us believe otherwise, though, as they work both ends of the donkey tag game to on one hand, literally (LITERALLY) deploy psy-ops and hidden internet “redirection” on unsuspecting targeted individuals of nefarious hidden programs. And, much to their extreme benefits (the USG hands out a BILLION dollars per year for crisis PR) and the benefit of the sliding scale moral compass that has the GCHQ and the CIA and the rest of the “gangs of the Five Eyes/Fourteen Eyed monsters onlineone click away on your internet.

So, there simply is no “war on cops,” but there is a war on words, journalists, bloggers, dissidents, and definitely a major “influence operation,”afoot that literally “frames narratives” and people alike as bad guys; and we see increasingly that women’s violence resources, NGO’s that derive income from these massive hoaxes, and other nefarious interests are devoted to training some women to be domestic spies and wolf-criers in order to keep the DVIC farce going.

So, start documenting it in rational ways that will hold up in a court room. Then, take a risk with a random stranger, or “make friends,” with someone who you are certain isn’t “one of them”, or someone who “kind of” knows you and try to tell them what you are going through; because you are less likely to be incarcerated, framed, medicated, interrogated or killed in another “mystery suicide/homicide,” after raising your phone to call or photograph those who are paid to “help” you.

Without irony, we see case after case just like that of Mathew Riehl of Colorado, where “mystery stalkers”affiliated with colleges and thought policing begin to wage a behind-your-back slander campaign, which is followed by security guards, or mysterious people in cars, or actual LEO stalking (Riehl reported as much in the weeks leading up to his rampage). Importantly, I must also note that mass shooters are far to the outside of the outside on a Bell curve in OGS related cases, which leaves tens of thousands and possibly millions of others who have been harmed or defamed by these operations.

And so I ask you-who are your stalkers? Where did your stalking begin? What “mystery” group of started a whisper campaign about you, followed by stalking and threats and other harassment-and possibly, the police at your door? Then, target them back, using legal means that I outline herein.

Related Story: How cowardly main stream journalist’s killed, and are still killing Gary Webb, the journalist who gave us the phrase “driving while black” and man who blew the whistle on the CIA’s drug running operation-and how this led to our Total Surveillance State, and the destruction of frees speech.

2) It is becoming more and more widely known that the 911 system, and the “War on Terror” is just another form of “make work” project for the vast and unaccountable police/state infrastructure, the MIC and the DVIC, and more and more people are being murdered in their homes when they call “for help.”And-it is zionism and dominionist theology that is driving it. It also cannot be missed that in case after case such as Mathew Riehl, that it begins in colleges with “thought policing,”and turns into long term slander campaigns accompanied by gang stalking.

SO- your BEST options are to study who, when, how, what and why you are being targeted, and then, to fight back with the most powerful weapon in the world: the written word, the spoken word, and a slow raising of awareness. You are NOT alone.

Related Book: Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control YOUR World, by Bruce Schneier

Just as we see that the 72 BILLION dollars that the “good guys” get every year from the One Percent, and thattheir handmaidens in the various reigious cuots sects and NGO’s use to hack our emails, run through our yards at night, shine spotlights into OUR windows, and wiretap and follow us on social media (remember when “they” said they were keeping an eye on “turreriss’s?” Betcha didn’t know that was you, then;-)); and to collect our children’s blood samples, medical history, bath tub photo’s, and bio-data from birth, the NSA and the Octopussy Con has been turned on American’s instead of “turrerriss’s”, so too is the 911 system and especially Fusion Center’s which are abused by policeand Infragard, and NGO’s and crisis PR firms hiding behind law offices; and others acting as ‘anonymous tipster’s’ and other nefarious DVIC money grabbing scams that are now working to define American’s that are targeted as ” domestic terrorists”.

3) DO NOT HARM YOURSELF. You have a very important story to tell, and you are not alone-your story is part of a bigger story! And because they have stolen due process away, and made civil conspiracy a way of life, making access to the courts prohibitively expensive, court rooms are the last right you have to present your criminal or civil case.

