Pieces of an Email Thread Conversation with Australian “TI,” Paul Baird (www.surveillanceissues.com; April 19-22, 2018)

I. April 19: 2018: (ETK comment: actually, although the below message is addressed to me, Eric Karlstrom, Paul Baird is actually responding to email comments of Phillip Walker (aka Omnisense) in a thread that includes about 91 people…. that’s fine, these email threads get confusing… and it still SEEMS LIKE good information.
The last two emails (VI and VII), dated April 22, are probably the most important.

Hi Eric, …. This information I give you about satellites and remote technologies (that remains hidden by “The Inventions Secrecy Act,” etc.) comes from insiders… It is reliable and I am certain it is correct… It doesn’t just come from military, intelligence agency and law enforcement insiders (and I’ve spoken to many of them too), but from celebrities, politicians, journalists, neurologists and scientists.

If you go to the “Things I’ve Heard” section on the “Case Study” page of my web site, www.surveillanceissues.com, you’ll also see some other interesting things I’ve been told. The notion that all these people I spoke to from different fields could somehow conspire to mislead us is not plausible, especially as I didn’t even have a web site when I waded through the corrupt in their ranks to find these good people and most of them lost their jobs or worse for even talking to me. (This was one of the reasons I stopped all I was doing; I was pinpointing the good eggs for them). Any further attempts by me to gather more testimonies would fail now as the PTB know of my site and the fact that anything I learn from here on would be placed there. Nevertheless, I’ve heard it enough times to know, so the completion of the total saturation monitoring of all public figures doesn’t change that.

My background / expertise / interest is not the “science” of all of this but the politics and the criminal intent. Nevertheless, I have gathered much information on “How” it’s done as well and they do NOT need satellites. I can see that many / most of you would be implanted but for many others there simply is no real opportunity to do that and no need. They have thousands of methods and there’s certainly more than one way to skin a cat. We’ll have to agree to disagree and people believe what they want to believe…. Back in the early ’90s there were very few organisations that would even recognise any of this was possible let alone accept how it can be done. Nowadays, the ACLU, UNIDIR, EP, Int’l Red Cross and more have people that do acknowledge it. I’ll wait for the rest on this point too….

Briefly, on your specific points…

1. So, if implants are necessary and everyone’s monitored then you must think that everyone, including ALL public figures, are implanted??? And the reason so many public and authority figures spoke to me about satellite brain wave monitoring and neurophone technologies and such and yet NOT ONE of them ever mentioned being implanted is exactly what…?? Remember, these are the few good, brave souls that remained inside…and they were turfed and harassed for telling me so how could they be misleading me? And how do “they” access everyone to place these implants…through the air? Not everyone lives in an unsecured property or gets drunk or has a medical procedure; even a dental one.

2. Look, the celebs may refer to V2K subtly in their output (“…and they whispered into your brain”, Candle in the wind or “…those voices keep calling from far away…”, Hotel California or 1,000 other pieces of entertainment) but why would they tolerate implants? Never to find and extract them? Never to sue? So they accept them as just another soul selling compromise with the thought police? I’m told that it was only after they no longer needed implants (a technology dating back to the 1890’s by the way) that they dared monitor and control ALL public figures and, so the political old timers tell me, it was only then that “they” gained complete control… only then that they could vet ALL who entered public life and not have to worry about needing to knock off rebels like the Kennedys because there were no people like them allowed through the CIA “gates” to start with. (I know of a few horrific / fatal stories about good people that tried to enter politics after the completion of the all seeing / knowing sat’ technologies and it never goes well…only those that can be blackmailed and corrupted are welcome).

3. 2. 5,000 devices that we know nothing of and the word of the few good people who know in public life is enough for me. Implants require trespass. Implants are evidence. Powerful sat’ / ground – based computer technologies that span the entire population are actually cheaper and entail less risk. If everyone had one (RFID or whatever) then everyone could find one and the largest law suit in the history of the world could commence anytime. The monitoring / input during plane travel also disproves the need to use towers etc and confirms sat’s use….Again, they have the means to triangulate, lock on and so on without leaving evidence.

