COVID-1984- A Scamdemic and Staged Panic Contrived to Lock Down Planet Earth, Divide and Conquer Nations, and Enslave Humanity (3 articles from State of the Nation; Jan.-April, 2020)

COVID-1984- A Scamdemic and Staged Panic Contrived to Lock Down Planet Earth,
Divide and Conquer Nations, and Enslave Humanity

“Just like the state-sponsored 9/11 false flag operation was used
to create the American National Security State, COVID-1984 is
being carried out to foist a Global Security Superstate on the entire
planetary civilization as a precursor to a One World Government.
Every single move made by the New World Order globalist cabal
during the execution of this staged pandemic and global psyop
has been planned well in advance. That’s because COVID-1984
represents the culmination of 100 years of biowarfare waged
against the human race. It’s not just a depopulation bioweapon
as the 1918 Spanish flu was. Watch every twist and turn of this
classic Problem~Reaction~Solution operation, especially as it’s
falsely reported by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media. Clock every
NWO outcome, both big and small, as each piece fits perfectly
into the pre-planned COVID-1984 puzzle. That’s why it’s been
memed the “Plandemic” … as well as a “Scamdemic”.
— Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer

State of the Nation, April 19, 2020

It’s of paramount importance for people not to get caught up in the details of COVID-19 as the ensuing debates will always serve to divide the Truth Movement like they did with 9/11. The “Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?” where it concerns the ongoing COVID-19 bioterrorist plot are all incidental and quite insignificant when compared to the much larger and horrific reality of COVID-1984.

All that really matters at this critical point of the stealthy COVID-1984 implementation plan are the immediate threats to national sovereignty, as well as the long-term consequences to personal liberties and citizen rights.

Truly, at this late date, it makes no difference exactly who is operationally responsible for the series of bioterrorist attacks carried out in China, Italy, Iran, Spain, South Korea, United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, etc. The true Zio-Anglo-American perpetrators have already floated so many fake conspiracies, in both the mainstream and alternative media, that it will be virtually impossible to identify the actual culprits.

In point of fact, each of the aforementioned nations has a well-established and powerful Deep State capable of coordinating and covering up any act of terrorism, or wave of bioterrorism, just as “Operation COVID-19” has been continuously perpetrated around the world since the beginning of 2019. Clearly, such a worldwide black operation could only be carried out under the rubric of Operation Gladio just as the state-sponsored 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks were. See: GLADIO BIOTERROR: ‘Biological Attack’ Against China Planned by NATO Decades Ago — UK Military Officer & Whistleblower

*Operation Gladio is the primary terrorist arm of NATO (aka the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization)

As for the true targets of this massive and complex conspiracy to bioterrorize whole nations into submission, that’s easy; just look at the countries that are at the top of the list below.

The American people were always the primary target of this false flag bioterrorist operation and overwhelming psyop. The New World Order globalist cabal knows that the American Republic must be destroyed if they are to successfully form a One World Government. The ruling cabal also knows that the Global Control Matrix (5G + IoT = Smart Cities) must first be fully functioning if the Global Security Superstate is to be established.

This is why the COVID-1984 perpetrators have so recklessly concocted this transparent scamdemic and staged panic. They are so desperate to roll out 5G so they can complete the planned build-out of the AI-run Internet of Things, which will then permit them to flip the switch on the Global Control Matrix. Only then can the One World Government come out of the shadows since the emerging Global Security Superstate will provide the desperately needed police protections and enforcement actions for the power elite and their tyrannical technocracy. See: OPERATION COVID-19: Desperate Attempt to Deploy 5G Under Cover of Bioterrorism to Activate Global Control Matrix

As it stands, international career criminals such as Bill Gates, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Tedros, Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and many others are no longer safe. Their multi-decade crime sprees have been exposed on the Internet which puts them all in grave danger. Hence, there is now now limit to their treachery and as the exceedingly brazen COVID-1984 scamdemic clearly reflects.
COVID-19 & Coronavirus syndrome

Before we address COVID-1984, let’s first take a close look at COVID-19.

What in the world is it—REALLY?!

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus syndrome, is a bioweapon that was meticulously bioengineered in a U.S. military laboratory (U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases lab at Fort Detrick) in collaboration with the American university system (e.g. Harvard and University of North Carolina) as well as other advanced bioweaponry research institutions throughout the USA.

HARD EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: COVID-19 Bioengineered at Univ. of North Carolina

Coronavirus syndrome is the disease process that results when the complex COVID-19 bioweapon is both triggered and intensified by different components of a quaternary weapon system. See: QUATERNARY WEAPON SYSTEM Activated Before Each Coronavirus Cluster Explosion

What’s crucial to correctly understand by every person on Earth is that COVID-19 is the “latest and greatest” of numerous bioweapons that have been unleashed on humanity for well over 100 years.

Just before the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 was similarly bioengineered, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 set the stage for 100 plus years of unabated bioterrorism that has been carried out across the planet.

For example, every single major influenza outbreak that has occurred over the past century, to include the Asian flu, Hong Kong flu, Bird flu, Swine flu, SARS and MERS, was bioengineered by the Anglo-American Military-Big Pharma Complex. Likewise, all the major epidemics and pandemics such as Polio, Smallpox, Measles, AIDS, Ebola, West Nile virus, Chikungunya, Zika virus were specifically bioengineered to produce specific outcomes.

KEY POINTS: The United States Military and Intelligence Community have always been used by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis (ZAAA) to do most of the dirty work. (Who today does not loathe the C.I.A.? Is there even a single country that is not disgusted by American warmongering?) The patently illegal bioweaponry research conducted in U.S. military bio-labs, which was strategically sited around the world to carry out illicit and hazardous bioweapon research and development, has been well-known over many decades. In this fashion, both the United Kingdom and Israel have cunningly avoided much of the responsibility for so many waves of bioterrorism that have washed over the planet since the Spanish Flu. This is why the USA was set up to be the global policeman enforcing Pax Americana with gunboat diplomacy the world over. What American exceptionalism really means is that only the U.S. Federal Government can get away with bioengineering extremely dangerous bioweapons, launching them anywhere at will, and then blaming the bio-attacked nation or other targeted enemy. See: The Nasty Truth About Covid-19

Each of these successive bioweapons, as well as resulting pandemic and epidemics, served to expose virtually every person on Earth to the various cocktails of pathogenic micro-organisms that are purposefully put into each bioweapon. As a result, every human being has become a repository for so many harmful, and sometimes latent, pathogens of every sort and kind.

Just because the ensuing acute disease or chronic illness caused by any of those various influenzas and other infectious diseases is treated successfully does not mean it has been eradicated from the human bio-organism. In fact, many of these stealth pathogens have been specifically bioengineered to retreat deep into the tissues only to manifest as a full-blown disease process later on in life. In this way, the human race has been invaded by one wave of microscopic Trojan horses after another.

Where it concerns the advanced COVID-19 bioweapon, once it explodes inside of the human body, it has the built-in capability of re-triggering the various latent infection agents lying dormant deep in the tissues. Of course, COVID-19 is also programmed (Yes, it’s part nano-chip that can send out nano-bots to attack certain organs and/or tissues) to cause entirely new disease processes, some of which are dictated by the individual’s bloodline, genetic blueprint and/or predispositions.

KEY POINTS: There is both good news and bad news because of this unrelenting biowar against the human race. The good news is that people everywhere have developed strong immunity to an array of sophisticated pathogens and newfangled diseases. The bad news is that there has been so much exposure to these bioweapons that there are inevitable consequences to the physical integrity of the human body which inevitably take their toll in a cumulative manner. For instance, both the microbiome and bioterrain will gradually change and morph in ways that are not in the best interest of the human bio-organism. (The dark side deliberately created these adverse internal conditions humanity-wide for this precise moment in time.)

Because so many influenzas were launched as bioweapons against China by the West (read: Zio-Anglo-American Axis) over the past 100 years, the Chinese people were eventually compelled to comply with the notorious Super-Vaccination Agenda like no other populace on Earth. As a result, China is the most vaccinated country on the planet; therefore, the citizenry is much more susceptible to being triggered by the COVID-19 bioweapon, especially the coronavirus variant that was bioengineered to target certain Asian bloodlines and gene pools.

KEY POINT: It has been proven that there are several strains of COVID-19, where each bioweapon is the result of separate bioterrorist attacks launched at different cites and countries, organizations and corporations, families and individuals. This wily strategy has provided the circumstances for the real perps to take out any target they so desire under cover of COVID-19.

This is why Wuhan was chosen to be the world’s epicenter for the novel coronavirus outbreak in December of 2019, which has spread all over China much more than the citizens are being told. Not only are they being repeatedly chipped with each vaccination containing progressively more advanced generations of microchips, they were also set up for a major 5G experiment centered in Wuhan City.

