Crystal Taylor, TI Statement

Dear Mr. Karlstrom,

I hope you are well. My name is Crystal Taylor and I have been following your site (GSMK) for a while.

Thank you for your bravery and persistence in putting this information up. It has helped tremendously.

I am attaching some of my own experience. It is not a complete account as of yet.

A brief background is that I am a young professional who fully realized in October 2017 that I was a part of what is known as gang stalking. Like many, I can trace back different phases of it years back. I have realized that some strange events that persisted throughout my life are all related. Currently, I am living in Charlotte, NC. I am looking for work and I stay throughout the community whether hotels or other areas I can find to sleep. I am not aware of any family or friends that I have that can help.

I also know one of those involved although I do not understand his level of involvement. I have not discussed this much in what I am attaching.

This is my first time sending any communication of any kind. Although, I am sure you are familiar with much of what I have written, I am hoping that it will still provide some details that can be useful.

Also, I apologize if anything seems difficult to read or understand. I have been going through this for a long time and under estimated how difficult it would be to translate into words even though I have kept a journal for much of it within the last year.

I am leaving my contact information here just in case. Please be aware that I have no secure forms of communication. All of my information including this email and phones have been hacked and are monitored. Also I am on Remote Neural Monitoring.

Thank you again.
May God bless,

Crystal Taylor
Phone: 804-625-0385