2 Replies to “Ex-CIA Kevin Shipp Exposes the CIA’s Phoenix Program and Genocidal Wars”

  1. 100 Village Square Glen Cove New York is a black site of domestic run extraordinary rendition electronic concentration camp Stasi Zersetzung operation Cointelpro Gangstalking Harassment Program Enforced Disappearance run by Hispanic mafia ms13 in unit 335 with in house recruits snd armies sent out into the field and in car convoys in the road. Contact ACLJ Jay Sekulow judicial Watch Tom Fitton Rutherford.org Rutherford Institute zJohn W Whitehead whisperexposefacts.org Jesselyn Raddick ASAP. This is a kill chain.

    1. I’m seeing this video as unavailable. I’ve searched for it on Youtube, Bitchute, Rumble, Goog;ed it. Duckducked it and Bing it. It’s hidden

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