Elizabeth Mueller: American Targeted Activist (April 24, 2018 video)

Elizabeth Mueller

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Mueller. I led one of the largest groups in the USA to Stop TPP. My group worked with a coalition and #WeStoppedTPP in the USA (for now, although 11 other countries are trying to pass CPTPP.) I was targeted for my political work, most likely by government-funded, criminal private sec companies. It is time for activists, whistleblowers, journalists and everyday innocent people to fight back–demand Congress pass a USA #AntiSpyBill.


*There is some profanity in this video…please don’t watch, if that offends you.


Suzi 3D
3 years ago
Solidarity, Elizabeth. Good on you for being brave enough to speak your truth

Bob Chandra
3 years ago
Thank you for having the courage to speak openly about this. This is a dark reality in our democracy that if you cross certain lines, there are consequences and for whatever reason, the mainstream media hasn’t drawn attention to this kind of government-hired or private network stalking. I’m sorry for what you had to go through; and there are others of us who are in a similar camp.
Appreciate your raising the profile of this important issue.

#FreeJulian Assange
3 years ago
When the ordinary become extraordinarily! Thank you for all your hard work!

Harriet Heywood
3 years ago
Thanks Elizabeth. Keep on fighting. The world needs great people like you.

潇雨濛 / 优梦国际YumongX / YoumonX Int’l
2 years ago (edited)
Thanks for sharing! I complained about the same stuff over the years, but I was snubbed as being “mentally ill” and shushed even by my “mother” – I felt it was someone who looked like my mother pretending to be my mother! It was horrible! I gave up on my career because I did not know what was hitting me and started to frantically to look for safety like moving to places I lived when things were normal, getting really nervous about and avoiding people from certain countries, being fearful of looking for work, socializing, etc.. I did appear and sometimes acted like a crazy person. I couldn’t do anything without struggles: I just was not functioning like what I was supposed to be. I am alienated from family, old friends…. So on and on….. hugs!!!! Solidarity!

Tristan Sykes
3 years ago
You are AWESOME Elizabeth. ❤️ Good on you for reaching out to Suzie. She’s awesome too. Looking forward to more videos and cat memes! ❤️❤️❤️

3 years ago
yes they target anyone who is a real threat. This is a very real thing and is ongoing with LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE!! I do not understand why people aren’t outraged. This also explains ALOT about the waning activism across the country because this really does intimidate folks!!!! =(

1 year ago (edited)
Good for you about speaking out about the harassment! I am from Ontario Canada and I somehow have become stalked and harassed. I am not an enemy and I keep to myself generally I do not understand how people are allowed to do this to people and there is no limits it seems. People need to be aware and it needs to stop you are such a great woman clearly. Can you let me know your progress since this video and how you are doing, I am here for support. All the best to you!

S.F. S.
2 years ago
Thank you, it is a relief to find someone who is eloquent and can present a polished presentation. It inspired me to also step up to the plate. As I’ve said many times, I’ll compare my curriculum vitae against anyone who reads my posts and may think I am crazy. Although I’ve been targeted for decades, I have two professional degrees, several certificates and awards, and a solid family life. I have very carefully chosen friends who have been with me for decades. I was able to accomplish this only because I understood that I was not alone, and with the help of information shared with other targets. Yes, I was accused of crimes I did not do, survived smear campaigns, and I may not be as financially wealthy as others in my field, but I’ve led a life which has been rich in experiences and memories, and I’m hoping to live a few more decades. Could they have created a Frankenstein? Your video and interview with Suzie inspired me to produce video and financial support.

3 years ago
Be safe, Liz! We need you!

R All
3 years ago
Very Good. Thank you for speaking up. There are thousands that suffer and nothing is ever done. I have had a little success in fighting back, but the war is still being fought because I’m still a targeted individual. Nothing is coincidence anymore. Peace to all targets. PS, my battle began with LASD and LAPD.

2 years ago
Great story indeed! I’m guessing best to just follow you on twitter. I’m Ed on FB and glad to help spread the word if I can.

Mariann Bakken
3 years ago
Was attacked with “gang stalking shows” from outside the house I lived in from the exact same day I was supposed to sit down and prepare a campaign that would start up a new organization at the time already registered with the aim to work with environmental and human rights issues in Norway, and from that day was followed an harassed everywhere. At that time I had been an activist for many years and through intimidation tactics been made aware of that someone was “watching”. Was also harassed with stealth weapons.

