DOD/CIA Human Resources Exploitation (Torture) Manual (1983)

ETK Comment: In his books and lectures (Dr. Alfred McCoy: The History of Mental Torture in the U.S.A.), Dr. Alfred McCoy enumerates 6 standard components of the CIA’s “psychological (no-touch) torture” program.

These include:

1) Sensory (disorientation) and deprivation
2) isolation
3) self-inflicted pain (forcing victim to stand for days- stress positions)
4) sleep deprivation and adjustment
5) imposition of fear, exploitation of phobias
6) humiliation

While the first paragraph of the following CIA-DOD “Human Resources Exploitation (Torture) Manual” (1983) includes the (legal) disclaimer that “use of force, mental torture, threats, or exposure to unpleasant and inhumane treatment of any kind is as an aid to interrogation is prohibited by law, both international and domestic, and is neither authorized nor condoned,” the document itself describes how and why these very methodologies are to be applied. This is Orwellian “double-speak.”

I believe that when we combine this document with the military’s “Joint Targeting Manual” (2013) Joint_Chiefs-Joint_Targeting_20130131(4)), we can begin to understand that the “targets” selected are being subjected to these forms of CIA-created and DOD-applied psychological torture, among other weapons.

In other words, GISTAPO-666 is incontrovertably a CIA-DOD operation!