TIs: Meet Your Stalkers; Episode 2- Opening The Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies; Suzie Dawson (9/29/19); Transcription, Graphics, & Stalking Perps’ CVs

TIs: Meet Your Stalkers; Episode 2- Opening The Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies; Suzie Dawson (9/29/19); Transcription, Graphics, & Stalking Perps’ CVs

NSA Global Spy Network aka NSA Global Information Grid

And the beast was allowed to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And he was given authority to rule over every tribe and people and language and nation… Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.

Revelation 13:7 & 9

It’s mind boggling how many people are involved in targeting one person. It’s quite terrifying actually. It’s like a full-scale military operation. There is somebody directing these operations. They can be psychological operations. It can be smearing people, stalking their mail, and physically breaking in. They want to be always learning more and more about you. It’s called “The Collect:” they want to collect information about how to control you. They disseminate the information back to the team. And they keep running missions. It can be constant. Targets will have people doing these ops against them all day long. If they break into your house, they report back.

Elizabeth Mueller, Activist and targeted individual from Virginia

Webmaster Introduction: “The Global Network” (aka “NSA Global Spy Network”) IS “the architecture of oppression” that rules and shapes the world. Drawing on her experience as a TI and a journalist-researcher, Suzie Dawson exposes this “architecture of oppression” in her 10-part series: “Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies.” The system is comprised of covert SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and HUMINT (Human Intelligence) ops carried out by the NSA, CIA, DOD, FBI, DHS, and NATO, etc., in the US, the UK Ministry of Defense GCHQ, JTRIG, MI6, MI5, etc., in Britain, the IDF, Unit 8200, Mossad, Shin Bet, etc., in Israel, and their equivalents in over 100 other nations. Cooperating private security and intelligence contractors and their hired thugs (aka “surveillance role players,” “counterterrorism specialists”) execute street level operations and psychological attacks. The Global Network secretly surveilles, targets, and destroys honest, incorruptible activists, journalists, “dissidents,” scientists, truth-tellers, and innumerable others who have been secretly watchlisted and flagged as “potential terrorist threats” or considered “enemies of the state,” “enemy non-combatants,” “extremists,” “radicals,” or “persons of interest,” etc.

This horrific, reprehensible, and criminal “social engineering” system, aka “The National Security Racketeering Network,” is a “growth industry.” It is the largest black and black-market op AND “Crime Against Humanity” in human history. It radically ramped up after 9/11 and continues to expand across the globe today as a for-profit enterprise.

In episodes 6 through 9, Dawson and guests analyze documents from JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group), a part of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters; the British equivalent of the NSA) and expose the manuals, psychological tricks, methodologies, and protocols deployed in these nefarious operations. My opinion is that these psychological warfare techniques derive mainly from government-military-intelligence agencies’ weaponization of psychology and other sciences conducted by Britain’s Tavistock Institute (1921 onward) and the US governments’ Macy Conferences-CIA MKULTRA+ mind control programs (1947 onward).

The satanic nature of these programs cannot be dismissed. The Christian ethos of “love thy neighbor,” the very underpinning of Western Christian civilization, is hereby replaced by a comprehensive system of psychological abuse, trauma, and torture which, in effect, is the overt expression of “hate, degrade, deceive, and destroy thy neighbor.”

‘Cursed is anyone who attacks (kills, strikes, smites down, smites) a neighbor in secret.’ And all the people will reply, ‘Amen.’

Deuteronomy 27:24

I believe this curse now extends to the agencies, police units, businesses, nations, scientists, academics, populations, and individuals that participate in, financially support, and/or tacitly acquiesce to this (beyond) despicable torture-murder system. Apparently, hell is now expanding exponentially both in this world and the next.

For the names, job descriptions, and contact information of 13,661 of these gangstalking perpetrators see: icwatch.wikileaks.org

Suzi 3D
Courageous Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson takes us to school on how Western intelligence agencies are controlling every aspect of human society.