If you feel suicidal, or want to harm someone else-take a deep breath: then call a suicide or community helpline as anonymously as you can-and just talk. Talk about anything-the weather, your job, or even the guys who are stalking you-but have good descriptions, license plate numbers and so on. And, talk calmly. And stay away from talk of electronic weapons, UFO’s and all that other programming, unless your goal is to get locked up for insanity. While OGS is designed to make you appear crazy-keep in mind that those who do it are clinical sociopaths and worse.

If you are a man DO NOT CALL any line that bills itself as a stalking helpline, or a domestic violence help-line, as all of these are run by pseudo-feminist/internationalist interests whose goal is to gain intelligence about you, and to deny that OGS is happening to you, and then share their data with local police. They are NOT there to help you.

If your city has a Men’s Center-call them FIRST. But be careful- a Google search for”list of Men’s Center’s” nearly always redirect to rehab clinics and other DVIC/PIC nightmares, and seldom ‘help’ men but rather, bilk them, the state, or the insurance company. This is one of many forms of “official source gas lighting.” In fact Men’s Center’s are decreasing in number, because there is a deep state religious component ‘organizing’ society along gendered lines based in stereotypes. Here is a very old list from before the DVIC took over and slanted the narrative into full-bown Joseph Goebbels quality co-option. But remember: all “narratives” are filtered for maximum DVIC funding, and shock value in the community. See this by Martin Feibert, who has long been a beacon of actual truth against the DVIC Octocon which birthed the Total Surveillance State Panopticon upon us.

4) And especially- BE CAREFUL WHO YOU LISTEN TO ONLINE and don’t become too deeply conversational with anyone who talks about “directed energy weapons,” “aliens” “UFO’s or “face orbs,” or other b.s., because these are nearly ALL psychological terror operations that are designed to test whether you can be manipulated into using their language; and then, they use you in psychological operations after that. These people can, do and will hurt you if they can, and there is a long history of these operations targeting vulnerable people.

Free Tools That Will Help You Document OGS

Go to an internet cafe and download Tor browser carefully check the download link- it should look EXACTLY like this, but double and triple check you have the right link, as sometimes intel agencies and others manipulate your web searches in real time-check and cross check and usually, be careful about the first links. Here is what the Tor link looked like on 08-19-2017:

Install Tor on your computer. Take careful note of seeing similar faces around you, and photograph them-but do NOT be obvious about it-act like you are checking your What’sApp, and turn your volume down so your camera doesn’t ‘click.’ Especially-DO NOT engage in confrontation-and should you be confronted, don’t be afraid to make a scene and be the victim-because you are. Make sure you get witnesses. If you have a camera on your computer, use that to take pictures behind you.

2) use Tor to download free and freeware tools that document hidden activity around you, around your home or apartment, and in public. This hidden activity includes wireless signals, cell phone interception, Sting Ray towers that grab all the signals and locate them on the same broadcast channel and at the same frequency ; and you can even get products that detect hidden camera’s. Many applications are available for FREE online, and I will recommend a few.

But I especially want to tell you that you are now “officially targeted” in the legal sense, because the NSA and JTRIG actually and in the literal sense TARGET’s people who use Tor-so that part of your evidence is looking a bit more “sustainable” in any court room.

INNSIDer– this is a free tool that you can install on your computer which will tell you “who” is around your home, using a wireless router signal. If you monitor the signals around you, you will see the patterns of the ‘regular’ signals, but also, spot the irregular ones that come and go, get near or far away from you. These are frequently, but not always, the cell phones or routers or Sting Ray towers of organized stalkers.

Wireshark- Wireshark is a tool that captures “packets” to and from your computer. It is a complicated tool, but because it is color coded, the ‘black’ will tell you simply if you are ‘losing’ data that you send over the internet. This is called “packet loss” and while it happens for many reasons, it also happens when a “man-in-the-middle” intercepts your wireless signals. But you might just fall in love with all of the data that Wireshark can and will tell you-in may ways-what “they” are doing on your computer; and it saves “pcap” files that are presentable in a court room.