4. BTW…What’s more…TV tower technicians tell me that, re: key media targets, the signal frequencies of many monitored people can be handed to the MSM and they can tune in (mainly and usually just to any audio) which negates the need for time delays and relays from spook central. A high % of MSM execs, researchers, writers and presenters are either working for the agencies or have non-official cover. This may not affect most of you but public figures and prime targets are stalked and harassed by the media who will stop at nothing to destroy many on or off air. That is one of their hidden roles. The majority of their targets never appear in a public forum but are subtly tormented with media feedback. Those who threaten the criminal elements of the MSM itself are treated this way but usually do not have implants.

5. As above…all monitored not all implanted. That is what they want every one of you to think and it has apparently worked better than expected. Regardless, we should not bicker and marginalise each other over “How” they do it but focus on “Why” and expose them.

6. Like Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe and anyone else working for an agency, (Dr. Robert) Rob Duncan was compartmentalised, no argument. Aren’t we all. (We only learn by gleaning stuff from the experiences and research of others). However, these guys (and Karen and Diane and Mark and Todd and so on) walked and told. Usually they walked on another, more personal matter like being overlooked or ignored on something important. However, once they heard of our plight or were harassed themselves they put it together and helped. Now some of us may not like being told, some may be unpleasant at times or too adamant and again, people believe what they want to believe, but I also look at the surrounding circumstances. Why would “they” kill so many of Robert Duncan’s colleagues? Why kill Fred Bell after speaking about V2K technologies on air? Why work so had on having us fight amongst ourselves? Why target the children of certain activists? They don’t waste their time or martyr people unless they feel threatened by them. Robert Duncan, Soleil Mavis and many others, including myself, believe that they use all sorts of methods and tricks to divert attention from the latest technologies but they do not NEED to use implants or towers or sats; there are many alternatives, just as there are many alternative ways to harass each of us (ever correspond with someone treated EXACTLY the same way as you…No…funny that…). For most public figures and authority figures they do not use implants; it’s too risky.

So much for no time…I got caught up anyway. 🙂

All the best.


II. From: Thing’s I’ve Heard: (on www.surveillanceissues.com)

AFP (Australian FBI)..(NH) – Head of surveillance unit – “Even if a head of state or a Prime Minister was to wade in on these matters they would be out of office that same day. That is what you’re up against here”. When I asked who was primarily responsible for these crimes, spy agencies, the military, politicians or journalists, he answered …”Well, they all have ready access”, meaning all of the above. With this he confirmed my earliest observations that this was elitist / class crime directed by criminals in high places at those who challenged them in some way.

• Sean Edwards – NSW Special Branch – “Don’t ever trust a politician or a journalist. Our files are filled with their crimes but they are untouchable. Especially don’t ever try to speak with the Premier”. The Premier later disbanded the Special Branch unit, claiming it was corrupt (which it was but only at the top) and he destroyed ALL the files.

• Political

• * Retired politician (Mr C) – “Back in my day there were still some good men in the parliament but not now. The surveillance compromises all of them and keeps the good ones out”.
• * Retired independent politician (J H) – One of the rare breed of quasi honest politicians. “I fought my battles; this one’s yours”, he said so I asked if he knew of any other honest politicians he could recommend and there was stoney silence. “You’re kidding”, I said.

“What about you”.

He replied quietly, with regret: “I did my best”.
• * Aide (MF) -Sen. Newman’s office – “Most in the corridors of power here seem to know who you are and what’s happening. This one’s opened my eyes to just how corrupt politics can be”. Needless to say he was gone soon after.

• * Federal Cabinet Secretary (Warren College) – “The PM knows but it is too awkward for him to intervene”…a sentiment echoed by others, including those on the PM’s personal staff. Again, in context, indicating the scale of these conspiracies and the fact that they are not rare but commonplace.

