DHS Technology Used For Gang Stalking Operations

Start here. These are the GANG STALKING APPS BEING USED, explore them and see if you find them interesting. These are from the GEOInt (Geospacial Intelligence) App Store.


Then you need to go here (Department of Homeland Security website: https://www.dhs.gov/science-and-technology/android-team-awareness-kit-atak-video and go through EVERY SINGLE tab on the left.


And here’s a teaser, showing some of the basic applications of portable microwave technology:


These videos were sent to Ramola D via email. The sender stated:

“I’m a very technically minded person so some of the things gathered from these manuals and videos regarding computers and the “DHS Cybersecurity Competition” (Funding college classes and teaching these kids through HUGE government grants [I still cant fathom this]] )–I actually took a snapshot in the video of the code a student was writing on his screen and I can tell you 100% that these are the people hacking into TI’s systems because it’s LITERALLY what the screen shows in the video. Perhaps only a nerd like me would notice this but I just want to emphasize how incredibly obvious and ridiculous it is!”

THANK YOU sender!