There are other tools such as “Who’s On My Wi-Fi” and “CommView for WiFi” that will do similar functions of varying complexity, and all are valuable tools to document OGS via wireless signals, or around, in, or near your home. Keep in mind that randomly turning the ap’s on will tell you little-but tracking signals over time will tell you a lot.

AimsicD– this tool and others like it such as Snoop Snitch are called IMSI catcher’s (like all freeware tools, the ‘pay-for’ versions are the best) tell you if a StingRay or Hailstorm cell phone signal stealer is stealing your cell phone’s communications. And, you can use screen captures to prove this has happened to you. The biggest problem we face in these matters is that respected law enforcement agents have turned the machinery of policing over to Russian and British spies as well as Israeli’s and common street thugs alike-so one never knows anymore who is targeting them with certainty. These tools will help weed that out, or at least offer you some evidence of harassment.

There are also so many hacking and “wireless discovery” tools available that you can find your own favorites, but these above will give you the basic tools you need to monitor your surroundings. Try not to drive yourself crazy with this ‘new information.’

3) Then, get any “screen capture” software that will work to ‘take a picture’ or a small “movie” of these hidden environments as they hack into your computer so you can demonstrate that it IS happening; and keep a copy on your computer, and save these pictures in .png format on your computer. But be careful that you double and triple save your backup copies of this evidence, as they can, do, and will target it for theft, and to make you feel helpless against them. Keep copies on several computers, or on a p/p hard drive.

4) Camera’s, security camera’s phone camera’s: nothing beats solid, court room worthy evidence such as films and photo’s. Remember-your stalkers are filming and photographing you, and then, mocking you about it online, so having the power back in your hands is itself empowering-and GS HATE being caught on film. Buy hidden camera’s with cash if possible, as most online purchases are monitored, and GS frequently intercept mail, tamper with mail, or otherwise attempt to ‘frame’ your purchase as suspect.

photographer ominous
NOTHING BEATS A PHOTOGRAPH. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. I caught this guy just the other day. Note the gray colors, like a mouse, blending n to the concrete and the pavement. These are not so scary once you pick them up by the tail and flush them away. He was photographing me as I walked across a major boulevard. While the first time I was photographed in such a way was at an anti-apartheid peace march in 2001 or so, I then discovered that these people never quit. Later, I caught a sh!tty little skinny blonde with a butch haircut, filming me and a friend who were part of a “nation wide story” during the “war on terror”(have you figured out that the WOT was actually on us yet? And later, whole armies of these people invading my homes, wrecking my security camera’s, and more. This has gone on for over 16 years now.
But also, as TI’s and others became aware many years ago, and as the Department of Homeland Security morphed the definition of a “terrorist” as someone with gunz and bomz overseas to “someone who is documenting state level abuse directed at wordz on the internet,” or who is filming their own potential homicide or the homicides of others who use camera’s, such as the case of African American Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota,or who is using the law, and due process, and the Constitution as a guidepost and a pillar of legal non-violent resistance, such as European American LaVoy Finicum.

Lastly, as we now see that our own countries have turned their hidden religion’s and cults on their own societies, because the fear of “islamo-fascism,” and fear of “fanatical religion” challenges their version of an “organized society,”(and ironically reveals the extent to which te current dominant religion will go to corrupt democracy).

So now our own corrupt agents and agencies are targeting our pure speech, and extrapolating their own symbology onto it, and assigning words “threat levels”; and using illegally or fraudulently obtained evidence to “make their case,” it is more important now than ever to learn to ‘fight back,’ using legal and peaceful means.

