Dr. James Giordano videos: 1) Battlescape Brain: Military & Intelligence Use of Neurocognitive Science (11/20/20), 2) The DARPA Pandemic Assassination Program

I. Dr. James Giordano: Battlescape Brain: Military and Intelligence Use of Neurocognitive Science (Nov. 20, 2020)


This presentation is part of the ‘Brain Science and Effective Leadership Series,’ hosted by the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership. Dr. Girordano is with the Georgetown University Departments of Neurology and Biochemistry, working in the Neuroethics Study Program, which is a part of the Program in Military Medical Ethics. He also is a Fellow of the Program in Biosecurity, Technology, and Ethics at the Naval War College. In this invigorating and, at points chilling, talk he discusses various potential uses of neurocognitive science in military and intelligence operations, and sketches ethical issues, and angles of analysis that will arise as both allies and adversaries develop such tools, relating them to existing laws of war and conventions.


1 month ago
And they are implementing nanoparticulates in the CV19 vaccine. I will never allow this in my body.

Kevin Svenson Crypto
1 month ago
So let me get this straight … Dr. James Giordano, a Pentagon Staff member is publicly admitting to a group of Naval officers that Neuro-Weapons are in operational use, and these Neuro-Weapons have the ability to effect targets brains remotely via Nanotechnology in real time. This Pentagon Staff member is also saying that this technology can force the human brain to think certain thoughts, feel certain emotions, and can theoretically override motor control functions? Thats interesting.

Sounds like a nightmare. No wonder there is dystopian ideation. If there was any technology that was going to destroy the human race, it would be this.

Candice Morris
1 month ago

1 month ago
@Candice Morris Don’t worry, this is all in the hands of capable experts who adhere to ethical restraints of the application of this technology! Nothin to worry about. Let’s keep it movin people! Nothin to see here! (Of course, these same experts are fully on board with endless warfare and the identification of humans as a bio hazard and a pollutant in the natural environment.)

Candice Morris
1 month ago
@stephen this information is available for anyone to see but if you talk about it you are making claims of theorizing about conspiracies. Weaponized information.

1 month ago
@stephen I’m spooked this exists. It’s an abomination

2 weeks ago
This is one hell of a dangerous guy to be in charge of all this technology . He seems like a real psychopath and doesn’t even bother to talk about to speak about it ethically. Neuro advances need neuro rights in place to protect our brains from being targeted with such tech . Btw , I believe I have been a subject targeted for this tech and it’s very much like living a life of torture !!!

Ed Kendrick
2 weeks ago (edited)
Please more words of wisdom! “Measure twice. Cut once.” Reminds me of Professor Julius Sumner Miller. Take a bow! Please expound upon La Kosher Nostra and enforced narratives. Unit 8200 comes to mind. 1:06:06 666

3 weeks ago
So basically they are already using this on military and leadership. Who’s to say they aren’t already using it on citizens

1 month ago
High Tech War Crimes

1 month ago
Guess instead of wearing a mask, you better start wearing a tin foil hat. Jessie Ventura’s showed this decades ago, he jumped in shock, as the guy said, it made you think those thoughts came from your own brain, when they didn’t. Maybe this explains Manchurian Candidates.

Candice Morris
1 month ago

1 month ago
What about the Jesuits?

Jimmy Johnson
3 weeks ago
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2. Buy the book, “Military Mind Control: A Story of Trauma and Recovery,” by Collin Ross, MD:


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Additional sources:

Review of Nuremberg code:

Actual Nuremberg trial footage:

Part of the (Nuremberg) Doctors’ trial:

Lecture on ethics (by Dr Parthasarthy, April 20, 2020):

For more info. about this topic and similar topics:


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Sidney Joordens
2 months ago
Donald J Trump has ownership and intellectual property and informed consent for experimenting NO ONE ELSE CAN EVER USE MY PROPERTY OWNERSHIP CONSENT …

Daniel J
2 months ago
DJT owns your body ? Quite a lucifarian prospect

Candice Morris
1 month ago
Whoa.. We don’t want to be slaves.

Candice Morris
1 month ago
This is called Stockholm Syndrome, Sidney Joordens

II. The DARPA Pandemic Assassination Program

The DARPA Pandemic Assassination Program