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Webmaster’s Transcription of Highlights From Video:

From Episode 1: I want to make something really, really clear. If you are anti-war, you must be anti-spies. And the reason for that is because every single bomb that is dropped on any country on this planet is dropped using intelligence agencies’ targeting systems and information and data gathered by them. There are NSA personnel and staff on site on the ground with the military personnel in the war zones and they are using the same targeting systems- they call them “real time targeting gateway”- which is specifically what they are using, and there are number of data bases. Every single bomb that is dropped or military operation undertaken is enabled by this transnational intelligence cabal. And the targeting that has been brought home to citizens in our home countries around the world uses that same military targeting process and the same targeting systems against us in our own home territories.

So our inability to recognize the role of the intelligence agencies in the war zones has ultimately resulted in it not just being about them bombing brown people in a foreign country. It is now (about targeting innocent civilians in our own nations too)- our ignorance has now lead to our own demise.

So yet again we see that these so-called oversight mechanisms are completely inept and irrelevant – unable to perform their tasks. They don’t have sufficient mechanisms to hold these agencies to account. And ultimately these are running roughshod over the court and political systems, and they are escaping any oversight mechanism. There is only one remaining option. And that is for people to organize and hold them to account. We know the media is not going to do it. We know the media has been completely infiltrated by these agencies.

But if the media won’t do it. If the courts and oversight mechanisms can’t do it, it’s on you and me and all of us. And as far as I’m concerned, the greatest polluters on this planet are the military. The greatest perpetuaters of war on this planet are obviously the military. And every single one of these countries that has agreements with the Global Network is facing privatization agendas, austerity agendas, widespread cutting of social services, poisoning of the food chain, theft or contamination of the water, local manufacturing is killed, and these mass trade deals are implemented to enhance corporate power and to undercut every day people.

The countries who partner with the Global Network are destroyed. It puts us in a worse situation than we’ve ever been in. The result is our subjugation; becoming a vassal state to the Global Network. And they are bleeding their OWN countries dry. We’ve got to take them on.

The smear agencies rely on social pressure. You have to be willing to speak the truth because it’s the truth. You’ve got to be willing to be that black sheep, the person who might look strange for saying something different that what others believe. You have to care about truth more than you care about kudos from your peers. Eventually, your peers will catch up with you.

Those systems have got to go. After years of all of this study, I have concluded that those systems have got to go. These mass spy and surveillance and data collection programs have to be defunded, shut down, got rid of, goodby, no more. Whether we use civil disobedience or have a coordinated mass movement, I am not OK with an international intelligence cabal not only facilitating the murder of millions of people in war zones across the planet but also targeting an ever-expanding sector of society domestically within their own countries. I’m not OK with them superceding and watering down law in their countries and destroying due process and bastardizing the entire judicial system. I’m not OK with them undermining the entire political system and turning it into nothing but a a puppet-reality-TV-theater-show while they do whatever they want to in the background. I’m not OK with them killing people quickly in wars and slowly domestically in our countries. And none of us should be OK with that.

From 2nd episode:In this series, we are going through my findings from my journalism throughout this decade and examining what the NSA calls the Global Network. The Global Network is a transnational cabal of intelligence agencies from over 100 countries. We are examining the ways they spy on us, the ways they exert social control, infiltrate, and dominate every aspect of human society. The findings that we are presenting and discussing are a conglomerate of discoveries from the Snowden documents, the WikiLeaks documents, ICWatch (Intelligence Community Watch) docs, and a number of other very critical sources. The findings are based on documents of the intelligence agencies in their own words about the things they claim they do. And we go through in detail how they detail these operations, why it’s not OK that they are doing it, and how to do something about it.

I’m now being represented by international lawyer, Greg Tuck, who is also representing Julian Assange. I am going to sue the intelligence agencies that have been systematically destroying my life. So this is a fund-raising stream. Please donate if you care and can.

The big message from last week is if you are anti-war you must be anti-spies. We also went through the rash of legislation that has been passed around the world that has enabled the intelligence agencies to spread their tentacles over the whole world. Now they can target citizens anywhere in the world. The very same targeting programs that they have used in Iraq can now be applied to innocent civilians anywhere in the world.

In New Zealand, not only were journalists, activists, and so-called dissidents targeted, but also political parties like the Internet Party, have been targeted by spies. Even child abuse survivors who are suing the government for child abuse are also being targeted. Likewise, insurance claimants from the Christchurch earthquake were likewise targeted by private intelligence agencies directly hired by government departments.

