DARPA RadioBio Defense Science Office Call For Grant Proposals Re: Testing Electromagnetic Waves in Biosystems (Human Targets?)

Excerpt from Broad Agency Annoucement; RadioBio Defense Sciences Office HR001117S0021

the scope of the program includes the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from low frequency electromagnetic waves through to PHz, DARPA’s interest in new research means that preference may be given to proposals focusing on the kHz to THz range where less is known. A specific requirement for proposals is that an electromagnetic wave information channel is unambiguously identified in a biosystem, in the sense that a transmitted signal results in a specific biological consequence and that this behavior is reproducible with respect to event and frequency used. Similarly, a predictive model for the transmit/receive antenna or biological “circuitry” is required, as is quantitative experimental verification of the model. Experiments must be clearly described, with particular attention paid to controls and systematic effects. In order to show reproducibility and repeatability, a model’s predictions must be verified in multiple systems and multiple environments. Proposed research may investigate electromagnetic exchanges between similar or dissimilar biosystems.