3 years ago
I am glad E. Mueller is taking this so well (or at least that the nerves in front of the camera keep her smiling). However the sort of harassment she describes eerily reminds me of the days after the Occupy NYC and the rebuke Aaron Swartz lead against Sopa. We all know how that ended. Let’s take care of our own. Whoever ‘they’ are, they do play weird sorts of disgusting mind games, and keeping us confused and second guessing seems to be one of their objectives. Solidarity, courage, joy! (or, in absence of the latter, ‘nerves in front of the camera’ will have to suffice X)

Tammy Shaftner
2 years ago (edited)
Solidarity Liz! WTF😲😳
Once again #Enlightened by your testimony! Tam Brewer✌❤

Rebecca Leech
3 years ago
Best video , you rock. Totally agree and believe you. Stay safe. Hugs

Alex Hills
1 year ago
Much Love to you. I have felt targeted for my assange activism as well as for posts made about BigPharma (GSK)

Birgit Lenderink
3 years ago

Elizabeth Mueller
4 months ago
Thank you for your support, everyone. I’ve started a fundraiser. Please help, if you can.


3 years ago
like i said, you’re amazing. ☺️ stay safe & healthy. 💪🌹💫

Mecdi An Dikmen
1 year ago
oh my god even tho these are serious stuff why are you so lovely telling them ::D subscribed sis.

2 years ago
Hello to you Elizabeth… I just stumbled upon your video… thank you for doing what you do. You are leading by example… xtra points, if points count anyhow. I have some constructive ‘criticism’… advice perhaps…? Understanding I would have appreciated knowing as I became woke to much of what you seem to be realizing now (based on your vid) Some of my words you no doubt know very well, some others I suspect will be new and hopefully profound. Take it for what it’s worth. Always humble yourself. If you think you’ve finally learned something… anything…? Go back and review it again. #truth Expect anonymous… anything other is totally relative. Your experience with this corrupt system is clearly only just begun, if your current reality truly surprises you. Your heart is in the right place but I implore, your focus is way too tight. You fight the symptoms of this paradigm. However, now that you are feeling the capitalist consumer, money economy’s immune system reacting to your efficacy as an activist… zoom out… and not just a little adjustment… zoom out to your proverbial stops. See the root cause of those symptoms you fight. Seek to solve the root cause and many or most of the symptoms will alleviate on their own or with little attention, which leaves those of us in this fight to concentrate on what comes next and in the interim. First though, it seems we must dislodge the problematic, obsolete and entrenched system prior to offering any replacement. I think it has become quite apparent that the ‘democratic’ voting process does not have in its design a way to actually change the status quo. For example, why isn’t there a “vote of No Confidence” option on our ballots? More urgently, why does it seem as though shit is continually getting worse, why has it not changed already? Because it’s not designed beyond the appearance of having that mechanism. There will be a void for a time… my deeper perspective on it, again, take for it’s worth. Hopefully it will makes some sense and help. Forgive any redundancies in verbage or symantics… rant, still under construction. Message. Almost ‘there’. Flames, input, and constructive criticisms welcome…. I write in hopes that at some point, woke minds will reach critical mass prior to the collapse of this system…

So, the civil unrest spreading all over the planet is no coincidence. It is an inevitable product of a capitalist money economy, the scarcity this paradigm creates so that it can just exist at all and the unavoidable corruption that breeds in that environment. An unsustainable way of life that is reaching the end of it’s usefulness to humanity. It is evidenced as an important symptom of the root cause for it all. This is all a product of the way in which we have accepted to live. Argue the left or right all you want, that will not change a damn thing! Every one of us is only the product of the environments we happen to find ourselves in. All that we think we know as individuals is wholly learned and resultant only of this capitalist consumer money economy. It directly creates a world of scarcity and servitude, pushed upon all of us by the plutoligarchs as the only way to live. So that they may continue to exist with zero fucks given about anyone but themselves. The rest of us are paid slaves and totally expendable. #WAKEUP

It boils down to the method of control, Money. If the capitalist consumer paradigm is allowed to persist as the dominant way to live, the cost of technological advancement and further human discovery and exploration very quickly will become more expensive than there is even money in existence. Then what? This money economy and the plutoligarchs having devised it dozens of generations ago, they ARE destroying us AND this planet with no fucks given but about themselves! It is time to collectively choose to cast this scourge out, into the books of once was. To keep accepting and thus approving this capitalist money economy paradigm as the only way, will be our undoing. The ‘income gap’ that exists in every nation soon become impassible chasms. Fewer and fewer of us can honestly say that they are, ‘ok’. WE ARE NOT ‘OK’!!! Every day more are forced into real poverty, some left without access to even the basic necessities for life. Pitted against one another we must compete for what’s left. No matter where on that scale you happen to fall, having “more money than god” or you’re a bum, living in a box, we have permitted these followers of greed far too much control of Earth’s resources, the wealth exploited from those resources and ultimately us for far too long. Selfishly ‘they’ claim ownership with impunity, for no better reason than they happened to stumble upon those resources before anyone else. With impunity, they choose to leverage their great advantage rapaciously selling our resources back to us at tremendous benefit to them. We are conditioned through rote education and the consumer culture our entire lives to accept it. This is not the only way to live people!

