Electronic Harassment of Innocent Civilians and the Destruction of Humanity

Electronic Harassment of Innocent Civilians and the Destruction of Humanity

Is gang stalking related to SRA/MKULTRA?


1) Dr. Corydon Hammond in his 1992 “Greenbaum Speech” reported that SRA programming was going on in cities and countries all over the world.

2) Corydon: Victims share common internal mental structures and remember the same trainers and handlers.

3) According to Christian pastors, Doug Riggs and Preston Bailey, SRA is considered the framework for global “hybrid breeding program” (sometimes called “Nephilim or Genesis Project). The goal of the project is to create “para-humans” or “hybrids of humans and “fallen angels”. This “new species” is referred in New Age literature and by Barbara Marx Hubbard as “Homo Noetica” (new man) or “Homo Novis.” These are other names for the Nazi Master Race. These are reptilian beings that look just like people.

4) “Homo Noetica” function as a “military weapons platform” and are also “spiritually programmed.”

5) The higher goal of the “master race” project is to create a Nephilim Army by which Satan can defeat God in the final apocalypse. Pastor Doug Riggs asserts that thousands of Nephilim (a reptilian race) exist now and are infiltrated into society. The final goal of Satan is to replace humanity with this race of hybrid “super-humans.”

Pastor Bailey says that God’s army of angels outnumbers that of Satan by 2 to 1. So Satan is using modern technology to create new forms of life, including robotic forms, MKULTRA-Monarch super-soldiers, and Nephilim warriors. Supposedly, Nimrod tried to do something similar when he built the “tower of Babel.”

6) Pastors Riggs and Bailey claim this hybrid breeding project began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948; the first “Nephilim mother” was born in 1949 and the first Nephilim children were born in 1962. The first Nephilim mothers were offspring of European royalty. European royalty paid Joseph Mengele (the Nazi “angel of death”) and other “doctors” to program their children and paid to have them raised in surrogate families. Mengele was a worldclass sorcerer. Hence, the programming was actually done by “high principalities and powers” working through him (and others).

7) Riggs also explains that there has been a coup and that Nephilim have replaced the human representatives of the 13 Illuminati families on the “Council of 13.”

8) Riggs/Bailey have de-programmed many victims of SRA/MKULTRA and conclude that the internal mental structures of these programmed individuals are far beyond human intelligence and that these DID structures are demonic spiritual phenomena.

9) According to Riggs and others, our nation and world are being prepared for a fraudulent “disclosure event.” The deception is that there will be an attack on earth by “bad aliens” and then we will be saved by “good aliens,” who will then take credit for creating humans. In fact, the so-called aliens will be the genetic hybrids (Nephilim) and the UFO craft they use for abductions, etc, are man-made, using advanced (black) military technologies.


10) In late 90’s, psychiatrist and author Dr. Collin Ross estimated there are some 10 million “sleepers,” or victims of SRA/MKULTRA, in the US.

11) FBI Cointelpro active in 50’s – 70’s

12) CIA MKULTRA- active 1940’s- present (estimated 10 million victims in US alone- maybe 10 times that many worldwide – Disdair)

13) How many victims of EH/gang stalking?

14) How many perpetrators of EH/gang stalking?