We’ve seen that any activity that’s happening in one of the Five Eyes, is happening in all of them. In the UK, with the UK#spycops campaign, we see intelligence agents were getting into intimate relationships with activists in the UK and even impregnating them, having children by them- all with fake personas and fake identities. Likewise, we see spy cops in New Zealand, also entering into intimate relationships with New Zealand activists. These illegal activities are indemnified in all the countries. They all take the same courses and study the same handbooks. We’ve seen the integration of all of their data into the data bases. They are basically operating as a single entity. This is a total subversion of the concept of the nation state. They are supposed to act in the interest of their own countries. But they are acting in their own interests. And they are the ultimate example of globalization.

We also talked about policies and legislation and the lack of oversight. So we know that in the US, the intelligence agencies were spying on the intelligence oversight committees. NSA documents prove that they set up private corporations to fund their projects when they couldn’t get funding from Congress. And they use liaison officers to restrict the flow of information between the agencies and the oversight committees. They are operating in concert with countries all around the world. So they are completely outside of the democratic framework. They are not voted in by the public and the public can’t vote them out. These intelligence agencies are around for generations. And they control the strategic direction of our societies for generations. And that is why we have to stop them.

We have also found in the documents that their customers (because the NSA and their partner agencies call themselves a business) are not just government departments or the nation they are supposed to serve. They also include private entities. We know for a fact that one of the customers of the NSA is the Federal Reserve Bank of America, which is a private corporation.

So tonight we will try to connect for you the pathway between the top level of the Global Network and all of the organizations and middle layers that data filters down through and up through. Going right down to the shady guys on the ground that are actually targeting people.

So if you are targeted, when you start to notice that you are being targeted and these dodgy, shady people are following you around and surveilling you and messing with your life, it’s really difficult to know who they are and what they are doing. It’s a really scary experience. And it’s only through research and through talking with other targets that you begin to get some sense of what’s actually going on and who’s behind it all.

However, a few years ago an amazing development occurred. A young guy named Mark (M.C.) McGrath discovered that the employees of the intelligence agencies worldwide had been documenting who they’d been working for, what operations they’d been working on, what programs they were involved in, AND who their targets were in their curriculum vitae, and then posted these CVs onto Linkedin. And M.C. McGrath worked out how to bulk scrape the CV data of intelligence operatives from Linkedin, created a data base of that information, and when he himself became targeted for having done so, he passed that data base to WikiLeaks. And WikiLeaks published it. You can find that data base at ICwatch.com. It’s absolutely remarkable because for the first time, we can show you in their own words in their own CVs, who they are working for, who they were targeting, and how they are doing it. (Webmaster comment: See Intelligence Community (IC) Watch Profiles Over 100,000 Military Contractor-Spooks-Organized Stalking Perps-Special Forces: 7 videos & text of interview w/ M.C. McGrath for details.)

Elizabeth Mueller, my friend and fellow targeted individual, is going to join us this evening. We have discovered that the same methods of targeting were used against both of us. She also was an activist opposing the TPP. She was targeted by private intelligence agencies hired by the government who went to extreme lengths to dismantle her life at the same time that these same types of private intelligence goons were targeting me in New Zealand.

This figure from “They Spy With Their Little Eye” is probably the best one to explain how this Global Network works:

This figure describes, from a New Zealand perspective, the hierarchy of the data flows from the targeters to the targeted. This will easily translate to any of the NSA partner agencies.

The NSA calls their intelligence empire the “Global Network.” The top tier is only the USA. It also has network access including the hardware of all of their partner agencies, these being the international spy agencies around the world. The original intelligence sharing agreement from the 1940’s is the 2 Eyes (US and UK). But today, the other 2 Eyes (US and Israel) has higher access.

Each of the partner agencies has a military partnership as well. Fundamentally, it is the military that is underpinning all of this. In the Western world, it is not politicians or governments that run the show. It is the military. This is a transnational military dictatorship. The US is run by the military. This is also true for New Zealand. Our countries are run by the people you don’t see on TV. This military partnership is what enables the data sharing. In New Zealand, we have two spy agencies, the domestic spy agency (NZSIS more or less = FBI) and GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau) international spy agency, which more or less = NSA). The military partnership agreement enables the data sharing.

From the Global Network, the data is passed through the 5 Eyes, which is pulling data from domestic and international spy agencies.