Wuhan was quite suspiciously designated as an official 5G Demonstration Zone in 2019 and saw over 10,000 5G base stations constructed throughout the greater metropolitan area. Clearly, this intensive 5G roll-out in advance of the planned IoT build-out just prior to the coronavirus outbreak was no quirk of fate; rather, it was intentionally planned to produce maximum effect. In retrospect, the devastating Wuhan outbreak was a carefully executed experiment by the very same tribe that has been using human beings as guinea pigs for many centuries. See: The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

Then there is the fourth component of the “quaternary weapon system” uncommonly known as chemical geoengineering. Popularly known as chemtrails, these highly toxic aerosols are sprayed by specially equipped military aircraft into the troposphere for a variety of purposes. One of the objectives is to permeate the ambient atmosphere with specific metals (aluminum), chemical compounds (barium salt), elements (strontium), microbials (pathogenic bacteria and mycoplasma), as well as a number of other toxic ingredients, so as to expose humanity to them over decades.

These ongoing chemtrail operations, occurring in plain sight around the globe, have contributed considerably to the poisoning of humanity and animals alike. The entire plant kingdom is also being toxified by chemtrail aerosols, which end up further degrading the human body as much food and beverage has been rendered toxic to varying degrees. (Notice how hard and difficult to chew many fruit skins and vegetables are now given the incorporation of so much aluminum into the plant bio-structures.)

The crucial point here is that the global population has not only been exposed to a tremendous amount of industrial pollution, people everywhere have been the unaware victims of relentless chemical and biological assaults from cradle to grave. All of these daily assaults and yearly bio-attacks over the past one hundred years were launched with highly purposeful design—COVID-19, first, followed by COVID-1984.

KEY POINTS: Based on a plethora of scientific and clinical evidence, COVID-19 is a highly complex, painstakingly bioengineered, military-grade bioweapon. The contagious and deadly disease that it causes known as Coronavirus syndrome is actually a quickly debilitating multi-infection syndrome. However, Coronavirus syndrome not only has similar qualities to the HIV superinfection and AIDS multi-infection syndrome, it also mimics the well-known bioweapon created at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center—Lyme disease. Corornavirus syndrome has so many similarities to Lyme disease that it could be classified as a Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome.

Welcome to COVID-1984

It doesn’t get more cold and calculating, conniving and contriving, crafty and cunning, cagey and canny than COVID-1984.

The perpetrators of this continuing series of bioterrorist attacks, against nations large and small, quite deliberately chose 2020 to launch COVID-1984.

But why 2020?

KEY POINT: There are actually several reasons for “2020” that are well beyond the scope of this exposé. However, there is one extremely significant yet much overlooked reason that goes like this: 2020 VISION QUEST: A Global Movement Destined to Reshape the Planetary Civilization.

But why 2020 as far as the COVID-1984 perps are concerned?

Because the numerous secret societies set up to subvert nations and societies everywhere, and especially their frontmen, have been outed like never before. The power elite can no longer survive in a global environment whereby everyone knows the true depth and breadth of their multi-century crime sprees against humanity. Hence, TPTB felt they had no choice but to attempt to lock down the whole planet until all of humanity is effectively incarcerated.

Very few medical investigators are yet aware, but COVID-19 was secretly disseminated around the world throughout the entire year of 2019. This bioweapon was not just relaunched in December … after it was launched at the World Military Games in October in Wuhan; COVID-19 was actually unleashed in several nations all year long during 2019. This is just one reason why the outbreaks literally mushroomed overnight in nations such as China, South Korea, Spain, Iran, France, Germany, and especially throughout the United States. The multiple coronavirus clusters that exploded in Wuhan, Tehran, Milan, Madrid, Daegu, Seattle, New York City and other major cites stand as a testament to this reality.

What’s the vital point?

The perps knew they had to unleash the weaponized Coronavirus syndrome well before Election Day—November 3, 2020. Now that nationalist movements are gaining steam worldwide, the Deep State was ordered to sabotage the U.S. election cycle in a BIG way to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump. Trump’s successful meming of MSM fake news has already destroyed — IRREPARABLY — the premier corporate new platforms worldwide. However, it was Trump’s tweet storms against the primary seditious organs of Deep State — the Democrat Party, MSM, FBI, CIA, DoJ, NATO, CFR, etc. that also dictated the precise timing of this scamdemic.

The same can be said about the prospective re-election of Italy’s arch-nationalist and former Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. Italy was targeted with total societal destruction beginning with banking capital Milan in an effort to keep the current Prime Minister of Italy — hardcore globalist Giuseppe Conte — firmly in power. After all, Salvini shut down one of the main pipelines of unwanted immigrants into Europe via the Italian Peninsula. By the way, the pre-pandemic polls were quite clear that Salvini was building momentum so quickly before COVID-19 hit that he was on the way to a landslide victory.

Then there is pro-Brexit, ultra-nationalist Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Not only did the British globalist traitors make sure Johnson came down with a full-blown case of Coronavirus syndrome, they put him in an ICU where ANYTHING goes, especially the type of blackmail and bribery that ensures your total yet temporary recovery. What better way to take the wind out of the sails of Great Britain’s powerful patriot movement than to totally incapacitate its fearless leader?! Now that Boris is back home at 10 Downing Street, expect him to play the part of carefully controlled opposition.

Of course, Spain has also been unusually ravaged by COVID-19. The Prime Minister of Spain – Pedro Sánchez – “has warned Catalonia’s government that he could deploy national police to the region, as tension flares up again between Madrid and Catalan separatists a year after a failed secession attempt”.[1]. Given the hugely disproportionate contribution to Spain’s GDP by the economic and financial powerhouse of Catalonia — the city of Barcelona — a successful secession from Madrid under the current PM would spell utter disaster for Spain during the rapidly unfolding global depression. Also, look at what COVID-19 has ‘permitted’ the Spanish government to perpetrate against its citizenry: Spain “Authorizes” Military Planes To Spray Disinfectants Over Cities

Bear in mind that the preceding discussion only represents a fraction of the NWO goals being achieved by this scamdemic, particularly on the national level. What follows is a partial list of many of the other desired achievements of TPTB via COVID-1984.

(1) Foist a One World Government upon the World Community of Nations

(2) Accelerate the Inauguration of Israel as the World Capital of a Global Government Run from Jerusalem

(3) Ensure the Rapid and Widespread Military Deployment of 5G Globally

(4) Institute Forced Vaccination Programs Worldwide Mandating Coronavirus Vaccines

(5) Distract Humanity from Rampant Globalist Corruption and Criminality

(6) Foster a Conducive Environment for the Hot Phase of World War III and Trigger Event for Armed Conflict

(7) Fabricate a Pretext for the Controlled Demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System

(8) Effectuate a Genocide in China as well as Global Depopulation Event Threatening to Become an Extinction Level Event

(9) Fear-monger throughout the Planetary Civilization in order to Exert Draconian Controls Over the Mind-Controlled Masses

(10) Expand and Strengthen the UN Powers Granted to the World Health Organization Toward a Global Medical Tyranny

(11) Coerce China to Comply with American Economic Demands and Trade Policies

(12) Advance the Greater Israel Project by Disabling Chinese, Russian and Indian Support for Iran

(13) Establish an International Cashless Society with a One World Currency via a Single Digital Cryptocurrency

(14) Infect the Entire Global Population with the Coronavirus so That Future Outbreaks Can Be Triggered via Vaccines, 5G, Chemtrails, etc.

(15) Pose a Serious Threat to Trump’s Re-election with a Black Swan Event that Crashes the Stock Market and Collapses the U.S. Economy

(16) Promote the Build-out of the Internet of Things as a Solution to Future Pandemics

(Source: OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: 16 Reasons for the Deployment of this Devastating Bioweapon in 2020)

There are several other items on the NWO agenda which are still revealing themselves as we get deeper into the convoluted COVID-1984 conspiratorial plot. Each passing week has been full of shocking revelations that alternately startle and stun because of the brazen criminality and sheer recklessness of the globalist perps. Clearly, TPTB are both desperate and frantic as never before. And, that’s a good thing!

However, one of those COVID-1984 agenda items is way too consequential to ignore. That concerns the masterful NWO application of Ordo ab Chao throughout this scamdemic with the explicit purpose of dividing and conquering the world community of nations. This highly cynical ploy has several goals, but one reigns supreme—triggering the hot phase of World War III. See: THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

Where it concerns the American body politic, both the Obama administration and Clinton faction colluded to willfully restart the Cold War with Russia where relations are now worse than ever with the Kremlin. Similarly, the Trump administration has worked overtime to alienate China with one provocative move and offensive maneuver after another. What better way to kill the Sino-American relationship forever than to wage a full-scale biowar against China, which is exactly what the Neocon Zionists have done with COVID-19.

