Dr Armin Krishnan On Neuroweapons- July 7, 2022 (Conversations with Experts)

By Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, CSUS and Crestone/Baca resident, April 2, 2023

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Dr Armin Krishnan On Neuroweapons- July 7, 2022 (Conversations with Experts)

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Armin Krishnan, PhD is a political scientist and Director of Security Studies at East Carolina University, and the author of the book “Military Neuroscience and The Coming Age of Neurowarfare” (Routlege,2018).

Topics include #neuroweapons #mindcontrol #HavanaSyndrome #CIA #brainfingerprinting #technototalitarianism


a z
2 weeks ago
Nice selection panel of experts on Neuroweaponry. I read that book too. I wish Dr. Krishnan would explain more about the cyber security and the intelligence gathering for the fitting of the body and brain.

Shadow Net
2 weeks ago
Fascinating interview, thanks for doing this. I will try to find this book.

J Wison
13 days ago
Thanks for having these talks Len

Nancy Rubeck
7 days ago
TY *Armin*. Yes, screaming PAIN, I have shared this in and w/ so many places, TY both.

The Postal Dude
9 days ago (edited)
Hi Mr Donut Nice vid