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  1. I may not be in the right section of this site. I was looking up the Keywords “Dr. Peische, research.” Bobby Peitsche had looked up some info for Eric Karlstrom. I think that possibly –like mine–her family is wealthy and is highly placed in medical research.

    I found that the name is German and means “to whip.” Nazi name? I found “Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research.” By accident, I stumbled upon a Rose Akhtar. Saleem Akhtar was my manager, when I was working to pay for my living expenses and university studies. He was from Pakistan. I had looked up his family name with no success.

    I have not yet gone on. However, please note –there must be tens –possibly fifty pages of these doctors at this institution. Also, be aware of places where you have been –possibly led there by proxies.

    For example, a handler took me to Boston Massachusetts. I looked up medical information. There is a Massachusetts General Hospital, with at least a thousand doctors. A number of surnames were names of proxies in my professional workplace.

    Of note, too –my uncle Johnny Feinstein supposedly died of complications of diabetes. Very interestingly, his eyes are identical to those of Dianne Feinstein. I speculate that possibly Johnny Feinstein did life insurance fraud and reemerged as this senator. Elite families “transgender” their children. How? They take a fetus in utero. They use hormones to create a male with a female reproductive system, who they raise as a female, or a female with a male reproductive system. So, possibly, Johnny simply transgendered back.

    This idea may seem very unlikely. However, there are a number of facts which make it possible and research would be needed.

  2. A quick search for Lepore “medical research” indicates that there are many prominent medical researchers with this family name. Are some of them relatives of yours who are so brazen that they have trafficked you?

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