I. Did Spies Kill Princess Diana? UK Author Peter Hounam Weighs In (Trunews.com, May 27, 2021); II. Did “They” (MI6 & CIA) Retaliate Against Trunews.com For This Episode?

I. Did Spies Kill Princess Diana? UK Author Peter Hounam Weighs In (Trunews.com, May 27, 2021); II. Did “They” (MI6 & CIA or related group) Retaliate Against Trunews.com For This Episode?



Webmaster’s Comment: This is an important episode of Trunews. The reason I post it here is that, in my opinion, show host, Edward Szal’s brief introduction summarizes very important insights into how and by whom America and the West has already been conquered. Thus, I quote most of it here:

“Today, we are going to explore a topic that has birthed a thousand conspiracies (sic; conspiracy theories) over the years…. the death, possibly from state-sponsored foul play, of the people’s princess, Diana Francis Spencer. We are going to examine how the life, the untimely death, and the coverup of Princess Diana (sic, Diana’s death) in August 1997 plays a serendipitous role in understanding why, how, and who conquered America and the West. And I don’t mean a land invasion or a battle over the skies of Boston. No, it was a slow and steady domination of our minds to the benefit of everyone from Chatham House Manchurians and their Bilderberg buddies to the shadowy work of an army of spies in every Western country, doing the deeds of the devil, almost always to the detriment of you and I.

Webmaster’s Comment: Chatam House is another name for the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, located in London, England, which has been the world’s brainwashing center since World War I. Bush II’s CIA Director George Tenet, as Szall points out, “oversaw the start of the 20-year running War on Terror which stripped the rights and lives of American, Brits or anyone deemed a threat or an enemy of the National Security State,” thus helping to facilitate the post-9/11 targeting and destruction of anyone anywhere as “a potential terrorist threat.” BTW, Tenet is Jewish.

II. Did “They” (MI6 & CIA) Retaliate Against Trunews.com For This Episode?”

Webmaster Comment: The above program was aired on Thursday, May 27, 2021. The Trunews.com team did not air a new show on Friday, May 28 or Monday, May 31, 2021. Trunews is extremely faithful in putting up programs every Monday through Friday. As per Friday, June 4, three main figures on Trunews.com, Rick Wiles, Edward Szal, and Kerry Kinsey, are still ill. This begs the question of whether there has been retaliation against these truth tellers by the “cryptocracy.”

The email message of May 29, 2021 from Trunews.com explains that Rick and Susan Wiles and a number of unnamed staff on the Trunews.com team had come down with sudden serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses, including and involving COVID and flu symptoms. My gut level impression is that these illnesses may have been induced (electronically or via bio-weapons or some other means).

Do Rick and Susan Wiles’ sudden illnesses and the COVID and flu symptoms of a number of members of the Trunews.com staff “their” (CIA or MI6 or allied group) constitute criminal retaliation against Trunews.com for speaking the “unspeakable” truth? Nothing would surprise me in the current repressive “climate”. Incidentally, both email messages sent to me from Trunews.com (May 28 & 29) were “quarantined” as spam as per usual.

I. Dear friends and ministry partners (May 30, 2021)

I am writing this personal note to you. I wanted to give you an update to the alert that we sent out yesterday evening on the emergency health status of Rick and Susan. On behalf of the TRUNEWS team and the Wiles family, thank you so very much for your prayers as they continue to navigate this difficult situation.

Rick is very much in need of your continued prayers. Today, he was taken to the emergency room, and under medical advice, was admitted to the hospital. He is currently on oxygen and is expected to remain there for a number of days.

Susan remains ill, but also needs your prayers as well. We would request that you would pray for healing for her body, but that you will also pray that the Lord will give her peace regarding Rick’s condition.

Please pray for Rick’s children, grandchildren and extended family. They are all currently dealing with a situation where both the patriarch and matriarch of their family are suffering, and the family needs the comfort of the Holy Spirit to speak to their hearts and continue to rise to the challenge of caring for Rick and Susan.

Please also pray for our TRUNEWS team members, and their family who have the flu and COVID. We value each of our staff, and they each play an essential role in this ministry. Would you lift them up as well?

I can assure you, our friends and ministry partners, that Rick and Susan are fighters and survivors. They have each seen tremendous challenges in their lives, and it was their steadfast faith in the promises of the Word of God that saw them through those challenges. It is that same faith that will see them through this one as well. Here is what is different: you get to share in the victory that will happen in this crisis, because you prayed!

Already, the naysayers and mockers have started with their taunts. Let them speak their foolish words and let them mock. It will only serve to be used to fuel their flames of torment in hell, unless they repent.

If I know Rick, and I believe I do, this attack of the enemy will only serve to strengthen his resolve to speak against the forces of darkness. We will say it again: NO weapon formed against us shall prosper! NONE!

As more information develops, we will provide it to you. We would ask that you would honor the privacy of Rick and Susan and their family. They need time to recover and heal. If you have questions or information to share, please feel free to write the ministry at info@trunews.com.

Thank you for loving Rick and Susan, and thank you for loving this ministry. For more than two decades plus, Rick and Susan have demonstrated their tremendous testimony of faithfulness to the voice of the Lord, through thick and thin. We now ask that you will come along side of us, join us in prayer for healing, for deliverance, and for victory.

This will be the biggest testimony ever!

In His Service,

Dr. Raymond Burkhart,
Vice-President, Flowing Streams

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