How Journalists are Fighting Back:

Here is an article from the Guardian UK that highlights the problems that bloggers, writers and non-MSM journalists face, and what tools they recommend you to use. [ here is the hard link: ]

Protect yourself from organized gang stalking, learn to fight back, and practice peaceful-but highly informed-non-violent resistance. Document gang stalking for a civil lawsuit:

Of all the difficult tasks any individual could ever imagine, certainly, documenting organized gang stalking for a civil lawsuit is one of the hardest. But it is possible, if you are motivated. And, if you only network with others who are also collecting solid evidence ( a picture or film taken on a shaky camera is useless-ten of them, of the same person in ten different locations is court room evidence.)

The first and most important step you can take after you have tested the waters to see that you are in fact being targeted by “someone” and that “they” are “real” is to buy a few small, hidden camera’s, and place them around your property, your apartment, in your car, or wherever it is that you expect you might capture a photo or film of a gang stalker. This will help you build a case, much as an attorney would. Study the laws of recording and filming in your state, and be ‘subtle’ rather than obvious when you use a drop camera.

Then, depending upon the laws of your state (these are called first party and second party consent and recording laws) buy a digital tape recorder, and place it where you expect to find conversations in and around your property. In most states, it is legal to record people who are IN your home or ON your property, but check the laws just in case.

But there is NO MORE IMPORTANT STEP that you can take to begin documenting your gang stalking than to NAME NAMES, and then if you can, catch them in the act, on film.

While some fear the “altRight,” and frequenty reference Hitler or the KKK, the ironic fac is that these last groups have very little social power, and are marginalized fringe groups.An, they have NO Public Relations, or MSM access, unlike the groups that are waging OGS today.

Of these ‘sooper seekrit’ hidden societies ranging from Scientologists and other church groups, to ‘secular’ religious/tribal groups like the ADL, the Jewish Federation; and ‘community clubs’ like the Rotary Clubs or the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, working with the many hidden mechanisms that I outline on tis blog, ad working with retred LEO’s and intellligence agents (aka the “Deep State”) will try to make you think you are being recruited, or that your silence is valuable for national security or other excuses-it is the exact opposite: they are targeting you with subtle intimidation, and frequently, black mail-which is illegal in EVERY STATE in your country, and partly, they are interrogating you, or otherwise attempting to intimidate you into silence about this practice. Make no mistakes-they are NOT helping you, ever.

SO: To begin discovering, and then naming names, ask yourself first about personal problems, real estate issues, court related matters, small town cliques and interest groups, domestic violence accusations, or political situations where you pissed someone off, or where someone tried to bully, silence, leverage, blackmail, frame, setup, or otherwise harm you. This is frequently the person or organization that started your gang stalking, and as you will come to find out, many groups work together so that it seems impossible to find a single connection, and then, a clear evidentiary chain.

From the many interviews I have conducted, and the many “mysterious” encounters I have had with those who provided me information, all gang stalking starts when individual’s take individual stands for or against something; or who resisted one or another of the many “gray area policing schemes” that keep a citizen from having the benefit of a court trial.

Most cases are NOT high level targeting from “the CIA/FBI/DHS” although they might feel like it, and even use or share resources from those agencies, but many if not all cases start in politics, real estate, family courts, domestic violence hearings, Child Protection, and the associated Hydra’s of community organizations and NGO’s which secretly share an individuals data between them; and this in order to enforce Jewish-christian control of the narrative of our culture. The situation becomes highly complicated y the fact that retired LEO’s work with current military and LE person’s committing black bag jobs, and house-breaking on a daily basis, and then turning the illegally gained information over to “legitimate LE’s” to create a case against you.

This is what I call the “LEIU-ADL model” of community conquest and subversion (LEIUADLCCS), which preceded our current Constitutional crisis as LEIU’s and the ADL spied on activists across America as if they were millionaire mobsters; and as LEO’s participated in black bag jobs and chronic, pervasive spying campaigns threw their hands up and said “well if our own guys and those other guys got dirt on me, then EVERYONE gets dirt on them!” but others might have different acronyms.

