FBI Fusion Centers have become Gestapo ruining lives-Karen Stewart-whistleblower former NSA analyst Jan 21 2021

FBI Fusion Centers have become Gestapo ruining lives-Karen Stewart-whistleblower former NSA analyst Jan 21 2021

Since a Senate committee in 2012 found Homeland Security Department (DHS)/Federal Bureau of Information (FBI), information-collecting, “Fusion Centers” a waste of money devoid of any anti-terrorism successes, they have devolved into national adjuncts to local cops, while tracking the citizenry’s movements, recording their conversations, and cataloging their transactions – especially those advocating against government actions or the special interests that control them.

Indeed, as National Security Agency analyst Karen Stewart presents, with little oversight Fusion Centers have not only subjected to witch-hunts thousands of Americans with zero ties to terrorism, but worse have demonized innocent targets with disinformation, radio-frequency weapons, and mobster-like intimidation. Fusion bureaucrats have corrupted local enforcement, to build watch lists – to justify the ever-growing Police State.

Her whistleblowing is terrifying and deserves a national campaign to end the Police State before no one’s left to assert our rights.


1 year ago
Hi all,thank you Karen for the honest and true story your name,look,decency hits home in a un explainable way meaning you stepping forward was as important to the world as my ex Karen once was to me.Jeff Stewart didn’t like Karen but your name surpassed that obstacle I always worried about.like Edward Snowden whistle blowing shortly after me singing Daffy Ducks “Dashing through the Snow” I wonder if sometimes things are more than a coincidence.Just so all you women know you’re giving the men the benefit of the doubt as to wether they know for a fact the man is in charge of his actions from the waist down.Men are told religion helps yet religion doesn’t allow man to say “I choose not to assault women,I alone without Gods help,I choose not with Gods help I choose on my own” so,religion not agreeing with the statement actually prevents a man from stopping himself.Dino Sherman (c) Psychiatree Psychiatricks I did the math and won.Dinosaur-paranoiD Eden need too too much.Just add/everything Adam/Eve are fig fiction and give everyone a rotten opinion of God.

karen Carter
7 months ago
Many people usually refer to the ‘Gestapo’, yet ignore that the KGB and the CIA, the FBI, MI6 were and are still much more controlling, coercive agencies.

Selah Lisah
1 year ago
I am a targeted subject and suffer horribly . It needs to stop . People need to care as its getting out of control. Before to late .

Kelly Migliara
1 year ago
I can testify that the torture and cruelty and perverse attacks have escalated for me tremendously in the last year. One thing I can say is my saving grace is seeking a closer relationship with Our heavenly father Jesus Christ. Every day I am driven to endure the most horrific physical and emotional inhumane abuses that make me wish Jesus would return asap and take me up and away from this demonicly infested world. The worst part is being hated by people who don’t even know me, when my whole life I’ve tried to be the most helpful and open minded and empathetic person my Father raised me to be. I loved showing people that there’s always answers to life’s most chaotic parts of our lives, always a bright side and always a kind person somewhere to help in even the darkest situations. I still refuse to accept that all my abusers are just born bad satanic sadists looking for kicks. I know the majority are maybe scared or were cornered/bribed and of course all are lied to ,misinformed and threatened. I also know some have been trying to minimize my suffering and many have at some point apologized for the treatment I’m experiencing. I pray for them almost daily. I pray they find God, that they are forgiven, that they receive eyes to see and ears to hear truth and are given the courage to say enough is enough and refuse to kill anymore people. I also pray they get fired from the murder for hire job they’re employed to do and be blessed with a job that helps and saves lives not destroy them as long as they turn from evil and embrace good. Stay strong everyone, we will prevail. God bless you all .

Debra Wisconsin
1 year ago
This is exactly what happened to me beginning in 2003. The stalking began in 2008, and the EMF attacks began in 2009 and continues to this day. Here is a video where my neighbor admits that he is watching and reporting me. It also shows falsified police reports, him stalking me, him threatening me, and admitting assaulting me. I have been stating for years that this is a for-profit program. I have never committed a crime and am a law-abiding citizen. These people are making tons of money off of my back. This needs to stop. Innocent people, usually women living alone, are being heinously and viciously attacked. I even had the father of two police officers tell me his boys “are afraid of” me. Ridiculous. No one in my neighborhood will speak to me. It’s a very sad day when Americans gang up on and attack their follow Americans. Who, again, is the ter#ori#$t? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzTEf9DEC4g

Chris Leonard
11 months ago
Talk to Clyde Lewis if possible 🤙 he’ll interview you on his national radio show

1 year ago
To hide secrets, press the subtitle playlist at the beginning of the circle of the messager to see the programs collected by the mobile phone

6 months ago
Yea exactly, the media is not allowed to discuss this or they will get “punished”.

Deborah Anne Weber
1 year ago
Remember, Myron May was a federal prosecutor ….

Jena Emerald
4 months ago
Can she tell us anything about the v2k attacks? The artificial mind reading and constant subliminal harassment? This is a huge part of the prodding

Gorp Snookem
6 months ago (edited)
Churches are involved in this programs as well. Via 501c3 gov $$$

1 year ago
I thought DEW need Lazer use certificate;- ie medics and nurses

Evil Must die
1 year ago
At the 7:00 mark he said controversial Facebook post and that is when my gangstalking started in 2014 I was banned from Facebook for my post about taxation and the military industrial complex and they even demanded my government ID and said I could not have my account back unless I have it to them I never used Facebook again.

Kate Smith
3 months ago
She should try Stew Peters on the Stew Peters Show, or Alex Jones and/or Kristi Leigh both with Info-wars.

Max Fernandes Silva
5 months ago
Hi guy, Karen’s webpage isn’t working for myself. Is anyone having the same issue in finding her work?

Latrice R
5 months ago
Anybody experiencing synthetic telepathy?
Ray G
13 days ago
I defeated these folks

1 year ago
Got Jesus Christ Everyone ?

Waters Breedlove
1 year ago
Rugs are Oriental. Not people.

Elizabeth C.
7 months ago
I just texted this video to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s cell number asking her to please help us, please remove me and my daughter from the terror watch list and the Darpa brain initiative. Please call Marjorie Greene’s office and ask her to investigate these abuses.

Alan x4
1 year ago
i want to see concrete proof of hitech devices

Arbie Lovely
8 days ago
I keep trying to comment but it wont let me. is there a block?

St.EveNMichael MADara
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Jack McDonald
1 year ago
U guys need help.