Evidence For Legal Action For 3 Canadian Hacking-Stalking-EM Torture Victims (including 3 videos and program summary)

Evidence For Legal Action For 3 Canadian Hacking-Stalking-EM Torture Victims (including 3 videos and program summary by Bobbi Peitsch, Canadian TI)

I. Introductory emails by human-trafficking and cyber-torture victim (and independent researchers), Bobbi Peitsc, to Webmaster, Dr. Eric Karlstrom, August 23, 2020:

Hi Eric,

A few updates,

I am tired and have been trying to tell everyone how to collect the data on their networks, made an accidental discovery while moving! You can record the RFID:

I did a personal plea for everyone to post their data:

Then I was browsing on another link that Elizabeth was peeling through, which I never knew about. I am utterly shocked!

You know that meta data is forever and can’t be scrubbed right? That means we can prove 100% of everything with minimal evidence, dates, times, and locations and web addresses. I have even recorded that a fellow obtained a small business loan from the government of India for targeting me if I read that packet correctly, wth!

This is my mothers, sisters, and my ASN. So, if I am looking at this right, they have us listed as a risk to children. Are they insane?

They can’t just put someone on a list with lies after they have human trafficked them for 30 years in biomedical terrorism non-consenting studies. What a lawsuit this would be, medical mutilation by hospitals for 30 years, illegal implants, neuroengineering, just insanity. I want these @#$%^ in a court!


Bobbi Peitsch

II. 3 Victims humbly asking to file from Canada:

Rose Peitsch, age 66, Residing solely at 4595 Rebeck Road, Narol, Manitoba Canada R1C 0C6
Shannon Peitsch, age 45, Residing at 4595 Rebeck Road, Narol, Manitoba Canada R1C 0C6
Bobbi Peitsch, age 47, Residing at 4595 Rebeck Road, Narol, Manitoba Canada R1C 0C6

Large amounts of evidence have been gathered.

Victims have been placed in a non consenting Government of Canada Defense Research Establishment neubdnengineering program in Canada, multigenerational (at least since 1999). Their medical data has been shared without consent Nationally and internationally through XDRENET. Data was recorded on Robtex proving the relationship dating back to 1999, it was then removed from web view.

This will briefly describe victim(s) injury, technology used, direct evidence of hacking, tracking triangulation of a victim, denial of service and no support for victims in Canada.

This has gone on for several decades (multi-generational torture and mutilation), it has reached horrific unbearable levels.

We have exhausted all local areas for help to stop torture, have experienced denial of service. Police only ask if you have mental health issues (mental waterboarding) when you try to report microwave torture/direct energy weapon torture. However, police did accidentally disclose that the military had reviewed our properties for weapons, none of us have ever owned a weapon, we were shocked.

The Human Rights Commissions Federal and Provincial have no means to file complaints for torture or other crimes against Humanity in Canada, we are also not trusting of this entity locally as a relative had worked there as legal counsel and in our FACTUAL experience that individual did not value rights of vulnerable people in ANY form.

We have been drugged and physically raped in Beaconia Manitoba, homes vehicles, mailboxes broken into and have not received support from the policing community.

Instances of other crimes against these three women date back several decades where they have not received rational or reasonable support, including aggravated assaults, systemic abuses.

Their crime is genetic; they are rare haplogroup HV0 t195c!, it has less than 3 million alive today on earth.


MRIs, hospital tampering with images. (thumbnails show rfid in skull and face). X-ray of broadcasting RFID in leg.
Multiple times called the police for help, we went through waterboarding.

Continued torture over 30 years resulted in approximately 30 surgeries on Bobbi Peitsch, during these sessions non-consenting rfid, medical devices were placed into her body including a heart monitoring rfid.

Factual hacking of network, computer, emails.

Videos of satellite assault triangulations (specific satellites allowing amateur ham operators or contractors) including a NASA satellite assault.

Traced to specific addresses of rogue radio transmissions and beams (multiple, it is factual).

Confirmed routing and redirecting and wrapping of computer system by multiple companies, universities, educational institutions, laboratories, researchers, nuclear labs, physicists, electrical companies, Eugenics foundations and military contractors (there are more) nationally and internationally with indicators that medical data is transmitted internationally.

