Targeted Individuals, Elon Musk, 5G IOT Cybernetic New World Order Simulated Reality; Cyber Torture; Digital DNA; 4 Videos

I. Elon Musk and The 5G IOT New World Order Simulated Reality

World Sentient Simulation
Jade Helm (Mastering The Human Domain)
Jade 2.0

II. Elon Musk, Digital Super Intelligence, Targeted Individuals, and The Technological Singularity

The Connectome Project
The Human Brain Project
The Global Brain Project
Brain Net
Digital Intelligence
Turing Test
Implanted Thoughts
Digital Superintelligence
Human Digital Twin

III. Cybertorture



There is no established legal protection for the human subject when researchers use Brain Machine Interface (cybernetic technology) to reverse engineer the human brain.

The progressing neuroscience using brain-machine-interface will enable those in power to push the human mind wide open for inspection.

Facebook is building brain-computer interfaces

“Do you want to work for the company who pioneered putting augmented reality dogears on teens, or the one that pioneered typing with telepathy?” You don’t haveto say anything. For Facebook, thinking might be enough.

Facebook hired Dugan last year to lead its secretive new Building 8 research lab. She had previously run Google’s Advanced Technology And Products division, and was formerly a head of DARPA.

Facebook built a special Area 404 wing of its Menlo Park headquarters with tons of mechanical engineering equipment to help Dugan’s team quickly prototype new hardware. In December, it signed rapid collaboration deals with Stanford, Harvard, MIT and more to get academia’s assistance.

Elon Musk and the goal of human enhancement

Brain-computer interfaces could change the way people think, soldiers fight and Alzheimer’s is treated. But are we in control of the ethical ramifications, extending the human mind …

At the World Government Summit in Dubai, Tesla and SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk said that people would need to become cyborgs to be relevant in an artificial intelligence age. He said that a “merger of biological intelligence and machine intelligence” would be necessary to ensure we stay economically valuable.

Soon afterwards, the serial entrepreneur created Neuralink, with the intention of connecting computers directly to human brains. He wants to do this using “neural lace” technology – implanting tiny electrodes into the brain for direct computing capabilities.

There is call for alarm. What kind of privacy safeguard is needed, computers can read your thoughts!

In recent decades areas of research involving nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology and neuroscience have emerged, resulting in, products and services.

We are facing an era of synthetic telepathy, with brain-computer-interface and communication technology based on thoughts, not speech.

An appropriate albeit alarming question is: “Do you accept being enmeshed in a computer network and turned into a multimedia module”? authorities will be able to collect information directly from your brain, without your consent.

This kind of research in bioelectronics has been progressing for half a century.

Brain Machine Interface (Cybernetic technology) can be used to read our minds and to manipulate our sensory perception!

Man is now made whether we want it or not into a commercial biomechanical platform.How is that possible? This is due to the lack of general knowledge in the field of nanotechnology, new networking technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Mathematical models and enormous computing capacity in the cloud as well as artificial intelligence make this possible.

IV. The Amazon Cloud Digital DNA Cybernetic New World Order

Brain Activity Map
Citizen Science
3D Avatars
Quantum Teleportation of Life


National Security State of USA
Elon Musk, Cyberneticist, CEO of Neuralink/Spacex
Dr. George Church, Harvard Medical School
Dr. James Giordano, Georgetown University
J. Craig Venter, Amerian Geneticist, Biochemist, Businessman
Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, Professor of History, Jerusalem University
Michio Kaku, Author