• * NASA Inspector General’s Office – After admitting that they knew all about NASA’s role in delivering payloads into space and the capabilities of the satellite technology in question and being asked what could be done to stop them I was told: “Nothing. I suggest you pray”. This was repeated as I was clearly incredulous. It was said with resignation and certainty as the only solution. This more than any other comment from any other source summed up the difficulty of the situation faced by all targeted persons.

• Journalists

• * Newsroom Supervisor, Channel 10 (JH) – “They send surveillance results in here, phrases, ideas, etc, with an instruction like “Find a place for this on tonights news or current affairs show”…Money and favours are exchanged…maybe a celebrity interview is set up or whatever. I’m telling you because I personally disapprove and will not do this but most others in TV / radio journalism will do it”. He then escorted me out of the station before anyone else knew he had spoken to me.

• * Mike Minehan (Ex ACA current affairs TV presenter) – “It’s not uncommon” he said, referring to the surveillance feedback and harassment. Before our appointment security tried to throw me out and every minute or so he received calls telling him to get me out of there until the final threat worked and he stopped talking to me. He wished me good luck but was clearly frightened by the final threat. The appointment took place not at a TV station but a University, during the holidays. Security later told me they had received similar calls from unknown callers outside.

• * Chairman of the Australian Journalists Association Judiciary Committee – After the committee viewed the tapes I had (proving surveillance feedback from the ACA program) the entire committee resigned. He called to apologise, saying my tapes had been “lost” and that the new committee would be chaired by one of the very ACA people I had complained about.

• * ACA presenter (JW) – “Execs control everything… editorial content etc”.

• * Many other radio and TV personnel, from technicians to on air presenters, indicated that feeding back surveillance results was common and predated the more sophisticated surveillance and harassment methods now experienced by many.

• Scientists

• * Homi Bahramali – Neuroscience – Westmead Hospital – He invented his own neurophone, for which he was harassed, and said he could scan for interference but only if he could call it research, with over 40 in a group, as the equipment was very expensive and access was
restricted. The catch was that while scanning took place the monitors could use the technology at their disposal to either temporarily stop the scanning or alter the brain wave patterns of the ones being scanned to reflect the bws of criminals on the files and then the scanner would automatically be forced to report the target as a potential criminal; a tidy set up.

• * Neurologist (JH) – “Illegal researchers used to plant scanners in their computer screens or wall cavities to scan patients’ brain waves without their knowledge. Nowadays the bulk of the research is done by the US military scanning brain waves with powerful satellite technology. (Some Universities, hospitals and jails work in with them). If you tell anyone I told you this I will deny it. I have a young family and a career to think of”.

• * Psychiatrist running an institution and his assistants – “Do not trust any journalist. We know for a fact that one in particular has lied and sent half a dozen good, sane people to us to silence and discredit them. This is what they do to those that dare to cross them”.

• Lawyers

• * Legal Aid – “It’s common for corporate criminals to covertly harass and blacklist people and many of them wind up on the street. They enjoy seeing that as they present as hopeless / mad. I’m only using this job as a stepping stone and have a family. If I try to help any of those I know they did this to or spill the beans my career will stall”.

• * Lawyer / Partner – “We’ve discussed it and would dearly like to help but if we do “They” will come at us from the side; we’ll lose all clients from any connected source and that means we’d be out of business”.

• Miscellaneous

• * Filmmaker – Hollywood (DS) – “Hollywood is in on this and I’m sick to death of it. I’m going to make a film that exposes this”. (No, he didn’t and all involved in the failed project suffered heavily).

• * Filmmaker – Aust’ – “Even if a TV presenter or someone else running a live TV / Radio program were to do a “Network” (referring to the Peter Finch movie) and start telling the public the truth about surveillance etc. they’d be yanked off air, as the plug is pulled, and the headlines the next day would read: “TV presenter has on air breakdown””.