Recordings of over 500,000mV or electromagnetic radiation assaults taken in video with device that is precision calibrated.

Neighbors witness to Duffy’s cabs parking outside of the home all night, this is while I experienced direct energy weapon assaults. They also witnessed continual gang stalking of hundreds of vehicles circling the home.

Gangstalking included gang wifi and placement of wifi redirects, thousands.

Fellow two doors down redirected our wifi to his home, he used a system to transmit called Portthru.


Recorded factually with Network Cell Info, Net Monster and Net Monitor (including bands, cell Ids can be unmasked).

Victims placed onto a military WCDMA monitoring system (recorded) which is a radio communications system combining cellular bands.

Recordings of assaults on several UMTS/AWS in multiple bands assaulting through downlinks at 2135Mhz (usually 30 streams, not including the electromagnetic radiation) in the radiation range at illegal levels, video recordings with cell IDS, dates and times and license plates to who was suing these frequencies. the Cellular IDs recorded often were police IDs.

Summary of Health Effects of Shannon, Bobbi and Rose Peitsch regarding their targeting:

The following symptoms have occurred during or immediately following attacks on Rose Peitsch, Shannon Peitsch, Bobbi Peitsch.

They vary and are not all present at the same time. They typically go away when not under attack. Most of these are classic symptoms of EMR poisoning.


● Sharp pains or shocks to random places on body (feet, leg, arm)
● Sharp pains to isolated areas of head/temple (nothing like a normal headache)
● Pain in ears (primarily on one ear side)
● Temporary sinus pain (not caused by infection, since goes away)
● burning electrical pulses to skull, heart, spleen, kidney, liver,legs
● deep aching pain to arms, legs, skull.
● Oscillations over organs including heart until sore aching.
● Burns to forehead.
● Pin hole burns to skull.


● Heart palpitations during attacks (no problems other times and nothing shows during medical exam)
● Heart racing (when this occurs, it wakes me up from sleep during the attack, not from mental anxiety, relaxed at time prior to and is not related to a bad dream)
● heart throbs from pain as it is rubbed invisibly.
● I developed an inverted T-WAVE from electronic assaults.


● Frequent eye infections/itchiness
● Extreme fatigue
● Body aches
● Dizziness/feeling like hit head (like after riding a very rough roller coaster)
● Nausea, vomiting, and/or abdominal pains/bloating
● Overheating (to the point of having to sometimes sleep with window open for cold air. When this happens it typically wakes me up during sleep because so uncomfortable, so I can move
around and avoid, bring temperature down.)
● Hot flashes


● Extremely uncomfortable neurological attacks on several occasions (feels like spine being stimulated – similar to when hit funny bone in elbow but runs along entire back during an attack, can feel the weapon energy hitting it if don’t turn away, protect against)
● Feeling low levels of electricity constantly running through body (actual phenomenon demonstrated by meter that shows 0 when set it down then spikes extremely high when touch it)
● Numbness in left hand (outer 3 fingers)
● Problems with Ulna nerve in arm, had surgery for it.
● Uncontrollable temporary shaking upon waking up after severe attacks (as if really cold)
● Feeling a vibration inside body/internal organs and genitals,
● On one occasion when using magnets to try to avoid attacks felt a sensation of ‘touch’ (pushing down on legs) that was extremely psychologically disturbing. It was not like a normal external touch by another person. The magnets must have somehow facilitated or enhanced the EMF field to make this additional feature of the weaponry possible. I did not put magnets near me again after that.
Hearing Problems/Pain in Ears
● Tinnitus (ear exam showed normal, healthy hearing for age)
● Pain in both Inner Ears
● Chronic ear infections/inflammation
● A thumping sound comes and goes in the right ear when out walking.
● Hearing voices talk dirty, vulgar, abusive, sexual

Sleep Deprivation/Disturbances

● No sleep for extended periods of time up to 3 days (no prior sleep problems, always a great sleeper)
● Often experience poor sleep when do sleep
● Need for longer period of sleep to make up for poor sleep
● afraid to sleep at night due to constant Electromagnetic assaults.


● Temporary anxiety (non-stop, but comes back from time to time)
● Difficulty concentrating
● Difficulty thinking/processing information constant
● speech word finding issues
● Depression, feel like I can look outside of the window and want to be a part of the world but cannot be.