On the next tier, we have Fusion Centers. They are a creation of war. The first Fusion Centers were in Iraq and Afghanistan (actually Vietnam, see The Phoenix Program by Douglas Valentine, 1990) and wherever the US is waging a war. Fusion Centers fuse data from a variety of data sources, merge all the data together, and then feed that data to their customers. They use military, corporate, domestic police departments, private, and open source data…. And they pull all these data sets together, then feed them back. They were established post-9/11 by counter-terrorism legislation. Almost everything we are talking about comes under the umbrella of “counter-terrorism.” But they expand their definition of counter-terrorism to mean any threat to national security. Then they expand what a threat to national security is, thus, deliberately broadening the scope of what it means to be a threat to national security. They decided private corporations and banks, credit card companies, etc. are considered part of “critical infrastructure.” So if you are a threat to critical infrastructure, like a bank, you become a threat to national security. Then all the apparatus of the state is used to target you.

The government departments justify spying on their own citizens as being part of “risk management.” We’ve seen the invoices of governments hiring private intelligence agencies to spy on “threats” (targets) on the ground. This is put on the general ledger as a security expense. Hence, the targeting of citizens around the world who oppose some government policy or activity; we are being deemed a risk either to the government or to the police and security state, or to corporate entities. And then these military Fusion Centers, are trading in our data and pushing them up through the military networks.

The Fusion Centers became propagated right across the domestic homelands of the western world. There are 78 in the United States. And there are also international Fusion Centers. This is a military initiative which has been brought to the homeland which is obviously a total violation of human rights and countless historical principles. The domestic police intelligence units and the government departments and corporate entities don’t like to do dirty work themselves, so they hire private intelligence and private security contractors. And those contractors are the ones that hire teams of people that go and stalk, target, interfere with, sabotage, and destroy the lives of whoever is deemed to be a risk to the state. They are literally billing the government. So the government is identifying who should be targeted and then these are the goons that are actually doing it.

When you look at their websites, and read their promotional material, they brag about the fact that they work for corporations, police departments, and they also brag about having global customers who are foreign governments and commercial entities. So, in New Zealand if you piss off Saudi Arabia, for example, or another government overseas, that government or a corporation in that country can independently contract these private security and intelligence agencies to come and fuck your life up.

Pushing it (the data) back the other way, up the waterfall to the Global Network, information that is gathered by these private security and intelligence agencies about you can be pushed back to their global customers, governmental or commercial entities. They try to pin you with anything they can, and then they report that back to your local police departments and then to the Fusion Centers and eventually up to the Global network.

I would get asked: Is the CIA targeting you? The CIA doesn’t have to send agents to New Zealand to target someone they don’t like there. All they need to do is extract data from the Global Network that is relevant to their target- and that data could be collected by some local intelligence agency in New Zealand- and that data is shared all the way up the waterfall to the Global Network.

Elizabeth Mueller: (activist, researcher, and targeted individual from the US, and a Stop TPP activist) I didn’t really realize I was being targeted for about 10 years until I saw one of your (Suzie’s) podcasts. What you described was just what was happening to me.

After I watched your video, I was horrified about what happened to you and the similarities to what was happening to me. So I became determined to stop and expose them.

Suzie: Now you are discovering evidence from the people themselves who have been doing the targeting.

Elizabeth: I put in “surveillance role player” in a search engine and I couldn’t believe how many hits I got.

I was getting isolated in my life and it was extremely validating and healing for me to realize what was happening. They do try to destroy your property. They do take your picture.

The Intelligence Cycle is part of ICWatch.com:

I started watching a lot of videos that M.C. McGrath put up. He said there’s a lot of open source information out there. So I started googling handbooks. An he’s definitely right.

It’s mind boggling how many people are involved in targeting one person. It’s quite terrifying actually. It’s like a full-scale military operation. There is somebody directing these operations. They can be psychological operations. It can be smearing people, stalking their mail, and physically breaking in. They want to be always learning more and more about you. It’s called “The Collect:” they want to collect information about how to control you. They disseminate the information back to the team. And they keep running missions. It can be constant. Targets will have people doing these ops against you all day long. If they break into your house, they report back. Here’s a flow chart from one of the manuals:

There is always this emphasis on “the enemy.” Of course, we are the domestic “enemy.” We are being considered guilty before being proven innocent. They hit your finances, and try to make you as poor as possible.