Not only that, but Neocon Zionists inside and outside of the Trump administration are now running a shrill propaganda campaign against China as they try to convince the rest of the world that China is solely responsible for COVID-19. Isn’t this exactly what the perfidious Neocons did (first, warmongering propaganda; then, “shock and awe” terrorism; followed by armed conflict and finally war) in Chechnya, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela and other countries that were and/or are victims of ZAAA proxy wars.?

The Neocon Zionist warmongers will do everything in their power to foment an armed conflict between China and the United States, just like they tried to do with Russia and the U.S. They know that a world war has the potential to create so much conflict and chaos that they can then impose their New World Order in the wake of war’s predictable aftermath of disorder and anarchy. They don’t even care that all the evidence points directly to a Zio-Anglo-American conspiracy to use bioterrorism against China using the U.S. Army.
U.S. Military Planted COVID-19 in Wuhan, China via their Transparently Fake Military Games Team

Why, then, is the U.S. currently undergoing the biggest and most sustained series of bioterrorist attacks in the world today?

Short answer: the USA was always the primary target of COVID-19 so the globalists could much more aggressively continue the implementation COVID-1984 that began in earnest on September 11, 2001 (but really started with the Federal Reserve Act signed on December 23, 1913).

Everyone ought to understand by now that the Deep State of each of these powerful nations — United States, United Kingdom, China and Israel — are all controlled by the same clandestine powers. Each of them is run by the a highly controlled Central Bank such as the U.S. Federal Reserve System. All of the world’s Central Banks belong to the International Banking Cartel & Crime Syndicate (IBCCS) which have no loyalty to any country except the acquisition of money and power. For the banksters and their overlords can only carry out their manipulative End-time stratagems with ample financial resources. (The IBCCS fabricates fiat money out of thin air via fractional reserve banking which is then utilized to systematically buy and manipulate each Deep State to implement the overarching NWO globalist agenda.)

That extremely malevolent agenda is now being carried out at warp speed via COVID-1984. As a matter of historical fact, the globalist cabal has realized more ambitions since January of 2020 than they did during any other year since the turn of the millennium. Truly, Big Brother is right now standing at everyone’s front door issuing orders and mandating changes that were once as unthinkable as they are outrageous.

KEY POINTS: The globalists conjured up the perfect bioweapon by which to hold humankind hostage. There have been numerous news reports that say COVID-19 re-infections are the new normal; others state future vaccines may never be effective (they’re terribly toxic and don’t work anyway); and still other reports insinuate that social distancing is here to stay. See how easily the global population can be corralled into the NWO pen of compliance after multiple COVID-19 re-infections have become a fact of life. The fear associated with this new reality alone will able the globalists to manufacture the consent necessary to pass all sorts of draconian legislation that effectively imprisons humanity. Toward that end, the British medical establishment is now advancing the absurdity “that a vaccine-induced immunity could last longer than the infected-induced immunity”. See: Why are the Bloody Brits always the first to disseminate such ludicrous falsehoods about COVID-19?
Those “KEY POINTS” above say it all, folks!

TPTB intend on using COVID-1984 to shut down life on Earth as we once knew it, any and every way they can.

They will milk this manufactured global scamdemic until they have achieved every goal on their long list of nefarious NWO intentions.

And, they really don’t care how they’re perceived anymore. All their dirty laundry has been flung out of the closet never to be concealed again. They believe they have nothing left to lose, so why not make life miserable for everyone else. At the very least, they will attempt to forever shut down free speech on the Internet which they have been aggressively doing since the 2016 election cycle.

KEY POINT: Since any digitally connected person can read their lengthy and shocking rap sheets with just a few keystrokes on their IT device, the power elite really believe they no longer have anything to lose … … … EXCEPT THEIR LIVES.

Indeed, every Illuminati family, Bilderberger and Neocon Zionist is now moments away from a “torches and pitchforks” moment. So, too, is every Democrat U.S. congressman and congresswoman, Technocracy tyrant and Deep State operative just a minute away from citizens showing up with “axes and hammers”. Every globalist VIP, Rothschild bankster and Tavistock agent is facing existential threats like never before. Some patriots and nationalists are even calling for group gallows to be shown live on the Internet as a deterrent to future war criminals and menaces to society.
5G & 4G

Clearly, the military deployment of 5G was a necessary prerequisite to trigger the outbreaks in places like Wuhan, Milan, Daegu, New York City and the Seattle area.

The four cities listed above are not only 5G hotspots, they also harbor extremely perilous venues which are considered 5G super-hotspots. Wherever intensive 5G power grids have been activated, that sufficiently support the build-out of a fully operational Internet of Things, it inevitably becomes a 5G super-hotspot. See: 5G Super-Hotspots: You better know where the “kill zones” are located!

(Source: OPERATION COVID-19: How 4G is also being used to trigger Coronavirus Syndrome)

As the source article above indicates, it’s now critical to comprehend at this pivotal point of the wholly manufactured pandemic that 4G also plays a central role in triggering the COVID-19 disease process. The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the USA, particularly in rural areas with no 5G but which have had 4G networks in place for years, graphically illustrates this stark reality. This particular data point reflects that an ongoing test is being conducted by the ruling technocracy to swiftly determine the extent to which the supporting 4G weapon subsystem is effective in creating a conducive environment for bioweapons to inflict damage to the wireless IT-bound populace, especially smartphone users.

Most importantly, what every resident of the planet needs to understand is that the various national and state lockdowns are being surreptitiously used to expedite the 5G military deployments wherever and whenever they can get away with it. Schools, government buildings, corporate offices, malls, convention centers, stadiums, etc. are all being equipped with the latest and most powerful 5G technology. Likewise, the build-out of 5G network infrastructure has been greatly accelerated across the USA to include the macro- and small-cell base stations with advanced edge-computing capabilities. These base stations, along with the thousands of 5G satellites being launched this year, represent the covert weapon system described in this detailed exposé: 5G WEAPONRY: Microwave Technology Deployed as Depopulation Warfare, Full Spectrum Dominance & Total Human Control (Video).

Novus ordo seclorum = “New Order of the Ages“


People, it does not get any bigger than COVID-1984!

They fastidiously planned this bioengineered pandemic for well over a century, if not longer. COVID-1984 is the final fear-mongering terror operation that will allow TPTB to position the capstone on their notorious pyramid of worldly power and control (see preceding visual).

However, their implausible scheme requires a critical mass of consent from We the People if it is to be successful to any degree. For when there’s not a sufficient level of consent, there can be no New World Order. Such a global black operation and psyop absolutely requires a large majority of people to buy into their absurd scamdemic. Without that vital support, it’s impossible for TPTB to manifest their envisioned New World Order, just like it’s now impossible for them to artificially prop up the “global gambling casino” known as the stock market. For there is now mathematical certainty that the Global Economic & Financial System will suffer free-fall collapse … even if it is conducted as a perfectly controlled demolition by the wealthy elites who only want to protect their commercial and financial interests.

Really, how do TPTB expect to lock down nearly 7.8 billion people?!

That’s right—they can’t! Unless we let them.

Who has not already seen or felt the quickly evolving totalitarian order administered by the tyrannical technocracy? We all know who they are — Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Deborah Birx, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Jack Dorsey, Susan Wojcicki, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Ajit Pai and many other super-glorified technocrats who exert dictatorial command and control over cyber-space.

Now, let’s go get ’em.
Before they get US!

CAVEAT: There now exists a window of opportunity to resist and overcome the tyrannical technocracy that globalism requires if it is to predominate across the land. However, that window is closing very fast. Therefore, it’s imperative for people across the planet to rise up — EN MASSE — against what is really a veiled communist tyranny before they transform the world into a Soviet Union-style “Gulag Archipelago”.