I call it that because in the conspiracy and collaboration that takes place in a Jewish-christian society, the ADL acts as the mouthpiece that ensures that a “Biblical” narrative has supremacy, and policing enforces christian servitude to this ancient desert religion. Whose supremacy is always a question between generations, as the police power works with the slave trading power much like we see in Charleston lately. Such as can be expected when the ADL and it’s subscribers privately purchases western police wholesale, cheaper than entire barges full of Hillary’s pizza stained emails.

I will provide examples in later writing of what a typical gang stalking campaign might look like, but know that you are not alone-most of what is called OGS is in fact a nation-wide conformity campaign waged by the Military Industrial Complex, using police and community resources, and working under occulted “Jewish-christian” designs. Many of these operators and operatives are military trained, many of them have field practice in propaganda, manipulation, and mind control.

All of them are cowards who feel they have a right to do what they do, which is essentially to subvert due process under color of law. They can be compared to America’s Ku Klux Klan, but they are not the Klan-they are “progressives” who believe that the rule of law does not apply to them. And in fact, the Klan, like gang stalkers, were both organized under, and worked for the purposes of the Democratic Party; and many police, fireman, and other “pillars of the community” participated then as they do now.

This is called “community policing,” and it is the same practice that ALL communist countries have used at the lowest points of their history to control the population.

I hope you find value in these tools, and the use of them, but also know that this will speed up your ability to file a lawsuit for “civil conspiracy to commit deprivation of civil liberty under color of law and authority.”

14 Replies to “Fight Back: How to Build Evidence of Organized Gang Stalking for a Civil Lawsuit.”

  1. Awesome!!!!!! How do I go about filing a federal calaim against these criminals. They have ruined my life over 27 years and I would not recommend anyhone come to Norman, Oklahoma City, Moore Oklahoma due to the almost total buy-in by the naive locals and America First supporters Red State).

    1. Same here in Deming, NM
      Background checks ( TruthFinders) will give a lot of info on who is doing it
      Van A Benningfield

  2. I am tired of it! I have a you tube channel me and god vs devil and his rejcts its been going on for 5 yrs with me and its juyst one thing after another!!! sooooo tired of these devil dick suckers!!!!

  3. You can’t win. All you can do is try to run in between the rain drops. There are to many of them against one person, the odds are against us. With every video you have to spend hours trying to figure out if its that person or that car. And if you do manage to get something consistent on video, you’d have to guard it with your life, because it may very well disappear right before your eyes. There is no lock they can’t get into, no video system they can’t tamper with and reverse the security system so your own system is watching you. 30 years of running and its just never going to end. I’ve tried to contact the FBI to no avail, I’ve gone to the police several times with no results, I’ve talked to lawyers that tell me without solid evidence you have nothing lady. They can change cars like they change their underwear, there are to many of them to catch them. As soon as one is spotted another one takes their place. YOU can not WIN> Unless there is a way to unite and fight as a group there is no winning. They attack us as a unit, and the only way to get the upper hand is too unite and fight back.

    1. You’re right. There’s too many of these bastards. They’ve used brighting on me, noise campaigns, blocking driveway, chemical smells into our windows that smell like cigarette smoke, or toxic fumes. I recently had a perp using a gas powered leaf blower, blowing black, muffler type fumes, full of carbon monoxide into our house from both sides. Every night since I unluckily live right on a highway, there are gangs of cars (maybe a hundred) riding back and forth woth one super bright headlight on, on the side my house sits on. So if they are coming from the right, their right headlight will be on. If they are coming from the lef,t on this two way highway, the left headlight with be on and some even flash brightly to signal to the other drivers which side the house is on. Then the dogs barking, people laughing, and talking in the late hours of the night. Super bright spotlights or flood lights pointing towards my house from neighbors and the restaurant across the street (who I think is the ring leader) recruiting more and more, people to harrass me daily.. I say “me” because nobody else sees it, my father stubbornly brushes everything off, and thinks I’m crazy. My mother suddenly developed a huge tumor in her stomach and has loss an incredible amount of weight, has dark red blotches on her arms and was diagnosed with Cancer it looks more like HIV or Aids. Out of nowhere, a healthy woman who has never drank, or smoked which destroyed us. She was as just fine a few months earlier.I think they used pwrps in the hospital to make her sick between some surgery done, or the blood transfusion they gave her at another hospital due to sudden Anemia. I think the blood was tainted, she immediately would get 103 fevers and has completely lost her ability to walk on her own due to blood clots. They also use bright surveilance street lights that slowly dim and get super bright, so slowly, you have to sit there to notice it. I started noticing the gangstalking on Dec 3rd, 2020. But I think it may have started in 2011 but I never noticed.