Goals of the security agency according to Field Manual 3.05 30; Headquarters Dept. of the Army; 2008, Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare:

Basically, they perceive certain people as having certain influence. They just don’t like your politics and don’t want you to have influence.

What they are really doing is they study you, and they try figure out what will upset you and what will harm you. The manual talks about how people come into your life, evaluate you, rape your life.

“Surreptitous Entry = Breaking and Entering”

From ICWatch.com documents:

CV entry for Stephen Cardoos: “Media Exploitation (MEDEX) Analyst:”

Mueller: The security agencies see the media as something to exploit. So many people from security agencies are connected to CBS, NBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post. They are heavily embedded in our mainstream media/corporate news.

CV entry for Richard Pyle: (Professor of Political Science While Teaching At Security Policy; Before that he was instructor to DHS, NSA, FBI, CIA, ICE, DEA, EPA, Fusion Centers, State Police, etc.

Dawson: Before becoming a university professor, he instructed DHS, NSA, CIA, ICE, DEA, Fusion Centers

Meuller: The Fusion Centers appear to be the centers where persons of interest are identified. They are trolling our social media constantly and looking for people who are behaving badly. You can become a “person of interest” if you post the wrong cat meme like I did.

CV entry for Carrie Gardner; Intern North Central Texas Fusion Center; Finding “Persons of Interest” (i.e., Targets) by using Social Media and Fusion Centers

One of these operations led to the conviction of someone for 25 years. They are really hoping to prosecute people.

Mentioned in CD: “Gained an understanding of how the intelligence process cycle and organizations produced actionable intelligence products and how Fusion Centers contributed to the process.”

Lucas Martinez, Student, Sante Fe Community College;

Referenced on Martinez’s CV: “FBI Screening Center,” “Watch List,” “Fusion Center,” “Intelligence Agency points of contact of matters pertaining to encounters with Watch-Listed Known or Suspected Terrorists.”

Suzie Dawson: Now let’s remember there are some 3 million people on the Terrorism Watch List. Do you think there are 3 million terrorists? No, there are 3 million possible, possible, potential threats to national security, with national security referring to critical infrastructure, which is actually banks, corporations, etc.. This is the transnational intelligence cabal. And this is what globalization is.

Elizabeth: Martinez maintained a 24/7 operation on counter-terrorism by utilizing multiple data bases to store and receive digital information on international and domestic terrorists. It’s like everyone is a domestic terrorist. He was screening social media, looking for domestic terrorists for the FBI terrorist screen center.

It seems to me like an excuse to employ a ridiculous number of people.

CV Jeffrey Wobbleton, Consultant, Transglobal Biz; Fusion Center, Developed “Suspicious Activity Reporting” (SAR) For Entire United States

Dawson: What we are really seeing is that the 99% are the targets.

Virginia Will, Lead Fusion Center Analyst, Okalooska County Sheriff’s Office

Maximino Piez, Part-Time Social Media Analyst

Elizabeth: How many people have they employed to do this useless work? Is half the country paid to spy on the other half?

Biometrics Enrollment Technician: Utilizes biometric information to locate Persons of Interest.

Elizabeth: So really it doesn’t matter where you live or whether or not you are on social media. They can use biometrics to locate you. They can do biometrics from your drivers licence.

Robert Flynn, Counterterrorism Analyst Mentor, Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Suzie Dawson: They literally use the language, “targeted individuals.” This is the language of the intelligence community and the military, it’s not the language of the victims.

Elizabeth: They use sanitized language. They aren’t breaking into someone’s house, they doing “surreptitious entry.”

Scott Sattler: HUMINT Targeting Intelligence Analyst- Active Top Secret/SCI/CI- Polygraph

Suzie: HUMINT (Human Intelligence) is what the CIA and private security companies do. They physically put someone into the orbit of your life.

James Dennis: Security Guard at Food City Distribution Center

Susan Griffin and Jericho Jackson: HUMINT, Collector Course Instructor

Dawson: Humint (Human Intelligence) is what the CIA does. It is also what these private security and intelligence agencies do. Where they physically put somebody into your orbit, into your life. SIGINT is Signals Intelligence, what the NSA does.