State of the Nation, April 19, 2020

Editor’s Note

In order to fully grasp the true magnitude and scope of COVID-1984, the reader is encouraged to consider the many detailed exposés posted here: OPERATION COVID-19 & COVID-1984: A Comprehensive Series of Exclusive Exposés, Big-Picture Analyses and Health Warnings


[1] Pedro Sánchez

II. GLADIO BIOTERROR: ‘Biological Attack’ Against China Planned by NATO Decades Ago — UK Military Officer & Whistleblower

MARCH MADNESS 2020, March 11, 2020

Mayhem Manufactured Worldwide by a Very Mad and Desperate NWO Cabal

Who’s really behind this pandemic panic? And why now?
“It’s true: March Madness 2020 is being manufactured with a
VENGEANCE by the globalists. Not only are they mad, they’ve
been found out. Madmen who’ve been outed only display more
madness. It was a top-level British military officer who exposed
their genocidal scheme. The whistleblower’s own 2010 letter
confirms a bioterror operation against China. That testimony
provides proof of a Zio-Anglo-American plot to paralyze China
with a biological attack. The bioweapon released in Wuhan in
December of 2019 proves they pushed the biowarfare button.
That the gutsy officer had extraordinary access to ultra-classified
information during highly privileged NATO intel briefings in the
1970s is without question. So, his letter stands as solid anecdotal
evidence for a series of premeditated bioterrorist attacks against
China by the Western powers. Given the virality of various truth
bombs on the Internet, once this radioactive bombshell exploded
in cyberspace, that was it. The cabal really went MAD! So mad
they put March Madness 2020 on super-steroids. That’s what
we’re seeing right now, folks—the outworking of raging collective
madness at the top of the food chain.”

— Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer

State of the Nation

Every coronavirus pandemic event that’s popping off somewhere in the world during this March has been planned with cold calculation and vindictive purpose.

The New World Order globalists livid because of the worldwide resistance to their many nefarious agendas. The increasing number of nationalist governments, patriot movements and popular protests have posed problem after problem for them. Both Brexit and Trump alone have majorly impeded the juggernaut of globalism. When half the world is literally laughing at their absurd global warming hoax, they knew they had to do something BIG.

Much more significantly, the top globalists themselves are now in grave danger. Truly, The Powers That Be (TPTB) know that they have been outed like never before in world history. Who does not know many of their notorious names and dastardly deeds?

This is why they have desperately thrown the entire planetary civilization into unparalleled chaos and pandemonium with OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC.
What chaos?

There was no more efficient way for TPTB to shut down whole countries as they have done by staging a bioengineered coronavirus pandemic and then inciting the ensuing panic.

There’s a very good reason why two of the most common words today used incessantly by the mainstream media (MSM) — “pandemic” and “panic” — have similar spellings. The globalists know that reason quite well, too. Fearmongering is, after all, their stock-in-trade going back millennia. Here’s just one example of their handiwork today: Italy’s massive coronavirus quarantine provokes panic and prison riots; stocks slide

The fearmongers know that the more fear they can generate with this choreographed pandemic panic, the more societies everywhere will be pushed into chaos. For it is Ordo ab Chao that always provides the perfect strategy and context for them to re-order the international order according to their New World Order blueprint.

KEY POINTS: Whether the following MSM headline reflects reality or not on the coronavirus-stricken Grand Princess cruise ship, it further adds to the escalating chaos being fabricated around the globe today: CORONA CRUISE SHIP CRAZYMAKERS: ‘People fighting over rotten food’. This whole drama has the whiff of California crazymakers behind it, doesn’t it? It was Cali-Gov Gavin Newsom who first rejected the cruise ship, but who then relented and allowed it to dock at the Port of Oakland. This is classic California crazymaking that everyone has watched for years; just look at the utterly depraved and hopeless mess now known as Hollyweird. And, by the way, some of those cruise-going crazymakers may really be paid crisis actors planted on that particular cruise ship to generate this specific MSM headline: People fighting over ‘rotten’ food on coronavirus-stricken Grand Princess cruise: passenger. This is exactly how TPTB do it … except that they usually never get caught.
Other global cataclysms, same perps

The same secret societies and globalist institutions did the very same thing with the Spanish Flu of 1918. What is much less understood is that all the other genocidal cataclysms and catastrophes of the past 120 years were also quite furtively engineered.

When even a cursory investigation into the root causes of the following calamitous events reveals the same conscienceless perpetrators, imagine how much more incriminating evidence that deep research of these highly consequential events would reveal.

Federal Reserve Act of 1913,
World War I,
Armenian Genocide,
Bolshevik Revolution,
Spanish Flu Genocide,
The Great Depression,
World War II,
The Holocaust,
9/11 Terrorist Attacks,
War on Terror, and
Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic
all have one thing in common.
And it behooves every resident
on planet Earth to find out
what that is.

(Source: STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions)

That is just a partial list of the most impactful mass casualty events that were covertly planned and carried out by the same banksters who also unlawfully conspired to pass the exceedingly fateful Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

While many conclude it’s all about the money, it really isn’t. Money is only the means to exerting absolute power over all of humanity. The real objective is total world domination. And there’s one tribal power that has been itching to rule the planet for millennia. However, it’s critical to comprehend that this warmongering tribe surreptitiously uses the Western military powers to carry out their malevolent schemes. See: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

What you are looking at is the largest DJIA decline in market history—a 2013+ point drop that occurred yesterday, Monday, March 9, 2020.
Controlled Demolition of Global Economic & Financial System

There is perhaps no better way to sow seeds of chaos and anxiety worldwide than to trigger a collapse of an already extremely fragile Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS).

In reality, that “Global Gambling Casino” for the rich and powerful has been teetering at the edge of the precipice since the 2008 stock market crash. Not only did TPTB never fix what caused the Great Recession of 2009 and beyond, it has since been deliberately re-engineered into the Second Great Depression, which continues in earnest to this very day.

All it took was a Black Swan or two to completely expose the fatal flaws and countless vulnerabilities in the whole godforsaken system (i.e. GE&FS). As always, it was the International Banking Cartel (IBC) that funded the crafty creation of these devastating Black Swans. See: BLACK SWAN EVENT = WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

The GE&FS has actually been living on borrowed time since one of the greatest stock market crashes of all time occurred on Black Monday of October 19, 1987. How the IBC has artificially propped up the market since then is a testament to their well-earned moniker—Financial Masters of the Universe.

Once the various interpenetrating market bubbles, which constitute the GE&FS, all pop one after another (stocks and bonds, commodities and currencies, real estate and derivatives, energy and carbon, insurance and annuities), the perps intend to plunge the whole place into a type of societal bedlam never experienced before (at least that’s their diabolical plan). The well-concealed perps have planned this fastidiously staged End-time scenario over many decades. Which is why the business headlines are now looking like the ones posted in this link: COVID & CRUDE MARKET CRASH of 2020.

Let’s face it: given their numerous multi-century crime sprees, TPTB need to hide a lot of evidence. They are also faced with the impossibility of maintaining so many cover-ups in this Internet Age. Yet how can they with so much freedom to post and truth-seeking on the Internet? Therefore, extraordinarily dramatic events, which maximize distraction and diversion, will henceforth be staged more frequently over the course of this new decade.
The end of free speech

Of course, their main goal this time around is the total lockdown of planet Earth. And there’s no better way than Medical Martial Law to achieve that ambitious goal. See: MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW: Is this how they plan to lock down planet Earth?

But if there’s one thing the globalists are absolutely determined to do post-haste, it’s to first shut down free speech. Their first target is the Internet. However, it’s the social media networks, in particular, upon which the NWO cabal intends to impose Orwellian censorship so as terminate the rapid dissemination all sensitive truth that’s dangerous to the power elite.

Their immediate game plan is to use the Bio-Patriot Act to first eliminate all coronavirus truth from cyberspace via draconian dictates issued by the World Health Organization in collusion with other globalist institutions. Once they complete that mission, they will somehow go after every truth-teller on the net, especially those who expose Zionism.

KEY POINT: Clearly, President Trump is being set up to promote the future Bio-Patriot Act as a prelude to declaring a Medical Martial Law. This intensifying pandemic psyop is being purposefully marshalled along in order to provide a compelling justification to pass the pre-planned Bio-Patriot Act. The higher the disease and death rates caused by COVID-19 in the USA, the greater the likelihood that some level of Medical Martial Law will be declared. That’s why the corporate media has been propagating so much coronavirus hysteria. See: Is Trump’s main mission to impose the Bio-Patriot Act in 2020? (Video)

There’s no more effective way to shut down the Alt Media than by blaming alternative news platforms for publishing ‘fake news’ about the coronavirus and/or pandemic. There are even Alt Media websites that were created by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media to purposely disseminate false stories about the coronavirus in the interest of creating a ‘legitimate’ justification for the MSM to accuse all the other alternative news sites in the same space.

This treacherous globalist MO has already been used to greatly undermine both the Anti-Vax and Health Freedom movements. When it concerns the health of the American people, the elites know they can galvanize the ignorant masses against the far fewer truth-seekers because of the raw fear that can be swiftly proliferated by the dramatically hyped
C O R O N A V I R U S ! ! !

5G + Coronavirus

It’s of paramount importance to apprehend just how essential the worldwide deployment of 5G is to the globalists. Both the illicit 5G roll-out and subsequent build-out of the Internet of Things (IoT) represent the capstone of the New World Order. How else to fully activate the emerging Global Control Matrix that will be used by the planned One World Government to monitor every resident on Earth.

