Gang Stalker (Ex-Military ) Admits To Making GS-12 (Government Service) Salary ($30-39/hr)!!!!!!!

Gangstalker Admits He’s Paid to Harass Targeted Individuals

Ella F
Published on Dec 24, 2018

If you know anyone who is participating in these crimes and is willing to share anonymously, please email me at

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1) GS 12 = $30-$39 per hour!

2) DHS is using the Army’s JADE 2.0 software program with locals – for surveillance, tracking & targeting of innocent citizens. That JADE Helm Martial law practice with locals & NATO Allies – is really about the software that manages what’s going on & the coordination with tactical teams. Funding coming from DHS and FEMA & so is legal protection for CRIMES. Though perps understand this stuff is crimes and illegal – It’s the Authority running the crimes – that makes people think this is ok some how.


Deborah Anne Weber
2 months ago (edited)
Good for you, Ella for posting this…. He said it. “they already have”…. yup. They put Peasant Life Insurance Policies on them and usually wipe out their entire families after they’re done using them or they lock them up in prison. They get back every dime they doled out. And for the record: stalking is illegal everywhere… but stalking isn’t the real issue, the real issue is that innocent people are being bombarded with all sorts and types of weapons and weaponized technology… mass murder… via useful idiots as the saying goes…

Yup, “GS – 12” that is a government grade pay.

2 months ago
GS 12 … our Govt needs to PAY for the hell they have put people thru…. it’s sick what’s going on in this Country

Shad Budge Productions
2 months ago
Hello Ella! Thank you so much for everything you do for the TI community. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to check out my latest documentary regarding the massive issue at hand. I spent a few thousand hours researching the subject over the last couple years. I then spent a good 400 or so hours making my documentary about the horrific epidemic many of us are going through.

The full version is almost a dozen hours long, but I made a short version that is just 2 hours long. The short version was made for the sole purpose of giving targeted individuals a normal length documentary to show family and friends that are skeptical about this very real problem we have in our society. It highlights and outlines all of the main and vital points regarding the targeted individual/human experimentation field. There is a massive amount of evidence and a vast array of prior cases that give a very significant amount of precedence to proving that there are indeed millions and millions of unwitting citizens all over the world that are being tortured, experimented on, and killed by coordinated government operations. These issues need to be exposed on a massive mainstream level so more people can understand, acknowledge, and fight against the evil entities behind them.

I would really love if you could download the video and upload it onto your channel, or perhaps post it on your website. There is just so much vital information the public has to see, and you have a much bigger following than I do. I worked extremely hard on it and I have had nothing but positive reviews. Please share with our community; much love and thank you again!

-Shad Budge

victorious Balla
2 months ago
Merry Christmas Ella .

Meegs B
2 months ago (edited)
Hey Ella!! Was trying to share one of your videos with a friend who is having some very strange experiences lately…can you help me find the video testimony you did with a woman that was saying she was on a bus towards the airport and all the ads at the bus stations along the way had turned into Lufthansa ads (that was the airline she had booked)? She said it was like someone had set up all the ads she saw on the way to the airport to correspond to her particular airline or something…I’ve been trying to find it but not having much luck. Thanks in advance if you remember 🙂 PS It would be awesome if we could somehow get your video interviews transcribed!

Meegs B
2 months ago
WOW!!! Amazing disclosure. Thanks for posting this Ella!! GS level 12=gangstalker level 12 I’m guessing. Great work whoever captured this video!

1 month ago (edited)
GS-12 $63,000+ >>>> $82,000+ Unbelievable!

jared pfalmer
2 months ago
These people are subjected, they are barely aware of what they are doing. Bless us! the infant is King!

Ender41948 H
2 months ago
BTW, I’m new to this channel, so just noticed all of the vids you have on this subject, so I’ll definitely take the time to watch what you have available & take the info into consideration.
Thank you for having a kind & caring heart. ?

Deborah Anne Weber
2 months ago (edited)
I remember a soldier who said that other soldiers were being locked up overseas (Navy, particularly) for refusing to traffic women. That was less than 10 years ago. He was a FB friend trying to work with the FBI to get targeting to stop. He supposedly was stabbed by a guy who said he was told his targeting would stop if he stabbed him. I DID ask other soldiers and vets if that was true about trafficking women and some said yes… Southeast asia it seemed..

1 week ago
I wish the guy would have let him speak

2 months ago
thanks Ella and especially all the billboards around the world, it is truly a wonderful thing.

Neel 511 Pawar
2 months ago
Bind the attack.

