Engineering Human Evolution, Transhumanism, AI, Hive Mind (DJ Welsh youtubes)


The Quest Towards Transhumanism Has Put Us On A Course That Will Change The Evolutionary Path Of Mankind

They now have the capability of typing the DNA sequencing into a computer where it’s ‘synthesized’, instead of actually cutting and splicing DNA from one biological organism into another (GMO) and deliver it over the internet. Oh, by the way, the primary raw material used to synthesize DNA is sugar, $25.00 of which, according to Synberc, is enough to make a copy of every human genome on the planet.

Synthorx engineered a bacteria with 6 DNA base pairs vs. the 4 base pairs found in nature. All life on earth currently consists of 4 base pairs. They did this by using the standard building blocks, the ATGC and then added two new in vivo replications of a synthetic DNA base pair they labeled X,Y which resembles nothing that’s ever been seen on earth before. They created a triple helix DNA life form. This new, alien bacteria they created is a 6 base pair model which uses ATGC + XY which uses 3 nucleotides and yields 152 amino acids to create proteins.

Synthetic bio tech will establish the bridge to Cybernetics; creating synthetic artificial neuro circuits to be embedded on or implanted into humans to create a common communications platform for AGI based machines in the near future. Would these new life forms that may be more advanced but are definitely more complex, seek to destroy or assimilate the lesser or more primitive life forms on the planet? The scientists at Synthorx acknowledge they don’t know how this alien life form will react or interact in a 4 base pair environment and yet, they are conducting R&D for it’s application in the form of vaccines!

They are engineering the future of humanity.