Weapons system recorded being used on Rose Peitsch, Shannon Peitsch, Bobbi Peitsch.

The technique uses wifi swamping with hidden antenna systems (ISP are cooperating in torture and murder, they are aware of the danger of WIFI), Zigbee tracking system with RFID illegally placed into victims’ body by surgical implants, break-ins, poisoning, tainting food and injections that resemble insect bites, the weapons system is called phased Array, it also uses ultrasound and a Unmanned Ariel Vehicle/Quad copter.

Victims have non-consenting RFID that connected to an IEE Zigbee system that is used to record biometrics, tracing, torture, exact location, organ targeting spleen, heart, kidney, liver, lungs and
ultimately death by electromagnetic radiation. Drivers are dispatched for ground radar, they include Ham operators if the victim travels to an area without wifi to ensure maxim damage as the goal is torture and execution. The Unmanned Ariel System that follows us, in Winnipeg, Beaconia, PineFalls, Saskatchewan
and all places we victims travels too. It requires permissions to be in the sky at the same time as the Police Helicopter in Winnipeg Manitoba, therefore, authorities have granted full permission at all levels of government.


Non consenting RFID and communications (not limited too):

Over 20 individual Xerox RFID, data communications sent to Microsoft.

GuardRFI 08:ed:02:c0:00:00
nanoTRON 40:d8:55:11:b0:00
nanoTech 10:07:23:70:00:00
IBMResea 70:b3:d5:70:80:00 (brain chip)

B-Scada 1c:21:d1:50:00:00 (medical monitoring device rfid)
BLHealth 00:50:c2:6d:80:00
BRSSiste 00:50:c2:aa:b0:00
Bach-Simpson c4:55:c2
Baudisch 00:50:c2:cf:40:00

BrainBox 00:50:c2:03:c0:00
BrainCo 58:94:b2
BrainTec 00:50:c2:81:b0:00
Braintro 00:50:c2:3d:10:00
Brainwar 50:de:19:b0:00:00

CardioME 00:50:c2:73:40:00
DmRadioc 70:b3:d5:8a:00:00

DrBridge 70:b3:d5:77:90:00
DrNeuman 00:50:c2:f9:90:00
DrSimonC 70:f8:e7:30:00:00
DrStaige 00:50:c2:2a:90:00
DrZinngr 70:b3:d5:42:e0:00

ExcelMed 70:b3:d5:dc:50:00
ExcelMed 70:b3:d5:7d:d0:00


GeorgNeu 40:d8:55:18:20:00

HealthCa 70:b3:d5:2f:20:00
HeartFor 40:d8:55:09:50:00
Heartlan 70:b3:d5:ac:80:00


Network-Server-Heartbeat- 03:00:00:00:00:20
WagnerGr 00:50:c2:c3:00:00
WagnerGr 70:b3:d5:59:a0:00

ZigBeeAl 00:50:c2:77:10:00

I (author of the document) Bobbi Peitsch would like to arrange for an appointment with Melinda Kidder and for an assessment in USA.

I would also like an assessment of a brain expert in TBI of direct energy weapons in USA, but am not sure who this medical professional is. Due to the level of medical abuse in Canada with implants I no longer trust entities here for valid reasons.

We would be grateful for support as there is no support for us in Canada.

Thank you for your time.

Bobbi Peitsch
Phone: 431-373-5712
Email: shabpeitsch@gmail.com

1) Summary for as7122


2) This is me, I ask you all to teach others data collection methods and to publish those results.

3) Use Wireshark to Collect Data with your cell phone!

Bobbie Pietsch in video:

“I’ve been physically monitored since I was about 11 years old or earlier. I have IBM RFID in my skull. I also have Xerox ones. I have one from DuPont. There’s the IBM Resa. This is sickening.

They are making money from you, recording your information. They’ve made you into a slave. This is slavery. This is slavery without payment, torture, punishment, abuse. It’s human trafficking.

These are low-frequency and high-frequency weapons here. That’s assault with a deadly weapon.

These entities should not be on your network. This isn’t connected to the internet. Let’s expose these dirtbags.”

III. Dr. Eric Karlstrom’s Reply to Bobbi Peitsch’s email and summary insights into “the program,” August 23, 2020:

Hi Bobbi,

Great new videos!