Ender41948 H
2 months ago
This is interesting & thanks for sharing. So far this is the 2nd video I’ve seen where the person being confronted actually admits what they’re doing. For all I know there are more vids like this out there & I just haven’t seen them yet. While I do truly believe some of the claims people have had of this taking place, unfortunately there are also some people that might be mentally unstable & think they’re being stalked when they aren’t. It then becomes difficult for an outsider to differentiate between the two.
My heart goes out to those that are legitimately experiencing this level of harassment as I can’t even begin to imagine what this is like to not only try to live with, but the enormous toll it takes on one’s psyche.

Erika Meyer
2 months ago
The guy at least deserves some props for telling his truth. I think the part about his background is interesting. How many people involved in this had disrupted childhoods? It’s a multi-generational trauma, abuse, and ultimately, slavery system. Also I think that bit about how the stalkers also get stalked is important. Because it’s about more than just stalking, it’s attacks on your body with implants and directed energy. I think all of the stalkers, at least on this level, are concerned about, or have experience with, being attacked as well. It helps keep them silent and compliant. It’s really just a gang system that I don’t think anyone ever gets out of. And as long as this continues, you can bet they will kill you in the end. They might kill you at 20 or they might kill you at 90 – but they won’t let you go on your own accord. It’s part of the gang-run system. And he says he works for the government… when street gangs do this, are they also working for the government? (I think they might be, actually.) And who, exactly, is the government then working for? Because they’re SUPPOSED to be working for and on behalf of the people they are stalking – I mean, that’s what I was taught all through school, and that’s what the U.S. Constitution says. The government is of/for/by the people and has the duty to protect certain rights of the people (not just gun rights). In truth, I think this is a Masonic system that has infiltrated the government the way a pest infests a host to the point that it gets into the control systems and subverts the whole creature to its own purpose. There may be another entity behind the Masonic system, but I think the system itself is Masonic, because that is a meeting place of powerful individuals with the ability, means, and secret knowledge to wreck havoc on every institution we have.

Scott Payne
2 months ago
GS 12 = $30-$39 per hour!

Iaman Empoweredone
2 months ago
GS12 starts at 63,500.00 per year…

Jon Rock
2 months ago
I told my relatives (years before I knew I was a gangstalking victim and thought I was just targeted by an organized crime crew) that if you notice one criminal there are at least two more that you do not see close by! I saw this video before yet didn’t scrutinize the footage to discover the partners/team members or handlers.

2 months ago
Merry Christmas

Holly Hatcher
2 months ago
I cannot see the 28 comments that are posted on this video is anyone else having having a problem seeing them?

The Truth
2 months ago
He was trolling the camera guy.

2 months ago (edited)
DHS is using the Army’s JADE 2.0 software program with locals – for surveillance, tracking & targeting of innocent citizens. That JADE Helm Martial law practice with locals & NATO Allies – is really about the software that manages what’s going on & the coordination with tactical teams. Funding coming from DHS and FEMA & so is legal protection for CRIMES. Though perps understand this stuff is crimes and illegal – It’s the Authority running the crimes – that makes people think this is ok some how.

9 Replies to “Gang Stalker (Ex-Military ) Admits To Making GS-12 (Government Service) Salary ($30-39/hr)!!!!!!!”

  1. Do perps get a special bonus for driving a victim too suicide? It seems that they do and that it is extremely large.

  2. Do perps get a special bonus for driving a victim to suicide? It seems likely that they do and that it is generous, in Canada. Is it similar in the U.S.?

    The program “corrected” me by adding a second “o” to the word “to,” above.

  3. I think that my relatives, who had zero contact with my family, from our birth, do not like factual information that I have put up on this site.

    My first cousins Dr. Ellen Warner Sunnybrook hospital, Toronto, Susan (Devor) Cogan, Mark Winemaker Toronto film producer may be actually directly involved in employing contract stalkers and in sending perps to my home. As well, the “fake?” tenants in the building may be contract stalkers.

    Recently, they seem to know when I am preparing a meal. Chemicals, such as household products are discharged outside my door–frequently. Because the door has been altered, so that it does not fit snugly into the frame, these chems can enter my home. I then have excruciating pain in my gums and teeth on one side of my mouth, only. Why one side? I do not know. However, it is easy to consider that Mafia would home invade and make cuts in the gums at 2 am. They used to home invade in the winter, make cuts in my fingers, then plant chemicals in my gloves and pockets, so that if I went out, I would not be able to keep my hands warm.
    Today — Sat. March 27, 2021 I was having a rapid lunch at 1:30 pm and the perps seemed to know this. There was a chemo attack and I was forced outside.

    Once I was in the street, there were suddenly foot stalkers passing and large numbers of cars racing up and past me from every direction. I could smell that they were spraying cheap cologne at me. When I looked at my hands, they were BRIGHT YELLOW. EXPOSURE TO TOXIC FUMES AFFECTS THE LIVER AND OTHER ORGANS. BUT, MY HANDS HAD BEEN NICE AND LIGHT SKIN COLOUR, EARLIER.

