DARPA’s Next Generation Approach to Brain Interfaces (pdf): Coming Soon to Brains Everywhere!@

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency), an Agency Of the Department Of Defense. DARPA’s Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology.

The U.S. Military and DARPA are conducting “Non-Invasive Neural Interfacing on all of us via the spraying into the sky aerosols. Thus, the reason that aircraft fly low above us is for the “Cognitive Central Nervous System reading of brains (hacking) without informed consent of the population.

The U.S. Government-military-intelligence complex has become the enemy of all humanity.

Notice the name of the researcher that wrote this document…. Dr. Al Emondi….. Often these people are not Americans!




DARPA Next Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology N-3)