This is why the 5G roll-out and the coronavirus outbreak occurred at nearly the same time. Both of these powerful stealth weapons mutually support, and cover for, each other. When the official 5G Demonstration Zone in Wuhan, China broke down with a 5G-caused public health disaster, the coronavirus controllers carried out the bioterrorist attack as a decoy.[1] See CORONAVIRUS HOAX: Fake Virus Pandemic Fabricated to Cover-Up Global Outbreak of 5G Syndrome

Milan, Italy experienced a very similar “5G + Coronavirus” event, which is why the entire Italian Peninsula is now on lockdown. The globalists will not let anything jeopardize the 5G-IoT global implementation plan; for it represents the very backbone of their worldwide spying and surveillance regime. Without it, the challenge of guarding the inmates on their planned prison planet Earth is like a camless correctional facility.

KEY POINTS: Northern Italy, especially the international financial capital of Milan and all of Lombardy, have been strictly quarantined because this region is the ancestral home of the all-powerful Black Nobility. Very few are aware but it is Milan and Venice that really rule the financial powerhouses of London and New York City. They locked down both of those Italian power centers in order to control all movement into and out of the region. This unprecedented quarantine was planned years in advance by way of the purposeful roll-out of 5G throughout the greater Milan metro area. (See: MILAN QUARANTINE: Italian Coronavirus Epicenter Transformed into a ‘5G Testbed’ Prior to Outbreak) In other words, wherever the military deployment of 5G has taken place, the numerous 5G super-hotspots will provide a very conducive environment for the coronavirus bioweapon to be released into the population with the desired effect. Just look at where the coronavirus is exploding the most—countries that have the most 5G Hotspots!

A more global picture of this “5G + Coronavirus” bioterror operation looks like this: virtually every single nation that has experienced the biggest outbreaks of the coronavirus also have the greatest concentration of 5G power grids. The Wuhan tech hub was identified early on as the poster child for both 5G and the IoT in China, which is why that megalopolis went down so fast. CORONAVIRUS BOMBSHELL: This proves it should be named “5G COVID-19”

Now that little factoid alone is enough to terminate the whole misbegotten 5G enterprise should citizenries become aware that they are being fried before being infected by a deadly bioweapon—COVID-19. Just look at the list of countries that have the largest number of confirmed corona cases as of March 10, 2020. It should be pointed out that Iran has implemented a pervasive 5G roll-out in rural areas nationwide as South Korea has done in all urban areas.

Who’s really responsible?

Again, this whole coronavirus charade is being meticulously orchestrated by the same perps (read: Black Nobility and their International Banking Cartel henchmen) who were also behind the Spanish Flu of 1918. And that pandemic ended up killing upwards of 100 million people worldwide. Which means that they have had over a century to plan and perfect the currently raging coronavirus pandemic.

The Black Nobility (and IBC) were likewise directly responsible for the entire list of calamities and cataclysms delineated above. This is just what they do—DISASTER CAPITALISM—where the banksters make LOTs of money before, during and after each highly calculated disaster. The 2020 U.S. presidential election is another disaster-in-the-making that Consigliere Nancy Pelosi has been frenetically preparing for.[2]

As for hard evidence that the bioengineered coronavirus — COVID-19 — was deliberately launched as a bioweapon via multiple bioterrorist attacks against China, the following vetted exposé has blown this international criminal conspiracy wide open. The “highly radioactive truth bombs” contained in this mind-boggling letter were written by a high-ranking British military officer who had upper-echelon assignments which put him in the same space as the Chairman of the NATO Committee in 1975, as well as some of the most powerful corporate contractors within the UK’s Military-Industrial Complex.
Coronavirus Biological Attack Against China Exposed by UK Military Officer & Whistleblower in 2010

Here’s just one excerpt from the preceding exposé that was first published on March 19, 2010 under the deliberately misleading title: Anglo Saxon Mission – The Timeline – Letter from a Whistleblower… (see Addendum below).

Thereafter, or concurrent, biological weapons would be used against the Chinese population. This would then set off another chain of events that would collapse the whole Chinese political and social infrastructure. This was mentioned as: Disease, followed by widespread food shortages, followed by mass starvation. […] The biological agents were described as being flu-like and would spread like wild-fire. It shocks and sickens me to describe these events. It shocks me even more to know that plausible events are being manipulated to cause the extinction of a whole part of the human race.

That title is quite “misleading” not because we are not witnessing a fundamentally Anglo-American series of bioterrorist black ops to dominate the world; rather, because the real power behind the US-UK Empire has been around much longer than the relatively recent Anglo-Saxons. As a matter of historical fact, the Khazarian Mafia took over the English Monarchy not that long after the very first kings sat on the throne in London. After all, no kingdom can last without the funding necessary to maintain then castle and the court. See: The KHAZARIAN MAFIA: You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know!

The only way that the present plague, or any other manmade scourge for that matter, will ever be correctly understood and successfully remedied is to identify the true perpetrators who have been lurking in the shadows for millennia. Those perps are categorically identified in the exposé that follows:
Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted for 9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines, USS Liberty….

What’s really happening here in 2020 is that those who reside at the very pinnacle of the peak of the world power pyramid can no longer manage this prison planet. There are simply way too many of us ‘inmates’ who are totally outside of their control. Not only that, but the level of extreme micromanagement and hyper-control necessary for them to maintain any semblance of order has become quite nerve-wracking for them.

This rapidly intensifying predicament is making TPTB both extremely anxious and quite mad. The inbreeding alone within the Illuminati families is enough to drive all their kids crazy, which they are. So, the oldest generations no longer have the necessary heirs and successors to carry on the rabidly patriarchal tradition of dominance and control.

Consequently, they are forced to resort to an increasing number of Gladio-style terrorist operations in order to keep things under their control. The ongoing spate of coronavirus bioterrorist operations is perhaps the most telling example of their sheer desperation.

Remember, Operation Gladio is the terrorist arm of NATO and what is really the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization”. But even Gladio‘s “strategy of tension” may not be serving them well as the unpredictable rash of prison riots in Italy graphically demonstrates (unless they are inciting a prison break in their own back yard). That Operation Gladio was originally established by the Black Nobility in Italy to do its dirty work is also quite telling in light of the nationwide lockdown.

KEY POINT: Italy was the first major European country to be targeted with the coronavirus bioweapon for a specific reason. (See: Is Italy playing with fire when it comes to China? ). You knew Italy had serious problems with Deep State when the NYT published this headline: “Defying Allies, Italy Signs On to New Silk Road With China“.

Graphic taken from: Coronavirus Bioweapon Launched as Economic Sabotage Operation to Disrupt Italian-Chinese Port Arrangement

The bottom line here is that March Madness 2020 appears to be the beginning of the end of the New World Order agenda. It really is a do-or-die situation for the power elite now that they have totally committed to staging an unsustainable global pandemic. It they do not have the adequate enforcement mechanisms in place to police this pandemic as they conceived it, they’re in HUGE trouble. Because when the dust settles, every inhabitant of the planet is going to be asking some serious questions. There are no NIMBYs with this pandemic so everyone will want answers that will only lead back to that British officer’s damning 2010 letter.

Lastly, if there is an unforeseen reversal of fortune in store for the elites it is this: it looks like the coronavirus pandemic is going to end up being the silver bullet that takes down 5G—FOREVER! Until corona came along, the 5G juggernaut rolled across the land despite its well-known and extreme health dangers. Now, 5G has drawn so much attention and deserved scrutiny, because it has been profoundly implicated in the coronavirus pandemic, the roll-out will likely be halted by nations large and small.

State of the Nation
March 10, 2020


[1] CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL REPORT: Worldwide Outbreaks of 5G Syndrome and 5G Flu Driving Pandemic

[2] COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility

Recommended Reading

CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: A Comprehensive Series of Exclusive Exposés,
Big-Picture Analyses and Health Warnings




The following screenshot was taken from the Project Camelot website. Hence, the $64,000 question is: Why was this planned reign of bioterror, as per the officer’s letter, portrayed as an exclusively “Anglo-Saxon Mission”? Yes, those bloody Brits who align with the Royal Family and Crown Temple located in the Financial District of the City of London are certainly long-time financial administrators for the International Banking Cartel. And, the British Empire is notorious for their never-ending conquest of China, India and Russia via their wily Great Game strategy. But to blame the “Anglo-Saxons” for overseeing this whole bioterror conspiracy misses the most guilty parties of all. Hence, the screenshot below depicts a deliberate intention by the website curators to lay all blame at the feet of the British Monarchy and London banksters when, in reality, they are just low-level pawns in this multi-century Great Game to rule the world. After all, it was the Italian Black Nobility who calculatedly moved their operations to London before the incorporation of the British East India Company in 1600. While Operation Gladio (“Gladius” means “a Roman short sword” in Latin) is their terrorist arm which operates under the rubric of NATO, who really controls the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization” needs to be correctly understood. See: KHAZARIAN MAFIA: Hellbent On A One World Government At Any Cost

Screenshot from this PROJECT CAMELOT link:
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III. Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted for 9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines….