• * World famous pianist (RW) – “The only way out of this sort of harassment is to have money or influence. I myself was harassed but escaped through my playing and the notoriety it brought. I suggest others with any sort of talent should do the same”.

• * Catholic priest (PL) – “The churches are like any other hierarchy, be it political, military, business etc, they too are corrupt and will do terrible things or co-operate. I certainly would not like to have my thoughts monitored either so…”.

• * Ambulance service internal affairs – “Don’t think that because they save lives that our people are beyond committing acts of harassment. I come across it all the time. The trouble is they usually get their instructions through corrupt union reps who are connected to the ones doing the surveillance and when I try to catch them out they know I’m there and stop, temporarily.”

• * Chief – Helicopter service – “The thing is choppers don’t lodge flight paths here and they can buzz anyone and get away with it”.

• Overall problem…CIA stats say 60% of all people will now do anything they’re asked without question so long as there’s a benefit in it for them; job, money, influence etc. Whatever corrupt organisation is involved all they have to do is recruit from that 60% and ignore the rest. When one slips through (a whistleblower etc) they are dealt with. Also, the agreements that people sign when entering the armed forces, spy agencies, police etc force people to surrender their right to make a conscientious objection to an order.

• “There has been more damage done, more evil committed, by people following orders than by those that refuse to do so”.

III. Hi Paul,

Thanks for your insights…. I did go to the section on your website that you recommend below…. And to me, this is the main “take away” point that I get.

“With this he confirmed my earliest observations that this was elitist / class crime directed by criminals in high places at those who challenged them in some way.”
And that’s a lot! It sure makes sense.

BTW, would you mind if I post your email letter to me as well as some of the “things I’ve heard” from your website (including the above)?

All best,

Eric Karlstrom

IV. April 21, 2018:

Hi Ramola and friends,

This morning, an idea “dawned” on me…. Let’s suppose the elite has already decided that very soon, the vast majority of humans must be expunged from the earth in order “to save the earth” or whatever….

So in their demented minds, that’s a done deal, and all those people are basically already dead…. Now, they wonder, how can they most profit from using these “goners,” using them as experimental guinea pigs and stripping their assets? (Which could help defray the costs of the genocide, bingo).

Well, maybe they can steal every single thing that those people have…. Talent, property, intellectual and emotional and spiritual gifts, looks, DNA…. And then they can, perhaps, figure out a way to catalogue and even digitize these things and load them onto super computers to be used however they wish in the future.

And in the meanwhile, while that process is going on, they could do some interesting social engineering experiments.

So might “gang stalking” really be complete and total “identity theft”?——

It would work like this: through intense, harassment, DEW, isolation, etc. they get the TI to be so paranoid and miserable that they basically stop functioning, they shut down, they disappear, they die, they kill themselves, get institutionalized permanently, whatever….. (so now that old pesky “dissident” or “whistleblower” identity is gone)…. But maybe they’ve already made a copy…. A clone… which could be substituted…. This might have lots of “intelligence” (spy) uses, for example. They could have the “new Ramola” (or Eric or whoever) saying things that they want him/her to…. She/he is now a complete MKULTRA mind-controlled puppet robot as in the Stepford Wives…..

When I first googled Marshall Thomas- the author of “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program”… I saw a youtube video of a guy who looked like Marshall Thomas doing a standup comedy act. He also had put out messages to the effect that they were mimicking him and not to believe that other guy. When I first googled Mark M. Rich, author of “New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control” – I saw a video of a late middle-age guy doing “moon dancing” moves in a park to contemporary music.

Maybe this is what Total Individual Control Technology means….. that they can “swap out” (eliminate) a real human and “swap in” an identical clone/robot copy of that person?….. and that new “you” can say and do just about whatever they want. It certainly fits with the original MKULTRA mandate…. To find ways to get people to do your bidding even when that conflicts with their sense of self-interest and even self-preservation.