      1. Hi Michael,

        The part about your mom is likely equipment used for surveillance (loaned out by the FBI). Here is my short info For it to really do damage, it would have to be within a short distance, so neighbors are highly likely, up to a couple houses away. Someone else will have to have one at a 90 degree angle or so that the other person can hit the target also. Where the beams intersect causes a scaler affect and that releases energy. At my moms apt and my previous apt, two people were using their equipment simultaneously.

        There are some other details, like two frequencies, one from the Infra-red, the other somewhere in the Terahertz I believe. It can and has been used to kill people, say if someone came home drunk and passed out but usually a person is targeted about an hour a day on mid to low power until they get a cancer or such. I think it was said it usually takes 6 months.

        Hope this makes sense and is of some help.

  4. MH/CHAOS, MKUltra, Operation Vigilant Eagle, zersetzung, Operation Monarch, Infragard, illuminati, etc. I tried yo go for help, but each day I learn how helpless I am and how disappointed I am with these hidden societies.

  5. They do the same exact steps every time because really all it really is however many vile criminals/individuals trying not to get caught. The amount of evidence they all have stacked up against them because of all of the people involved is outrageous, one push and they all fall down.

  6. ive been a target for atleast the last 10 years and the perps have been an affiliated gang group who have sent in 4 different men in an attempt to try to scam me out of a possible inheritance in the near future. my last four relationships have been honey traps, and every friendship i have had in ten years has been false. i am just recently putting the pieces together and figuring out all of this, and my boyfriend ive been living with for the past four years recently started to behave totally different like the others did and the manipulation tactics show up left and right and the isolation and slander, etc… i have names and a specific motive and a pretty sound account of what they have done to me and why but no smoking gun and nothing to really lock in a case. the first three men they sent accomplished a little but each time when they started being abusive i left them so they would send in a new one. they are waiting on my grandma to pass away so they can try to scam me out of any land or money i might inherit because my family has a little bit of those things. i am recieving fraudulent mail addressed to my boyfriend sent to the house on the property that they are after… they have totally isolated me now with this current boyfriend who is number 4, they got me good and i fell head over heals and am heart broken and shocked to find out about the entire last 12 years, four relationships, countless friendships, and numerous occasions of total craziness meant to confuse me ruin my reputations etc… i put everything together recently and then went off on the current. the one im so in love with. things got interesting . i need to know what to do from here if you have any suggestions…

  7. I have been a target since 2014 only I just figured it out after they stole my homes and money put in fake tax documents and spy on me inside my home. All because I accidentally uncovered a real estate scam they run. It’s really awful and wish there was an attorney to help me-but they sure run deep certainly cannot call police.

  8. Yup my ex works at the SLC bureau and they harass me everyday. I have proof so I am putting all my money into attorney.