Many thanks, I think you have done and are doing the most important work yet for TIs (or more accurately, ITPs, Illegally Targeted Persons) and for humanity…..

I think I may have also added some small breakthroughs by going through the list of hackers on my computer network and putting 2 and 2 together and getting 4.

Here’s a discovery today…..check out the IP address of the Kavli Foundation below and see what they are up to. Yup, it’s on the same Georgetown University IP address ( network as Harvard University, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Trudeau Foundation, Morneau Shapell, Pantheon.io, Linux Foundation, University of California Hastings Law School, and the United Church of Canada. Then check out the 5-minute promotional video on their website (below link) about their association with The Brain Initiative…..

It seems pretty clear to me that we are targeted by the modern players in the ongoing Cold War human trafficking-experimentation networks that have been running through the military and intelligence agencies, corporations, universities, etc. since World War II under various names- including MKULTRA, Human Genome Project, and now Obama’s Brain Initiative.

This is the fruition of the cybernetic vision expressed by Dr. Norbert Weiner and others in the still mostly classified Macy Conferences proceedings (1942-52). Weiner wrote “Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine” (1948) and “The Human Use of Human Beings; Cybernetics and Society” (1950). He was a jewish mathematician who got his Ph.D. at MIT at age 19 under the direction of British eugenicist, Lord Bertrand Russell. Weiner also wrote “God and Golem, Inc.: A Comment on Certain Points Where Cybernetics Impinges On Religion” (1964)… with Golem being the monster (or frankenstein) created by jews to destroy the enemies of the jews with machines, in his opinion, being the modern Golem.

So this deviltry seems to come out of two toxic, putrid streams that merged over one hundred years ago: 1) the multi-millennia-year-old Jewish ambition to conquer and “re-invent” the world in order to usher in their Jewish Messiah (antichrist) and Jewish Utopia (aka “Tikkun Olam”)/Universal Jewish Empire/antichrist kingdom, and 2) the British-American-Nazi Rothschild-Rockefeller-sponsored eugenics movement that aimed to take control of the evolutionary process.

As a former university professor, I can understand the glowing enthusiasm the scientists express in the video below when they talk about the great discoveries they are making for mankind by conquering the last most complex system of all- the human brain. This idiot idealism is very effective since it helps sell this research to investors and these “digital immortality,” life-extension, and neuro-weapons testing programs are big money makers for all concerned- except us, the human lab rats, of course. This explains why all this continues and why the most powerful governments and institutions in the world are all complicit in these crimes against humanity.

Here’s the Kavli Foundation, just one of the numerous recent intruders I have detected on my computer network with sitecheckertool.com:

kavlifoundation.org (; 13,852 Bytes; associated with Kavli Society, Brain Initiative, and Brain Activity Map Project (BAM), London, England)


So I would say that we TIs are best understood as among the modern human sacrifices to “scientific progress,” “national security,” “the electronic battlefield,” the aspirations for immortality of Dr. Ray Kurzweil and the Mega Group of Jewish billionaires, and, of course, the stock market. In this way, we “TIs” help fund millions of jobs and enrich innumerable investors, etc. Ain’t robber baron, crony-capitalism great?

That so many are involved in these crimes against humanity indicates that our system is in terminal decay. I’d say God has to be pretty outraged now that these elite psychopaths are close to replacing humans with man-machine hybrids (cybernetic man-slaves).

Additionally, our research strongly suggests that all this is NOT being driven by a new Cold War. Indeed, Russia, China, US, Britain, Greece, England, etc. are all unwelcome intruders on MY computer network and hence, are likely collectively and collaboratively involved in investing in and collecting data on us TIs. Rather, it appears that this top-secret, century-old project is being driven by the long-standing ambition of the few who control our governments in order to completely enslave and control humanity, after which they evidently intend to replace humans with this hybrid man-machine slave race.

Much independent research indicates that at the top of this “Illuminati” pyramid are the Rothschilds (“King of the Jews”) and the British Royal Family- and that these entities directly serve their master, Lucifer. It is essential to understand this hierarchical command structure, because this program seems to be a key component of Satan’s plan to overthrow humanity.

So it’s our job to resist, live, expose, and prevail.

All best wishes and well done.