Posted on January 24, 2020 by State of the Nation

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

The Khazarian Mafia Takes Complete Control of the United States of America

Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace

The truth is now out there like never before:

• Jewish Banking Houses and Mercantile Families (which comprise the International Banking Cartel) were directly responsible for the unlawful passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and, therefore, accountable for the stealthily engineered booms and busts that have repeatedly shocked the US economy and financially ruined the American people. The Federal Reserve Bank is the most powerful of all the central banks tasked with artificially inflating the world’s premier reserve currency and fake fiat money—the US Dollar. The petrodollar, in particular, is destined for an epic collapse. Because the Global Economic & Financial System is hardwired to the US dollar, the banksters know that when it drops like a rock, the reign of the once Almighty Dollar is finally over. This is why they are concocting the largest and longest sucker’s rally of all time at this very moment.

• The official debt of the United States government is $23.1 trillion as of December 2, 2019, which is owed to primarily foreign banking interests that are owned and/or controlled by Jewish banking families such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. In this manner is the U.S. Corporation saddled with ever-increasing debt service payments which go right into the pockets of the member banks of the International Banking Cartel (IBC). Chief among the controlling banks is the Bank for International Settlements headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. However, the most predatory and usurious IBC banking institutions are located in the Financial District in the City of London as well as on Wall Street in New York City. Paris, Frankfort, Brussels, Luxembourg, Rome, Madrid, Milan and other Black Nobility financial strongholds are also home to the IBC crime syndicates.

KEY POINT: The Italian Mafia and the Khazarian Mafia have always been joined at the hip. The Italian bankers of the Black Nobility were primarily Jewish; however, there was a lot of intermarriage with the indigenous Catholic noblemen. These purely political marriages of convenience took place regularly to establish a covert culture whereby the court Jews could thrive under the radar, which they did particularly in Rome and in the wealthy northern Italian enclaves.

(Source: COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility)

• The Israeli Government, working in tandem with the Chicago Jewish Mafia and Zionist-controlled Military-Industrial Complex, ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy which was actually carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency. There were several reasons why the Khazarian Mafia killed Kennedy, each of which represented a direct threat by JFK to the global power structure bankrolled by the International Banking Cartel. As a matter of historical fact, the Zionist perps went so far as to circulate “Wanted for Treason” leaflets all over Dallas during the week of Kennedy’s assassination. Furthermore, Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson, a crypto-Jewish politico, was the point-man in the White House overseeing the assassination plot and especially the cover-up. See CHICAGO SUPERMOB: The Jewish Mafia That Killed Kennedy

• The false flag terrorist attacks carried out on September 11, 2001 were ordered by the International Banking Cartel, overseen by the Khazarian Mafia headquartered in Tel Aviv, and coordinated with Neocon Zionists in Washington, D.C. This well-planned terror operation was carried out to (i) declare the bogus War on Terror, (ii) establish the Stasi-like Department of Homeland Security and (iii) pass the unconstitutional Patriot Act. Each of these events was designed to further strip Americans of their rights and liberties, as well as to lay the groundwork for a future war against the Patriot Movement. There are no other treasonous acts of terrorism which have so prepped the US government to wage a war on its own citizenry. The many Jewish traitors know they have nowhere to run but Israel when these truths are generally known, so they have locked the whole place down until their next big move. See: INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”

• Not only the state-sponsored 9/11 black operation, but also the Oklahoma City bombing, Virginia Tech massacre, Las Vegas mass shooting, Sandy Hook hoax, Parkland Florida staged shooting and many other mass casualty events were ordered by the International Banking Cartel. In point of fact, all of the Operation Gladio-style mass shootings were meticulously planned to achieve certain goals such as draconian gun control measures legislated either statewide and/or nationwide. The reality is that Terrorism, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Banking Cartel inasmuch as it takes a LOT of money to pay for these highly consequential black ops and never-ending psyops.

• The massive and ever-growing Military-Industrial Complex is fundamentally a Jewish bankster creation headquartered in Chicago which systematically starts forever wars in order to maintain and/or increase the enormous revenues streams taken (read: stolen) from the U.S. Treasury. The MIC, in collusion with the National Security State, represents the most powerful force and multi-corporate entity in the world today. The Military-Industrial Complex is truly the 800-pound gorilla that sits wherever it wants to throughout the world community of nations. Wherever it throws its weight around is left with a dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland. The forever wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia, etc. are just a few egregious examples of transparent MIC warmongering,

• This particular tribe of moneychangers and merchants learned long ago that whoever controls the media controls the society, the nation and the world. Toward that end, the entire mainstream media (MSM) in the USA is completely controlled by Jewish money and investment. So are all the top positions of the MSM occupied by Jewish CEOs, CFOs and COOs as well as Presidents and Board Directors. Because their Khazarian Mafia masters and handlers are essentially in charge of the CIA’s Mockingbird Media, they all realize that any serious transgressions against The Company (aka the C.I.A.) will occur on pain of death, or worse.

*Please click HERE to enlarge.

• Even more significantly, all the Big Tech and Big Social Media corporations are run by members of the Jewish Tribe. Almost all of the Big Social Media start-ups are commandeered by Jewish college kids who have been given stolen intellectual property, proprietary information and/or patents by attorneys or other covert agents of DARPA, the C.I.A. or DIA. The IPOs are then managed in such a way so as to guarantee immediate billionaire status to these mind-controlled puppets who are then easily kept on the CIA reservation under threat of losing everything. The notorious Mark Zuckerberg, just like Bill Gates, is just one of many Jewish fake whiz kids who was set up from the start with stolen technology to autocratically lead a major media company for his C.I.A. masters. Ditto that for Google’s Jewish founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin among several other tech founders.

• What needs to be said about the ironclad control that Jews have always exerted over Hollywood from the very beginning? Every major studio in Tinseltown was founded by Jewish entrepreneurs who originally hailed from Eastern or Central Europe if not Russia. Even a cursory examination of all the most successful CEOs and presidents, directors and producers, screenwriters and film editors, actors and actresses, cinematographers and directors of photography, as well as talent agents and scouts, will prove that Hollyweird is a fundamentally Jewish industry from the top down and bottom up. By the way, there’s a very good reason why the Jews established and continue to run Hollywood as follows: “Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream”.

• Big Pharma is almost entirely owned and operated by Jewish families, stockholders, investors, hedge funds, etc. The Pharmaceutical Industry is dominated by various Jewish Crime Families such as the Sacklers, who were just forced into bankruptcy because of their obscene profiting from the nationwide opioid epidemic. It is primarily Jewish physicians, scientists, lawyers, lobbyists and politicos who are also at the forefront of the deadly and destructive Super-Vaccination Agenda. The deplorable state of the National Healthcare System, and particularly the Obamacare con job, are both the handiwork of the International Banking Cartel. The ever-increasing exorbitant healthcare costs represent a staggering 10% of the nation’s GDP as well as an immense revenue stream into the IBC coffers. Not only that, but the unconstitutional imposition of Obamacare permitted the globalists to implement a HUGELY subversive piece of their NWO agenda. See Obamacare: The Hidden Agenda

• Whenever “trillions” go missing from the Pentagon, DoD or any other organ of the U.S. Federal Government, it’s always announced by Jewish comptrollers, accountants or other administrators who have no explanation for the unparalleled grand larcenies. Even those directly responsible for these grand thefts somehow completely escape prosecution or avoid scrutiny from even the IG. In this way, the Jewish banksters have conditioned the American people to accept “missing trillions” as business as usual whenever it concerns US government bookkeeping. See: $21 Trillion of US Government Undocumented Transactions This particular type of peacetime plundering and pillaging of the American people represents the largest ongoing heist in world history.

• The vast and complex web of interlocking directorships that predominate throughout Corporate America are populated with business magnates and VIPs who work directly for hidden Jewish banking interests. Serial corporate criminals such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Monsanto, BP, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all run by mostly Jewish (or crypto-Jewish) CEOs and Boards of Directors. Likewise, these corporate entities are effectively owned by Jewish institutional investors which possess the majority ownership in the form of both equities and debt instruments. Of course, the Jewish bankster-aligned Boards of Director are always interlocking and marching in lockstep according to the New World Order globalist agenda.