Who would be behind such a project- well, the “shadow government”- the Masons, the secret societies, the people who intend to establish their false utopia here on earth.

What do you think?

Best wishes, Eric

V. April 22, 2018: Hi Eric,
Thanks Eric.

You’re welcome to circulate anything I’ve written in any way you think might help. Clearly it wouldn’t help our cause if you were to attach any negative comment (since my site is accurate) so please only circulate what you accept as correct.

Without appearing big headed, I spoke to many, many insiders before even preparing that web site so I’m confident it is 99% accurate. I say 99% because, semantics, phraseology and communication being as they are it’s impossible to put every thought into every sentence and so we rely on the memory of the reader and their ability to gather the context. I hope I write plainly enough to be understood is what I mean; that’s where the 1% is; ie only misunderstandings.

BTW. The “Take away” point you chose is a good one but the ones that stick in my mind are the ones that came from these very senior authority figures…

* The Police Commissioner… telling me there was no hiding from satellite surveillance and that, for that reason, there was no chance of moving on elite criminals based on their records as even to call up the files could lead to trouble. (This honest woman later died in office of a “heart attack”).

* The special branch officer…. telling me their files are full of material on corrupt politicians and journalists but that they themselves are harassed if they try to move on it (His whole unit was shut down and all records erased).

* The NASA inspector generals office suggesting (after confessing they knew all about this and confirming everything I said as fact) that the only answer is prayer as it’s too late for anything else to work.

And the biggy…

* The head of the Australian surveillance and spy liaison unit at the AFP (our FBI) telling me that the corrupt military, political, media, agency, “business” entities ALL had access to the relevant technologies and that no-one, not even the US President, can stop this.

I’ve referred many others to that section but few seem to appreciate what those encounters meant or take on board the valuable information conveyed. I was stopped many times and waded through many shark infested waters to find these people but if I’d already had a web site I’m certain “they” would not have let me learn so much. The site came after the research.

Thanks again. Please stay in touch.

Paul. 🙂

VI. April 22, 2018:

Ahmad and Tracy and others,

As it turns out, I’ve written a long series of articles entitled: “Is Crestone/Baca, Colorado, the Vatican City of the New World Order? An Expose of the New World Religion”. It’s quite a long series that is under the subheading New World Religion? On my 911nwo.com website.

And two appendices to this series are germane to our discussion: They are:

Appendix 12: “The Black Awakening,” “Nephilim Project” and Supernatural Realm from a Christian perspective

Appendix 12: “The Black Awakening,” “Nephilim Project” and Supernatural Realm from a Christian perspective

Appendix 51. Transhumanism is the End Goal of New World Order: From Keisler’s “Dragon’s Deception”

Appendix 51. Transhumanism is the End Goal of New World Order: From Keisler’s “Dragon’s Deception”

I’ve been going over them…. And the title of Appendix 51 says it all. According to Keisler, the New World Order is not the endgame….

“Keisler concludes that the ultimate objective of the (Luciferian) New World Order conspiracy is to replace human beings with a post-human race of immortal, cybernetic beings; a “new race” of technologically-enhanced man-machine cyborgs.”


Pastor Doug Riggs: “The Nazi regime was occult-based; its spiritual framework was the teachings of Helen P. Blavatsky, the founder of the New Age Movement, and of course, Frederich Nietche. This is documented in Doug Woodward’s books, “Power Quest I and II”. Darwinism was the biological side. Social Darwinism took the principle of Darwinism and applied it socially. They believed that the Aryan root race was to go back and connect with these god-men of ancient history and reproduce, through back-breeding, an “ubermensch,” a German superman. The supreme goal of the whole Nazi agenda was to create a super-race of god-men. And this goes back to the history of a number of civilizations, where the so-called Gods came down and cohabited with women and produced these god-men. That was their goal. And just like in Genesis and the Books of Enoch and Jasher, in order for the watchers to get the women, they made a deal with mankind and the gave them all kinds of knowledge on occultism, advanced technologies, and weapons of war. (Just as the pre-flood civilization- Atlantis?- also apparently had very advanced technologies.) This is documented in a number of books, including Joseph Farrell’s “The Brotherhood of the Bell”, Tom Horn’s “Nephilim Stargate” and other books.