Natalie Sarrano, HUMINT Targeting, Graduate of DIA’s HUMINT targeting course, deployed to Iraq

Psychological Operations

Elizabeth: Just about every single targeting venture involves psychological operations.

Suzie Dawson thread (Nov. 14, 2018)

Dawson: Just to give some context…. Those are the initials of my children written in blood on my elevator wall. Absolutely, this is a psychological operation.

Military Battalion Operations Officer Military Information Support Operations (PSYOP): …

Highlighted accomplishments were the execution of the only deliberate plan for positioning PSYOP forces into Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina….

Dawson: That is extreeeemely interesting. A major military information support operations officer in a hurricane zone.

Webmaster Comment: I’ll help with some additional insights that could help explain this slide. Hurricane Katrina was steered to it’s direct hit over New Orleans in August, 2005 through U.S. government/Air Force geoengineering-weather warfare technologies. This is one of many examples of weather warfare/geoengineering being deployed against the civilian population in America. Second, the levees in New Orleans were deliberately demolished during the storm in order to flood much of the city, especially the Lower 9th Ward area so this area could be rebuilt by developers, etc. (an example of “Disaster Capitalism” and “The Shock Doctrine”). Third, the FEMA response to the emergency was deliberately counterproductive in order to traumatize and relocate vast numbers of locals, mostly blacks. I imagine that the PSYOP mission mentioned in this CV could have to do with any of these aspects of this highly treasonous crime against the American people and Republic as carried under the George W. Bush Administration.

The CIA’s New Black Bag is Digital

Elizabeth: I documented 8 breakins in a two-month period. Here’s the proof. It’s also called “surreptitious entry.” When the NSA can’t break into your computer, these guys break into your house.

David Howell, Contract Instructor at Texas Health and Human Services Commission; Special Agent, Chief; Surreptitious Entry; technical surveillance in vehicular and foot surveillance and homes, covert camera installations

Dawson: In New Zealand they passed laws that allowed them to conduct “domestic visual surveillance” without a warrant and then use material they gain to apply for a warrant. This is their term for planting cameras inside your house. So they’ve made it legal after they performed these breakins and camera plants.

Bryan Godfrey, Senior CI (counterintelligence) Agent; Close Access Team Lead, Senior Counterintelligence Agent; Vulnerablity Assessments, Physical Security, Surreptitious Entry; human exploitation;

Joint, Combined, and DOD HUMINT Organizations

Line Squad Assaulter; military operations, weapons, surveillance, army, SIGINT, IMINT, HUMINT, vehicle entry, surreptitious entry

Dawson: This is a continuous theme amongst all the targets. Absolutely, they go after your vehicles. And then they brag about having done so on their CVs so that they can get their next job targeting somebody else.

Elizabeth: It gets worse, look at this- they take classes in this.

“Basic Surreptitious Entry and Locking Mechanism Defeat Training”

Elizabeth: Do we have any human rights at all? It seems sick that these people are allowed to do this. Subtle mechanical overview. Lock picking and lock mechanism bypass.

Finally, you can take a “counter surreptitious entry course.”

Elizabeth: They are so paranoid. I guess they can dish it out but they can’t take it. They are fine with breaking into other people’s houses but they want to make sure it doesn’t happen to them.

This is an add for a surveillance role player.. This one they call “Conduct Intrusion.”

Even the post office is spying on us:

Nicholas Campo; medical records, law enforcement officer, counterterrorism

Experienced Surveillance HUMINT Role Player Wanted Add

Surveillance Role Player; Counterintelligence Role Player- Secret Part-Time Contract; Surveillance Team Role Player Team Controller (Cat. 4) (Adds)

Elizabeth: Surveillance Role Players are people who are hired to be actors. They can try to interrogate you, trick you, falsify witness against you to frame you for a crime. At Occupy Wall Street, we’d see people come down and try to discredit you. But they can be downright terrifying. Surveillance Role Players can also be honey pots and honey traps and try to date you and be spycops. Later on, they can claim that you did things against them.

Dawson: Reads from add:; SC3- a leading company….. so these are military contractors who are pimping themselves out to major corporations and non-profit organizations. These teams of surveillance operatives outsource to corporations… here in their own advertising, they brag that they “work for the Dept. of Defense and major corporations”- and “cyber support.” They are replicating the same model as the NSA and the intelligence agencies.