• The many “ISMs” that plague American society today, which are purposefully used to contrive wedge issues that are driven deeply into the heart of the body politic, have been manufactured by Jewish intellectuals, academics, writers, philosophers, thought leaders, social scientists and political reformers. For example, the most societally destructive of these ISMs is Cultural Marxism, a highly divisive and devastating social theory and critical philosophy painstakingly developed by the Frankfurt School which was associated with the Institute for Social Research at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. This extremely deceptive and perfidious movement was populated exclusively by Jewish intellectuals whose primary purpose was to construct a blueprint for the complete takeover of Western civilization, which they have practically done. Other repugnant philosophies, movements and ISMs originated by similar groups of Jewish intellectuals and thinkers include Communism, Fascism, Bolshevism, Socialism, Capitalism, Feminism, Trangenderism, as well as the prevailing worldwide regime of Political Correctness that’s currently destroying societies everywhere. The same groups are also the most aggressive in strategically hurling slurs and slanders of racism, sexism, homophobicism, ageism and, of course, their favorite calculated aspersion—anti-Semitism.

KEY POINT: There is no greater threat to the American Republic than the slowly rising tide of bolshevism. The following excerpt provides vitally important history and relatively unknown present context for the dire state of affairs shaping up throughout these once United States of America.

“The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia also saw years of increasing violence and engineered chaos prior to March of 1917. Just like the Democrat Party has perpetrated since 2016, the Bolsheviks manufactured more and more political mayhem and violent events before the hot phase of the incorrectly named ‘Russian Revolution’. It was, as a matter of historical fact, not a Russian civil war; rather, it was a Bolshevik Revolution initiated and funded by the International Banking Cartel headquartered in London, New York City and Frankfurt. The foreign-controlled leadership of that staged revolution was comprised of Ashkenazi Jewish banksters whose only interest was conquering the Russian Motherland in order to exploit its natural resources and enslave the citizens, which they did for well over 70 years. There is a similar communist plot now afoot in the USA where Deep State is creating an environment of national pandemonium by using Gladio false flag mass shootings, CIA-directed coup attempts and society-destroying Cultural Marxism. These and several other means are being deliberately utilized to divide and conquer the American people into two camps who are now fighting a cold civil war. Once the hot phase of this intensifying Purple Revolution begins, the Left will release their hidden bolsheviks in every city across the 50 states. This major move will not be made until the level of societal disorder and governmental anarchy is so great that the populace is unable to muster up a meaningful response. It’s of paramount importance to understand that the relentless acts of state-sponsored terrorism, to include the devastating geo-terrorism, are really stealth attacks on the U.S. citizenry and their property. In other words, the hot civil war has already begun in earnest yet very few are even aware they are under withering assault. This is exactly how the bolsheviks did it in Russia during the lead-up to war in 1917 and beyond.” (Source: THE “CASSANDRA PROPHECY”: Everything Changes After Election Day 2020)

RUSSIA & THE JEWS: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Exposes The Christian Holocaust

• Perhaps the greatest infiltration of the American Republic by these ultra-liberal, treacherous traitors concerns the total takeover of the nation’s educational system. In so doing, these cultural marxists have exerted truly terrible influences on the young, impressionable minds that attend Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary Schools and High Schools across the country. Of course, these same radical Leftists and educational anarchists have already taken over the public university systems in all 50 states, as well as many private colleges and universities. These academic usurpations are accomplished via various financial controls and measures, especially through the shrewd manipulation of federal funding criteria, the federal school loan program and charitable contributions to university endowments. They know that whoever makes the biggest donations decides what will, and what will not be, taught in the institutions of higher learning.

• All of the arts, both performing arts and fine arts, have in fact long been taken over by the Jewish banksters for the very same reasons that all media was captured. This crafty process of co-option and exerting control began in earnest with the establishment of the Federal Reserve System since whoever holds the purse strings dictates the artistic content. Just ask any pop musical artist or painter or sculptor or dancer or opera singer or photographer who controls their destiny and they will tell you it’s either their Jewish agent or Jewish talent agency. In this way, they exert absolute control over content so that it never offends their own Jewish sensibilities as it always advances their clandestine cultural marxist agenda. This is why nearly all TV programming has rapidly deteriorated to unprecedented levels of sexual depravity and social degradation, moral turpitude and spiritual debasement, political corruption and artistic degeneracy.

• Even the Global Warming hoax and Climate Change scam have been carefully coordinated across the planet by the same Ashkenazi banksters. For it is only by the financial means provided by the International Banking Cartel that such an immense scheme of mass deception could have ever been initiated in the first place. That IBC-controlled project is by far the largest commercial venture of all time, dwarfing even World War II which was another extraordinary boon to the Zionist war profiteers. The preceding Great Depression was also the pet project of the biggest banking crime syndicates located in both IBC headquarters of London and New York City. Now these same banksters are looking to collapse the entire planetary civilization via climate fear-mongering prior to enforcing their New World Order in the interest of making more money than ever. Conducting such a controlled demolition of the GE&FS will also allow them to eliminate hard money in favor of a digital or crypto-currency. The banksters enormous debt loads will also be erased. See: CLIMATECHANGEgate: The Global Criminal Conspiracy Hatched by the International Banking Cartel to Rule the World

• Drug trafficking, arms trafficking and human trafficking are three of the most profitable of the preferred businesses overseen by the International Banking Cartel. Each of these illicit enterprises is run out of their national headquarters located in Israel. It could even be said that the apartheid state of Israel was set up as a rogue criminal nation where all sorts of criminal enterprises could be run without fear of exposure since everyone is in on the take. For example, the only reason why Israel’s military muscle — the U.S. Armed Forces — still occupies Afghanistan is to protect the poppy fields for their lucrative drug-trafficking businesses run out of Tel Aviv. Likewise, the forever wars are perpetuated by the IBC in order to conduct arms trafficking for the warring nations and their armaments suppliers. As for the burgeoning trade in human slaves, and especially child sex slaves, this major money-maker also provides HUGE and quick profits because of the rich and powerful who can’t get enough. Lastly, the pornography industry is similarly controlled by the same tribe and it is the most watched content on the Internet today. Porn addiction is now the greatest addiction in the world by purposeful design as it will likely be in the years ahead.

• Of particular concern, presently, is the mammoth global gambling casino that wraps around the world like a money-sucking octopus. It’s no wonder that all of the casino resorts in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau and other gambling centers are owned and operated by agents (such as the zealous Zionist Sheldon Adelson) of the International Banking Cartel. These gambling operations also provide countless opportunities to develop other illicit businesses such as prostitution, extortion, weapons and drug dealing, as well as some legitimate enterprises looking to evade taxes. Perhaps the most important function of the gambling industry worldwide is to provide critical money-laundering services for so much illegal cash generated from the IBC’s outlawed business activities.

• Even the IMPEACHMENTgate scandal is being overseen by the International Banking Cartel and its many treasonous agents within the U.S. Congress. There are so many Jewish congressional leaders and false witnesses, such as Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Chuck Schumer, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Gordon Sondland and Maria Yovanovitch, colluding with each other in the dubious impeachment process that some have stated IT’S A JEW COUP! The irrational drive to wrongfully impeach President Trump reflects the sheer blackmail and bribery power of the IBC explained here: PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.

KEY POINT: There are highly concealed reasons why Adam Schiff was installed as the chief impeachment inquisitioner. Not only does his Hollywood district expose him to all sorts of Pedogate blackmail, his bloodline predisposes him to an extreme bias against Russia and, therefore, against Trump. See: The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff

• The truth of the matter is that virtually the entire US government, especially the U.S. Congress, is inordinately beholden to Israel. Both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives demonstrate more loyalty to an apartheid state in the Middle East than to upholding the U.S. Constitution. Not only are many Congressmen dual US-Israeli citizens, numerous elected representatives are voted into office solely because of their zeal in sustaining their Pro-Israel Loyalty Oath. Truly, virtually every organization inside the Beltway is controlled directly or indirectly by the rich and powerful Jewish Lobby and/or numerous Israeli pressure groups. The vastly disproportionate influence in the affairs of the United States exerted by International Jewry is the single greatest reason for the U.S. Military starting so many unprovoked wars of naked aggression. Which is also why the USA is so hated worldwide by nations large and small. That so much American blood and treasure is sacrificed and wasted, respectively, for a recklessly rogue nation and terrorist state is simply beyond comprehension … … … unless you follow the money!

KEY POINT: For serious Internet researchers and historical investigators What follows is a ‘The Motherlode of Jewish Lists’ –– Everything you ever wanted to know about Jewish control of American society.

