DESTROYING THE NWO (And the Man-Hunting Business-Illegal Human Experimentation?!): ONE TRUTH WILL SAVE OUR WORLD (11/24/20)


Webmaster’s Comment: It would appear that these issues would have direct bearing to the crimes now being committed against so-called “targeted individuals.” Obviously, “they” falsely regard us as “their” property.

Christopher James: A Warrior Calls:

This entire Covid fraud-world takeover attempt is coming from the Central Bankers, the Monarch (British Royal Family), and the Pope.

Christopher James Explanation:

“When we are born in this world there is a trespass that occurs against every single man and woman. The evidence of that is that when you are given a birth certificate. A corporation is created in our names unbeknownst to us when we are born. There is a contract that has been created between you and these governments.

When you are born, documentation is created without your parents’ or your knowledge or consent. They kill you on paper. There is an unlawful conversion. You are being changed to a lawful standpoint to a legal world. They create a legal person on paper. This is a fiction. That’s what your all-caps name designation represents. It all starts with the birth certificate.

The bar has been doing horrific things to people for over a hundred years.

They are not governments, they are service corporations. We have to call them what they are.

Everyone now knows that Covid is a lie.

The legal question from each and every person to the rulers of our country- as they treat us like chattel.

The critical question is: Do the rules of civil procedure apply to we the people? The answer is: No. And yet these rules are being applied to us.

1) Do you claim I’m your property?
2) Who can administer property without right?
3) Can you produce the obligation upon which you rely?

The Foundational Knowledge from A Warrior Calls:

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  1. My computer has been hacked, so that I can no longer use my Roger’s service to do searches. I have tried four times to save your video to my reading list. The very second that I save it, it is deleted.

    I am likely an asset for the MKULTRA program, from birth. My father and two brothers have had sudden, highly suspicious, highly premature deaths. My sister and I have been targeted. I have lived through unimaginable tortures. It is difficult to be optimistic. However, I do believe that certain parties– as you say –have overplayed their hand.

    Yes. It was always obvious, from the day that Ontario was shut down, that no illness could be as detrimental to society, as the lockdowns and other imposed “emergency procedures.”

    I am locked out of my email and all of my communications are hacked.

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