These private companies are a business and they have customers. The customer might be the DOD or it might be the Bank of America.

Elizabeth: Even Jeffrey Epstein’s rape victims can be targeted by these groups.

Dawson: Surveillance Role Players for the Interstate Trucking Center? Next one down… Counterintelligence role player for General Dynamics, a weapons contractor.

Elizabeth: Anyone who is rich can suppress anyone.

Dawson: This is businesses going after other businesses as well as businesses going after individuals.

Experienced Role Players: Basic Qualifications

Elizabeth: I was (asking) like, how much do these people get paid? It seems the average salary is about $44,000 a year.

Dawson: It looks like the bulk of them are getting paid much less, like about $25,000 to 30,000 a year.

Elizabeth: I wonder if they are getting government assistance like the Walmart workers. It’s amazing how life has become so cheap. And we have our fellow citizens attacking our fellow citizens.

Elizabeth: I wanted to learn the psychology.

Elizabeth: So they are all little buddies while they are ruining your life. This is like the Stasi.

In this slide the surveillance role players actually rate their experience as stalkers and their work environment:

Typical Day at Work: Busy but plentiful
What I learned: Keep your eyes on the target.
Management: worthwhile
Work culture: agreeable
Hardest part of the job: managing skill sets
Most enjoyable part of the job: getting along with co-workers

Pros: great hours, great co-workers
Cons: when work was over

And they gave role player job a 5 star rating!

Elizabeth: Surveillance role players can also be honey pots.

What I found when I put in honey pot and honey trap on wikileaks was very disturbing. This is from the Global Intelligence Files (Stratfor). They say Julian Assange was most likely framed for rape. They say, well, (that’s no bad because) “the Kremlin would kill him. The US just set a honey trap and he flew in like a dumb ass.” Stratfor was functioning as an intelligence agency. A government subcontractor, a private CIA. They have been heavily attacking WikiLeaks supporters.

I think this is maybe the most important slide. We have a government subcontractor saying that Assange has been framed for a crime he did not commit, and they might try to execute him. They heap on extra charges.

Elizabeth: This is from your article Suzie and you did a great job. You have a great chart in your article, “Freeing Julian Assange.” He was indefinitely detained for an ongoing investigation. He was tortured and smeared constantly. Now this poor man who has done so much for this country and the world may lose his life over this. He’s a hero. Jacob Applebaum is another hero.

Suzie: Jacob Applebaum is a known FBI and NSA target. This was shown in the Snowdon documents. And all of a sudden he’s a serial rapist? Julian Assange confirmed they were engaging in a man-hunt of him prior to allegations of rape being charged against him. What are the odds that three of the highest level targets all happen to be serial rapists?

I can speak to this because people are coming to my work, as a massage therapist, and they would try to get me fired. They were working in teams. And they were asking me over and over again all about Russia. That’s just a red-herring they’ve invented so they can vilify people.

Dorothy Faulk: Intelligence Analyst, ASOT Role Player and Instructor;

She has military experience and is teaching people (role players) how to do honey pots; trying approach, target and use sexuality to get close to targets to harm them, this is basically prostitution school. This is evil work people are doing, tricking people into relationships, like the spycops in Britain’s MI5 who actually impregnated female activists.

Elizabeth: They are tricking people into relationships. Suzie has talked about spycops who have impregnated their targets.

In an article by Suzie Dawson, she explains how honey pots are used against climate scientists and tariff negotiators.

From: “Freeing Julian Assange: Part 2” in Contraspin:

…”As is so often the case with spying- it wasn’t just passive electronic surveillance, it included the use of human intelligence spies. The article references documents from Wikileaks 2010 CableGate release:

“A few dipolomats at the RTCC said they believe most rooms at the 2010 Tianjin talks in China were bugged. Another talked of “honey traps” for influential envoys, with one delegate reportedly losing their official phone as a consequence. The Snowden documents are not the first to identify UN Climate Summits as a bed of intrigue and dirty tricks. In 2010 US diplomatic cables released by the Wikileaks site how the US launched a secret diplomatic offensive to ensure the Copenhagen Accord was agreed.”

Honey pots. For climate scientists and tariff negotiators. Takes the shine off the whole James Bond image, doesn’t it? ….

