Breaking News: Dr. Evil (James Giordano) Returns With Neuroweapons (Celeste Solum, June 23, 2020)

Dr. Evil (Giordano) Returns With Neuroweapons (Celeste Solum, June 23, 2020)

Breaking News: Dr Evil Returns with Neuroweapons

•Jun 23, 2020

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Celeste Solum brings you the latest news on the Mark of the Beast and Neuroweapons


L. Hansson
1 month ago
Neuroscience and weaponized neuroscience are here to be. It cannot be un-invented. All superpowers and many nations have their weaponized neuroscience programs. Dr. Giordano is a prominent scientist that has done a lot to get ethics the equation when we develop neuroscience. His speeches and interview are especially important to raise questions related to ethics in the development, testing, and applying neuroscience. It is very naive to believe that by praying to God suddenly, the US, China, Russia, and others will terminate development of neuroscience and weaponized neuroscience. In my opinion we should applaud Dr. Giordano for speaking so openly about these classified programs. He provides the maximum level of information without violating Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s).

There should be international ethical guidelines, more transparency, and oversight. Today there is NONE. The technology is unknown to most of the population. Victims of development of neuroscience weapons is laugh out of the court rooms when they allege, they are victim of secret neuroscience development. Psychiatrists tell the court they are delusional and suffer from some paranoid psychosis and the case is lost. We all know neuroscience cannot developed using lab rats or monkeys. Humans is needed to develop the technology. The big question is the human “guinea pigs” consenting?

The idea of developing weaponized neuroscience is to get a less harmful alternative to nuclear weapons. So far, the technology development has collected a lot of data from individuals and used AI, now the next step will be to perfection the weapons for mass targeting of for example large military units. Would it not be a good idea to incapacitate an enemy by using a neuroscience rather than to use lethal force like bombs?

Highlander Freelancer
2 months ago
The Crystal structures inside people’s bodies from SSRI drugs turns people easily brainwash by main stream media and facebook. Half of all bombers are on these drugs and 30% of millennials.their effects are amplified from cell phone microwaves.This has been happening since the 1990s.

2 months ago
I pray they never will be able to use these bio weapons upon us in YAHUSHUA HaMashiach—meaning “The Anointed One”

Ursula. M
2 months ago
Extreme evil.

Miles Dyson
2 months ago
Cool intro

Dave’s backyard chickens and outdoors
2 months ago (edited)
Well they do have those sound wave weapons. And they can kill you. As well as the ones that make your skin burn. I also think she is kinda crazy. An assassination order on her. Well then why is she talking. If that was true she would not be on you tube. She would be dead. The government assassin’s don’t play games and let you know there coming. But the weapons are real.

Sherri M Guarnieri
13 hours ago
An American Citizen Reports “Developed Dehumanization through Non-Consenting Implantation to the Human Body in Efforts to Maintain Terrorism”

Ken Rhoades
2 hours ago
No one in America will have Freedom as long as this Targeted Individuals Mind Control torture program runs in America. Its Real. MK Ultra Ken Rhoades This will be used to totally control all Americans. 5G will be the final nail. The Hammer program is being exposed !!. This was used on Trump. And now they are adding a lot more of you Daily. Track and Trace they have been doing this to Targeted Individuals for years.

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