    Two of my brothers and my father had highly suspicious, highly premature deaths. It seems most possible –given many, many patterns–that these were murder for life insurance by –extended “family.”

    In the last three years all of my clothing has been stollen and altered to fit a smaller person. There have been body doubles living in and near my building. One drove BREX 446.

    The goal may be to murder me covertly, then have a body double steal all of my assets. A bank account in the name Mendez has been opened, using my address. Also, life insurance that requires tax payments has been opened and I did not open it.

    My difficulty is that the Devor family (my mother’s family) and the possibly Winemaker (my father’s family –some changed to Warner) have high level positions and ties to the directors of the Toronto and Peel police.

    My family name was changed to a very generic WASP name, such as “Smith,” when I was six years old. A teacher asked me –Was your name changed from Winemaker. I naturally said –Yes. In retrospect, our family move, following was likely a result. We moved from a three story detached home to a dumpy apartment building, near the Humber River, in Toronto. My relatives may have been so paranoid that they did not want Grade 2 students to know what our name had been. We were moved to Wanniska Ave. A German NAZI family lived right under our apartment. Yes. Before the mobsters sabotaged my internet service, I looked up this name and it was Nazi. I may not remember the correct spelling. It was something like Wollschleggar. I surmise that the plan was for me to be thrown into the Humber River and drowned. By some miracle, this did not occur. The MKULTRA handlers seem to have required my mother to have us move to better locations and finally to a detached home in North Toronto. I was treated extremely well in my high school and universities, after that and my younger brother was able to complete a degree in an elite engineering program in the aerospace option. He moved to Santa Barbara California. When he had his sudden, suspicious death, his friend from high school, Alex NOSSEL was at the ceremony and told me that he actually worked in Benjamin’s funeral home. At the time I suspected nothing and was relieved to see him there.

    I had a colleague named Susy Falcioni. Her husband, Gus worked in Parks and Recreation, Toronto. I found out, recently, that a person named NOSSELLA IS A GOVERNMENT WORKER IN A LAND-RELATED PROFESSION. THIS PERSON MAY BE MY BROTHER’S FRIEND OR MAY BE RELATED.

    Networks of organized criminals prey on victims and it seems to be intergenerational.

    I am using a pen name and I hope to be able to explain it, some day.

  4. I should note that my main objective, in posting to this site, is to not be murdered for my assets and for life insurance and my body parts. I also hope that my information can help others.

    I cannot send any messages unless there is this form format, because my internet service has been sabotaged.

    I greatly thank Eric Karlstrom for his generosity in maintaining his sites and in providing valuable information to the general public.

  5. Regarding the two posts, which I have just sent in… This is a follow-up.

    Vehicles that may have been involved in car stalking and fumigations:

    CDTV 697, AS 17342, BJHC 130, BKHS 015, AK 81276, BVRA 168, CAER 347, BTRC 044, CCDE 415, 856 RLB, CRRW 394, CPRJ 060, CAZN 027, CPYJ 487, CEDV 895, BPKS 341,
    BE 30302, BKSM 730 (401 Dixie).

    All of these cars raced past me from four directions, in a five minute period and as they did, I could smell that they were discharging sweet, cheap cologne at me. After that, my hands went bright yellow, as fumigations attack the liver and other organs. Car stalkers may feel that they can get away with anything. However, if a registry is kept, of their info and if there are repeat incidents, possibly something can be done. Reputable law enforcement could be paged to come on short notice, can do arrests and interviews and searches. Of course, search warrants would have to be prepared in advance.

    Several years ago, I observed a male in a car, spraying an aerosol can at me. I recorded his licence number. One or two days later, I was crossing a street, near a Dundas St. Police station. I looked behind me and saw a black car racing toward me, with the obvious intent to murder me. I had barely enough time to jump out of the way.

    A news item today stated that a doctor is being prosecuted for murder. His name is Brian Nadler. He worked at Hawksbury and District General Hospital. He had qualifications in geriatrics, from Reno Nevada. This would be useful, if he was part of organized crime and wished to murder for assets and body parts. As well, he did neurology at University of Alberta.
    There is a fake? -“tenant” in my building, by the name of Donnell Enns and there is a Dr. Enns in Alberta. I forget whether Dr. Enns is in neurology or psychiatry. There could be a link, because there are likely pockets of criminals, who misuse their power.

    Also, I seem to remember a Gloria Nadler, who was a “targeted individual” and wrote a book. So, was this Gloria Nadler a victim of the Nadler extended family? Or was she in on it? Or, is it a coincidence?