Elizabeth: These people are trained in how to deceive. Over and over again, denial and deception. So they are trained liars. And this is deeply concerning because the security agencies are deeply embedded in our media. We have these people trained in denial and deception in control of our media.

Here we go…denial and deception.

Jared Ettinger: Specialized Skills Officer; Targeter, Leidos, denial, deception, cyber operations, HUMINT, counterterrorism

Elizabeth: Here we go- denial and deception.

The Director of Central Intelligence even gives out awards for denial and deception.

Tim Collins, Intelligence analyst, denial and deception

Elizabeth: Parallel construction is where they use illegal means to spy on you and maybe they find something on you and then they will try to build a case where they can entrap you and have you repeat the same behavior and then get you that way. This is supposed to be illegal so I can’t believe this guy put it on his CV.

Another thing, they love to infiltrate, infiltrate…..

Deputy Head of Operations and Resources; related to domestic extremism and direct action activists, counterterrorism

Rachel Marsden, media operations,

These people put in their CVs that they have been going after the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Judson Llewellyn Skinner, CI, HUMINT, SIGINT, OSINT

Taylor Drinkard, experienced investigator, analyst, Alabama Fusion Center, monitoring threat assessments of “sovereign citizens”

Sidney Brown, Security Analyst and Social Communications Manager, global and domestic terrorism

Neal Hanley, CIA,

M.C. McGrath and Julian Assange, heros, thank you! We will fight for you.

Suzie Dawson: Let’s face it, all our countries are run by the transnational military dictatorship. This is a transnational problem.


Enrique Gonzalez
1 year ago
Operatives have disclosed themselves, & agreed that the ploys could be considered as a conspiracy to murder.

Noah Daughhetee
1 year ago
I really think you need to put in the description that 5i = Five Eyes = US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand bound together by surveillance treaty.

1 year ago
Me too….I thought I am a single parent , president of Inner City mission, church affiliate. Once Ex was found dead in his duplex, all hell broke lose. Which by the time Snowden confirmed what I was experiencing @work, then every where. I just stood against abuse, molestation, lies against people caught n a system.

Jam Bos
1 year ago
As Steve correctly points out below – the reason for psyop military personnel to be present at the impact zone of a major hurricane is to collect data and asses how their weather modification project faired and specifically how affected the local population is. They treat the disaster zone simply as a disposable vile in a lab experiment.

Diana Pythia
1 year ago
Does Elizabeth have a channel and site we can contact her through, as well. Thank you both so much. This vide was so inspiring and insightful. I’m so grateful for your strong and courageous dedication to exposing these crimes. I have felt isolated and alone for so long, it is true, that it is so validating. I am looking forward to following your work, supporting it, and figuring out how to contribute and become more active, personally.

John Mastroligulano
1 year ago
I would be cautious as well if you have investments like stocks since HFT=high frequency trading machines with algorithms are between you & your investments meaning they can push prices up/down based upon who you are. If you want to understand more I can try to help but the writer of that movie The Big Short did a few interviews on the subject with Jon Stewart & other people explaining how the markets are rigged something I was right up against for a while until I just got out because it was obvious what was going on. Yes I understand being targeted. I wish there were more I could do but see that you are doing a great thing with your time & it’s much appreciated.

Swedish Bulldog
1 year ago
I’m in love.

cat terrell
1 year ago
Sure wish I could have heard about “conduct intrusions” .

c ankhovich
1 year ago
met w/ #Eliahi Priest?

Jordan Allen
1 year ago
Please get back onto the Jimmy Dore show asap. I have been asking him to have you back, but I don’t have the connections to Dore that you have (Graham.)
You are the only person I know of with the ability to break the global intel network down in an understandable way for the general public. Hands down.
If Dore was smart and knew what was good for his brand, he’d have you on weekly.
WW3 is the corporatists V the people.
The people MUST be warned.

1 year ago
I am tech. slow

1 year ago
Not an Apple user?

Carl Turechek
1 year ago
I wonder if they target women more… being that if I caught one of those losers snooping around I’d not hesitate to flatten them.

Jennifer Whitehouse
1 year ago
What’s with the breaking in the story. With that stupid purple notice and such . Why can’t you play it straight through without all this breaking up with signage and dramatic music? Pretty annoying.