Ex-FBI Whistleblower, Lawyer, and Judge, Geral Sosbee, on FBI’s Global War Against Innocent Civilians (“Targets”): Ramola D Interviews #56, 59, and 75

From the first Geral Sosbee interview below:

“The FBI is spearheading the most colossal and evil attacks on people ever conceived on the face of the Earth, and they are using Deep Space-based technology, Bio-Chemical-Viral-Warfare Elements and Agents, and Psychological Warfare to destroy people. This is unprecedented in human affairs… There is no due process. No one is ever told why he or she is being attacked. It’s a secret program; they don’t want to have to explain what they’re doing.

The FBI has control over every agency in government. The CIA has total access to everything. They are the secret government. The FBI and the CIA are like governments unto themselves. They are sovereign states.

Our government is (not only) doing this to its own citizens, they are doing it to other civilians around the world. The United States is making a lot of enemies. Ordinary people everywhere see what these evil intelligence agencies are doing- the FBI, CIA, NSA, NSC, DOD- that’s not good for our own national security.”

-Geral Sosbee, Ex-FBI Whistleblower, lawyer, judge, and “Targeted Individual” (TI)