(Dr. Eric Karlstrom’s) ASN8151 Screen Recording 8/15/20

ASN8151 Screen Recording 8 15 2020 12 24 00 AM

Sh P
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Bloomberg company profile (asn)


dun & bradstreet:





Seabras-1 Submarine Cable Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York …seabornnetworks.com






Fairmont Raffles Hotels International


Tanya Bauer
2 hours ago

I move over 12 times ,it dose not matter where you go ,I hope you are doing great today ❤️🌻🌻💞 much lv from TIS from Australia 🌏

Tanya Bauer
1 hour ago
Watch ,,,this Tore Says ,(what they don’t wanted you to see) much lv from TIS from Australia 🌏❤️

Nina Gonzales
45 minutes ago

Accompanying email from Sh P to Dr. Eric Karlstrom on August 15, 2020:


I have your asn done (and am copying the UN as this is evidence for all Targeted Individuals), and I can tell you from reviewing yours and mine, there is one primary company that all Targeted Individuals are filtered through which is https://www.dnb.com/

I confirmed Northrop Grumman Corp in in my network (that is the military contractor who has been targeting my family alongside of Tavistock (all based in fact now published on Youtube), but they are served through the dnb.com as masking system (see below):

Your ASN{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dlOPhGz3lM

This is my death threat can you publish it?

I have compiled the list of data in the description box, this is by far not a complete list of all the entities involved because of the layering within the asn.

But, every single targeted individual I have explored is routed through by ASN577 (China) then through to Canada Department of Defense and Research Neurobioengineering (ASN74)

as-name: XDRENET-AS
descr: Government of Canada Defense Research
[email protected] 20180525

Since I have received a death threat and the level of the weapons assaults on my family and I around the clock with radiation is severe and we are loaded with non consenting rfid and they have made untold amounts of money trafficking us for decades (multigenerational), feel free to Publish my full name.

I grant permission to you.

If we are murdered the world can know that these murderer parasites have intellectually feed off of a human life form, its lineage for untold amounts of money over at least 4 generations and targeted one of the rarest mtDNA groups on earth (less than 3 million women remaining, our origins are the near east AB-).
We are:
HV0 t195c!

My legal name is
Bobbi Peitsch (DOB: May 31, 1972)
My sisters name:
Shannon Peitsch (DOB: Feb 23, 1975)
My Sisters name:
Rose Peitsch (October 23, 1954)

We have gone to Winnipeg Police, CSIS, International Criminal Court we have contacted many entities around the world without help and clearly Canada is fine with torture mutilation, murder as long as the weapons testing machine is fine and their covert cybernetic programs are intact, along with big pharma non-consenting testing, life insurance, patents, their lists are endless.

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  1. I hope that this can be of some help to you, Bobbi. I looked up your family name with the Key terms Dr. and medical research. I thought that possibly –like me–you have wealthy, highly connected relatives, with medical links.

    I found that the name is German and means “to whip.” Nazi name? I found “Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research.” By accident, I stumbled upon a Rose Akhtar. Saleem Akhtar was my manager, when I was working to pay for my living expenses and university studies. He was from Pakistan. I had looked up his family name with no success.

    I have not yet gone on. However, please note –there must be tens –possibly fifty pages of these doctors at this institution. Also, be aware of places where you have been –possibly led there by proxies.

    For example, a handler took me to Boston Massachusetts. I looked up medical information. There is a Massachusetts General Hospital, with at least a thousand doctors. A number of surnames were names of proxies in my professional workplace.

    Of note, too –my uncle Johnny Feinstein supposedly died of complications of diabetes. Very interestingly, his eyes are identical to those of Dianne Feinstein. I speculate that possibly Johnny Feinstein did life insurance fraud and reemerged as this senator. Elite families “transgender” their children. How? They take a fetus in utero. They use hormones to create a male with a female reproductive system, who they raise as a female, or a female with a male reproductive system. So, possibly, Johnny simply transgendered back.

    This idea may seem very unlikely. However, there are a number of facts which make it possible and research would be needed.

    My siblings and I were raised in near total isolation, in Peel. Our family name was changed, so that there would be no link between our extended family relatives and us –so that we could be easily preyed upon. Only later in life, did we find out that our relatives were wealthy and prominent and had links to most professions.

    I am locked out of my email.

  2. You mention Cambridge, Massachussetts. I was taken on a road trip to Boston and Cambridge, by a “safety officer, named Ruhi Tuzlak.” We even visited the grounds of Harvard. My first cousin Marshall Devor had sent his son to Harvard. I thought that it was strange for me to be standing outside of this university. Marshall Devor, my first cousin is a professor of biology at Hebrew University, who studies pain. He has been recognized for his scholarship. When I visited him in Israel in 2006, I had no idea of any of this. My relatives in Israel may have put me on a listing, in order to end my life, for profit. My father and two brothers were Tis and had sudden, highly premature, highly suspicious deaths.

    I later discovered that there were some 1,000 doctors at Massachussetts General Hospital and there were last names similar to last names of colleagues and acquaintances. I do not know why they wanted their experimental subject –me–to be taken physically to this location. As soon as we returned, our “friendship” was over.

    Berko Devor’s second wife, Mary, was married to Blum, previously.

    As well, my first cousin, Joanna Devor is married to Johnny EHRLICH. Is this Johnny Ehrlich related to the globalist who made pro genocide comments?

    If people really want to find solutions, links to relatives, who happen to be highly placed globalists may be of interest.

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