Reality is, the resources of Earth are belong to us all. Not just the select fortunate few followers of greed.

Consider today, there is no reason not to share, except for money and nothing occurs in this world without there first being money. Nothing at all. Not invention or research. Not creation, construction or teaching or learning. Nothing is explored or honestly considered unless there’s money. The money economy tells us that we are to covet wealth. That it is the definition of success in this life. That we should grab as much as we possibly can and keep it for ourselves rather than to give fucks about others around you and to share. Yah, who need’s that?!!?

Our so called leaders are bought and paid for by the very mega corporations and the hyperwealthy who impose this life of scarcity and servitude upon us… who fund campaigns and corrupt those leaders to write law in their favor and not the people’s!!! How can they even pretend to relate to any of us citizens??? They live lives that are nothing like most of us yet they represent us?? Fuckery abound. Our task then becomes to pry the resources and control from the death grip of those followers of greed.

Rest assured, they will not give up the power we have granted them without a fight. They aim to make every buck they can on every single hop of “Moore’s law” so long as we just keep quiet, working hard to earn the money they need us to spend so the economy doesn’t collapse next month. Oh and if ‘you see something, say something’. ‘They’ have shown throughout history that ‘they’ will continue to choose to exploit the control we give them until there is nothing left at all for any of us.

Money WILL fail, it is only a function of time. The variables left up to each one of us as individuals to consciously choose, as to the enormity of the unavoidable but wholly unnecessary violent turbulence that undoubtedly follows. As humanity collectively creates a new path, to allow ourselves and all whom come after us so that human kind might actually contribute anything useful to the future history of this vast universe in which we seem to exist. It is already begun as many are woke and fight for you now. But, we must rise up together, all at once. Because if we keep doing what we have been, we are no less criminal than those who maintain this paradigm!!

I humbly implore to anyone who is reading this comment… it is time to consider a fundamentally different way to live. WE ARE NOT OK!!!
#resourcebasedeconomy <---- LEARN ABOUT IT at www.thevenusproject.com & www.resourcebasedeconomy.org It's certainly not the perfect solution. There will be no single perfect solution, the transition will not be easy and it will take time and effort from each one of us. But a resource based economy IS a world improved by orders of magnitude over this insane two choice so-called democracy. Literally for EVERYONE. A logical and more importantly, VIABLE, path for humanity to consider!! #ENDMONEY Another world IS possible, we must actively choose together. #ENDSCARCITY For only together will we ever realize that world! #FREEHUMANITY Knowledge is free... understand it... then share. 💗 I digress... this movement can be all of us if we choose it to be. It should be known that no anon speaks for any other, nor the hive. I speak here for my own anon-self. Though I am not alone in speaking as such. That said, even though there are as many philosophies as there are people, we are all anonymous. The mask is a symbol of unity. A vehicle despite all our pretty or terrible differences, can unite us as one. One face... One voice... One idea. REAL freedom. We'd be wise to act like it. We are ALL anonymous, some of us just haven't realized it yet. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. liam314 1 year ago This is what they do to a cat memeologist?! Jesus what fascist world we live in Piratas de dios 3 years ago respect ~ Chris Topher Page 1 year ago youre a hero Richard Holly 3 years ago Usually a pretty girl means "honeypot" but if you are the real thing, please contact Ella Free to give an interview, they have a vast archive of interviews with cointelpro 2.0 targets. Sorry you are targeted, nobody deserves it. Wish you the best, RH TINA COLBY 2 years ago Yeah Elizabeth! Mecdi An Dikmen 1 year ago Liz why did you block me on twitter :/ I was gonna say hi then I realised. At least an explanation wouldn't hurt if you like... raincloudiv 3 years ago if you've got a lot of intruders, it's time to boobie-trap your home : / a platter of freshly baked poisoned cookies, a swinging axe to the third leg.... ha! #gooniesneversaydie Independent Outsider 3 years ago I can try and help you regarding mail. Alan Fontaine 2 years ago Land of the Free Monica Victor 3 years ago 🐱 Go, go, Elizabeth, u're a nice girl 🐱── 🇵🇹 Esteleen Westby 11 months ago Love BlackPill Monk 1 year ago Charles Marlowe brought me here. Chris Busby 3 years ago xxx