The best way to “follow the money” is to start with those central banks that comprise the International Banking Crime Syndicate which are the front institutions for the much more surreptitious International Banking Cartel. As follows:


Of all the ISMs created by International Jewry, clearly the most dangerous is communism, which eventually transmogrifies into bolshevism wherever it’s set loose. However, it is the International Banking Cartel that funds all the operations that create so much chaos through regime changes and color revolutions, civil wars and warmongering worldwide. The enforcement arm of the IBC has always been the exceedingly violent Khazarian Mafia. The KHAZARIAN MAFIA: You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know!

The whole world watched last century as Russia was morphed into the communist Soviet Union for over 70 years where the nation was transformed into the largest concentration camp in the world as described in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago. That national catastrophe was then followed by the transformation of China into the communist state of the People’s Republic of China. How could such a rapid takeover of a country the size of China — from within — take place except by way of a highly organized communist plot.[1]

Two of the largest nations on Earth were conquered so easily by bolshevik movements only because they were funded and financed, armed and supplied, recognized and legitimized by the International Banking Cartel.

Because the attention of the American people has been so dramatically directed to the Soviet threat over many decades and up to this very day, much energy and many resources have been generated to sustain that false narrative. There really is no Russian bear waiting to gobble US up. Nonetheless, because of the forever-repeated Red Scare by America’s political class, this country may fall prey to the notion that “you become what you focus on”. That’s where the communist Democrats come in with their seditious Purple Revolution.

Rather than a Russian threat, what there really is, however, is a very powerful and wealthy group of political fanatics and religious fundamentalists known as Jewish and Christian Zionists who have always wanted to vanquish the Russian Motherland in order to steal all of its natural resources, hijack its industrial base, control its state assets and enslave its citizens.

The International Banking Cartel perpetrated a similar overthrow scheme in Cuba with similar success just as they plan for the American Republic.[1] Hence, the formation of the USSR, PRC and Communist Cuba through bolshevik violence ought to serve as a cautionary tale for what the International Banking Cartel has in store for their future USSA.

The whole world now watches and waits to see if the American Republic will become a victim of a full-blown bolshevik revolution. Certainly, there are now many armed bolsheviks within the nation’s borders whose presence was only made possible by the same Jewish and crypto-Jewish Democrat cadre of coup plotters who have treasonously kept the borders open and unlawfully welcomed countless illegal aliens with open arms. This ongoing criminal conspiracy is undoubtedly the greatest act of treason in U.S. history by the same closeted-communist politicians who are hellbent on impeaching Trump. Here’s that subversive plot in all of its stark details:
OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

Bottom Line: “The Hidden Hand Behind Every Global Criminal Conspiracy and Majorly Distracting Scandal” is the International Banking Cartel. However, there is an over-arching goal for each and every one of these disruptive events designed to cultivate a conducive environment for Ordo ab chao. The ultimate objective, of course, is nothing short of total dominion over the Earth. See: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Secret Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

Revisionist Historians for World Peace
December 6, 2019


[1] Communist China was created by Jewish infiltrators working for the International Banking Cartel


Who is the International Banking Crime Syndicate that controls the world?

Jewish Power, Zionist Control, Ashkenazi Domination, Khazarian Terror and Hebrew Influence Throughout History: Key Book References & Video Sources

Recommended Viewing

Graphic Display of Democrat Corruptocrats Using Government Resources to Outright Lie to and Deceive the American People (Video)

One Reply to “COVID-1984- A Scamdemic and Staged Panic Contrived to Lock Down Planet Earth, Divide and Conquer Nations, and Enslave Humanity (3 articles from State of the Nation; Jan.-April, 2020)”

  1. Well written by State of the Nation. I’ve followed that site with much suspicion. I think its too well written, and too much in-the-know. It has to be an insider and he or she isn’t telling what their actual endgame is. I believe, maybe foolheartedly, that this author is connected to I’m probably wrong. The author(s) will not come forward.

    First. I will not say what the end game is. It doesn’t fair out good for any of us, Eric… at least not those of us on the surface. I don’t know about you, but I still can’t believe this is going on.

    To your readers, this targeting is horrendous, horrific, words can not define to have their secret world domination weapon, the AI and biological/chemtrail/chemicals (NAZI’s we’re experts at these things), attacking one 247 is only something psychopaths would release onto the public. Thanks to our country being run by the Freemasonic NAZIs since WWI, is it any surprise we find ourselves locked down by these bloodthirsty psychopaths? Well, read on.

    Spitfire List | Preview of “Walkin’ the Coronavirus”
    Note that the Nazi takeover in Serpent’s Walk occurs after the country is attacked with genetically-engineered biological warfare weapons. Although the nature of the infection is different, the overall paradigm is identical. “Pacov” might be understood in a contemporary context as standing for “Pandemic CoronaVirus.”

    In Serpent’s Walk–which we have discussed for decades–the SS go underground (which they did), buy into the opinion-forming media (which they did) and, infiltrate the military (which they have done), and, after a terrorist attack by genetically-engineered viruses decimates large parts of the United States, martial law is declared and the Nazis take over. NB: we do not know if “cross-vectoring” is occurring with the Covid-19 virus, however that is something to be contemplated and researched.

    A little history I hope readers explore. Meet the biological warfare experts who have ruled our world, US included:

    (Lab 257: the Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory; by Michael Christopher Carroll; Copyright 2004 by Michael Christopher Carroll; HarperCollins [HC]; p. 7.)

    In the mid-1970’s Lyme Disease broke out in Connecticut and it has since spread through much of the United States. This program examines the possibility that Lyme Disease may have spread as a result of clandestine experimentation on biological warfare on Plum Island—a Department of Agriculture facility that doubled as an Army BW research facility. Dedicated to the study of animal diseases, Plum Island appears to have been the site of experiments with disease-infected ticks conducted by Nazi scientists brought into the United States under Project Paperclip. One of the Nazi scientists who appears to have been involved with Plum Island was Dr. Erich Traub, who was in charge of the Third Reich’s virological and bacteriological warfare program in World War II. Was Traub involved with experiments that led to the spread of Lyme Disease?

    NATO: The US was never what we thought. Read the following: Even Henry Ford and others seen money over patriotism, compassion, and any form of empathy for fellow human’s suffering. All they seen was the filling their pockets with our money, and all of us cannon fodder.

    NATO and the NAZI alliances made during WWII shows the level of gruesome greed involved behind the scenes, past the Bilderberg’s (who are greedy and gruesome enough). They all have our and millions upon millions of pain and suffering’s on their hands, and souls (666). As one clearly sees a different picture of the truth, the US was and remains a country run by nothing less than treasonous traitors [behind the scenes]. Forget those they throw to the wolves… the ones we visually see. Trump, etc., they don’t run the show. We don’t see the real filth, with exception to that FCC guy.

    Mark my words, it will catch-up with them and soon. They eat their own. Only a fool believes he/she will be safe in a den of murderous, lying, caniving thieves. Everything has been a rich man’s trick. Its all about, and has always been about keeping us busy, stirring… never forget the last legitimate President JFK, since these NAZIs took covert power over every man, woman and child in America, as warned by Kennedy: Note secret is mentioned 3 times, secrecy emphasized.

    “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.” – John F. Kennedy

    Warnings of the dangers of the military industrial complex — Eisenhower’s Last Address and final warnings. We we’re in trouble then. They knew it.

    — NATO was created by Nazi war criminals to establish the Fourth Reich | Transmissions

    “With the same Nazis well integrated into NATO and the CIA becoming an extension of Gehlen’s old Nazi intelligence agency, the Nieue World Ordnung was essentially relocated from the Reichstag in Berlin and dropped into the Pentagon and CIA Langley, Virginia.”

    — NATO’s Nazi Beginnings: How the West implemented Hitler’s goals, by Robert S. Rodvik



    Operation Paperclip Case file – Dossier Compiled by Agent Orange (Fri, 08 Aug 1997) | New World Order and Nazi Germany —

    Eric. Don’t trust any of them. They’re underground in the DUMBs since at least 911 – 2013. Would you trust a traitors, guilty of treasonous, psychopathic obscenities, habitual at that.

    HDS FEMA #WHISTLEBLOWE ‘Celeste Solum’ on the COVID-19, she states is ‘Disruption By Design: The One World Government Cometh’ dated 3 27 20 mirrored by Deborah Tavares:

    Eric, you’re in the vicinity of safe grounds. Find a cave or deep gully, near those western mt ranges. Dig one out if you can. Toss some bug out bags in with seeds, a compassion, lighters, boots, etc., and prepare to ride it out. They are making sure with their AI that TIs do not survive.

    Pt 1 John Moore, former Navy intelligence: Informing the public what the government won’t being telling us:
    Pt 2

    Thank you Eric for allowing me to share this information here. Yes, I’m targeted and so you know, even to the best of us, these are neurological weapons, citing Dr. Robert Duncan, who goes unsung.

    Best to you my friend. Keep up the great work.

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