  6. After I put up info, above, two aircraft flew over me and an orange helicopter did, as well. The tactics changed, with no overt spraying. Pedestrians were used and pre-sprayed parts of the street. I wondered, when I saw the orange helicopter –Do criminals, who are doctors use hospital helicopters to stalk victims of medical research trafficking and other crimes? My cousin’s husband is an oncologist at Princess Margaret hospital. His name is Jeff Lipton. The male who spends time in the building just south of mine looks a lot like him and could be related. Another one of my first cousins, on the Devor side is actually married to a male named Lipton. Is it possible that corrupt medical staff have contacts who misuse helicopters? Has this ever been looked into?

    Another thing that contract stalker do, is pass my home in the 10s, 20s, 50s, 100s every half hour, carrying knapsacks. They can carry aerosols and just take relay turns spraying it into the entrance to my building to cause agonizing pain and injury. Yes. This is a tactic which has occurred numerous times and is occurring this evening, so far. I have had horrific evenings when this serial mobster attack protocol goes on all night long, from 7 pm to 7 am.

    Again, if law enforcement were to prepare with search warrants and then covertly observe, they might be able to apprehend some of the organized criminals. Those who are guilty of lesser crimes might be willing to offer information, for lesser penalties or exposure.

    I am locked out of my email and most of my communications are tampered with, routinely. My mail is RAW, not processed by the post office.

    A victim, James Lico, who is a retired engineer, says that 80% of victims are female and senior. If this is true, those involved are nothing other than racketeers, robbing the lives of their victims and robbing the public purse out of callousness and greed.

  7. As more extreme abuse is inflicted upon me, I feel compelled to provide more details, which could be put together by law enforcement, if there are any reputable ones, remaining.

    The “tenant” in the basement may be another fake. I only recently realized that he had on his car, a sticker, which reads “Motion Picture Technicians.” It hit me that he may work for my first cousin, Mark Winemaker, who is a Toronto film producer. His licence is CRNB 438. He only recently began to park in the back. One of the ways in which my new computer has been tampered with is that there is a black vertical line running down the left side of my screen, which should not be there. It looks like some kind of television marking. I can no longer use my internet service, except in limited ways. I cannot do any searches. Since Sept. 2, 2020, this has been prevented. When I try to do a search, the cursor will begin to spin for half an hour. It likely never stops spinning.

    I only met Mark Winemaker once, at the services for my father, when he died suddenly. It seems that the relatives I have seen the least may have the greatest involvement, while others are pawns. As I write this, I am beginning to have pain in my gums and teeth and may be again forced out of my home.

    I had handlers my entire life, but I thought that they were family, friends and acquaintances. So, if a person is steered into a rental residence and those running it trespass frequently, tamper with and use identification documents and run other scams– a person who has been preyed upon from birth will be easily violated in every possible way.

  8. The female who drives CHCL 455 recently parked it right in front of my building several times, not in her own driveway. I saw her taking a photo of one side of the SUV. At first I did not understand why she would do this. Then, I realized that it was likely for insurance fraud and possibly trying to frame me, in hopes of extorting my home, with false allegations. I never walked anywhere near the vehicle and approached my home from as far away as possible. Sure enough, some time after this photo session, I noticed that one side of the vehice was badly banged up and dented. I continued to avoid it.

    Recently, a second perp pulled this exact same trick. She parked right in front of my building and began taking photos of the side of the vehicle. I also avoided this vehicle. I do not have the licence number on hand and I would have to look it up.

    I would like these fraudsters to be investigated. They may well be involved in other very serious crimes.

  9. It seems that possibly other methods are being utilized whenever I am not awake. Possibly medical devices, such as radiation devices are now in use, to destroy my teeth. This could undermine my nutrition and lead to a quick death, which all parties would call “natural.” At 4 am, last night, I was targeted in my thyroid area, with some kind of device which hits through the ceiling.

    In 2005 I had recently moved in my professional location. During weekends, when I was at home, in a particular location, I would suddenly have floaters and this went on for a period of at least months. I went blind in my left eye and had to have surgery to restore my vision.

    Three years later, the exact same thing was repeated. I did not imagine for one second that a degenerate criminal was blinding me, deliberately. I again, had surgery to restore my eyesight.

    On one occasion, I was walking up the street when I had these black floaters. I looked and saw the car of the male next door, who was invariably near me when it occurred. He used to drive a car with licence 588 —. I cannot think of the last digits, but he now drives CJYX 357.

    Are predators are permitted to slander, libel, defame an innocent, upright citizen and then commit just any crimes they please? Is this what listings of supposed “terrorists” are all about?

    Is this really the objective behind such listings–simply to torture to death innocent persons for amusement and profit? Is the entire mob aware of this predatory murder and pleased with it?

    If this is not the intent, how can a victim possibly obtain any form of justice or restitution?

    It is embarrassing to mention other vicious attacks, likely with radiation medical devices and/ or police weapons. After all, if these degenerates knock out your teeth, then the victim is merely a toothless zero, waiting to die and be plundered.

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