Critical Overview of Satellite-based Psycho-technology (pdf)

ETK Introduction:

Someone claiming to be a TI (Targeted Individual) sent me this short explantory pdf document. Apparently, no one claims authorship of the document. However the pdf itself states:

“This overview was informed by a team of 7 people who ultimately describe themselves as researchers or investigators and claim to be employed by the Department of the Army. Operators I communicate with operate on rotating shifts (60-80 hours per week) focusing on a single subject. They monitor the subject’s location, communications, interpersonal interactions, diet, substance use, activity, and behavior. Their work is performed remote from their subject with a satellite mediating signals and communication between both parties. They author summary reports of subject activity from real-time observation sessions presented as text and data visualizations. They conduct experiments and interviews with the subject about their knowledge, interests, and experiences for use in psychological profiles or to understand and predict behavior/activity.”

The program being described here is similar to that described by Dr. Robert Duncan, author of “Project Soul Catcher: Volume Two; Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed,” as also explained by TI and ex-FEMA employee, Bryan Tew in various posts on this website.

Of concern to me at least, some parts of the document seem quite condescending. For example, the section entitled “Public Hysteria” uses familiar, pejorative terms such as “conspiracy theory,” “mass hysteria,” etc. This suggests to this author that the document itself may be a “limited hangout,” written by some intelligence agent, that is meant to misdirect the TI community and the larger populace. After all, that is what “intelligence agencies” do.

In addition, the document refers to the illegal and unconstitutional activities of the “perpetrators” in the past tense. Perhaps it is standard operating procedure for military-intelligence operatives to use this ploy. Obviously, these crimes are ongoing and the crimes mentioned in the document comprise a tiny fraction of all those currently being committed by the perpetrating agencies and individuals.

However, there may also be some valuable new insights in this document; hence, my inclusion of the document on this website.