One Reply to “Covid Crimes Against Humanity: The Legal Perspective”

  1. Sir–it is heartening to see that medical professionals are exposing vitally important information and that you are taking a role in attempting to protect the rights and freedoms of society. I cannot possibly thank you enough for your involvement.

    Are you aware of how this Covid ambush fraud fits into a more global plan? It is vitally important that reputable persons of authority take measures on different fronts, and that we priorize our efforts, so that we can secure a future for society.

    Dave Hodges’ father was a U.S. navy agent, who installed nuclear weapons systems in ships. By profession, Dave is a professor of sociology, including mathematical research methods. John McCain attempted to unlawfully usurp the land of Dave Hodges and his neighbours. Hence, Dave began to take measures to secure these properties. In so doing, he became aware of a political attack planned against the U.S., with global reach. Dave Hodges has been reporting on political events for a decade, on his online site. He is in constant contact with many, highly reliable sources. Many informed authorities believe that an attack upon the U.S. is immanent. See Dave Hodges: “The Common Sense Show.” All persons who treasure human rights and freedoms have a vested interest in supporting and protecting the U.S.

    I cannot be reached by email.

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