So the Nazis were the template for this generation to set the stage for where we are today. They did receive advanced technology, such as “the Bell”, which involved anti-gravity technologies (electro-gravitic craft), and technology to bend and manipulate time and to create a super-bomb. Today, there are real craft that can go anywhere in the world in 15 minutes. These technologies have been documented.”



VII. Hi Eric,
You’re getting warmer. Lateral thinking works well doesn’t it.

Who knows what the criminally insane do with these technologies. That’s where most fall short; accepting that our tormentors and their masters are evil beyond what our relatively innocent minds can (or want to) contemplate. This is why we baulk at so many theories and explanations; we want it to be simple. Well, it isn’t simple. It’s not just one thing. I believe there are aspects to this that none of us have even thought of yet. We’re like whales driven onto a Japanese beach; nothing will be wasted….Oppression, eugenics, brain studies, cloning, AI, human / computer interfacing, dream studies, mind control, theft of intellectual property, robotics, social engineering, “Sport”, etc etc. They neutralise and manage their critics and use them up.

Just one example to back up your clever guess….If they vet and exclude all those who would challenge them (those that will not sell their souls or remain silent etc) and that is about 40% of the population (courtesy of current CIA guestimates) then how can “they” afford not to know, use, control that 40% given the pool of talent going to waste. Think of the phrase, in the public domain “The published feed off the unpublished”. For every 350 – 400 fictional books written there is only one published. Most that are published are written by established authors (there are very few newcomers). Through their editors (and, these days, agency supercomputer scanning) most of what is written is still used….When I tried to tell associate members of various writers’ associations that it was more than common human thought patterns that caused the “familiar” material they read from the published members all hell nearly broke loose and there were heated heating matches.

Yes, this is also mental slavery and they’re still learning how to keep the slaves in order without necessarily killing them.


One Reply to “Pieces of an Email Thread Conversation with Australian “TI,” Paul Baird (www.surveillanceissues.com; April 19-22, 2018)”

  1. Eric – I’ve been thinking exactly what you said on the April 21 post for several years now. I was witness to 2 different professionals, in two different settings, selling me to someone else that we could not see but was speaking through the people I was with. A painting of a woman being sold in Cleopatra’s time showed up in my ad stream on the computer. (They do this a lot – to hold a conversation with my mind through computer images or stories, and let me know they are there.) There exists possibilities for patenting every gene in the DNA string. Selling it repeatedly into the future. Along with intellectual property and talent sets. Estates and property.

    I found a brain company that had partnered with the CIA out of Switzerland in 2016, who advertised in the brain conference in Basel there in June. I’m sure they’re getting ready to make infinite amounts of money off the TI’s. My targeting is mostly mind control, so telepathy is part of it. “They” almighty (AI?), tell me things periodically, like that they are going to make a profit off of me and my family for a “Thousand Years”. Relatively certain the people who targeted me are illuminati.

    The truly frightening thing is that the clones could also be used as sex slaves or sacrifices. The criminals that do this torturing also do that. https://bit.ly/2JHXU31
    And the mental institution is a foundational part of the program. https://bit.ly/2r8Wxmt Someone should find out if this man is still alive today. He would be terrific as a witness to this program.

    Congratulations Eric on the TJ assignment. Another excellent addition to that group would be Catherine Austin Fitts. She knows a lot about the money trail. How to protect herself from this plague – a very savvy player. And is a TI.

    They say the rabbit hole goes deep. Well now, just how deep? (Joseph Farrell knows a lot as well as CAF.) When are we going to get the full truth of all that has been done and who is doing it? Humanity has been kept in a deep dark hole for far too long. Thank you for bringing so much to light. You are an amazing and courageous man.

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