  9. I am up in Duluth MN its very Serious up here with the gang stalking, For a long time I didn’t know what was going on I just thought it was the feds alone and I am sure that was for a lot of us. I would try to record stuff on my phone they would Jam it memory is full, or I think I get it and I be missing pictures videos, I been on high speed chase’s only to get away called off and were reported or heard of chased in woods, not cause was scared off them but for other reasons I’m One out of hundreds up here being gang stacked on a daily Now that I and a lot of us understand what is going on and if we cannot find justice for this we do out number them 10 to 1 there are people gathering a lot of evidence and story s a lot people thought I and others were nuts just what they want you to be leave but what a lot these people do not release is where finding out were they live who they are and what they are and most of us are not terrorist or bad people there’s been a member of my family who has fought in every war this country has had these fucks are the cowards its really going bite them in the ass words getting out I have personally heard people start ordering the shoot on site any body considered disrupting illegal operations I think sadly its going to take people weather there law enforcement or not who is illegally breaking the law them Selfs I don’t think They relies they could become the victims them self’s usually its criminals doing violent crimes to criminals but why would you try to make violent offenders off edge sounds me how you get mass shootings and every other crazy scenario out there to happen and really that blood is on there hands just as it is on the person doing the killing, and the church’s thinking doing gods work what god are they serving there playing with death and it might just end up on there own family’s door its a shame its came to this and that who ever thought this out does not relies putting a big divide that is going to be catastrophic even if like others I’m found hung or dead in any way or maybe wrongly accused I assure you the evidence Names and Locations are already out there that being said there is people I fear more than these cops and these gang stackers cults churches and death combined and those people are now starting to turn there attention towards the names and off duties you know whose I know for a fact I would not want there kind of attention towards my family and i wish no harm Apon anyone not even them but there backing wolfs into corners and some those organization 10,000+ criminal’s and that’s Just one organization and all these cop shootings they really have no clue what there opening up I know I love my country and even know some these people could be criminals don’t make them bad people some are a lot worse but shit look at the catholic church all these pervert senators or the sick thoughts problem go threw the brains of the one doing the stalking but What happens when you the stocker becomes the targeted individuals them self specially when they have token almost every option away from some, at the end of the day who is the real monsters the criminals that admit and acknowledge they are what they are or the cowards that hide and pretend guess this fights coming fast I just hope its in the court room and not the streets cause end of the day they better wake up they have only woke a hornets nest but that’s on them. I am not stating that I am involved in any criminal activate or am i telling anybody to do any harm to them self’s law enforcement people of churches or any other individual that is considered one of these gang stockers I’m just stating things that are rumored to be going around because of direct negligence on are law enforcement that basically becoming to powerful same with sections of are own government and were are the checks and balances there were are the oaths these people took there know better than the drug addict, drug dealer, shooter on the corner ,etc. And what god or religion are they reading false teachings.

  10. My stalker lives in the apartment above me. It is impossible to get away from him. He is there 24/7 , always waiting for me. I am a 71 year old single woman with limited computer skills so I’m at a loss as how to really protect myself. I am so sick every morning. It takes hours for me to wake up and get my brain focused. I think that they are doing something to me at night while I’m sleeping. A few weeks ago I was meditating and after an hour or so felt my throat start to tighten and then a terrible pain in my chest which disappeared as soon as I moved away.

    I am so sad and depressed. I believe my daughter and her boyfriend are involved with this. My daughter has told my doctor about the “crazy” things I believe that are happening and now the doctor is prescribing a med for schzophrenia and my daughter wants to take all the money I have in investments and manage it herself. I have almost no friends or family now other than my daughter. She says if I don’t take the meds or if I try to run away it will destroy her life.
    I sold my house last summer. I ended up firing my realtor who I believed was purposely selling the house lower so she or another realtor could buy and resell it to make money. If I had known the outcome I would gladly have let her take the difference of 50K. How can we defend ourselves unless we can come together somehow. But then how do we know who is a real TI? Is there any way to find others for at least moral support? That is my question.

  11. I’m isolated. I can’t even go buy toilet paper. Helicopters, neighbors, City agencies, try to take pictures/videos. They have been trying to frame me for stealing. I have no support for someone to help me buy a meal in the City, Hemet, Ca. They’re in every plaza, agency, stores. They want me to starve to death. A Perp is on top of my roof using V2K. I wake up as if I have been drugged. Please help me. Even my relatives, kids are in it. I can’t go buy cameras because they block me.
    They are occult worshiper’s. Even the birds announce me when I go outside my house. I need help . Please help me. Thank you. Pray constantly as that’s our weapon. God is with us. He will not abandon us.C.V.Chavez

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