Email Statement on Scale of Ongoing Zersetzung Operations By Glen Parkinson (England, May 30, 2023)

Dear Mrs. von der Leyen and colleagues,

I am writing to you in good faith after becoming aware of a previous email sent to you by Joseph Costa of Australia on 8th May 2023.

I would very much like to bring to your attention that, as difficult to contemplate as Mr Costa’s allegations are, they are for the most part factually accurate. The Zersetzung system has not only returned, but it is being used with complete impunity to ruin the lives of innocent civilians in Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, on a terrifying and truly unfathomable scale.

The state security services of these countries are using a combination of the traditionally practised methodologies of psychological warfare, coupled with a silent torture program which has become possible through the development and weaponization of the electromagnetic spectrum. For the last four years such weapons have been used against me every single night to deprive me of sleep, and since they do not leave behind residual ballistic evidence in the same way traditional firearms do, it is almost impossible for the victims to prove they are being tortured.

Madame, I explicate to you not simply a problem, but a grave and immediate threat to the existing democratic apparatus. These modern, covert weapons are in the hands of sadistic psychopaths who are using them to torture people for ideological and even financial reasons, and who face no accountability from their respective governments for doing so.

Furthermore, exactly as occurred under the dark history of the Zersetzung system, these state agencies are co-opting private citizens and companies to assist them in persecuting their targets. It simply beggars belief, but it is happening right now across a multiplex of different countries. Many support networks for the victims wrote to Nils Meltzer in his former role as Special Rapporteur for the UN to warn him of this widespread and meticulous methodology of psychological torture, but to date the world has not seen an end to this waking nightmare.

This torture system is bad enough to deal with as a man, but the statistics imply that the typical victim is female and over 60. It is so disgusting that the criminal elements within the security services who are committing these atrocities are getting away with them at least in part because nobody outside the circle of victims can quite believe they would ever engage in such misanthropic behaviours.

I beg of you madame, do not ignore this email. If these psychopaths are not stopped and the weapons they are using remain covert and unregulated, totalitarianism is an inevitability.


Glen Parkinson.

30 Glen Park Avenue, Plymouth, Devon, England, UK, PL4 6BB. 07936699917.